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two poems published in the University of Baltimore’s literary journal

Ed Schrader Show

featured reading on Ed Schrader’s late night talk show at Metro Gallery

WORMS Permalink

featured reading at WORMS reading series in Baltimore, MD

Write Nite Permalink

Dylan Kinnett featured spoken word performer at Write Nite, Preservation Pub in Knoxville, TN

Party Planet

a ten-minute play performed by the Annex Theater in Baltimore at Artscape

What’s the Catch?

spoken word performance art featuring an array of constantly ringing analogue telephones

Left of the Bank

Spoken word performance by Dylan Kinnett at the 10th Annual Left of the Bank fundraiser reading for the Shepherdstown Public Library in Shepherdstown, West V...

Federal Dust

Dylan Kinnett at the Federal Dust reading series. Baltimore, MD. December 06, 2014.

LitScape 2014 Permalink

“Be Sure,” from a collection entitled “Litanies and Reiterations,” with sound accompaniment by Curt Seiss.

States & Drives II

A 20 minute spoken word performance inspired by the composer John Cage. Performed at States & Drives II on March 28, 2015. Words by Dylan Kinnett. Music ...

How to Rant: A Workshop

How to Rant: A Workshop at the Microfiction Rowhouse. This was a writing workshop, focused on extemporaneous composition, using the familiar idea of a rant a...