Bowie-esque Spoken Word Playlist

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In an old notebook from 2008, I found a playlist of spoken word recordings that I liked at the time. There’s a lot of David Bowie on here. Bowie is more famous for his singing of course but he did employ spoken word, particularly with his segues.

  • Future Legend -- David Bowie
  • Electro Fuckers -- Miss Kitten and The Hacker
  • Small Flowers Crack Concrete -- Sonic Youth
  • The Gift -- The Velvet Underground
  • Believe Franka Potente -- Run Lola Run
  • Fitter Happier -- Radiohead
  • Segue Nathan Adler -- David Bowie
  • Lubia Dobarstan -- Cirque du Soleil
  • Singin' In Vietnam Talkin' Blues -- Johnny Cash
  • Driven Like The Snow -- Sisters of Mercy
  • Segue I Am With Name -- David Bowie
  • Pass This On -- The Knife
  • Belfast -- The Golden Palominos
  • Segue Algeria Touchschriek -- David Bowie
  • The Ambitions Are -- The Golden Palominos
  • Segue Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette) -- David Bowie
  • Victim -- The Golden Palominos
  • Metal Eye -- The Golden Palominos
  • Curses -- The Golden Palominos

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