Vieux Carre’ by The Wooster Group

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I saw a performance of Tennessee Williams’ “Vieux Carré” by The Wooster Group. The Wooster Group is an ensemble of experimental theater artists. They are based in New York City at The Performing Garage in Soho, and their productions tour nationally and internationally.

The video, from the groups video blog, is a mashup of text from reviews of the play, script and stage directions.

The text below is their description of the play (I’ll try to add one of my own to this post sometime soon).

Like Williams' first big success The Glass Menagerie, Vieux Carré (1977) is a "memory play," set in the boarding house in New Orleans where Williams himself stayed as a young man during the Depression. The young writer, as narrator, remembers his artistic and sexual awakening there. Inhabitants of the house swirl up out of the writer's mind as archetypal Williams characters, longing for release and haunted by thwarted dreams. In The Wooster Group's version of Vieux Carré, the Group experiments with new modes of expression for Williams' lyric voice.



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