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Apocalypse Playground: Poetry

Teenage goth poetry... Here are some, but by no means all, of the poems that were written for Apocalypse Playground. I have been selective here, choosing my own poetry only because I lack permission to reprint the others' poems. This is a selection of some of the best and most popular poems.

We Live In the Bizarre

We live in the bizarre
my four eyes and I
we see things a bit differently
my friends and I
perhaps you'd like to join us
we notice everything
my four eyes and I
Are we eating the bizarre?
Do we keep our children together
or do we eat them while they war?
Will we be eating the bizarre forever?


Wilt Away

Wilt away from me my love.
Wilt away tonight.
Your eyes are like moonlight.
Wilt away tonight
On a flower blossom afternoon.
"I to you" and "I to you."
There was sunlight in the sky, my love.
I know I did, I think I do.
Wilt away from me tonight my love,
Wilt away tonight
Your eyes are like moonlight
Wilt away tonight.
No More Words
I have no more words for you.
Sweet things, your thoughts
(this is my secret to keep)
and flowers on a rainy afternoon.
Please don't break the quiet
these eyes and their sight
it is all my secret to keep
I did not love you that night,
under a silent streetlight noon.
I spoke altogether too soon.
I have no more words for you.


Razor Boy

put your face on tonight and snap it off on stage
we've got magic and metal, glory and steel
put your face on tonight bring the unreal
my eyes are too white and I'm ten years too young
I put my pain on tonight but my arms are much too thin
they all seem so damn old
snap my face off when their secrets are told
I got your face and the memories
razorblades and postcards
magic and metal, glory and steel
put your face on tonight
and snap your pain off on stage tonight
when you told me you loved me there were promises in your eyes
although they weren't as white as mine,
ten years and the memories went by in the course of a single night
I told you you loved me when the moon was rising high
you told me it was a lie
I've got your face
put your face on tonight
your red red eyes at midnight
remind me of razorblades and postcards
magic and metal, glory and steel
ten years and one night
all right!!!
put your face on tonight and snap it off on stage tonight
post cards and memories went by in a blink of my whitened eyes
there were razorblades for her lies but, they're still so damn old
and I'm ten years too young
Snap my face off when the secrets are told
ten years, razorblades and this night is done
when you held my hand in the shadows
I felt your face fall in the night
you became the audience, I became a stage
ten years and razorblades
break the face off in a fit of rage
I'm ten years too young
but at least I've got my face on
I had magic and metal
it wasn't real
glory and steel
I became a wilted petal
and all of this was gone
I put my face on last night
and I snapped it off on stage.



There is no Jesus as the miles go over by,
My only thoughts are held together by trees.
"Logic, next right, after dream."
Nothingness is made of sky.

I have no savior as the road signs pass.
Love is poured
Across the landscape with anti-freeze.
Memory is foresight once the glass is clean.
There is no Christ child in the rain.

I knew the answers
To the questions posed on road signs.
"Pain, two miles after Drudgery?"
"Happiness? You just passed it"
The highway has no messiah.



Metropolis, won't you wrap your arms around me.
Take hold of this loss, this confusion, this misery.
Bring me into your wastelands, away from here.
Show me your gray velvet atmosphere.

Metropolis, I need to walk across your cold concrete.
Take me into the city,
Away from pain, away from pity.
Metropolis won't you let me hear your whispers.

Won't you rip this failure away from me
With pollutant's kiss?
Bring me to tomorrow's bliss.
Away from this painful yesterday.

I thought I Saw You Crying
I thought I saw you crying in the night,
amidst that dying urban lamplight.
In the rain, on a porchstep.

But, you were smiling, and I was crying,
Even if only on the inside.
The morning had come and I'd not noticed.
Street slick faded, the sad lights lost luster.
Rain had cleared, the steps left empty

I only thought I saw you crying in the night.


I didn't so I don't

Oh, I didn't, so I don't
I'll be relegated to remember
The way I haven't and I won't
I could have and yet I don't
I didn't so I don't

Oh, how I'm relegated to memory,
Destined to remember and never forget
No future, just past.
Nothing left, nothing left, nothing lasts.

Oh, I didn't, so I don't

Full Moon Light Snowfall
full moon light snowfall
silver haze above
tears from the heavens
a pair of night eyes
peering deep into the soul
full moon light snowfall
pieces of the sky.
Chunks of aspiration.
Flutter down
and land on my shoulder
moonlight is like a river
spiraling down
to a forgotten sea
sleep forever
by the moon's guidance
fall down past this harmony
silver haze above.


Lord of The Forgotten


baby boys on their birthdays
Photograph flashes and telephone numbers
failed presidential candidates, quiz show questions

there's two eyes looking back at me
beyond the broken barrier of glass
there's two eyes looking back at me
they've seen everything I should see
my, how they stare so blankedly
there's two eyesme

nothing anymore, pizzeria, 4-seases, gluton lust with
used cars and commercial shoe. lacex. NEVER!!!
dioxiribose snow with another toxin

seven minds two eyes each, stand staring across the street
ripping into me
turn around turn around and look the other way
stop seeing me differently
look at me something to see?
can you see everything from 'cross the street

and the added ingredient of...
and. with faces to boot, faces for breakfast
talking animals, doctors , musicians ends and noodles.

will you take my end? oh, my noble friend.
for, I need it no mere. I will simply bring it thee
and place it near thy door
for this end, I need no more


Don't turn around you might die some day and I would say how are you now are you still wearing that nasty face & now there are 2 many miles away I sit and watch the ages slip by The men in blue dance by the light of the tire that glows in my eyes when I stare at the moon the glue man and the blue man can't tell who man what to do man what are you man who are you man I am because i was and i will be If you never were that's okay maybe you will be if you never will be then we need to talk to the man who makes magic with the fire that the who men dance by while the moon man sings the lonely song there was once a song that took a poor gypsie's heart and ran away with it the gypsie was sad so she danced. Buisnessman buisness is that what you do? try to do buisness with a who man who.If it was art and not buisness that you do than you will know the blue man too.the moon man and the blue man meet a new man a no man.Science is leaming what you do? new tools to learn the moon man you are not ready bfor the new man. If you know me and I know you than I am your friend and that is true. The cave people painted walls the painter man does that and has a brewski. The man's head spins the gremlin eats a dinner while his mom cooks a poor kid in the pot. the kid got out but nobody belives him. The ocean swallowed and came down with a crash no body s\could stop it not even with cash if only they knew the sea only wanted respect the sea the sea it can eat you but wouldn't like me.


There are eyes in the skies tonight
little slivers that shiver
they shiver when I blink
the eyes in the skies are everywhere
sometimes I close my eyes at night
if I can*t see them, are they there?

boots, magickg tar baby sandpaper
Juliet? an with but nuns.
snot licking gutter love

would you believe me if I told you.?
it's almost quarter after
my response wrought laughter

Prision sentance. female linoleum left sideways all spandex
cheese spread street lamp, scream beeping apocalypse harbringer

water bucket, ever outward- 5tOO express train.
running from the metropolitan ti as from a woman with a disease
from a young one. trouble,, life falling drops, always going
downward, down like a subway. can you quench my eternity?

there's that word!!! I found it in me.
like a tape worm, the loathsome letters that comprise it's
writhing body tugged at my entrails. this is the way it happened

I thought I told you.
well ... I tried
I guess I thought it was implied. I told you. I swear it!
Maybe you donot even care it.
nobody believs what I slay.

can I tell you anyway?
I'll say,it now... just wait...

never mind, it's too late

dead babies on their birthdays. sisters nicknames and scrabble
games. I am lord of the forgotten.


Swelling the World around You

Away from you,
apart from expansive moments and open skies
And you, blocking the rest of them
swelling the world around you
so that I can't see
wrapping the cloak of nightfall,
so that I can't-
I see the way you dance
in the moonlight
drink up the nightfall for me.
And you, in the circle
with the rest of them
swelling the world around you.
so I can't see
your dance in the night cloak,
without the music,
or the musicians,
nor the circle from which your dance spins
You, blocking the rest of them,
swelling the world around you,
so that I can't see.
the cloak you wear, while dancing
so that I can't-
wear the cloak,
be the cloak,
see the night fall
or you, blocking the rest of them, or the rest of them
a world swollen around
so that I can't see


Waiting for Silence to Die

We were waiting for silence to die,
Patiently, by lamplight and without candles,
Just waiting for it to kick over
So we could go about our noisy lives
And hoping, both of us, not to cry.
The heavens above us would do that soon enough.

In the still blue quiet,
The peace before the storm
In spring, before the summer,
With warmth, before the fall.
We gave our everything. We gave our all
Into waiting for the silence to die.
Amidst smells of humid concrete
Before the rain and sky
Forever, in all directions, an orange sky,
We could hear the season's cry.

Was it killed by rainfall?
Rainfall that then killed the calm before the storm,
And wrought tension across our heavy eyes,
Or was it the train stop,
Several hundred blocks away,
In some sick city, in some far away weary world.

We were waiting for the silence to die
With lightning across the sky, trains in our minds,
And tears in our eyes,
We spoke together, for a moment,
And then I went walking in the rain.
In the thick silver soundscape
The relief, becomes the storm
In the spring, before the summer
Wet for a while, before the fall.
No longer waiting for silence to die.

Cold Candle

Nothing comes of the cold candle
nothing burns from it
it sleeps, where once it burned with prayer


Hot Hands, Wet Kiss

Hot hands, wet kiss
Stay away from this

Hot hands, wet kiss
Stay away from this

Hot hands, wet kiss
Stay away from this

Hot hands, wet kiss
Find a way to get rid of this.

Hot hands, wet kiss
Shall we go no further than this?

Blue eyes, this heart
Is this the reason
For love's art?

Folding, turning and burning again
"I love you",
"I love you",
"I love you"
and then

the hot hands' infatuation ensues for moments,
then weeks and days

soon, though the feeling leaves the hot hands
And wet kisses
What remains?

Should Have Could Have

Should have,
could have
loved to see
the way the sun falls
and sway with the wind
into the things...
Should have, could have
Should have, could have
embraced the matters of the heart
seen the soul it brings...
heard the blackbird's calls
Should have,
could have
come closer to the evening bend of light,
and life itself
the way the sun falls
into the bay,
into the rain
and on down
to deeper things

Another Road Poem

this is how it is
there's a train comin' down
alongside the highway
by the bridge
that goes over the road
by the river.
And I know,
there's the chance
that it's goin' my way
that is,
that I might pass it
under the bridge.
It's good luck you know.

but we miss.

I know,
it's just up to speed,
It's only lights on the highway,
be it the Sharpsburg screamer
or the Shepherdstown express
(they both go both ways
along the highway)
so I don't think
that the train was fate
or of what would have been
had I passed it
under the bridge.

It goes by anyway, screaming.

There are miles behind me
and more road ahead
so I step on it and go
under the river bridge
lights on the highway lights on the highway

That train was fate.
And I passed it all the same.

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"If Man scorns Nature, so you think he would care about Words?" — Thomas Moore, Utopia