Selected Rants, Raves, and Writings by Dylan Kinnett

American Theatre in the Twenty-First Century
Party Planet and The Piece of Real Estate at the Top of the Tallest Building on Earth. Two short plays published in American Theatre in the Twenty-First Century. Future Publishing House. 2020.
Notes on Augury
Essay to accompany a videopoem. Notes on Augury: Death, Words, Sounds, and Images. The Art of Everyone. 2020.
Video with spoken word and ambient music, in response to the pandemic. Words by Dylan Kinnett. Sound design by Curt Seiss. The Art of Everyone. 2020.
What’s the Catch? at Artscape
Spoken word performance art with Cardinal Space and the Prints and Multiples Fair. Artscape. 2019.
Short Plays
A staged reading of short plays by Dylan Kinnett. Read by Stephanie Barber, Peter Cardamone, Justin Sanders, Mike Shattuck, and David Young. Cardinal art space. 2019.
How to Rant
A writing workshop, focused on extemporaneous composition, using the familiar idea of a rant as a start. Microfiction Rowhouse. 2017.
Natural Order: An Exhibition of Lists
Interactive collaboration with artists, audience and typewriter. Accompanying exhibition and publication. This was the inaugural event for the Cardinal art space. Baltimore, Maryland. 2017. Interactive collaboration with artists, audience and typewriter. Accompanying exhibition and publication. Cardinal art space. Baltimore, Maryland. 2017.
Infinity Ink Presents: An Internet
Amalgamation of contained digital content, a small internet on a USB drive, together with a unique, modified book. Ink Press Productions. 2016.
Sun Ra Jazz Listening Party
How do you talk about a musician from another planet, anyway? Performance art inspired by Sun Ra and his Arkestra for the Baltimore Kissa Society. The Red Room. Baltimore, Maryland. 2016
States and Drives II
Performance inspired by the composer John Cage. Words by Dylan Kinnett. Music by Curt Seiss. Special thanks to Paul Mericle. Performed during States and Drives II at Litmore. Baltimore, Maryland. 2015.
Performance at a day long festival to celebrate the greater Baltimore literary community. 2014. “Be Sure,” from a collection entitled “Litanies and Reiterations,” with sound accompaniment by Curt Seiss.
Federal Dust
Reading at the Federal Dust series. Baltimore, Maryland. 2014.
LED Baltimore
A haiku poem, appearing on a jumbotron billboard in central Baltimore. Part of a project to feature creative works on an LED billboard. 2014.
No Air Radio Presents
I performed two pieces that night, entitled “Coming Soon to Videocassette” and “Canned Laughter.” The crowd was bewildered. Performance at the Pilot Light in Knoxville, Tennessee. 2014.
Left of the Bank
Spoken word performance at the 10th Annual Left of the Bank fundraiser reading for the Shepherdstown Public Library in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. 2014.
What’s the Catch?
Performance art featuring an array of constantly ringing analogue telephones and an overhead transparency projector. Performance at the Charm City Art Space. Part of the Projection Series. Baltimore, Maryland. 2013.
A Writer’s Artist Statement
Published by the Extreme Writing Community, a group dedicated to experimental literature. The community’s posts are written in Ukrainian and English. 2013. Online.
The Doppler Effect
A tale about differences of experience and opinion, written using only a single adjective. Short fiction published in the fifth issue of Baltimore’s Seltzer magazine. 2013. Online.
Party Planet
A farcical, dark comedy about astronauts. Ten-minute play performed by the Annex Theater at Artscape. 2013.
Experimental Poems
Two writings, one asemic, the other experimental. TRUCK. July, 2013. Online.
Copycat Sessions
A unique & enjoyable lo-fi ambient experience. Experimental ambient and electronic music recorded with the Second Land collective. Earstroke Records. 2013.
Space Age Bachelor Pad
Eternally a work in progress, it seems. One-act play inspired by Erik Satie and 1950s “exotica” music.
Write Nite
Featured spoken word performance at Write Nite, Preservation Pub in Knoxville, TN. 2012.
Dadadodomax: for Word Collages
Code contribution to an open-source app that generates random sentences from any text. 2012.
Flashing in the Sun with a Glitter of Knives
Literary criticism about Futurism. Can any of Futurism’s aesthetic ideas prevail beyond the problematic politics? Should they? Essay featured in Octopus magazine. Issue 1. 2012. Online.
The Experimental Literature Cook Off
An informal session for experimental writers modeled on the idea of a chili cook off The Public School in Durham. Duke University. 2011.
What Weekly
A review of Baltimore’s best venues for literary readings. Published in What Weekly, an online magazine. 2011.
Infinity’s Kitchen
I was the founding editor of a graphic literary journal of experimental writing. Published semi-quarterly, 2011-2020. Online and in print.
I Don’t Get It
Editorial for the first issue of Infinity’s Kitchen, also featured in two 100 level writing courses. Maryville College and Ryerson University. 2011.
WORMS is a reading series billed as “an interactive literary magazine in 3-D.” “The Bell Foundry. Baltimore, Maryland. 2010.”
Speak Your Piece!
Early performance of The Telephone Piece. featured reading at Speak Your Piece series in Baltimore, MD
Strange Punctuation
You can add, subtract, rearrange sound just like you can with words on a page. With sound there are other ways to edit. Spoken word album. Magnanimous Records. 2009.
Art Criticism Residency
I saw great art, met fascinating people, and grew as a writer. 23rd Annual Critics' Residency program at the Maryland Art Place.
Second Land
Lead vocals for an audio/visual collective of musicians and performers. Performances at Sonic Circuits and Pyramid Atlantic, among others.
Issue One
A poem, generated by an algorithm, attributed to me, without prior knowledge or consent. It’s controversial, but I don’t mind it. Issue One. 2008. PDF.
Ed Schrader Show
Staged reading of a script for one actor and an array of telephones. Featured on Ed Schrader’s late night talk show at Metro Gallery.
Two Poems: Eviction and Make Your Own Fun
Welter. University of Baltimore. 2006 and 2008.
Physicalist Manifesto
No bullshit! The thing is the idea. The idea is the thing. Physicalism is an emphatic emphasis on the physicality of art. We wrote and distributed a manifesto at Art Basel, Miami and other locations. 2005.
Cambridge Community Television
A televised reading of new poems. Be Live with Debra Priestly and Bill Perrault. Cambridge Community Television. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 2004.
Street Preacher: A Play in One Act
Monologues inspired by found audio, recorded in a basement, by an unusual, zealous man. Play in one act. Written and directed by Dylan Kinnett at Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee. 2001.
A Travelogue from Japan
Observations written during a year abroad in Kyoto, Japan. Published in installments by the Shepherdstown Chronicle newspaper. 1999.