Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual, is a book written by Chris Damitio. Damitio had released the book from its copyright, so that you can download Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual. Recently, he has taken this book out of circulation, in favor of an updated second edition.

Here is the author’s introduction:

They say that most people aren't much more than a paycheck away from being homeless. Look what happened to the people in New Orleans when Katrina struck. It can happen to anyone. Even you. I didn't want to be caught by surprise. So in 2000 I moved into my car and set out to learn what it takes to survive the day to day world of the United States without a steady income, without a home, and without most of what a lot of people think is essential to their lives. This book isn't about how to live in public restrooms or how to steal muffins. This is a book for people that find themselves outside of what is normal in the United States and the rest of the world. This book is about surviving with much less than you think you need. It's also about getting past the part of life you are stuck on and getting into the part of life you have been waiting for. Rough Living is what I learned from being homeless.