Spoken Word Recording Session at Magnanimous Records

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My first recording session was last Saturday, at Magnanimous Records. Normally, I suppose recording sessions are reserved for musicians and the like, but this was a spoken word recording. The goal is to eventually produce an album of some sort, but since it was the first time, we took it easy, and simply made recordings. Often, between takes, we digressed into conversation and jokes, and recorded some of that too.

Playing the recording back, I’m glad that there is some conversation on there. All too often, I think that writers read their work in a special voice, a voice they reserve for the solemn act of reading words on a page, and that voice is very unlike a normal voice. The recording shows me that I am guilty of that crime too. As a result, my favorite recording is actually a piece that I hate; I read the thing in an ordinary voice. What a difference that makes!

I’m excited about making this spoken word recording. Next time I read, I’ll know what I sound like, and I’m sure that helps.


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