Records of Existence

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Records of Existence is an artist run label of underground independent artists. We specialize in doing limited edition Hand-Printed and Hand-Assembled releases to make the release as unique as the artists.

The new release, “Accordion” was composed by my friend Curt Seiss, who was also the other brains behind my own recent album, “Strange Punctuation”. Accordion (which serves as the band name and album title) is a collection of dreamy, instrumental songs. This album utilizes lo-fi sounds created by warm synths, acoustic guitar, reverberated bells, bowed strings, banjo, accordion drones, and other instruments to create melodies that weave through what are ultimately placid, mood pieces. While the tracks hold their own as layered, atmospheric morsels, they are occasionally propelled by a booming drum track which drives the songs up and out of the primordial soup of movie-score haze.


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