Selected Rants, Raves, and Writings by Dylan Kinnett

Text Adventures that Go Beyond
One of these text adventures takes a new approach to the old experience, and another pushes the medium towards a limit that could suggest its future direction.
Open the Pod Bay Doors: Conversational Interfaces in an Epistolary Literary Style
A look at two hypertexts: one game and one visual novel, that tell their stories in a conversational way.
Bandersnatch, Hypertext, and the State of Interactive Stories
Interest in non-linear storytelling is rekindling. Two months ago, the Black Mirror studio released an interactive, non-linear movie called Bandersnatch on Netflix. The choices aren’t merely about what should happen next, but also about the mood, style, and even the meaning of the story that unfolds.
Aleatory Writing Experiment
An experiment, after Bernadette Mayer, to systematically eliminate the use of certain kinds of words or phrases from a piece of writing.
The Death of Hypertext?
Does anyone write literary hypertexts anymore? Are the existing tests future-proof?
Algorithmic Avant-Garde
Evaluating Hypertexts
Ergodic Literature
Its odd. there’s a way to mass-produce something like a toy castle, complete with catapult, court and cavelier–but they won’t make books in boxes.