Hypertext Structure

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J. Nathan Matias is the author of a growing variety of things of interest to anyone who reads about hypertext. His new project appears to be a geodesic hypertext.

You would start reading at the top, and finish somewhere in the middle.

The general pattern is that every node links to three others. For example, while the map only shows a link that leads to the node immediately below it, there are actually links from that node to the two nodes to nodes adjacent to the one below, as well.

Now, I built this structure out of blank pages before the entire composition was complete, so, i na few places, I fudged the structure, and I haven’t built a new map yet. I’m waiting, patiently, for Tinderbox for Windows first.

Those three nodes at the bottom, those are “Rock” “Paper” and “scissors” again, and the ones above those were intended to relate the events that occur before “Rock” “Paper” and “scissors“., where nodes 1 through 9 are events after “Rock” “Paper” and “Scissors”. I’m describing what you see in this map here, which was a precursor to the actual text of the narrative</p>

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