My Favorite Notebook

I’m looking to replace my very favorite notebook, which is all filled up now.

Update: I found a new favorite, the Large, Black Quo Vadis Habana Journal. The cover isn’t the same, but it looks like a good match otherwise. Does it have a margin line? I can’t tell.

I’m posting this in the hopes that someone can help to point me in the right direction. I contacted the manufacturer, M. Roger’s Press, because their website no longer lists these, but they never replied. I’ve done all this because I loved that notebook so much and I want another one. Notebook obsession does strike the unsuspecting writer from time to time, so I feel a little comforted knowing that I’m not alone.

My favorite notebook is a hardbound book, with a cloth covering. The spine is sewn such that the open book lays very flat. The paper is smooth and thick and white. It has acid-free paper that does not bleed through when I use a good pen. The paper is narrow ruled (1/4 in (6.35 mm) spacing between ruling lines), with no vertical margin line. It measures 8” wide by 10.5” high and 1” thick. I love every one of these features, but sadly I can’t find a replacement that has them all.

This is my favorite notebook. This is my favorite notebook.

notebook laying flat When opened, my favorite notebook lays flat.

I have filled my favorite notebook with words and drawings I have filled my favorite notebook with words and drawings

Notebook with cloth cover It has a hardbound cover, with cloth on it

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