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Goth and Fluorescent (So-called) Light

Goth is the shadow fluorescent light cast. To the tune of 'Forever Jung,' even while not at the shopping mall. Goths provide the necessary shadows that consumerism otherwise would everywhere obliterate because of this anti-light property of fluorescent light. Goth affirms the truth of sunlight, which is to cast shadows and to define darkness by its absence. Without Goth fluorescent light could not then properly claim to be light at all. Without Goth those who walk the shopping mall would walk in great darkness and never see the light.

Goth is the yin without which all the yang in the world cannot possibly created the symmetry of a semaphore. Without Goth the Tao would lose the potency which inheres solely (soul-ly) in its being paradoxical. Goth keeps alive the possibility of metaphor despite the inability of fluorescent light to cast anything by which it could define itself by a necessary negation.

Goth is the affirmation that mundanity and the every-day-ness of life are what prevent the fullness of life. Without Goth, Gnosticism would have no goal of a great overcoming or preparatory cleansing for the apocalyptic event. Without Goth it would be impossible to enunciate the Good. To paraphrase the poet Archibald MacLeish in his play JB:

If Goth is Goth it is not Good.
If Goth is Good it is not Goth.
Take the even, take the oddth,
If Goth is Good it is not Goth.

Goth projects the meaning of light in a world whose constructed experience of light is a perceptual illusion. Goth is this motivating power of servanthood in a non-transcendent Me-First world. Goth is the mirror casting the corrective reflection of the self that believes anything can be fixed; that if you jog enough the body will not die; that if you pull the chin up where the forehead was, the face will not age; that if you surgically remove the Œlove handles,' then love can get a longer and more satisfying grip on you. Whereas the truth is that If Goth is Good it is not Goth -- simply because If Goth is Goth it is not Good.

Goth washes the feet of the faithful in the shadow of the true light.

The persistence of Goth in the modern world is what makes the statement "Yea though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of Death, I will fear no evil" an affirmation of present fact and not mere wishful speculation on the avoidance of the very difficulty that alone can make room for the overwhelming satisfactions that life can bring us when it does. Goth. It just is.

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"If Man scorns Nature, so you think he would care about Words?" �- Thomas Moore, Utopia