Audio Experiments

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Since my last post, I’ve been gearing up for sound, and there’s a new addition to my toy box, this Casio SK-5 Sampling Keyboard.

Armed with all this cool (and cheap!) stuff, along with some software, I’ve begun to make recordings.

First, I wanted to learn to record spoken word in stereo. Here’s my first attempt. I call it “lie detector test”.

Recently, and in a similar “vocal” frame of mind, I was messing around with text-to-speech software, feeding it strings of random letters and listening for interesting results. Here’s one that my friend Curt helped me to record:

The good news is: that one has already been sampled by a jazz musician! Here it is, included within a larger work, along with samples from others.

It’s one thing to record your own voice, and to have someone else include it within a larger composition, but I wanted to see what sorts of musical compositions I could come up with on my own. The first one was just a simple little melodic thing:

The second one is a bit more complicated. It includes a sample of a cricket, a piano playing backwards and also a modified recording of my own voice. Now we’re getting somewhere!


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