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For The Poseur Generation Scene

I was thinking that this would fit perfectly in your zine.

You're elitist, pretentious, corrupt, sleazy, money-grubbing, humorless pieces of dung. You worship the trappings of literature without being literary, you involve yourself in clique-ish elitism, and fascist prejudices, while claiming open-mindedness. You use catch-all phrases like 'support the Underground' while kissing ass for money to separate yourself from the 'underground'.

You use the most obvious, stupid, vampire imagery and call it 'Gothic' ignoring the intelligence, mystery and genuine thrill of non-vampire horror and goth trappings. You dress only in fashions approved by Ghastly and Propaganda, you smoke clove cigarettes, moan about your parents and have sex as cheap as you are.

you have no real friends, only kiss-asses and coat-tail riders, people who want to be the elite, the guilty... like you.

Aside from a few good bands, 90's Gothic Rock is a vast wasteland of talentless college, droning Sisters rip-offs and heavy metal re-runs trying to look bored and immortal. Rozz Williams has become a worthless 90 Goth shit rip-off of his own 80's genius.

England's goth scene is less healthy but much more relevant and real.

Ethereal Goth is a shoe gazing bore for pothead college kids depressed over their allowance rate while the homeless die slowly outside.

I love all things Goth but I hate Ghastly mag and anyone who is desperate enough for acceptance to follow their corporate Goth L.A. money-making example.

There was a time when Goth and Punk were close cousins and were created for and by the outcast, the misfit.

Now Goth is just a new way for the most popular rich kid in class to look down upon the have-nots. Just another MTV generation subculture fad like grunge.

Prefab all the way.

Don't get me wrong, I'll always skulk around in graveyards, I'll always read old ghost stories and love a good blast of campfire horror or bloodletting but I'm leaving you with the image you stole from the Batcave scene, even though you're not smart enough to do it right and you certainly don't deserve it.

I'll never go into a Goth club or read an Anne Rice novel again. There are much better kicks to be had in this horror house. I can't speak for anyone else here but I no longer consider myself a Goth or consider Goth Rock in this day and age to be anything but a bad joke.

Take me off your mailing lists, Goth dung of the world. I'm not a Goth, I'm not a punk, I'm not a rash rocker or an Alternite.I've gotta be me. And you've gotta be kidding, you bunch of junior Lestat sub-morons.

I've had it.

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"If Man scorns Nature, so you think he would care about Words?" �- Thomas Moore, Utopia