Work in Progress

Infinity’s Kitchen. Founding editor. 2008-present. Literary journal and Reading Series.

"Space Age Bachelor Pad". Script.

"Portraits and Landscapes". Poems.

Published Writings

Poem. In LED Haiku. Ink Press, 2014.

LED Baltimore Billboard Projection. December 11, 2014.

Literary Review. The Observer, .

Poem. Industry Night, .

Poems. Otoliths, no. 32 ().

Poems. Shepherdstown Good News Newspaper, .

Essay. Extreme Writing Community, .

10-minute play. Artscape 2013. Baltimore, Maryland, .

Poems. In TRUCK, July 10, 2013.

Short Story. Seltzer, .

Contributed Spoken Word for Studio Album. Earstroke Records, .

Essay. In Magic Octopus Magazine, .

Electronic Novella. .

Review. What Weekly, .

Review. What Weekly, .

Spoken Word Album. Magnanimous Records, .

Essay. In 23rd Annual Critic's Residency at Maryland Art Place Catalogue . Maryland Art Place, .

Make Your Own Fun. Poem. Welter, , 14.

Eviction. Poem. Welter,, 76.

Hypertext Novella. To Win, Simply Play, .

Undergraduate Senior Thesis, Maryville College, .

Dream of Seas. Poem. Impressions 30 (): 10.

Street Preacher. One-Act Play, Maryville College Theater, .

Essay. Ninth Annual Blue Ridge Undergraduate Research Conference. Maryville College, .

No One There Is You. Poem. Impressions, , 15.

UnAmerican National Anthem. Poem. Impressions, .

An Apocalypse, and Goats. Short Story. Awarded a Maryville College Millennium Writing Prize. .

Turning Japanese. Travelogue. The Shepherdstown Chronicle. .

Short Story. Visionary Tongue, .

Short Story. Savoy, .

Poem. Savoy, .

Poem. Discord Aggregate, .

Poem. Dischord Aggregate, .

Performances & Such

Litscape Literary Festival. Spoken word performance and panel discussion. Baltimore, Maryland, December 13, 2014.

LED Baltimore Reading Baltimore, MD, December 11, 2014

"Federal Dust" Reading Series, Baltimore, MD, December 6, 2014.

"No Air Radio Presents: A Night You Otter Not Miss". Variety Show presented at the Hungry Otter Fest, The Pilot Light, Knoxville Tennessee, August 21, 2014.

"Left of the Bank" featured spoken word performance at a event to benefit the Shepherdstown, West Virginia Public Library. 2014.

"Spoken Word at Sunset". featured spoken word performance at"Sunset" exhibition by artist Libby Formant. The Carroll Mansion, Baltimore. 2014.

"Litanies and Reiterations". Spoken word performance at The Projection Series. 2014. Charm City Art Space.

"Party Planet". 10-minute play. 2013. Performed by Annex Theater at Artscape 2013.

"What’s the Catch?". Spoken word performance. 2013. Charm City Art Space.

Copycat Sessions. MP3 and Audio Cassette created by Second Land. 2013. Earstroke Records.

"Material Libraries". Studio guest Lecture, 2012. Maryland Institute College of Art.

"Write Nite". Featured spoken word performer. 2012. Knoxville, TN.

"WORMS". Featured spoken word performer. 2012. Baltimore, MD.

"Experimental Literature Cook-Off". Guest Lecturer, day seminar. 2011. Duke University.

"PerVerse". Featured poet. 2011. Baltimore, MD.

"Speak Your Piece". Featured spoken word performer. 2010. Singer’s, Baltimore, MD.

Performance with Second Land opening for Jandek. Spoken word. 2009. Sonic Circuits Festival.

Performance with Second Land. Spoken word. 2009. Pyramid Atlantic, Washington DC.

Resident Art Critic. 2009. Maryland Art Place 23rd Annual Critics’ Residency, Baltimore, MD.

"Street Preacher". Wrote and directed one-act play. 2003. Maryville College Theater.