Stone Soup Poets

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This last week of my life has been a wild and crazy ride: the television appearance, the poetry slam, my balls-to-the-wall induction into a literary scene here in this city. I should say that none of it would have happened if it weren’t for my experience with the Stone Soup Poets They meet on Mondays, and I plan to attend again this week. I’m hooked. The Stone Soup Poets meet at a place called Out of the Blue Gallery

The gallery website describes stone Soup this way:

An award winning 30-year venue led by beat poet/activist Jack Powers every Monday night from 8:00 on (Sign-up at 7:30 pm). A wide variety of poets/writers/performers of all ages and walks of life attend this reading. No night is ever the same and there are opportunities for writers to become featured performers.

I had no idea until I read this article, that the Stone Soup poets were as prestigious as they are.

Stone Soup has become an initiation rite for many, like us, who cite it as where they gave their first or first important reading. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gregory Corso, John Weiners, Leo Connellan and hundreds of others have not only passed through, but returned to read there again and again.

This is one more reason I’m excited to be in Boston.


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