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"The Christ that the church offers us, the bloodless, placid 'savior' - the man smiling benignly at a group of children or calmly, serenely hanging from the cross - denies Christ the potent, creative sorrow of his boiling anger, which confronts us so forcefully in Mark.

In smaller print on the cover of Harper's, the reader is promised the writings of one Nick Cave, the lead singer of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. His essay, "A Punk Rocker's Angry Christ" was worth the bloated import price of the whole magazine. And it was in Harpers, no less. Harpers! (The one with the index, not the fashion one)

Nick Cave says he read the Old Testament and reveled in its "violent literature". Years later, he met an Anglican who suggested he read the book of Mark. Why? "Because it's short" And, in short, this is what Nick Cave has to say about Jesus Christ.

He's right. The Gospel of Mark is short.

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