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One of the few pieces of English Language reading material that came with me on the plane to Japan was the July issue of Maximum Rock N Roll. I'll pay tribute to that worn copy with a general overview of the zine, since a real review wouldn't do justice to an old issue.

Maximum Rock N Roll is cruddy looking, like a good punk zine should be. I read somewhere that " if your shit stinks, and you run it through a computer until it looks good, your shit still stinks" This zine is in no way guilty of that crime. However, some of their interviews ranged from the barely legible to the not worth reading.

The interviews -- and I think they're too abundant in the issue I have – they vary quite a bit. There are talks with humorous girl punk bands, such as The Headcoatees. The Headcoatees are one hell of a fun punk banc.

The reviews weren't too long, and the articles were interesting. I like the overall tone: humorous and informative. I liked the columns best. Its columns, like all of its material, were made on a volunteer basis. There are political rants, and some just plain funny stories: something for everyone.

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