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Dylan Kinnett

"Drowned In Words"

"I found him myself. It all started a couple's nights ago when us buddies decided to go party-like and have good times. So's I get in my truck and head over to Mouthy's house. That's what we call him, `Mouthy', on account of he talks too much. Never reads neither. Iggy says he'd shut up if he'd read what other people wrote down instead of him havin' to say it all in one breath like it's never been said before. Well, Iggy said he'd meet us at the river. (Not until later, but he didn't know that then..)

"I knocked hard on his door. Mouthy's the kinda guy that likes to pretend that there are no doors and such. I gave the kind of knockin' on the door that says `You just gotta come out and live a life worth more than talk' and he didn't respond. So I let myself in, kicked my way through all the spilled garbage, and headed toward Mouthy's room. The first thing I noticed, aside from the trashiness of the whole place in general, was the loud "bee-beep bee-beep' that his phone was makin'. That sound comes from leaving the phone off the hook forever. That's when I found him.

"I opened the door to his room and there he was. Mouthy was blue and his mouth was still opened real wide like there was still something he was trying to get out of it. But, Mouthy didn't have much to say anymore. Guess there's not much to talk about when you're dead."

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"If Man scorns Nature, so you think he would care about Words?" �- Thomas Moore, Utopia