George Washington’s Manuscripts

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As part of my ongoing interest in old texts preserved online, I stumbled upon The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources

I would like to be able to see the originals, but it is enough to be able to read them. Here is something from the introduction:

The historical importance of Washington's papers was recognized while Washington was yet alive, by Washington himself, who took pains to assign guards to protect them during the Revolutionary War, and by writers like William Gordon and David Humphreys interested in the momentous events of the American Revolution. Washington, immediately after the war, declared "that no history of my life, without a very great deal of trouble indeed, could be written with the least degree of accuracy, unless recourse was had to me, or to my papers for information" (Washington to James Craik, 25 March 1784). His wartime papers he considered "a species of Public property, sacred in my hands," to be made available to writers and historians of the Revolution at the discretion of Congress and in conjunction with Congress's own records and those of the individual states (Washington to William Gordon, 23 October 1782).


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