Spoken Word at Singers in Baltimore

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I was the featured poet for !SPEAK YOUR PIECE! on Wednesday, July 14, 2010. This weekly, featured poet and open mic poetry event takes place every Wednesday night at Singer’s bar & Restaurant in Mount Vernon, 227 West Chase Street. The event is always preceded by an open mic.

I read a selection of poems from my first spoken word album, Strange Punctuation. I also read a few pieces, some published and some from a manuscript I’ve been working on. The final piece was a work of performance art involving six telephones. I wrote about my plans for this piece, almost a year ago. Its title is “Yes, No, I don’t Understand” but the performance setup is something I like to call “A Piano Made of Telephones” I imagine that I can do several things with the old telephones.

poem: Answering Machine Message

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prose: Augury poem: This Poem Isn’t About Wine poem: An Acquired Taste poem: Eviction poem: A Game of Musical Chairs poem: Make Your Own Fun poem: Clouds prose: A Piano Made of Telephones


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