Social media posts aren’t always ideal for sharing links because the posts generally disappear (for all practical intents and purposes) after a few days. So, I’ve begun to improve a long-lived feature of my blog, here: the links page. (The proverbial kids these days are calling this sort of thing a “linklog”.)

My new linklog contains links to interesting things.

The things that interest me for this collection are articles about writing and literature, technology, art, and music. I got the idea to rebuild it from Iain Broome’s linklog, “Very Meta.” In his introduction to the linklog, Broome mentioned Marco Arment’s linklog and said “I don’t know of any other linklogs that cover writing, reading and publishing.” (There are, of course, many regular blogs devoted to these topics.) I hope that my collection of links can contribute something useful to the conversation.


My earliest collection of links was just a list in the sidebar, powered by a feature that was once a part of Wordpress. Then, for several years, I used the link-sharing site Delicious, but Delicious tastes pretty nasty these days.

I’ve moved on to as my links manager of choice. I like that it can grab links that I share on other sites, like Twitter or the best nfl picks, for example, making it easier to capture the things I’m looking at and talking about. To publish the links on this site, I use the WP RSS Multi Importer, but I have modified it to work with post formats.