Internet users expect to be dazzled with things to see. A good website should also have things to say.


On the Internet, it is easy to get caught up in the sights and sounds. Often, this takes precedence over everything else that could be going on until, in many ways, the Internet has become little more than an advertising wasteland masquerading as "mass communication." A good website should actually communicate. It should be very easy to use, for the audience as well as the authors.

I am a freelance web developer who works independently with a B.A. in writing and communications. I specialize in building accessible, semantic, W3C Standards compliant websites, using XHTML and CSS.

My goal is to help small businesses, artists, and non-profit groups develop a unique and usable Internet presence. I do this, using standards based web design and development principles. Whether you need an informational web site to advertise your business and establish a name for your company on the Internet, or an e-commerce web site - selling products or services online, I can help you.


Make your web design experience pleasant, hassle-free, affordable and enjoyable. Contact me for a free quote today.