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As I’m reading through the internet’s various offerings, I collect the things I think are interesting on this links page. The format of this page, and some of the site in general, is a work in progress.

Embracing the Worst Thing Someone Can Say to You – Electric Literature
what if the words we angrily (or drunkenly) tap out on our phones, that we save as notes, or send to ex lovers, or post publicly on social media, the ones we send without bothering to correct for typos, are the words we mean the most?
How feedly Changed My Career as an Art Curator
“With so much digital media content at one’s fingertips at all times, how does a creative individual discover the latest trends amongst all the noise out there?”
Wards Against the Day
the first kind of melancholy, melencolia imaginativa, belong to that of creativity, where imagination predominates over reason and rationality
how digital memory shapes the future
the Internet is not a stable archive like a library.
DOOMguy Knows How You Feel
So what is the name of the protagonist of the DOOM video game, anyway?
Under the Spell of James Baldwin
I Am Not Your Negro a documentary film directed by Raoul Peck
The Aesthetics of the Alt-Right
This article includes an in-depth inquiry into the online activities of political groups for which misogyny, racism, and anti-semitism become defining features; as such, images and mentions of those topics are found in the text.
The Performance of Becoming Human by Daniel Borzutzky — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
I #amreading The Performance of Becoming Human by Daniel Borzutzky
“A Certain Riddle of the Sphinx”: The Enduring Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript - Los Angeles Review of Books
RT @christianbok: The Los Angeles Review of Books takes an interest in "The Voynich Manuscript":
What if Trump Really Does End Money for the Arts?
Here is a tour of the debate that reignited this month when The Hill newspaper reported that the Trump administration was considering eliminating the art and humanities agencies and defunding the nonprofit public broadcasting corporation as part of a wider program of federal budget cuts.
Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard | Pub(lishing) Crawl
butt in chair, hands on keyboard. #amwriting
Study: Superheroes Might Be A Bad Influence On Children – ArtsJournal
RT @TheArtsToday: Study: Superheroes Might Be A Bad Influence On Children #art #broadway #history
Acting August Wilson: Nine Stars Speak – ArtsJournal
RT @TheArtsToday: Acting August Wilson: Nine Stars Speak #art #broadway #history
Oh no. Not me.
80s covers of contemporary pop songs
RT @kottke: These synth-heavy 80s covers of contemporary pop songs (by Bieber, Perry, Gotye) are kind of amazing
Norway Becomes First Country To Switch Off FM Radio – ArtsJournal
RT @TheArtsToday: Norway Becomes First Country To Switch Off FM Radio #art #broadway #history
"Out-of-Touch, In Touch, To Touch: The Role of Sense-Based Poetry in the Digital Era" by Charlotte Pence - North American Review
“Out-Of-Touch, In Touch, To Touch: The Role Of Sense-Based Poetry In The Digital Era” By Charlotte Pence
While working on these next steps, I’ve developed a little process to focus my thinking, which I hope to repeat for years to come. This process started by examining my life through three frames provided by the greatest Canadian philosopher of our time, Aubrey Graham (aka Drake).
The World's Most Instagrammed Museums in 2016 | artnet News
The World's Most Instagrammed Museums in 2016 |
Need a Final Draft Alternative for Linux? Try These Screenwriting Apps
Are you a writer whose computer runs Linux? Try These Screenwriting Apps
It's Nice That | Google and Monotype launch Noto, an open-source typeface family for all the world’s languages
RT @zeldman: ❦ Google & Monotype launch Noto, an open-source typeface family for all the world’s languages, living and dead!
An interview with literary critic Daniel Green about his new book, Beyond the Blurb – Biblioklept
An interview with literary critic Daniel Green about his new book, "Beyond the Blurb"
The Welsh Gender Equilibrium: Welsh becomes the biggest language Wikipedia to achieve gender balance! | the Wikimedia UK blog!
The Welsh Gender Equilibrium: Welsh becomes the biggest language Wikipedia to achieve gender balance
The Bewlay Brothers (1999 Remastered Version) - YouTube
"Whale of a lie like they hope it was"
"A nativity scene without Jews, Arabs, Africans or refugees." - Imgur
"A nativity scene without Jews, Arabs, Africans or refugees."
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up - YouTube
"No sound to break no moment clear When all the doubts are crystal clear Crashing hard into the secret wind"
The Rasputin problem
The Rasputin problem. Hypnotist, rapist, cultist, charlatan, seer: What was the mad monk's actual role in the downfall of the the Romanovs? 
Artificial intelligence meets Balzac.
Computers can now detect sentiment, irony, and character type. How much longer until they're producing literature?
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
"Now is the time to call things what they actually are, because language can illuminate truth as much as it can...
No Categories — Whenever I finish a work, I always feel lost, as...
“Whenever I finish a work, I always feel lost, as though a steady anchor has been taken away...”
Facebook's fake news problem can be solved through design—just look at Twitter and Nextdoor
Clicks equal advertising revenue, people share what reinforces their beliefs, and the next suggested news item is what’s popular or trending, not what’s verified or newsworthy. It was only a matter of time before fiction-minded folks figured this out, and so far, there’s little to convince them to stop.
Mellow Mix 2 by TVNGVSKA on #SoundCloud
SoundCloud Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Please download one of our supported browsers.
The Millions : Don't Worry. Don't Wait. Write. - The Millions
Don't Worry. Don't Wait. Write. via @The_Millions
Death of the hatchet job
Book reviewing used to be a blood sport. How has it become so benign and polite?
The Lost Virtue of Cursive
Bards thought writing would destroy our memories; scribes loathed the printing press. Now handwriting enthusiasts have taken up this tradition of snobbery
Anne Carson talks about her new collection, Float, her love of volcanoes and the power of brevity
Float is a transparent slipcase containing 22 chapbooks to be read on “shuffle”. They were mostly originally performance pieces – composed and performed individually and often with other people – so the collection is just that, a collection, not an organic whole, not intended to be read in any particular order, not designed to flow from beginning to end visually and conceptually (as previous books were). I like some part of all of the pieces and all of some of them.
Litblog Roundup: Post-Election Edition » Real Pants
The Twitter Archive at the Library of Congress: Challenges for information practice and information policy | Zimmer | First Monday
@mkirschenbaum @USNatArchives that’s already a thing
Viral Fake Election News Outperformed Real News On Facebook In Final Months Of The US Election - BuzzFeed News
RT @carlzimmer: Behold the rise of fake news at Facebook. Analysis at Buzzfeed:
Interview with Dylan Kinnett - Zouch - Zouch
I've been interviewed for about my writing a piece in Zouch Magazine. #WritersLife
The Master List of Bill Murray
he’s an everyman, a goofball, a star who has built his deadpan comedic legend on his own terms. Despite the classic titles in his canon, he famously doesn’t have an agent or manager, and has missed out on some great roles over the years by missing offers left on his answering machine. A true renegade, the Chicago native’s 40-year career has been a storied journey, from blockbuster comedy star to has-been to indie darling to living legend.
On Smarm
Over time, it has become clear that anti-negativity is a worldview of its own, a particular mode of thinking and argument, no matter how evasively or vapidly it chooses to express itself. For a guiding principle of 21st century literary criticism, BuzzFeed's Fitzgerald turned to the moral and intellectual teachings of Walt Disney, in the movie Bambi: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."
How a medieval mystic was the first creator of fanfiction
Literary criticism taught me to scrub my feelings out of my reading, but a medieval mystic showed me how to put them back in
Leonard Cohen: Democracy - YouTube
I'm junk but I'm still holding up this little wild bouquet.
TheSmellOfBooks (everyoneswingman: mothras-gay-dad: a godless...)
RT @doctorow: A Potato That Wasn't a Christian
Principles of Journalism - American Press Association
the principles of journalism are propaganda, themselves, but see what you think, yourself
271 Years Before Pantone, an Artist Mixed and Described Every Color Imaginable in an 800-Page Book
Spanning nearly 800 completely handwritten (and painted) pages, Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau, was probably the most comprehensive guide to paint and color of its time.
If Walt Whitman Vlogged
What does it mean to be an Internet poet?
Gloria Steinem on the Failure to Elect the First Female President
"Our aim should be to humanize society by bringing the values of a woman's culture into it," Steinem said. "Not simply to put an individual woman into a man's place. We do want to take our rightful position in this country, and our rightful position means 50 percent of every elected and appointed body that exists ... We know, however, that no one gives political power. It must be taken. And therefore, we will take it.
In Defense of the Poor Image
The poor image is a copy in motion. Its quality is bad, its resolution substandard. As it accelerates, it deteriorates.
Project Projects
The novel is dead (this time it's for real)
Literary critics – themselves a dying breed, a cause for considerable schadenfreude on the part of novelists – make all sorts of mistakes, but some of the most egregious ones result from an inability to think outside of the papery prison within which they conduct their lives' work. They consider the codex. They are – in Marshall McLuhan's memorable phrase – the possessors of Gutenberg minds.
Textile Series
The Textile Series features handmade fabric-bound chapbooks for experimental readers and writers.
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Dear Prudence - YouTube
Song for a sunny day.
How GitHub Writes Blog Posts
you want the work you’re putting out into the world to be approachable and to make sense.
Customized WordPress Administration Filters
This article will outline what you need to know about WordPress Administration Filters, including what's available via the posts administration screen.
Redesigning Waxy, 2016 edition –
RT @khoi: Redesigning Waxy, 2016 edition – Lovely piece on reasons not to give up on one's blog. Congrats @waxpancake
Horror Film Legend Vincent Price Reads 8+ Hours of Scary Stories | Open Culture
RT @TheArtsToday: Hear Vincent Price, Horror Film Legend, Read 8+ Hours of Scary ... #art #culture #history
Sun Ra
In case you missed it: here's a set of photos, video, and an audio playlist from my recent gig for the Baltimore...
Sun Ra Listening Party on Vimeo
I just uploaded “Sun Ra Listening Party” to #Vimeo:
Fix Disqus with Cloud Flare and keep the Rocket Loader benefit
Sun Ra And His Arkestra ‎– In The Orbit Of Ra (2014) FULL ALBUM - YouTube
Morning music with Sun Ra.
I may have made a few mistakes while learning to make those books.
DJ Spooky
RT @djspooky: Halloween costume suggestion from & Siri
RT @NOT_D3AD_YET: Infinity Ink 1.0 finally complete🎈come to the launch 10/27 at the 5th Dimension of the H&H - 8pm
These books are almost ready to become Infinity Ink.
From print to digital and back again
Log In - The New York Times
RT @aldaily: One era’s aesthetic is the next era's eyesore. So it went with Brutalism — until now
Interview With Jewish Museum Digital Director JiaJia Fei | artnet News
If NASA is can help people understand rocket science w/ social media, museums should rise to that same challenge.
RT @kellyegan: Threaded star (centiscript)
10 Vintage Museum Web Pages from the 90s | Museum Nerd (>140) -
RT @Clara_Merin: Buenísimo! Webs de algunos museos del mundo en los 90's via @museumnerd #museos cc. @museodelprado
Vintage Postcards for the Apocalypse
RT @hyperallergic: Vintage Postcards for the Apocalypse
Real Life - Send Me An Angel - YouTube
@ideosinkrasee I'll send you a "send me an angel" ok?
Variable fonts & the future of web design – Isovera – Medium
“Variable fonts & the future of web design” by @jpamental
How The Internet* Talks | FiveThirtyEight
Here's a fun comparison generator.
The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2016
the latest industry news, advice and opportunities
The way ahead
a capitalism shaped by the few and unaccountable to the many is a threat to all.
Links § No Categories
After a months-long hiatus, I'm blogging again on my site, starting with a new links page about what I #amreading
Mindlessly Engaged? What Happens To Culture When We’re Addicted To Our Devices
“What does it mean to shift overnight from a society in which people walk down the street looking around to one in which people walk down the street looking at machines? We wouldn’t be…
Bruno Dias on Hypertext
Fascinating interview with IF writer Bruno Dias on the craft of writing hypertext narrative.
How an Imaginary Island Stayed on Maps for Five Centuries
A 21st-century viewer might wonder: why include a fictional island on a map of the known world?
Launching ELC3 | Electronic Literature Organization
RT @eliterature: Announcing the 2.0 version of ELC Vol 3 w/preservation & new resources. #elit #dh #elitclass #digped #dhsi
Maryland Avenue Cycle Track Update — Bikemore
My neighborhood is getting a bike lane! (now, if only it didn't have a sink hole)
Untitled (
What's newer than a new moon? Two new moons.
Metric - Collect Call - YouTube
I'm a lazy dancer.
No Categories — Go out and do something. It isn’t your room that’s...
“Go out and do something. It isn’t your room that’s a prison, it’s yourself.” - Sylvia Plath (via...
Artist Reimagines Marvel and DC Superheroes As Tim Burton Characters -
RT @designtaxi: Artist reimagines Marvel and DC superheroes as Tim Burton characters
Untitled (
RT @CatapultStory: Zine ATMs, fake Swiss passports, & Meniere's disease: @ysabellecheung visits Tom Sachs's "Boombox Retrospective"
Why Wikipedia assignments work for digital literacy – Wiki Education Foundation
RT @WikiEducation: ICYMI: Undergraduates may be tech-savvy. That doesn’t mean they’re digitally literate. #highered
Evidence Rebuts Chomsky's Theory of Language Learning - Scientific American
RT @aldaily: For more than 50 years, Noam Chomsky's Universal Grammar has been dominant. Now it's coming undone
Alternative Revenue Models for E-Publishing | Zinestorming
RT @geealbers: Exploring digital publishing through the making of zines? Yes! 👏 @silvi0L0russo and @PublishingLabNL
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
To go with today's Litblog Roundup, what's your least-favorite word? ok, go! #amwriting
Contributor Covenant: A Code of Conduct for Open Source Projects
I Was happy to stumble across this today. I think it is a good thing and a useful one. "Open Source has always...
Millions of historical images posted to Flickr - BBC News
RT @manovich: An article about the book illustration dataset by the Internet Archive
RT @RWD: Absolutely love what @jensimmons is (responsively!) doing at . (Tip: try in @firefoxnightly.)
Layout Demos by Jen Simmons
RT @RWD: Absolutely love what @jensimmons is (responsively!) doing at . (Tip: try in @firefoxnightly.)
Voices: Ruffed Grouse - YouTube
@dylan_k Here's one that's interesting, but I can't use it.
There's now a name for this condition and I suffer from it sometimes.
Untitled (
RT @aldaily: The carefully curated aesthetic of the modern office and the grim fate of the "knowledge worker"
twenty one pilots: Ride (Video) - YouTube
How to play keyboard in the woods.
Will you miss the headphone jack? / Boing Boing
RT @doctorow: Will you miss the headphone jack?
RT @doctorow: Will you miss the headphone jack?
Watch Mark Amerika's Vine "Psychic Fit Bit Agent"
RT @markamerika: Psychic Fit Bit Agent
RT @austinkleon: @jkottke you might end up running a fucking chocolate factory!
No Categories — Just another Friday on the spacefaring vessel.
📷 Just another Friday on the spacefaring vessel.
RT @alienated:
Untitled (
RT @atrubek: Wow. Why Handwriting Is Still Important
Building a Literary Publication For Sneaker Net - Slashdot
I've shared a blog post about a new #hypertext project to slashdot. Would you consider giving it an up vote?
I want this book. :)
Notes from the Coder: Happy Coding
We wanted a publication with the range, content, design & features of the web, but without publishing it to the web!
@designtaxi yeah well McDonald's also wrote this masterpiece
Dylan Kinnett’s Reading Progress for You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine: A Novel - 4 hours, 48 min ago
25% done with You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine, by Alexandra Kleeman
RT @derekbeaulieu: download dozens of PDFs of south american avant-garde poetics: (att'n @monoskop @ubuweb )
User Account
RT @derekbeaulieu: download dozens of PDFs of south american avant-garde poetics: (att'n @monoskop @ubuweb )
RT @openculture: Hear the One Night Sun Ra & John Cage Played Together in Concert (1986)
Hear the One Night Sun Ra & John Cage Played Together in Concert (1986) | Open Culture
RT @openculture: Hear the One Night Sun Ra & John Cage Played Together in Concert (1986)
RT @elenustika: My Ph.D. thesis is now online: "Measuring Social Media Success" #lastphdupdate 🎓
Measuring Social Media Success: The value of the Balanced Scorecard as a tool for evaluation and strategic management in museums | arts & metrics
RT @elenustika: My Ph.D. thesis is now online: "Measuring Social Media Success" #lastphdupdate 🎓
@snarkysyntax right on. These are good for movies, although they taste nothing like pumpkins.
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX - YouTube
@snarkysyntax He's adapting a YA book, "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" opens Sep. 30
We caught a frog! (on camera)
Twitter Chat: Landing the job of your dreams through social media | PBS NewsHour
RT @NewsHour: .@Sree will join #NewsHourChats tomorrow, taking your q's about his recently (very) successful #sree3oh job search.
Untitled (
RT @pdkaizer: End of an era: to End Operations Next Week
RT @elliosch: The one and only Mr. Brexit
Artists Tackle Body-Shamers With Uplifting Illustrations Of Olympic Gymnast -
RT @designtaxi: Artists tackle body-shamers with uplifting illustrations of Olympic gymnast
RT @designtaxi: Artists tackle body-shamers with uplifting illustrations of Olympic gymnast
Just posted a photo
Unattended items will be spoken about by prerecorded robotic voices. Thank you for your…
Dylan Kinnett (Baltimore, MD)'s review of Word Virus: The William Burroughs Reader
3 of 5 stars to Word Virus by William S. Burroughs
RT @Siaudebert: Happy 200. Birthday Frankie 🎉⚡ semaine Frankenstein sur @franceculture par @frangeliers
Untitled (
RT @Siaudebert: Happy 200. Birthday Frankie 🎉⚡ semaine Frankenstein sur @franceculture par @frangeliers
I'd rather make the playlist than pack for vacation.
RT @BostonGlobe: Local lobsterman hauls in a rare blue lobster off Plymouth
Local lobsterman hauls in a rare blue lobster off Plymouth - The Boston Globe
RT @BostonGlobe: Local lobsterman hauls in a rare blue lobster off Plymouth
The new issue has arrived. Look at it. Don’t look at me. #Bookselfie
Log In - The New York Times
RT @Don_Share: Why Poets Can Make Better Search Engines - The New York Times
RT @MsDaciaLynn: This augmented reality app reveals hidden art in public spaces. #musetech
Untitled (
RT @MsDaciaLynn: This augmented reality app reveals hidden art in public spaces. #musetech
RT @MichalskiJen: Great review by Tyler Mendelsohn at @jmwwjournal of @InkPressBmore's Amanda!
Untitled (
Here’s today’s air guitar jam. You’re welcome.
This is a public service announcement. Fossils are awesome. Thank you.
a 🌹 is a 🌹is a 🌹
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
What's happening on the so-called "literary Internet?" Well, one way to find out is from my blog series. Here's a...
@snarkysyntax reminded me to see Edward Scissorhands, but now I see topiaries!
RT @alienated: Ain't no traffic like incoming traffic
This is how we eat when we work on An Internet #TinyPizzas @snarkysyntax @NOT_D3AD_YET
RT @doctorow: 1901 LIFE magazine illustration by F.W. Read
From Deco to Atom
RT @doctorow: 1901 LIFE magazine illustration by F.W. Read
Relief with Winged Genius · The Walters Art Museum · Works of Art
I need to get a bucket full of magic potion like this guy has, so I can do magic things.
RT @xjoydivisionx: "Surveillance cameras observe a fox exploring the Tudor & Georgian rooms of the National Portrait Gallery at night."
Untitled (
Turn up the lights in here
Untitled (
Moloch! Moloch! Moloch!
nena 99 red balloons - Google Search
99 Red Balloons
Untitled (
You know it's Thursday when you wake up with old tune in your head. "Temple of Love" by the Sisters of Mercy #tbt
Carla Hayden: 'First Black Woman' Librarian of Congress
What the ‘First Black Woman’ Librarian of Congress Means
RT @iamdevloper: When I’m brought into a client meeting as “our techie” and told to “act normal”
Writing Workflow 2016, Part 2: Citations, Preview, and Export using Zotero, Marked 2, and Pandoc · v & r
Blog posts about super-high-tech, extra-nerdy writing workflows? Yes please.
Page > Guidelines. > show
Common Design Guidelines for the design and construction of #opensource objects #amreading
Jobs, Employment, Volunteer and Fellowship Opportunities at the Walters Art Museum
RT @walters_museum: The @walters_museum has an opening for a professional and experienced Accountant to work in the Finance Department.
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
My new #Litblog Roundup w/ public typewriters, door-to-door poets, & even Pokemon. #amreading #amwriting
Sun Ra's Full Lecture & Reading List From His 1971 UC Berkeley Course, "The Black Man in the Cosmos" | Open Culture
Sun Ra’s Full Lecture & Reading List From His 1971 UC Berkeley Course, “The Black Man in the Cosmos” @openculture
RT @ubuweb: Grab a PDF of Sun Ra's "The Immeasurable Equation. The Collected Poetry and Prose": - sun-ra-sun-ra-the-immeasurable-equation-the-collected-poetry-and-prose-1.pdf
RT @ubuweb: Grab a PDF of Sun Ra's "The Immeasurable Equation. The Collected Poetry and Prose":
RT @moebio:
Eileen Myles Talks the 70's, Patti Smith, and "Poetry Voice" - Extended Play
RT @Don_Share: Eileen Myles Talks the 70's, Patti Smith, and "Poetry Voice" - Extended Play
Just posted a photo
Why So Many People (Rightfully) Hate Poetry
We hate poetry though not just because it fails in living up to its potential for perfection, but because it makes us, as humans, feel like failures—poetry denotes humanity, and if we cannot understand it, if we cannot create it, then we wonder if a core aspect of our humanity has been taken away.
The Millions : Elgin Marbles Return Home? - The Millions
Elgin Marbles Return Home?
Download 50+ Issues of Legendary West Coast Punk Music Zines from the 1970-80s: Damage, Slash & No Mag | Open Culture
RT @openculture: Download 50 Issues of West Coast Punk Music Zines from the 1970-80s: Damage, Slash & No Mag
RT @openculture: Download 50 Issues of West Coast Punk Music Zines from the 1970-80s: Damage, Slash & No Mag
Carla Hayden Is the 14th Librarian of Congress, the First Woman and African American in the Role - The Atlantic
RT @yayitsrob: For the first time in a quarter century, there is a new Librarian of Congress.
We Went to Baltimore Part 1: Current & Open Space
RT @artfcity: We Went to Baltimore Part 1: Current & Open Space
RT @artfcity: We Went to Baltimore Part 1: Current & Open Space
Untitled (
Today’s birthday vacation air guitar jam is to be played over and over
Untitled (
The Meta Picture
RT @wrdodger: Ok this is fun. #Prisma @ROMPalaeo @ROMKids
Forbes Welcome
RT @mobtowngeorge: 'Pokémon GO' Is About To Surpass Twitter In Daily Active Users On Android
Untitled (
sloooooow mooootion ruunniiingggg
Chris Toll 4 Ever @ Club Chuck
Instagram and the Fantasy of Mastery | The Nation
RT @aldaily: What happens to the idea of art when images can be endlessly circulated, reproduced, and manipulated?
Untitled (
RT @mchris4duke: coolest open position in libraries right now is @mitlibraries new Director of Digital Projects. Come work with me
Barrett Warner and Ed Zahniser, two of the greats, together on the shelf. @ Four Seasons Books
HOWTO make a magnetic detachable stapler for center-stapled booklets and the like / Boing Boing
RT @doctorow: HOWTO make a magnetic detachable stapler for center-stapled booklets and the like #3yrsago
RT @doctorow: HOWTO make a magnetic detachable stapler for center-stapled booklets and the like #3yrsago
RT @TheFutureBook: The challenge of digitising Arabic texts - and why it matters by @RabiaIndian
The challenge of Arabic digitisation - and why it matters | The Bookseller
RT @TheFutureBook: The challenge of digitising Arabic texts - and why it matters by @RabiaIndian
RT @doctorow: Sen. Stevens' hilariously awful explanation of the Internet #10yrsago
Sen. Stevens' hilariously awful explanation of the Internet / Boing Boing
RT @doctorow: Sen. Stevens' hilariously awful explanation of the Internet #10yrsago
RT @doctorow: Analyzing all known Metal lyrics with natural language processing
Analyzing all known Metal lyrics with natural language processing / Boing Boing
RT @doctorow: Analyzing all known Metal lyrics with natural language processing
T-shirt design: "The Internet, a Series of Tubes" / Boing Boing
RT @doctorow: T-shirt design: "The Internet, a Series of Tubes" #10YRSAGO
RT @doctorow: T-shirt design: "The Internet, a Series of Tubes" #10YRSAGO
Walk Sideways
The lack of diversity in philosophy is blocking its progress | Aeon Ideas
RT @aldaily: Why is philosophy so homogeneous, provincial, and white?
Twenty Four Standard Causes of Human Misjudgement / Boing Boing
RT @doctorow: Twenty Four Standard Causes of Human Misjudgement #3yrsago
RT @doctorow: Twenty Four Standard Causes of Human Misjudgement #3yrsago
Untitled (
RT @doctorow: Twenty Four Standard Causes of Human Misjudgement #3yrsago
RT @manovich: Real story from China - The Best and Worst Internet Experience in the World
The Best and Worst Internet Experience in the World
RT @manovich: Real story from China - The Best and Worst Internet Experience in the World
Untitled (
@OhNoSheTwitnt @kategoesboom theme song should be like
The Glory of Pergamon in New York by G.W. Bowersock | The New York Review of Books
ooh a new word: "gigantomachy"
Eliza: what makes you think I'm a psychotherapeutic chatbot? / Boing Boing
RT @doctorow: Eliza: what makes you think I'm a psychotherapeutic chatbot? #5yrsago
RT @doctorow: Eliza: what makes you think I'm a psychotherapeutic chatbot? #5yrsago
RT @GettyPubs: Rd manifestos from Italian futurist sculptor Umberto Boccioni in English for the 1st time!
Futurist Painting Sculpture (Plastic Dynamism) | The Getty Store
RT @GettyPubs: Rd manifestos from Italian futurist sculptor Umberto Boccioni in English for the 1st time!
Untitled (
RT @Don_Share: What’s The Matter With Poetry? | New Republic
RT @dhamiltonwbal: Live coverage of the #CaesarGoodson trial right now @wbaltv11 #FreddieGray About 2 dozen protestors on site
RT @InkPressBmore: Deadline is extended to 6/24:
3,900 Pages of Paul Klee's Personal Notebooks Are Now Online, Presenting His Bauhaus Teachings (1921-1931) | Open Culture
RT @openculture: Paul Klee's Notebooks Are Now Online. 3900 Pages of Bauhaus Teachings (1921-1931)
RT @openculture: Paul Klee's Notebooks Are Now Online. 3900 Pages of Bauhaus Teachings (1921-1931)
It's time for another Litblog Roundup, with a variety of new, maybe not so fresh ways to look at books. #amreading
RT @doctorow: robot x-ray
From Deco to Atom
RT @doctorow: robot x-ray
Ugly Renaissance Babies On Baby Products Is Something Else
Ugly Renaissance Babies strike again!
you will SUBMIT to AN internet
@preston_stone You might like this project. Maybe submit something?
INTERVIEW: Bruno Dias on Voyageur and procedural generation – spooky action at a distance
RT @emshort: Big juicy interview with Bruno Dias about hypertext design and his new project:
Untitled (
for today's transfixing lunchbreak entertainment: turtle cam! #iliketurtles
Buddha with chipped base whose head fell off and got superglued back on. Very wabi-sabi. #unpacking
Dice with numbers like “64” and “?” I have no idea why I own this or how it got here. #unpacking
Multichannel Text Processing | iA
RT @iA: This is the data MS Word creates when you write “Hello World.”
RT @iA: This is the data MS Word creates when you write “Hello World.”
Peter Diamandis
RT @craigmod: The death of analog photography in a single graph:
RT @craigmod: The death of analog photography in a single graph:
@ASargusKlein you got my vote but who has yours:
I WANT YOUR TAN - inkpressproductions: tracydimond: ...
RT @snarkysyntax: 📷 inkpressproductions: tracydimond: inkpressproductions: We’re so excited to team up with Infinity’s...
RT @PBS: NEW from @artassignment! The Art History of the Selfie
Untitled (
RT @PBS: NEW from @artassignment! The Art History of the Selfie
Just posted a photo
RT @thelithub: We are thrilled to announce Book Marks, Lit Hub’s “Rotten Tomatoes” for books
Introducing Book Marks, Lit Hub’s “Rotten Tomatoes” for Books | Literary Hub
RT @thelithub: We are thrilled to announce Book Marks, Lit Hub’s “Rotten Tomatoes” for books
Lot of 37 Super 8 Films | eBay
Does anybody have a use for this box of old Super 8 educational films about outer space and science? ?
If anyone can figure out how to get me a few...
RT @InkPressBmore: If anyone can figure out how to get me a few holograms by Thursday, please let me know. [See the...
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
in this #litblog roundup: who wrote the very first science fiction? via @actualpants #amreading
Why Hardcover is the New Vinyl | Literary Hub
Why Hardcover is the New Vinyl via @thelithub
The neighborhood at night
#bookseance #duckface
Book Submissions Are Open - Publishing Genius
RT @barrelhouse: .@pubgen opened for book subs. 1) They're great, so submit 2) This is an interesting look at the submission process
The Wi-Fi Poet is an amazing and horrible idea
RT @Don_Share: The Wi-Fi Poet is an amazing and horrible idea - TNW
Dream of Seas by dylan_k | Dylan K | Free Listening on SoundCloud
"Dream of Seas" recorded during last night's performance
I've got this pair of red chairs that I don't want anymore. They're yours if you come and get them.
Untitled (
“One of these mornings, you’re going to wake up singing”
Untitled (
Rehearsals for tonight's show and I feel kinda like this...
Untitled (
I'm enjoying this live version of David Bowie's "Life on Mars"
RT @austinkleon: Days are where we live
Ancient verse of Chinese translated into Scots | News | The National
“Deek whit the mither tongue can dae – gin it can dae this, whit’ll it no can dae?’”
Somehow this happy face isn't. @ Baltimore, Maryland
Untitled (
Now it's just "internet" and not "The Internet."
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
Litblog Roundup of highlights from the literary Internet: what is allegory, literary street art, & more. #amreading
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Weekend project: burning down the house
Personality Crisis (Demo) - New York Dolls on Pandora Internet Radio - Listen Free
some music for howling at a full moon whose batteries have gone out at midnight #Pandora
RT @walters_museum: #Baltimore, let's break a world record! World’s Longest Game of Telephone is on May 22:
World’s Longest Game of Telephone Tickets, Sun, May 22, 2016 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite
RT @walters_museum: #Baltimore, let's break a world record! World’s Longest Game of Telephone is on May 22:
Trashfire in mount vernon
Shit yeah, dinosaurs!
Untitled (
Inside the Sound Lab That Uses VR to Build Immersive Spaces via @WIRED
Double Down (sandwich) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I found a sandwich that's "better"
Untitled (
RT @FEProctor: .@Amazon is releasing the #AI behind its product recommendations as open source software, via @WIRED
Ink Press Productions and Infinity’s Kitchen are... - INFINITY'S KITCHEN
RT @Nfntysktchn: Ink Press Productions and Infinity's Kitchen are teaming up to create an Internet...
RT @aldaily: Great is meaningless
Bopping around with Hank Mobely @ Jordan Faye Contemporary
The hotel
I'm in Chicago so I took a picture of a sign that says Chicago for my post about Chicago @…
IKEA Collaborates With A Fashion Designer To Create Psychedelic Home Products -
@snarkysyntax ikea also says “surreal is so money”
RT @smithsonian: Our @amhistorymuseum wants your help choosing which photos will go on its walls
Pick which photos of celebrations in African American life should go on our walls | National Museum of American History
RT @smithsonian: Our @amhistorymuseum wants your help choosing which photos will go on its walls
Sketch of possible cover for the next issue of Infinity's Kitchen. A lunchbreak idea.
Untitled (
RT @Don_Share: Warhol Screen Tests: Even Better with Poetry | The Creators Project
Talking to a Bot About Bots — MEL Magazine
RT @WeAreMel: Don’t just read an article by @chaykak about the future of social media bots. Have a conversation via text with it.
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
1960s: are you a mod or a rocker? today: are you ironic or are you authentic? #litblog #amreading
Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 84, Philip Roth
RT @parisreview: “A writer needs his poisons. The antidote to his poisons is often a book.” —Philip Roth
Rehearsing for the Infinity's Kitchen reading tomorrow. @ Jordan Faye Contemporary
Untitled (
Dylan Kinnett, live in concert on May 5th | ReverbNation
Dylan Kinnett has a show on 05/05/2016 at 08:00 PM @ Jordan Faye Contempo... in Baltimore, MD #concert
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
The question "when did that become a thing" & how did that become a thing? In the new litblog roundup... #amwriting
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I know, I know, I know times are changing.
RT @myhairisblue: Tfw you can't stop thinking about someone but they can't reciprocate because they're French fries
RT @internetofshit: well shit
Google just scored a major victory against US authors — Quartz
U.S. Supreme Court "shirks its chance to redefine the value of intellectual property in the digital age"
Playing surf rock at the slow speed to make that surf doom tsunami sound. #recordstoreday
IMPROMPTU #15: Joel Katelnikoff | The Found Poetry Review
RT @christianbok: They prompt you to write a poem by finding the text that you love in a book that you hate—(via @foundpoetryrev):
RT @ThePracticalDev: No book or teacher can beat good old fashion poking around.
History Unfolded: US Newspapers and the Holocaust
The newspaper is history.
Map: Literally every goat in the United States - The Washington Post
RT @aterkel: A map showing all the goats in the United States
Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities | The MIT Press
If you're in the arts or humanities and are curious to dabble in programming here's a book you might like:
Untitled (
I remember going to this mall...
Making images accessible for people on Twitter | Twitter Help Center
Here's some quick tips on how to turn on the Twitter image descriptions @micahwalter
The international art market is a money laundry whose details are in the Panama Papers / Boing Boing
The international art market is a money laundry whose details are in the Panama Papers
Github Fever — Medium
RT @samplereality: Github Fever in the Humanities
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
It's another #Litblog Roundup! a bit on #AWP Los Angeles and National Poetry Month. #amreading
RT @GalaxyKate: Do you want to make weird art generators like me? Read my giant brain-dump of info!
So you want to build a generator... - Kate Compton
RT @GalaxyKate: Do you want to make weird art generators like me? Read my giant brain-dump of info!
The Publications and Multiples Fair is so much fun!
UbuWeb Sound :: Jean Cocteau
RT @ubuweb: Jean Cocteau’s complete audio recordings, rec. 1937-1955 [MP3]:
RT @ubuweb: Jean Cocteau’s complete audio recordings, rec. 1937-1955 [MP3]:
Testing out the setup for tomorrow's Publications and Multiples Fair. See you there! @…
Untitled (
Na na na na na! Batexander Manilton.
RT @rory_chalmers: @RichardDawkins @rickygervais
Untitled (
No Categories — altlitlibrary: Litanies and Reiterations is a...
📷 altlitlibrary: Litanies and Reiterations is a chapbook of short, formally experimental works that...
Hail and Farewell, Bookslut! » MobyLives
Hail and Farewell, Bookslut! via @melvillehouse
That moment when you finally print it out is the moment when the mistakes appear. Thanks, paper!…
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
Allen Ginsberg is publishing from beyond the grave...
My new litblog roundup is online, with a link to somthing cool from the archives of the Saint Mark's Poetry Project
A Critic’s Job of Work | The Nation
Art made submissive to politics is unhealthy for both. The critic's task: find the edge where art meets the world
Monday mornings. #GIFparty
Screenshots of a Site Design in Progress
Screenshots of a Site Design in Progress
Watch George Clinton's P-Funk Mothership Get Reassembled For Its Museum Debut | At the Smithsonian | Smithsonian
RT @nasaofficial: Shout out to @george_clinton and P-Funk! They got the mothership at the Smithsonian now.
RT @ActualPants: Litblog Roundup
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
RT @ActualPants: Litblog Roundup
New Ways of Composing a Novel: On Dumitru Tsepeneag
"Romanian novelist Dumitru Tsepeneag would seem to be among those post-communist East European writers whose fiction, as if in leaving the legacy of socialist realism as far behind as possible embraces its perceived opposite, could be described as “postmodern.” Along with such other writers as Magdalena Tulli (Poland) and Georgi Gospidinov (Bulgaria). Tsepeneag, at least in those works of his that have been translated into English, foregrounds the artifice of fiction in a particularly explicit ...
Digital Collection Content Creation at the DMA | MW2016: Museums and the Web 2016
RT @nancyproctor: Comprehensive processes & tools for Digital Collection Content Creation at @DallasMuseumArt #MWXX
Sassy Sass
a scaffolding tool to help you organize your project’s Sass structure
Architecture for a Sass Project
Some suggestions for organizing modules in a Sass project for easier development and maintainability. Helpful for those working on a team or on their own.
Untitled (
Charting Literary Classics’ Punctuation, From Austen to Twain via @WIRED #textprocessing
No Categories — missionslang: #moonjellyfish (at Baltimore...
📹 missionslang: #moonjellyfish (at Baltimore National Aquarium)
No Categories — My 2016 Writing Focus: Craft
My 2016 Writing Focus: Craft
No Categories — “The traditional desktop computer is struggling to...
“The traditional desktop computer is struggling to adapt the simple interfaces of mobile devices"...
No Categories — Today I’m curious about conversational interfaces....
Today I’m curious about conversational interfaces. One recent example, from the news site, Quartz.
Customizing the Generate Cover results - MobileRead Forums
Anybody know to trick out the "generate cover" options for #Calibre ebooks?
No Categories — brandonsetter: 7 Keys to Giving Effective...
📷 brandonsetter: 7 Keys to Giving Effective Feedback to Creatives Read the full post it’s genius!...
Thank You
My best RTs this week came from: @ajh_books @salvadormom #thankSAll Who were yours?
Hype - Themezilla
Check out Hype by @Themezilla, the first integrated solution for selling online with WordPress and Shopify:
RT @christianbok: They define "epoquetude"—(via @rs_sparks):
Epoquetude | The Bureau of Linguistical Reality
RT @christianbok: They define "epoquetude"—(via @rs_sparks):
RT @mathemaniac: Common Use Comma
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
It's the 20th anniversary of Infinite Jest. That and more in my new #litblog roundup. #writinglife
Mario's Dating Tape - YouTube
These amorous guys and all-around winners are looking for love for Valentine's Day. #winning
I have finally managed to jailbreak my beloved Kindle Touch. Now it should be able to do more. @…
Untitled (
Blog Rebuild Update: I'm still not sure how interesting this is to others, so I'll keep it short.
Karen, an App That Knows You All Too Well -
Karen is a fictional coach in a software-driven experiential art piece. Part story, part game, designed to be played over a period of days, it offers a deliberately unsettling experience that’s intended to make us question the way we bare ourselves to a digital device.
Untitled (
Karen is a digital narrative, an app that presents an interactive fictional character,a life coach
I always wondered how they come up with those lists of bestselling books.
This term paper writes itself: Amazon patents auto-completing quotes, leveraging its vast digital library - GeekWire
new Amazon patent for autocomplete when you're writing a quote from a text. #textprocessing
poetry craft and theory: creation, analysis and improvement.
Text Etc deals with the craft and theory of poetry: composition, analysis and improvement of literary work, including translation and the creation of good copies of well-known poems. Though begun as a writer's workbook — notes, references, arguments that need thinking about — I have now reorganized the material, grouping previously scattered pages in two broad categories, traditional poetry and Modernist. The categories are not clear-cut, but may help students and poetry newcomers to... </dd>
News Releases - University of Baltimore
Baltimore Poetry Library Opens at #ubalt
Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Official Video) - YouTube
“I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need Hey hey“ #ImNotKiddingMaddi
Amazon Kindle: A Highlight and Note by Dylan R. Kinnett from Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered
"“Work is never finished, only abandoned.” —Paul Valéry"
Trees, maps, and theorems: discover the book
Trees, maps, and theorems offers overall guidelines and practical tips toward getting messages across optimally in written documents, oral presentations, and graphical displays.
Web | The Mattson 2 Concept on Behance
Quick evening working sessions on the 30th & 31st of jan 2016.
WordPress Themes – Anders Norén
Free and premium themes for WordPress. All themes are fully responsive, retina ready, thoroughly tested and frequently updated.
clayh53/tufte-jekyll: Minimal Jekyll blog styled to resemble the look and layout of Edward Tufte's books
tufte-jekyll - Minimal Jekyll blog styled to resemble the look and layout of Edward Tufte's books
Thoughts on Tufte CSS Tufte
In a world of Web designs which are both grossly overwrought and fragile, this is a compelling antidote.
Back to Beta § No Categories
Rebuilding my site. Here's a screenshot of the work in progress, after a few hours of tinkering.
DADA / DATA / News
This month marks the 100th anniversary of Dada's introduction at the Cabaret Voltaire.
Amazon Kindle: A Highlight and Note by Dylan R. Kinnett from Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered
"“Dumpster diving” is one of the jobs of the artist—finding the treasure in other people’s trash, sifting thr...
Amazon Kindle: A Highlight and Note by Dylan R. Kinnett from Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered
"A lot of the writers I know see the act of reading and the act of writing as existing on opposite ends of th...
Goodbye, Circumflex « LRB blog
RT @LRB: Goodbye, Circumflex
School of Visual Arts | SVA | New York City > Trending Now > ‘You need to be vampires…': Jerry Saltz’s 10 Tips for Art Students
"You need one dealer, one critic, two curators, and three-to-five collectors to be a successful artist"...
Untitled (
RT @ericsteuer: I made a video showing how to make old-school @starwars action figures do headspins
RT @ericsteuer: I made a video showing how to make old-school @starwars action figures do headspins
‘You need to be vampires…': Jerry Saltz’s 10 Tips for Art Students
You need one dealer, one critic, two curators, and three-to-five collectors to be a successful artist.
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
I'm on a blog posting roll tonight. Here's the new Litblog Roundup, with a special focus on mechanical bullshit...
Snow-Blind and Looking Around § No Categories
January’s a good time for thinking back and looking ahead. Here's what's on my mind lately.
New version of Bestrew submission tracker for #writing. Now it tracks gigs.
Sphero BB 8 App Enabled Droid | eBay
Anybody want to buy a fun toy BB-8 droid from Star Wars? This thing really is a ton of fun. I'm selling this for...
Amazon Kindle: A Highlight and Note by Dylan R. Kinnett from A Different T. S. Eliot in The New York Review of Books
"“Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion,” Eliot wrote, “but an escape from emotion; it is not the expressi...
It’s Time to Unlock the Set-Top Box Market | Re/code
They make almost 20 billion dollars per year on that monthly charge for the cable box.
Baltimore’s First Youth Poet Laureate: Derick Ebert | What Weekly
"When we think of a hip literary scene, we think about New York. We don’t necessarily think of our own Baltimore...
A Blue Moon Book | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
Staring at some nice book design to get the creative energy going, after a long snow break.
RT @Politics_Prose: Even Lord Byron is tired of hearing about #SnowtoriousBIG. Happy 228th birthday, George!
RT @DamnitMaurie: man, what a crazy #SnowStorm - #blizzard2016 @KiSS925
Blizzard GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Poets are rock stars - Berfrois
Poets are rock stars
How to Live Without Irony -
How to Live Without Irony
Dylan Kinnett, live in concert on January 19th | ReverbNation
Dylan Kinnett has a show on 01/19/2016 at 08:00 PM @ Jordan Faye Contemporary in Baltimore, MD #concert
Litblog Roundup » Real Pants
A debate on the lit blogs: can literature be described by a formula? @actualpants
John Romero has just released a new Doom WAD - PC Gamer
John Romero has just released a new Doom WAD
RT @AcadNatSci: Explore cryptozoology at Animal Mythology Weekend, Jan. 16-18!
Animal Mythology Weekend | Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
RT @AcadNatSci: Explore cryptozoology at Animal Mythology Weekend, Jan. 16-18!
Untitled (
RT @russellbrandom: The political conversation around encryption is terrible. Let's start over.
RT @ElectricLit: A rad data-driven infographic look at Shakespeare's tragedies
INFOGRAPHIC: Analyzing Shakespeare’s Characters | Electric Literature
RT @ElectricLit: A rad data-driven infographic look at Shakespeare's tragedies
To Win, Simply Play.
I just posted version 1.3 of "To Win, Simply Play," a novella in hypertext. The typography has been adjusted to...
Crowdsourcing Tolstoy
Now, thanks largely to the efforts of these volunteers, nearly all of the great Russian writer’s massive body of work, including novels, diaries, letters, religious tracts, philosophical treatises, travelogues, and childhood memories, will soon be available online, in a form that can be easily downloaded, free of charge.
My Books of 2015 | Lizzy's Literary Life
My Books of 2015 #amreading
Best Book of 2008: The Alphabet
Ron Silliman is an American poet who is both unique and influential. However, when his decade-spanning, omnibus collection, The Alphabet, was published by University of Alabama Press in 2008, it…
RT @CityLab: What the U.S. needs to know about Japan's vacant property crisis
Japan's Vacant Property Crisis: A Lesson for the U.S. - CityLab
RT @CityLab: What the U.S. needs to know about Japan's vacant property crisis
Old Navy Tells Kids Not to be Artists - artnet News
For people who haven't yet learned to chew their own food properly, it's important that we send the right,...
Untitled (
Now that's a headline!
The Star Wars Holiday Special (With Cartoon!) - YouTube
@MagneticPoet Here you go. Star Wars Holiday Special. And boy is it special. Happy life day!
Untitled (
My inner tween is very excited about this: a comic book store is coming to my neighborhood.
Are you working this week? Welcome to the office dead zone. - The Washington Post
It turns out that the sluggish time between holidays has a name.
Untitled (
RT @alandau2: 2015: The Year in Interactive Storytelling - The New York Times
RT @HuffingtonPost: This was one of the safest years ever for police, so put the "war on cops" thing to rest
Untitled (
RT @HuffingtonPost: This was one of the safest years ever for police, so put the "war on cops" thing to rest
Meet the digital dissenters: They’re fighting for a better Internet | The Washington Post
“You know, Internet, we’ve known you for a long time and we think you’re not living up to your potential. You...
Untitled-1-1.pdf DownloadDirect download
Rijksmuseum Pastec Matches (
RT @ryanfb: “Portrait reused for multiple people” is one of my favorite classes of finds from this thing
RT @ryanfb: “Portrait reused for multiple people” is one of my favorite classes of finds from this thing
Cold War's Cool Calculations - The Chronicle of Higher Education
RT @aldaily: The idea of the independent, unaffiliated artist is a myth of the Cold War
How to Build an Urban Garden With Less Lead in the Soil - CityLab
Urban gardeners: know your dirt.
‘Star Wars,’ if it were directed by Ken Burns - The Washington Post
‘Star Wars,’ if it were directed by Ken Burns
How the Mast Brothers fooled the world into paying $10 a bar for crappy hipster chocolate - Quartz
RT @qz: How the Mast Brothers fooled the world into paying $10 a bar for crappy hipster chocolate
Our director, as DJ at the museum's holiday party
TACOCAT - Parry Gripp - YouTube
This looks like a job for....
Quartz/bad-data-guide · GitHub
This guide to bad data is useful, both for readers and writers.
2016 B'more on Rails Workshop for Women
Hi friends!! If you know or are a woman or minority who's ever wanted to learn about programming or web...
Untitled (
Hey @SUBWAY shouldn't it say "Sandwich Artist®"? "Sandwich Artist®" is a registered Tradema®k! #ami®ite
RT @NOVALanguages: Why Japan Got Over Emojis
Why Japan Got Over Emojis - Nova Languages
RT @NOVALanguages: Why Japan Got Over Emojis
Jason Zweig on Wall Street’s big lie - Quartz
With a clever remake of "The Devil's Dictionary," this author pokes a much-needed hole into the jargon of finance.
You may think you learn better in a certain way. You actually don’t - Quartz
They say that this business about learning styles is bunk. Interesting.
Untitled (
To save the world, don’t get a job at a charity; go work on Wall Street - Quartz
It seems change is bought not made.
Awaken the Force Within
I chose the dark side. Which path will you choose? #ChooseYourSide
'You Suck At Cooking' Is Now An Egg-Based Cop Drama - Digg
An egg-based cooking drama. Whaaa?
Ancient ocean found under Chesapeake Bay
Dinosaur ocean!
Untitled (
Alexander and his collage: Alexander and his collage
How Nostalgia Is Hurting the Future of Video Games - The Atlantic
What's with all the remakes, and remakes of remakes, and sequels, anyway? New ideas, anyone?
NPR is graying, and public radio is worried about it - The Washington Post
Will Radio go the way of The Newspaper because it can't keep up with the young?
Untitled (
Noodles: Noodles
Science needs the freedom to constantly change its m...
File under "possible dinosaurs"
5 Interactive Fiction Authoring Tools
If you want to get into writing Interactive Fiction (IF) it can be hard to know where to get started. So here is a list of five IF authoring tools so you can pick the approach that’s best for you.
An Approach to Hypertext Fiction for Mobile Devices
Electronic literature has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years, due largely to the wide availability of smartphones, tablets, and dedicated e-reader devices. Somewhat surprisingly, mobile computing has been slow to embrace hypertext fiction. Yet the same qualities that make handheld devices popular for traditional linear narratives — small size, ease of use, and near ubiquity — also make them ideally suited for the distribution and consumption of hypertext narratives. In this paper, w...
Review: Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound
Lori Emerson's Reading Writing Interfaces "When computers move into people's homes, it would be most unfortunate if they were merely black boxes whose internal workings remained the exclusive province..."
Top 5 Storytelling Tools - Submarine Channel
5 Storytelling Tools for #hypertext from 2012
Untitled (
A collection of #hypertext fiction
Our 11 favorite multimedia storytelling platforms - Uncubed
11 multimedia storytelling platforms #hypertext
Academia, Not Edu
" has a parasitical relationship to the public education system"
The Internet's Dark Ages
If a Pulitzer-finalist 34-part series of investigative journalism can vanish from the web, anything can.
Ottessa Moshfegh | Full Stop
The following is an excerpt from an ongoing conversation with Ottessa Moshfegh
“How To Shit” by Ottessa Moshfegh
In my writing, I like to use the mainstream paradigm and fuck with it to point out its limitations. I’ve found that this is one way to expand consciousness without alarming people of their own delusions too violently.
a new publication of the late avant-garde composer John Cage
The late avant-garde composer’s Diary offers his musings on politics, prose, and the strange condition of being human.
In Defense of Thoreau - The Atlantic
When I read Thoreau, I can’t help but think that he still has something to say to us. But Schulz forces the question: What?
Why Do We Love Henry David Thoreau?
The real Thoreau was, in the fullest sense of the word, self-obsessed: narcissistic, fanatical about self-control, adamant that he required nothing beyond himself to understand and thrive in the world. From that inward fixation flowed a social and political vision that is deeply unsettling.
What Google's Victory Against the Authors Guild Means for Readers and Libraries - The Atlantic
It’s now a good time to think about more heterogeneous models and markets for ebooks, including in the discussion not only the Googles and Amazons of the world, but also libraries, which find existing channels and platforms for ebooks less than ideal.
An Illustrated Guide to Arthur Danto’s “The End of Art”
In an obituary for the New York Times, Ken Johnson described Arthur Danto (1924–2013) as “one of the most widely read art critics of the Postmodern era.” Danto, who was both a…
Open Letter to the New Yorker
Dear New Yorker, I’m writing to you concerning the racism of the 6,000-word profile of Kenny Goldsmith titled “Something Borrowed.”
How to Be a Good Literary Citizen When You’re a Broke-Ass Bitch Like Me - Front Porch Commons
You’ve heard it before: If you want to make it as a writer, start by being a good literary citizen. What does being a good literary citizen involve? Here are three easy steps that anyone, anywhere can do: (1) Buy books from indie bookstores (in person or online). (2) Subscribe to journals. (3) Blog, tweet, Facebook, etc. To which, I wholeheartedly say: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Can Arts Criticism Survive the Death of Snobbery?
On Sunday morning, I woke up early (for me, on a weekend) for a New York Film Festival screening of a documentary you’ve probably never heard of. A week ago, I’ll admit, I had never…
Ten ways To Write Every Day
“Write every day” is fabulous advice. But, how do you actually do it? That was my question for a long time before I convinced myself to give it a try. Now that I have been writing every…
How To Increase Mental Toughness: 4 Secrets Of Navy SEALs And Olympians
Know what’s really interesting? Learning how Navy SEALs build mental toughness to handle deadly situations. Know what else is really interesting? Learning how Olympic…
Use the Three P's to Defeat Your Inner Critic and Think Positively
How you talk to yourself inside your head can have a huge impact on how you act in real life. If you’re the type who struggles with an overly critical inner voice, you can try to change your…
Barbara Newman: Romance
The Golden Bough, J. M. W. Turner, 1834 by Barbara Newman Near the end of Susanna Clarke’s magical history, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, comes a peculiarly chilling scene. A magician…
Get traffic stats for a specific page in Google Analytics?
I’ve been using Google Analytics for a while and a client just asked me about the traffic on a specific page. I logged into the Analytics site and dug around everywhere, but can’t see…
A Science of Literature
“distant reading,” developed steadily over more than a decade, has an ambitious, nontraditional goal. In its strongest formulation, it seeks to explain long-term patterns of literary stability and change through the quantitative study of all surviving literary texts.
The Books We Talk About (and Those We Don't) by Tim Parks
Abner Dean What is the social function of the novel? I’m not thinking about the pay-off for the author, who gets to develop a skill and earn a living from it and accrue a prestigious public…
Meet the latest phase of genetic engineering: synthetic biology
In a corner of Istanbul’s Design Biennial late last year, photographs of bizarre creatures sat alongside more conventional displays of product design and typefaces. Diaphanous globes, like…
A Visual Diary of Stunning Ambient Films
Sátántangó “With fewer shots than the average 90-minute feature, Sátántangó is a double tour de
Modern Chapbooks
The genre has been revitalized in the past 40 years by the widespread availability of first mimeograph technology, then low-cost copy centers and digital printing, and by the cultural revolutions spurred by both zines and poetry slams, the latter generating hundreds upon hundreds of self-published chapbooks that are used to fund tours.
Assembling and Submitting a Poetry Collection
For me, the process of assembling this collection started years ago–before I even thought publishing a book was possible. I’d already been writing poems for more than a decade when I finally started submitting my poems to literary journals and poetry publications.
Chapbooks: A Short History of the Short Book
The lure of these chapbooks was not merely due to their inexpensive price. A typical chapbook could contain information about any number of things:
Time to rediscover the glory of chapbooks
against all the odds, somewhere within this grip of modernity, the age-old chapbook continues to delight and inform.
Affordable Book Marketing Services
Ten-Minute Play Structure
Like any other form of drama, your 10-minute play must have some sort of structure.  Traditional structure for a ten-minute play would look something like this:
The DbD Experience: Chance Knows What it's Doing
Rachel Rosenthal is a pioneer of ‘performance art’. She has toured her works nationally and internationally since 1975, earning Obie, Rockefeller, Getty, NEAand CAA awards among others. DbD is her signature brand of improvisational theatre, which she continues to teach around the globe.
Splitflap on Behance
A departure/arrival board style animation. Displayed content gets fed in real time, allowing for text to be changed on the fly or getting sent through twitter or sms.
Datepicker for Bootstrap
This sandbox lets you configure the various options for creating a date input form using html5 and bootstrap
Avant-garde Literature is Starting to Resemble Conceptual Art
novels that employ the traditional conventions of narration, plot, and story no longer make sense. Reality is fiction, and fiction is reality. For a more accurate reflection of how we experience this reality, we ought to think of novels the way we think about art. “A novel, for most readers—and critics—is primarily a ‘story,’” writes Shields. “But a work of art, like the world, is a living form. It’s in its form that its reality resides.”
Return to a Time When Artists Could Afford to Live in NYC
Back then, it was possible to gain entree into New York’s community of artists—a testament to just how small the “artist’s world” was.
Stop With the Millennial Niche News Sites Already
The mystery, apparently, is what we really want—when it should be whether we want, or need, these millennial niche news sites at all.
Digital Journalism: The Next Generation
Earlier, in a tour of first-generation digital news sites, I found most of them stuck in place, unable to advance beyond their initial innovations.* I was now visiting a second generation to see whether they’ve done better at harnessing the unique powers of the Internet.
Cool 2D Flat Surface Free Background Maker
this cool toy takes geometry, light and triangles and turns it into something fun, exciting and beautiful that everyone can use.
Where to Submit: June + July | ENTROPY
Summer is here, and that means everyone’s submissions are closed, right? No, far from it! So make like Hunter S. Thompson, put on your bathing suit, grab a beer, and start getting your work out there. As always, if we missed your journal or press, email Small Press Editor Dennis James Sweeney and we’ll add you to the next edition. See you on the beach!
How to Setup Rsync for Windows Using DeltaCopy
One of the useful feature of rsync is that it can incrementally copy big files. i.e If you have a huge file (especially backups), that keeps changing every day, but you don’t need to copy the whole file. Instead using rsync, you can copy only the blocks that are changed (instead of copying the whole file again).
RISD Experimental Publishing Studio
Publishing has never been a fixed notion. “What is publishing today?” remains a relevant inquiry, but with an increasingly expanded field of response, as platforms, channels and modes of production mutate and multiply.
Superscript Reader
An editorial supplement to Superscript: Arts Journalism and Criticism in a Digital Age, an international conference held at the Walker Art Center May 28–30, 2015.
Superscript 2015
In this age of democratized media—when curation, self-promotion, and DIY criticism combine and collide online—what is the role of the professional art critic?
The Hypertext of Superscript
The hyperlink is not simply a software feature; it is telling of our shift in thinking beyond linearity and context to an arena of layered networks and interconnectedness: the medium is the message.
Library of Babel
A project towards a universal library. By this art you may contemplate the variation of the 23 letters.
Finnegans Wake – the book the web was invented for
James Joyce’s difficult masterpiece has baffled readers for over seven decades, but music, reading-aloud and digital technologies are opening up rich new interpretations
Works of Game. On the Aesthetics of Games and Art
"Works of Game is part of MIT Press' Playful Thinking, a series of compact, short, sharp volumes on game-related topics that should interest pretty much everyone, from academics to industry professionals to members of the general public."
Office 2016 Preview
Free download of the preview version of Office 2016.
Generating SSH keys for Github
SSH keys are a way to identify trusted computers, without involving passwords. The steps below will walk you through generating an SSH key and adding the public key to your GitHub account.
Life Coach Draws On Education, Experience To Help Clients In Baltimore « CBS Baltimore
Image Text Ithaca Symposium 2015
the Symposium features established and emerging practitioners working at the intersection of writing and photography, both individually and through collaborative practice.
What Harvard Business School Has Learned About Online Collaboration From HBX - HBR
In June 2014, Harvard Business School launched HBX, its new online education initiative. At the time, the norm, increasingly, in many online courses was to create a “lean back”, individualized experience where students would primarily watch streamed video lectures that centered on experts. Stimulating lectures with star professors, perhaps, but lectures nonetheless — with a passive, individualized learner experience. We wanted to change that.
UMD Creative Writing Professor Named 2015 Guggenheim Fellow | UMD Right Now :: University of Maryland
During her fellowship, Casey will work on a collection of stories, provisionally titled "Iconographies.”
Typography and Readability
There are many different typographic factors that affect the readability of printed text. Among them are choice of typeface, font size, line length, line spacing and column setting.
Web Standards for E-books
Responsive Ebook Design: A Primer
Modern websites are device-agnostic, but our ebooks are lagging behind. A look at how ebook publishers can catch up.
Helen Vendler's collaboration with Arion Press
The poetry critic, the publisher, and the art of bookmaking in a digital era.
Achieving a Golden Section Layout with CSS - Steve Cochrane
Can you typeset a book with CSS?
Quantum Equation Suggests the Big Bang Never Occurred and the Universe Has No Beginning | The Mind Unleashed
Two astrophysicists argue that the Big Bang may never have happened, meaning the universe may have existed forever.
Artificially Sweetened: The Story of Canned Laughter
Saturday Night Live: Live, From New York...It's All Eyes On Wally Feresten, the Cue-Card Guy - WSJ
For 22 years Mr. Feresten has been perched next to the live-telecast's camera, in a wide-legged athletic stance, holding at shoulder height white 14-x-22-inch poster-board cards hand-printed with lines for the performers.
Getting to grips with LaTeX - writing
Tutorial for a typesetting system that predates modern graphical word processors.
Sustainable Authorship in Plain Text using Pandoc and Markdown
Creative Briefs in Shifting Times
Page2of 2 1 2 > Creative Briefs in Shifting Times by Terry Lee Stone 3. Drivers. What is our goal for this project? What are we trying to achieve? What is the purpose of our work? What are our
Creative Briefs in Shifting Times
Page1of 21 2 > Creative Briefs in Shifting Times by Terry Lee Stone Creative briefs have always been necessary—now, maybe more than ever. With multidisciplinary teams (often virtual), the…
Learn to use regular expressions with simple, interactive examples.
Light Bulb Methuselahs - Longest Burning Light Bulbs
If a light bulb is left on long enough, it becomes a tourist attraction. Round-up of America's elderly luminaries.
A mile wide, an inch deep — Medium
internally, our top-line metric is “TTR,” which stands for total time reading
Top Five Digital Media Launch Mistakes
a smart critique of the definitions and metrics we use when measuring success for social media services and websites.
Git (and Github) for Data | Open Knowledge Foundation Blog
The ability to do “version control” for data is a big deal. There are various options but one of the most attractive is to reuse existing tools for doing this with code, like git and mercurial. This post describes a simple “data pattern” for storing and versioning data using those tools which we’ve been using for some time and found to be very effective.
Push is a journal dedicated to publishing original research on writing with source code.
voicemail poems
poetry via voicemail / missed calls you actually want to hear
Smarter Link Underlines For Every Website - Eager Blog
Smarter link underlines for every website
- Deadly Chaps
he's been published in many interesting places. take a look. maybe submit to some?
Butterick’s Practical Typography
if you learn and fol­low these five ty­pog­ra­phy rules, you will be a bet­ter ty­pog­ra­pher than 95% of pro­fes­sional writ­ers and 70% of pro­fes­sional de­sign­ers.
Good Libre Fonts | Typophile
How to format poetry on the web: an incomplete guide
WordPress Tools And Methods For Developers
Submission Guidelines | ENTROPY
We are currently and indefinitely open for submissions of the following: Reviews, Collaborative Reviews, Video Reviews Interviews, Conversations, Discussions Any articles, musings, treatises, essays, notes, diaries, rants, writings related to Literature, Experimental Writing, Small Presses, Translation, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Games (Video games, board games, computer games), Science, Digital & Interactive Literature, Travel, the Paranormal, Television, Film, Music, & Art or o...
Slope Editions Submission Manager
Slope Editions Submission Manager
Columbia Poetry Review
Our reading period extends from July 1 to November 1. Please submit up to 5 pages of poetry (one poem per page) during our reading period via Submittable:  The cost of submission through Submittable is $3.00.
DeskTime is simplest time-tracking software you’ll ever use. No manual data entry. Too many time tracking applications ask you to do all the work, whereas DeskTime will calculate everything automatically. Install, forget about it and tune in only to see the data.
Tour - TimeCamp
TimeCamp is an online time tracking software providing all the features that you and your teams need to manage projects in terms of recording time spent on specific assignments. It is a core of every company that bills its clients hourly for the work done. Timesheets are the heart of this process, a starting point for everyone who should measure and record hours.
WakaTime · Fully automatic time tracking for programmers.
Fully automatic time tracking for your text editor.
Codeivate - real-time social coding.
What is Codeivate? An easy to install Sublime Text Editor plugin that passively records statistics as you code that provides you with personal analytics, industry insight and allows you to compete with others. Currently in Beta and under active development.
Time tracking for Developers
If you are a developer, you should use some kind of time tracking, especially when you are a freelancer.
A personal analytics service that shows you how you spend your time and provides tools to help you be more productive.
Using Git Inside of Sublime Text to Improve Workflow
Taskwarrior - What's next?
a command-line time tracker and task manager
Insanely simple time tracking
The Crow and the Cave Dweller
The Short, Brutish Life of a Web Professional
Timeless Portraits
The true definition of creativity is "the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations,…
What became of literary blogging?
Searching for literary blogs I started blogging more than 10 years ago, and even then I felt I was late to the game. I'd recently stopped working for and a book review website seemed the…
Inside the installation of 'From Rye to Raphael' at Walters
The first problem with moving the antique dragon fountain on display at the Walters Art Museum was that it's really, really large and really, really heavy: a 250-pound bronze behemoth that's about…
Team Zine
Are you a zine writer? Reader? Distro runner? Just want to find out about zines and get involved in the fun? Want support and help from fellow zinesters, promotions of yours and other zines, and inspiration - here's the place on Etsy.
Ukrainian Literary Avant-Garde (1910s-1920s)
urban-oriented, anti-traditional, avant-garde movements such as futurism and constructivism.
The Best American Poetry Reading 2014
Series editor and School of Writing professor David Lehman joins contributors to The Best American Poetry 2014 to launch the 27th edition of this acclaimed annual anthology.
Pixel Union Blog
Pixel Union has a great list of "blogs we like"
Waiting for Danske Dandridge at Betty’s Reading Sonnets
Jefferson County poet Ed Zahniser connects the ages of the town in a book of three poems An appreciation by Dylan Kinnett Author Ed Zahniser has a new book of poems, subtitled “Three…
The Magic Building Where English Majors Work: Making Sense of Creative Writing’s Job Problem
Either you love it or it's your job, with rare exceptions, kid.
When is the right time to tell people about their job prospects? In graduate school? Before they even apply to graduate school? Or sooner than that even—in their first creative writing class? Never? Let them Google it because it’s just too depressing otherwise?
5 Myths About the New Era of Publishing
When I read and talk about digital publishing, about how innovation and technology can grow and change the business of literature to the benefit of writers and publishers alike, I hear the same few convictions over and over again… And I’m beginning to think they might all be dead wrong.
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At a teaching workshop last week, a new faculty member asked me how I felt about students using laptops in the classroom. I replied, “I ask students not to use laptops in my…
How to Give a Reading on Mushrooms
Arrive early and talk to Rita and her friends, unsure if they’re all also on mushrooms (as they’d previously agreed) because Rita giggles nonsequiturly even when sober, until an…
How to Be Considerate on The Internet
Being considerate can be a powerful tool in your daily and long-term struggle to not become an angry, jealous, out-of-control, earnestly depressed person who feels frustrated and cheated all the…
t a o    l i n
I want three friends within a 40 mile radius; one 5 miles, one 10 miles, one 30 miles, two females and one male. The male should talk very slowly and laugh at almost everything I say. I want…
Sex After Not Seeing Each Other for a Few Days
Rachel is wearing a pale red thong, a panda-head hairclip and a red jersey leisure dress. She rubs organic coconut oil on her thighs and arms. She thinks, "Sexy bitches," and feels confused because…
Only Connect by Tao Lin
Original artwork by Paul Killebrew 1. WHY DO I STRONGLY FEEL LIKE A CFO, A CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, IF I THINK ABOUT THE PHRASE “I AM A POET”? “Poet,” when said without…
Relationship Poems by Tao Lin
Original illustration by Tao Lin Here are my thoughts on five poems I like. I have limited my thoughts to a context of “romantic relationships.” I have included, as the last sentence of…
An Account of Being Arrested for 'Trespassing' NYU's Bookstore
Gawker once called the novelist Tao Lin "maybe perhaps the single most irritating person we've ever had to deal with." Times change. Here is Tao Lin's account of being arrested for trespassing at the…
The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper
A mound of hamsters are asleep in a 20-gallon fish tank at Petco in Manhattan's Union Square. There are seven of them, says a nonexistent woman in a baseball cap. She counted. They lie in an…
Does the Novel Have a Future? The Answer Is In This Essay!
A certain literary discourse, about what others should or shouldn’t be doing with their art, will probably always exist as a distraction from writing novels. I discerned this afresh while…
On Tour: Tao Lin
Thomas Bernhard section in Michael Silverblatt’s library Memories of the Q&A portions of some of my Taipei events Seattle – Elliott Bay Book Company I was asked about reviews of…
When I Moved Online ...
I WAS born in 1983. My parents, in the mid-1990s, briefly knew more than I did about the Internet, I think (the bill from AOL must have required a credit card). But, as adults, with settled…
Final Fantasy III
November 11, in the afternoon, I rode the F train from Manhattan to Brooklyn and walked six blocks to my brother’s apartment, where my parents were staying while visiting from Taiwan. I would…
'Poets Should Be Held Accountable': The Confused Vigilantism of @WorstNewPoets
The only worthwhile arguments against too much niceness in literary chit-chat are arguments against hype in favor of criticism, plain. There is no great general argument to be made against hype in…
Donna Haraway - A Cyborg Manifesto
An ironic dream of a common language for women in the integrated circuit This chapter is an effort to build an ironic political myth faithful to feminism, socialism, and materialism. Perhaps more…
The Problem of Entitlement: A Question of Respect
This past spring I took a position as a visiting writer at a well-respected MFA program. My students were by and large intelligent and serious, but there were a few moments when I found…
New fear: What if officer isn't charged? | The Journal Gazette
– Conditions calmed this week in Ferguson after nights of sometimes violent unrest stemming from the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer.
The History of the Catalog
The first catalog ever published is older than your great grandparents. And your great great grand parents. And your great great great great grand parents. It is really old.
Throwing in the towel on becoming a programmer
I think that my ambitions to become a programmer have finally extinguished. And I think I’m actually relieved by this. Here’s to spending more time outside!
Nicely Said by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee
Nicely Said is a wonderful guide to writing clearly and concisely for the audience you’re trying to reach.
On food descriptions and status anxiety
“Every increase of one letter in the average length of words describing a dish is associated with an increase of sixty-nine cents in the price of that dish.”
Excusing the Sins of the Father | Electric Literature
What justifies parental neglect--or even abandonment--of a child? Severe mental illness? Desperate circumstances of poverty or war? Most would make allowances
Woodcuts from 18th Century Chapbooks
A selection of woodcuts from an 1882 book compiling facsimiles of 18th century chapbooks.
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The tourist resort abandoned in 1974
Welcome to Varosha, the Mediterranean's best kept secret. Miles of sand where it's just you and nature. Dozens of grand hotels where you'll have the pick of the rooms. Just remember to pack your bolt…
I love New York
Why do I like Citibike so much (when it works)? True, it helps me cut my long commute (a bit), and it’s a rare innovation in transportation in a country that, thanks to our love affair with…
new media cultures
Daniel C. Howe Computer Science Brown University A. Braxton Soderman Modern Culture & Media Brown University Abstract This paper explores a range of issues related to the pedagogy and practice of…
Black Clock
Singular, idiosyncratic and a little mysterious, Black Clock is one of America’s leading literary journals. Black Clock is also regarded as among the country’s most beautifully designed magazines. Edited by Steve Erickson, it’s published semi-annually by the California Institute of the Arts in association with the MFA Writing Program.
Des Imagistes
July 26, 2014 by Elyse Graham Des Imagistes: An Anthologie, by Ezra Pound, First published in 1914 When Ezra Pound arrived in London in 1909, he began arranging introductions to all the literary…
Thinking with Type | Grid
No book about typography would be complete without a discussion of the golden section, a ratio (relationship between two numbers) that has been used in Western art and architecture for more than two thousand years.
The Secret Law of Page Harmony
"A method to produce the perfect book." The perfect book. This is how designer-genius Jan Tschichold described this system. Not the ok book, nor the pretty good
NC Gov Defends His Self-Published Poet Laureate
North Carolina's governor, facing criticism that he bypassed a traditional selection process in choosing a poet laureate with only two self-published books to her name, said Wednesday he seeks to…
Stop Using 'Poet Voice'
If you’ve ever been to a poetry reading, the following scene will be familiar. After being introduced, a poet steps onstage and engages the audience with some light social speech. Maybe they*…
List: Words to Make Your Poetry Legit.
1. pregnant with [something non-baby] — i.e. pregnant with understanding, rain, possibility, kittens, you name it. 2. empty womb — nice complement to pregnancy (see above); readers don’t need to be…
The Children of Silicon Valley by Robert Pogue Harrison
HBO A scene from Mike Judge’s HBO series Silicon Valley In the new HBO comedy Silicon Valley, almost every new start-up representative at a high-tech conference ends his presentation with the…
Entropy’s 16 Best Poetry Books of the First Half of 2014
Here’s Entropy’s list of our favorite poetry books from the first half of 2014. 1. The Dark Cave Between my Ribs by Loren Kleinman This is an intensely moving collection of poetry that…
Writing Effective Interpretive Labels for Art Exhibitions
MoMA’s Interpretation and Research team proposes strategies for writing effective interpretive labels for art
Exhibition Label Display Basics
includes standard measurements (in centemeters)
Smithsonian Guidelines for accessible design
includes guidelines for formatting exhibition labels
Making the Magazine: A Reading List
Magazine nerds, here we go: A starter collection of behind-the-scenes stories from some of your most beloved magazines, including The New Yorker, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Vanity…
Grids and Experimental Typography
A useful guide to what it says on the tin, "Grids and Experimental Typopgraphy" is a guide to Grids and...
MP3 Blogs and wget by Jeffrey Veen
'MFA vs NYC': An Investigation of Two Writing Cultures
In 2010, Chad Harbach published an essay called “MFA vs. NYC” that was widely circulated through both of the “cultures of American fiction” it described: a culture focused…
Pollen: the book is a program
Pollen is a publishing system that helps authors create beautiful and functional web-based books. Pollen includes tools for writing, designing, programming, testing, and publishing.
Join the Voice of Bulk Culture | Bulk Culture
"I Pretty Much Grew Up Going To Sun Ra's House": an Interview With Fhloston Paradigm | Thump
A Look At Some Contemporary Poetry Broadsides
Like the leaflet, handbill, and pamphlet, the broadside is a form of street literature, a public work of art designed to be read outdoors, rather than in the library. Unlike the book, which can be perceived as a private, usually closed, one-on-one reading experience, the broadside is public, open, form of art that encourages a communal reading experience.
The Volta
THE VOLTA is a monthly, online multimedia site of poetry, criticism, poetics, video, conversation (audio), and interview (text).
Lean Publishing with Markdown, Git, and Leanpub
a just-in-time open publishing workflow to produce digital and dead-tree editions
CriticMarkup is a way for authors and editors to track changes to documents in plain text. As with Markdown, small groups of distinctive characters allow you to highlight insertions, deletions, substitutions and comments, all without the overhead of heavy, proprietary office suites.
Lean Publishing by Peter Armstrong
Another example of what I call "book companion websites" this one is the founding manifesto of a site that creates book companion websites. The book Lean Publishing is about ow to apply a work-style from Internet startups to the process of iterating and releasing a book.
On Making the Poetry Manuscript
advice on making a book out of your individual poems, given as one who reads three-to-four thousand manuscripts a year.
Back to Basics: Regular Expressions
LiveNote is open-source - Hardik Pandya
The collaborative text editor LiveNote is now open source. Interested in how it works? [Grab a copy]( on GitHub.
The PourOver Book · PourOver
PourOver is a library for simple, fast filtering and sorting of large collections – think 100,000s of items – in the browser. It allows you to build data-exploration apps and archives that run at 60fps, that don’t have to to wait for a database call to render query results.
The Markdown Payoff
Hilton Lipschitz' answers his own question, "Was switching to Markdown a good call?"
Dark Matter — CODE | WORDS: Technology and Theory in the Museum
This is a stellar example of what people should be thinking about, when they think about museums and the Internet.
Gertrude Stein as Bookmaker
"While her writing is now recognized as among the most innovative in the twentieth century, Gertrude Stein’s paraliterary work in book design and publishing has gone largely unexamined.”
Would You Read A 'Cell Phone Novel'?
The "less is more" philosophies of the East, such as the minimalist discipline of haiku, made the first cell phone novels a natural fit for Japanese readers. But even to a Western outsider like this columnist, this upstart medium seems well suited for English-language verse, inspirational affirmations like those found in many self-help works, or perhaps stream-of-consciousness prose in the spirit of Kerouac... to cite just a few possibilities.
Design for the Where and When of Reading
An interesting discussion of the "atomic unit" of news, an idea that transcends the print or digital aspects of a newspaper, but which informs the design, and use, of both.
Why work doesn't happen at work
Jason Fried has a radical theory of working: that the office isn't a good place to do it. In his talk, he lays out the main problems and offers three suggestions to make work work. (Filmed at TEDxMidWest.)
Kate Middleton on "The Future of Poetry"
I´m going to admit that I envisage our future readers as a relatively small group. I´m not bewailing this, but I am coming to realise that I don´t just read an unusual amount of poetry, but I read an unusual amount in general. I gain delight from books that other people may find elsewhere: film, good television, cooking, walking. I can understand that people might get home and want to watch something or listen to music instead of curling up with a book. In fact, I do these things too, far too often.
Natasha Trethewey delivers final lecture as U.S. poet laureate
Wednesday evening’s lecture marked the conclusion of Trethewey’s second term as poet laureate. Now 48, she is among the youngest people ever to hold the office and has clearly been one of the most popular.
WordPress › IFTTT Post Formats « WordPress Plugins
Just add a category with 'ifttt-' + your post format, and when the post is created, it will set the post format and remove the faux category.
(Ugly) Websites for Writers and Authors
Browsing this exhaustive and useful collection of links for writers, I think most of them have poor graphic design. Why do things "for writers" have to look so shabby?
Newswordy is growing collection of news media buzzwords and their use (and misuse), updated every weekday.
Struggle for the soul of New York art as critics accuse Moma of selling out
For the art world, the issue of Moma is acute. With art now treated as a market commodity – or, in the words of one artist, "poker chips for billionaires" – museums entrusted with scholarship are relied on as institutional stalwarts against corporate and market pressure.
Intangible Possessions | Art21 Magazine
For buyers of digital artwork, there are additional stipulations and responsibilities surrounding the purchase. New media contracts often outline the rights and duties of the artist and collector to ensure the work remains intact and functional for as long as possible. This may include annually renewing a domain, exhibiting the work on approved technologies, and allowing it to remain publicly accessible.
If Walt Whitman Vlogged
What does it mean to be an Internet poet? Since 2010, Steve Roggenbuck, a twenty-six-year-old who lives in rural Maine, has been producing poetry that is made, distributed, and viewed almost… Example Markup
Below is a boilerplate of a basic HTML5 page with proper markup. I use this when building custom WordPress themes from scratch.
Marking up scholarly references with HTML5
What follows is an investigation of the various options open to anyone interested in including a bibliography or reference list in their online work.
Is Heidegger Contaminated by Nazism?
If I had to rate the best intellectual experiences of my life, choosing the two or three most profound—a tendentious task, but there you are—one of them would be reading Heidegger. I…
The novel is dead (this time it's for real)
If you happen to be a writer, one of the great benisons of having children is that your personal culture-mine is equipped with its own canaries. As you tunnel on relentlessly into the future,…
Basic Sound Clean-Up for an Audio Novice
Music & Audio Tutorial
Literary rebels you need to know
Classifying what is, exactly, an outsider in the world of literature is difficult. For one, while the literary community (online and elsewhere) is passionate and vocal, that activism might obscure…
2014 Janet & Walter Sondheim Finalists Announced!
The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Inc. (BOPA) is proud to announce the ninth edition of the Janet & Walter Sondheim Prize. The prize will award a $25,000 fellowship to a visual…
SpringGun Press
We’re interested in writers who read vigorously and are invested in the continued advancement and development of both "print" and digital writing. We’re looking for artists who believe that it’s important to interact with a community of ideas and artists, who believe no good art happens in isolation.
Little Red Leaves Textile Series
Little Red Leaves Textile Series is a micro-press with a mission to publish innovative writing in delightful little packages.
Conjunctions: The Web Forum of Innovative Writing
Bi-annual volumes of new writing. Weekly online magazine. Read dangerously.
Submission Guidelines - A cappella Zoo
Our focus is magic realism; our broader interests encompass slipstream & other tendencies to explore reality, perspective & genre. 
Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames
What is game narrative? It’s a question that developers, writers, reviewers, and publishers have been trying to answer for years with only limited success.
is experimental fiction making a comeback?
In healthy times, Smith said, these two traditions – the realist and the avant garde – would comfortably co-exist. But "these aren't particularly healthy times", and one reason for this is that the experimentalist tradition has been "relegated to a safe corner of literary history", dismissed as a "fascinating failure".
Les Figues Press
Les Figues Press is a nonprofit literary organization and award-winning, independent publisher of poetry, prose, visual art, conceptual writing, and translation.
To Be Prolifig in an Emergency
QUALITY / QUANTITY“But art is a trade that ennobles itself, and the consumer, by giving more than what is paid for. The market is served but also God. Mozart wrote for money, which E.M.…
“If I knew what the picture was going to be like I wouldn’t make it. It was almost like it was made already… the challenge is more about trying to make what you can’t…
Short, Fast, and Deadly
An eLit Mag where brevity reigns and the loquacious are sent to contemplate their sins in the rejection bin. Don't be afraid. Write Short. Write Fast. Above all, write Deadly. You'll be fine.
Deadly Chaps
At Deadly Chaps, the deadliest contributors from Short, Fast, and Deadly have been invited to publish manuscripts of their deadliest work.
Git and the Writer
Image the power of your editors and beta readers to commit changes for your review through a freely distributed application where each participant can enact changes without the knowledge of others doing the same.
Git for Writers is a guide to Git written with digital writers and designers in mind.
Penflip Reinvents Git for Writers
Penflip is an ambitious attempt to rework git into a system that can revolutionize writing the same way it did source code management, and it almost succeeds. If you’ve never used git, you can still figure out how Penflip works without way too much difficulty — and if you prefer to write offline, as so many of us do, it’s the one writing web app that actually works perfectly with your offline apps thanks to git and the GitHub apps.
Future Poem
Futurepoem books is a New York City-based publishing collaborative dedicated to presenting innovative works of contemporary poetry and prose by both emerging and important underrepresented writers.
"The Source" by Noah Eli Gordon
"...Noah Eli Gordon’s strange and haunting cento—a book assembled from thousands of instances of page 26, as found in the volumes of the Denver Public Library, their deployment of our alphabet with its twenty-six letters yielding an astonishing variety of source material that constitutes Noah Eli Gordon’s adventure in numerology.  Language is literally charged with meaning in exciting new ways." —Marjorie Perloff
Project Hubs: A Home Base for Design Projects
The design project dance is a sloppy one. It involves a slew of email attachments, PDFs, PSDs, revisions, GitHub repos, staging environments, and more. And while tools like Basecamp can help manage all these moving parts, it can still be incredibly challenging to extract only the important bits, juggle deliverables, and see how your project is progressing. Enter project hubs.
How to Extend Twitter Bootstrap's Carousel Functionality
Example modifications of twitter's slideshow abilities, to include fade transitions and more.
PennSound: Judith Goldman
Judith Goldman earned a PhD in English and comparative literature from Columbia University in 2007. Her collections of poetry include Vocoder (2001), DeathStar/rico-chet (2006), and the chapbook The Dispossessions (2009).
Vocoder: Judith Goldman
Judith Goldman's VOCODER is new perspective, a new time in Stein's sense that a time is articulated differently in each generation, that is perspective of the way time's seen--Leslie Scalapino. Judith Goldman's book makes me very uncomfortable. She is so angry, and she sets up so many barriers--brackets, slashes, cross-outs and the like--that she makes reading as complicated a proposition as locating the ethical good in a corrupt political climate. She restores two visions at once: the avant-garde's insistence that poetic form be politically motivated and not just 'fun,' and the conviction that freedom is possible 'only' when we admit that we are not free--Jennifer Moxley.
Craig Dworkin: Books and Edited Collections
Craig Dworkin, Professor in the English Department at the University of Utah, is the author of Reading the Illegible and the editor of several collections, including most recently The Sound of Poetry/The Poetry of Sound (with Marjorie Perloff) and Language to Cover a Page: The Early Writings of Vito Acconci (MIT Press).
Christopher Vandegrift » Sluice
Sluice is a digital remix of the Ralph Steiner film Surf and Seaweed (1929-30). The remix was created using a process of deliberate data corruption. First, every frame of the original film was converted to a still-image file in the JPEG format. Next, the raw data of each JPEG file was edited as text
The Imaginary Voyage
The Imaginary Voyage is an investigation into a new type of opera that emerges from the digital world (Hugill & Scott 2013, 253). The research is described in Hugill, A. and Scott, L. (2013) 'The Imaginary Voyage', Digital Creativity 24/3, pp. 253-257. The user is cast in the role of voyager, travelling from island to island across the internet (or Squitty Sea). Each island has its own character and interactivity. The story is primarily modelled on the voyage of Doctor Faustroll in Alfred Jarry's posthumously published novel Exploits and Opinions of Doctor Faustroll, Pataphysician (1911), and similar descriptions by Iambulus, Rabelais, Cyrano de Bergerac, Bacon, Swift, Borges and Perec.
I Spent a Month Living in a Romanian Sexcam Studio
Illustration by Julia Scheele Until July I shared an apartment in England with two cousins, Lorenz and Alessandro. When I moved out at short notice, I was worried that I'd left the pair in the lurch,…
Adobe Digital Publishing Suite: Getting Started Guide
Are tablet apps a good alternative to photo books? - PhotoBlog
The Unreasonable Influence of Geometry
This essay is not about geometry per se, but about what geometry has meant to the larger culture. It has meant different things at different times. And because it has so often symbolized something larger than itself, changes in geometry have had an unreasonable influence on fields far removed from the study of lines and planes.
Formatting Advice for Beginning Writers
Y'know what I would love for first time writers to all learn? STANDARD MANUSCRIPT FORMAT.
Tutorial: Deploying WordPress with Capistrano
Capistrano is a command line tool for deploying websites. A typical web application resides in a version control repository (Git, Mercurial or perhaps Subversion). It’s being worked on locally (on one or many computers) and when the time comes, you access your production server, typically via SSH, and then pull or checkout the new stuff from the repository — i.e. you deploy your wordpress application.
WordPress-Gear is a compendium of useful developer tools for working with WordPress.
A Primer on Artist Websites
Marketing your artwork is part of the job.
Deploying WordPress using Git and Capistrano | Mixd – World Class Web Design
how to best structure a WordPress git repository and deploy it to multiple environments using Capistrano.
Setting up Git in PowerShell
How to use Git in Windows via the PowerShell
Better Git with PowerShell
How to improve the experience of using Git on Widows with PowerShell
An excellent rant about how "the cloud" is for suckers. It's a way to change what you used to do on computers for free into a thing that saps your money forever.
Publishing in Standard Manuscript Format with Sphinx, reST, and Sffms LaTeX
This post documents a sophisticated tool for generating manuscripts in the "standard manuscript format" without the use of a word processor. Useful for when you want to force a consistency of format without fiddling with lots of settings. Warning: learning curve is a bit steep.
How Very Meta works
Writer Iain Broome had ended his blog. Now, he has rebooted it as a linklog, along with this explanation of the difference.
When Not To Submit to a Literary Magazine
In the six years that I’ve been a serious writer, I have submitted stories for publication over 1000 times. While I still have some things to learn about submitting, I’ve certainly come…
Really System Issue One Composite
If you were wondering where the words in Issue One crowd around the page, here is an image of the text of each poem overlaid. If you pay close attention, you can read a few bits here and there, but…
Cory Doctorow: Writing in the Age of Distraction
from Locus Magazine, January 2009 We know that our readers are distracted and sometimes even overwhelmed by the myriad distractions that lie one click away on the Internet, but of course writers face…
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Build a Facebook Profile You Can Be Proud Of
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XStandard: free standards-compliant XHTML WYSIWYG editor
List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Firefox
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How to Write for the Web (Full Paper)
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The ROI Of Web Redesigns Made Simple by Harley Manning – Forrester Research
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A Guide to CSS Support in Email
Adobe Kuler Panel for Dreamweaver
AOL and 63 Million OpenIDs |
BuddyPress » A Wordpress MU Based Social Network Platform
Derek Powazek – Hey Apple, Don’t Make Me Think
Digital Web Magazine – The Web Beyond the Desktop
Google Maps for Mobile adds ‘My Location’ feature | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone
Harvard Faculty Adopts Open-Access Requirement –
How do I exclude my internal traffic from reports?
HOW TO make Enhanced Podcasts (images, links and more with audio)
html vs css pt1
Interactive Advertising Bureau
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Interview With WPThemerKit
Introducing the CSS3 Multi-Column Module
JW FLV Media Player | LongTail Video | Home of the JW Player
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One-Window Web Development for Mac OS X
Spotting a fake: “New apple design”
TMagazine – New York Times
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Omnivoracious: An Books Blog featuring news, reviews, interviews, and guest author blogs.
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Our sweet old etcetera... | behind the scenes at the Scottish Poetry Library
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Yale Working Group in Contemporary Poetry | Sponsored by the Beinecke Library and the Whitney Humanities Center
X Poetics
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Afsnit P
Thinking Again
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In a Dark Time ... The Eye Begins to See -
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The New Modernism | Japanese Modernist and Avant-Garde Poetry, Translations, Explorations
Anindita Sengupta | Poetry. Gender. New Media.
The Pinocchio Theory
carolee bennett sherwood | CAROLEE BENNETT SHERWOOD
Kendra Steiner Editions | publishers and champions of contemporary poetry from San Antonio, Texas
Blue Positive
Daniel Silliman
poems, mostly metrical, and rants and raves on poets, poetry, and the po-biz #8212; Mike Snider#8217;s Formal Blog
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Free Space Comix: the blog
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My custom dress shirts blog #8211; The shirt to end all shirts My custom dress shirts blog
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Notebooks, Second Draft | Edward Williams
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Second Balcony
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Composite: thoughts on poetics and tech
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Mediabistro: jobs, classes, community and news for media professionals
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Hair Styles for Women
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The New Post-literate: A Gallery Of Asemic Writing
Working notes
poetry notebooknbsp;#8212;nbsp;relates to poetry one way or another even when it doesn#039;t
Entropy and me
this, that and the third
scribblingwoman2 | Now with vitamins and minerals.
Home | Saeed JonesSaeed Jones
Nomadics #8212; Meanderings and mawqifs of poetry, poetics, translations y mas. Travelogue too.
Lovers' Last Go Around
War Poetry
Sean Kilpatrick's Anorexic Chlorine Sex Toy Museum
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum | University of Maryland
Rauan Klassnik's The Moon's Jaw -- A Book of Prose Poetry -- Black Ocean
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12 business books you will need to read in 2014
This originally appeared on LinkedIn. You can follow Adam Grant here. One of the highlights of becoming an author is getting to read some exciting books in advance, and hearing early buzz about…
The Sitcom Digresses
In a recent episode of Tina Fey’s behind-the-scenes sitcom, “30 Rock,” Alec Baldwin mentions a fictional Olympic tetherball athlete named Tyler Brody, and a new screen instantly materializes: a fully…
Visionary Tongue | Archive | Issue 11
Nothing had burned in quite some time. So, the Volunteer Fire Department stood empty, fallow. I played in its shadow, which wavered in the heat. It hadn't rained in weeks. The building dominated the…
The Apostrophe Engine | Intelligent Machines
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Steps to resolve Chrome bookmark synchronization issues - TechRepublic
Single-Page CRUD Application with Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap | Christophe Coenraets
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Emacs, Org Mode, and a database like no other | Linux is my life
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Dropbox-as-a-Database, the tutorial | The Opa Blog
Subcompact Publishing — by Craig Mod
Is this a good recipe for a total reboot of Infinity's Kitchen magazine? What do you think of the idea?
Prototype web applications with CouchDB and Bootstrap
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40+ Best Tumblr-Style WordPress Themes 2013 | Colorlib.
Dylan Kinnett's Nomination | Baker Artist Awards
2013 was a great year for me, creatively. I'd like to thanks everybody who supported, read, saw, listened to or...
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Prose · A Content Editor for GitHub blog on
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Svbtle vs Obtvse (and on copying) - Journal - Howells.
The OKCupid Question You’re Answering Wrong — LadyBits on Medium — Medium
The switch to Github Pages
The Typistry — The Great Gatsby
Transit App
Typograph – Scale & Rhythm
Web Design Manifesto 2012 – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
Writing in Version Control — Andy Taylor
10 Great Google Font Combinations You Can Copy | Design Shack
Bones - The HTML5 Wordpress Starter Theme
Skeleton: Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development
Underscores | A Starter Theme for WordPress
Starkers Wordpress Theme
ThemeZilla Themes
Command Line Fun: How to Flatten a Folder Hierarchy | LichtenBytes
command line - How to copy files from folder tree dropping all the folders with Robocopy? - Stack Overflow
Debunking The Myths ...
Earth From Above : N...
Loripscream ♨ It's G...
The FWA: Favourite W...
Comma Separator - Online Text Formatting Tool
@dylan_k – Delicious
A new annual award for poetry criticism from @PoetryFound:
Github dylan-k
Vizify Dylan Kinnett
MySpace Dylan Kinnett
Dylan Kinnett's Vizify Bio | Career dylan kinnett
Dylan Kinnett on Vimeo
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Dylan Kinnett
Make A Product Review Database With Wordpress: Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Featured Images & Widgets!
Tiny Free WordPress Theme « Wordpress Free Themes – Web Development
Responsive WordPress Themes « DesignWall
Luis Zuno| Wordpress Themes
5 Really Useful Responsive Web Design Patterns | Design Shack
Designing the new, fully responsive article pages | Webdesigner Depot
HTML5 UP! Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Site Templates
Clear News - Premium WordPress Themes by Press75
Black Tie - Free Handsome Bootstrap Themes
Is It A Book?
Some thoughts on Nonlinearity in Literature
Important message from our favorite Andean llama effigy #GivingTuesday
Iris Couch
RT @QuantumPirate: Amazon drone delivery FAIL. #DroneJokes
VIDEO: Eagle Snatches Camera, Flies Away, Takes Great Selfie
Prototype web applications with CouchDB and Bootstrap
interesting piece on @rhizome about criticism and user-generated content
About to spend quality holiday time with your conservative relatives? Here are some great conversation tips.
[email protected] rounded up book covers depicting artists… intimately engaged with their work.
This is one of the most fascinating Internet mysteries I've ever heard of.
Had a fun late-night writing session with Wesley Godbout at The Bun Shop last night. We got about 20 pages done...
CC Version 4 in The Atlantic: "Even if you don’t produce digital content, you’re sure to see the new CC license...
Natty Bohdisattva just cracks me up. I wanna make one!
SO COOL. Huge archive of British #aviation posters from the 20s/30s (ht @SlateVault).
I still prefer Zotero to keep track of articles, publications and citations, but this new feature of Google... - XML and Databases
Hooray for Trinochria!
Leanpub: Publish Early, Publish Often
An introduction to regular expressions : The Bastards Book of Regular Expressions
The Bastards Book of Ruby
PHP Script for RSS auto-discovery and OPMP Generation
Can I build an OPML file from a list of website URLs?
Photo: Cool story gawker. Does Costco also smoke cloves and read Ayn Rand?
Embedded JavaScript database for Node.js and node webkit | TingoDB
Open-plan offices were devised by Satan in the deepest caverns of hell
Olivettis Valentine Typewriter by CosmicHedgehog on Etsy
I have typewriter envy for this thing. Wow just look at this thing!
If it's free in one place but not in another, what gives? Here's a workaround.
XQuery in the Browser
RT @HASTAC: XQuery Summer Institute- summer seminar for #digitalhumanities work with XML documents
I wish I could tell our family dog to "stay" but she has to go now.
How do I get the number of days between two dates in JavaScript? - Stack Overflow
Huge images #Sobek the crocodile god, from an ancient Egyptian scroll at the Walters Art Museum.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Croc mobsters!
Hear All of Finnegans Wake Read Aloud: A 35 Hour Reading
#batkid saves the day!
Trying to build an open-source submissions tracker for writers. Feeling stuck. Maybe the #pubhack crowd has ideas? - Writing Resource & Author Website
writer's planner: home [ track your queries and submissions ]
Easy-to-Use Query and Submission Tracking | AuthorAdvance
"Wikipedia at the Metropolitan New York Library Council in New York"
RT @Quibblemuch: Ohwellian adj. - Resigned to dystopia. #LitWords
Tagging has been on the web long enough now that we can ask "Do Tags Work?" Here's one examination of the question
A guide for writers for using Git and related services. #textprocessing
"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people...
HTML5 is the Future of Book Authorship
This script will save and reinstate form values for Twitter Bootstrap's customization page.
When you're an Internet professional, you have to deal with a hell of a lot of "I haven't heard of that." Here's...
Front-End Database with JavaScript and TaffyDB | JP Enterprises, Inc. - your partner in marketing
And, to continue the expensive/awesome bike parts theme...
This interesting contraption converts a standard bicycle into something more like a moped. It'll run headlights...
Postmodernism killed the avant garde. Lady Gaga is no substitute for Lou Reed | Suzanne Moore
200+ links for poets & poetry:
NoteStorm —
New web-app submission tracking for writers called "The (Submission) Grinder" is added to my big list #WritersLife
If you can, please help the victims of the Typhoon.
One of the Walters' finest is among those celebrated by George Clooney's upcoming film Monuments Men.
The first day of Hanukkah won't fall on Thanksgiving again for more than 70,000 years.
markdowndemo — a demo of the Markdown plugin for TiddlyWiki5
JSON Generator – tool for generating random JSON data
PHOTOS: These Are The World's Greatest, Most Stunning Libraries
sunyit-hypertextjournal - a TiddlySpace
@TiddlyWiki Are DataTiddlers ready to use? Would it be possible to use them for something like this: ?
TW5 mall —
TiddlyWiki5 — a non-linear personal web notebook - Single Page App with Twitter Bootstrap and Node.js
Dido---The Data Interactive Document
Dido---a tiddlywikified database application - Google Groups
Learn Node.js - Code School
rogerwang/node-webkit · GitHub
Inside embedded Node.js database | TingoDB
node.js basics | DreamersLab
Write a todo list with Express and MongoDB | DreamersLab
TaffyDB - The JavaScript Database
Play Framework - Build Modern & Scalable Web Apps with Java and Scala
JSON: What It Is, How It Works, & How to Use It
I'm all for steam heat, but seriously, what's with the yak?!
The New York Times asks "Europeans are endlessly inventive when it comes to radiator design. Why are Americans...
Mobile HTML5 - Tutorial: Your First Mobile HTML5 App - Offline Storage / The Local SQL Database (Part 2)
Getting Started with HTML5 Local Databases | Ben Lister's Blog
One of the worst comment systems on the Internet just got a little bit better. Now, if only the user comments...
I'm looking for help coding up an #opensource project but I don't know how to find open source help.
HTML5 Apps on the Desktop in 2013 | Clint Berry
This looks interesting. WIRED says: "Google just released an awesome new app that could...
This looks interesting. WIRED says: "Google just released an awesome new app that could...
Possibly the strangest sentence in English, diagramed.
Chapbook on the Making of a Chapbook
@beingfe useful maybe for your app project...
@MonsieurBraun @glamwiki For example, when I'm on a page like this one, I'd love an easy way to do "view all"
Glitch Scrolls:
How's your vacation going, Dylan? Well, I'm glad you asked because here's a video of the kind of awesome fun that...
Is there a name for it, when the teacher makes you go to the chalkboard and write a thing over and over again?...
2014 Pushcart Prize Ranking of Literary Magazines -- Poetry
Animated GIFs circa 1800
Dive into Codex Seraphinianus, the weirdest encyclopedia ever.
This piece by Tim Kreider is the best, clearest argument against doing free work I've ever read
Lists: To-dos, Inventories, Collected Thoughts, & Other Enumerations
"there's nothing progressive about shutting somebody up"
This reminds me of the playlists I used to do for "Techno Tuesday" on WZUP radio. Those were fun days!
Ulysses, abridged onto one page.
@kmontenegro @jposi here are some of my thoughts about version control (i.e. Git) for writers
@kbladow @kmontenegro @jposi one way to do "github for text" is gists at but a google doc might be easier for most.
80 new texts on ubu’s visual poetry section.
For anyone who participated in the 3:15 writing experiment, the website is online to post your results! The 3:!5...
john ashbery, cento domande a scelta multipla / one hundred multiple-choice questions, benway series 3
This article suggests that "there are no critical systems in place to identify which books of this type are...
""Languages behave just extraordinarily like genes,""
@bywordapp I don't seem to have "Include Byword Theme" option described here Can you help?
Silk Road Endpaper by Jennie Cole
Seriously! a @NewYorker cartoon in a personal essay about a family suicide? #uncouth
"it was interesting to receive a booklike object (with a USB stick in its center) to hold digital poetry."
What do you think of this? "Kenneth Goldsmith is a Hoax"
Yugen was a laboratory in which poets of the post-WWII era experimented before their work became accepted as...
Achievement Unlocked: Raven via @coderwall
If you could have an infinite kitchen, perhaps the first tool you'd likely want would be an infinite cookbook,...
Gamers playing spatial game Foldit have managed to collectively determine what experts could not determine for...
I agree in spirit with this well-reasoned rant about everything that's wrong with Microsoft Word, but then again...
"This note was found in the suit coat pocket of a dead man on December 1, 1948, on an Australian beach. He had no...
Proust’s previously unknown poems, featuring his hand-drawn illustrations
Free PDFs of all Cars Are Real publications available here:
"Researchers observed no serious adverse events and also found a surprising boost in antibody production, which...
I just voted for @submittable to 'Allow Submitters to Manually Add Other Submissions' - what do you think?
"if you’re not the one who’s controlling your learning, you’re not going to learn as well"
Baltimore's CARS ARE REAL project features work and design by Infinity's Kitchen magazine contributors Lesser...
"every perceived art movement was just a group of friends that had gravitated toward each other to feel less alone."
My short story makes a cameo appearance in the new video for Seltzer zine. Watch the video (...
airships, blimps, dirigibles, zepplins...
Wow! Robot arms moving around a pair of projection screens, and the projection moves in sync. This is amazing.
10 Obscure Punctuation Marks That Should Really Get More Play
File:Lincoln Memorial During Government Shutdown 2013.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
One of my favorite things about Halloween time: monster cereal! Boo Berry is my favorite.
Hey friends, I'm just curious. Do you use an electronic/web calendar to keep track of events? If so, which one(s)...
The Twenty-First Century Footnote*
Well, that about does it!
Soon, your smart phone might not be the only smart thing around. I wonder what we can do with an "Internet of things"
#sobek is here!
Finally, there's a name for it. It's called "academiotics" and the time has finally come to make fun of it.
Writer Unboxed » Building Your Writer Platform — How Much is Enough?
18 Months of Social Media: One Writer's Progress Report | The Loneliest Planet by Randy Ross
This. This right here. A very good rant. I am slowclapping for this rant.
msTracker - Web-based Manuscript Submission, Tracking and Peer Review
Track Your Paper Trail - Creating a submission tracker with Base - Linux Magazine
A Scientific Guide To Maximizing Your Impact On Twitter, Facebook, And Other Digital Media | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Blog » Elliot Jay Stocks
Flip Lid Letter File Box - SET OF 4 - Plastic Storage Boxes | Decor Decoration Decorating
Hollinger Metal Edge - Since 1945!
Aliases and symbolic links in Mac OS X Lion « Dropbox Forums
LibraryWorks - Archival Storage of Paper
Stuff What I Posted: msysgit & corrupted symbolic links
jonschlinkert/sublime-markdown-extended · GitHub
Schedule of fun stuff for the PRESS > PLAY event this Sunday in Baltimore. See you there!
Rhinoslider Jquery Slideshow
Yet another reason to love Baltimore - City Paper named a Best Archives in their best of issue!
I've never seen a more drool-worthy keyboard. What an amazing thing this is! Does it have a wireless option? I...
Side-by-Side File Comparison Plugin for Sublime | Taylor McGann's Blog
Wordpress Theme | Banshee
It's that most wonderful time of the year again everybody. Time for WORMS!...
Hackathon Winning App Helps Track Movement of Rare Books #artstech
WordPress extensions for Sublime Text 2
Launch Sublime Text 2 from the Mac OS X Terminal
Alien's Bash Tutorial by Billy Wideling
No longer “trying” - we are now proudly :) Read all about Ghost 0.3 - Kerouac. Released today:
No longer “trying” - we are now proudly :) Read all about Ghost 0.3 - Kerouac. Released today:
Francis Bacon on Beauty
There's this fun new regular literary series in Baltimore. This is where I did my performance of "What's the...
Way to go Dominic McDevitt-Parks! What's next?
Manuscript Tracking Software: writers need it badly, but there's nothing perfect. My features wish-list:
The Poe house will reopen!
"The Lean Publishing Manifesto" applies lessons from tech startups to the delicate process of publishing.
"The Third Era of Visual Art" sounds to me like another word for "Theater" but what a combo!
My phone might as well be a potato at the moment. I tried to update to iOS 7 on the big crazy popular day. That...
New @BillGuard app, awesome.
Call Me Migaloo: The Story Behind Real-Life White Whales
365Git | Writing Git commit messages
tbaggery - A Note About Git Commit Messages
@ulyssesapp I mean all these options:
Data for the people: How does #OpenBaltimore work? @WhatWeekly has the scoop #opendata
Antec VSK-4000E ATX Case 920414 - Micro Center
Antec Three Hundred Two ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case 15320 - Micro Center
Pandoc Extras · jgm/pandoc Wiki · GitHub
Sublimerge: Usage
Configuring Sublime Text :: Scott Granneman
Configuring Sublime Text :: Scott Granneman
TEI Header and Metadata
TEI Handout - Poetry Edition
LibreOffice and TEI Stylesheets for file conversion | Corpus Linguistics | Damir Cavar's pages
Markup for poetry: HTML or TEI? Project Tango chose TEI to compare versions of Emily Dickinson poems #textprocesing
TEI Handout – Poetry Edition | Project Tango
PoeticSemantics - HTML WG Wiki
MultiMarkdown Syntax Guide · fletcher/MultiMarkdown Wiki
Metadata in Scholarly Markdown
We've published a corrected edition of Infinity's Kitchen no. 6. Corrections to appear online soon.
Here's s sound I'm pretty sure you can only hear in Baltimore: the call of the Arabber. He's the man with the...
Cheatsheet(s) for the main differences between Chicago and AP style.
David Joselit: Artists, critics and historians too often disavow the art world’s capacity as an economic engine...
Leaving Microsoft Word Behind #textprocessing
Mashape - The Cloud API Hub
necolas/idiomatic-css · GitHub
Should We Teach Literature Students How To Analyze Texts Algorithmically?
How to sync Scrivener with any text editor (and go mobile too) | Iain Broome
5 tips for how to read your writing in public. Words to live by.
a very good "about" page
I've published my first GitHub repository! This is just a baby step for me, as I learn to do more coding stuff,...
Pandoc Converts All Your (Text) Documents - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Batch converting using textutil - MacNN Forums
Why I switched from MultiMarkdown to Pandoc
Pandoc vs Multimarkdown · jgm/pandoc Wiki · GitHub
silent umbrella - Bash loops are fun for batch conversion.
Free Chopin!
Mark you calendar for this upcoming literary awesomeness in Baltimore! September 29. Come say hi!
README // giterary
Tales From the Command Line: textutil — Tech News and Analysis
Plain Text
Convert RTF/DOC files to Markdown via Textutil
The Plain Text Problem
DP: Beginning Proofreaders' FAQ
<a href='''>MultiMarkdown/Documentation/MultiMarkdown User's at master · fletcher/MultiMarkdown · GitHub</a>
Writers don't want to quit using word processors, but here are good reasons to do it #versioncontrol
Nothing is Original:
Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3 HTML Upgrader migration online service free
Redesigning | Niklaus Gerber
MARC Trains between DC and Baltimore on weekends, starting in December. Rock and Roll!
akalongman/sublimetext-codeformatter · GitHub
Custom Post Formats for Custom Post Types - WordPress Answers
What is visual in the work of William S. Burroughs?
A blog is good to work out ideas. Sometimes one post makes big things happen.
Neil deGrasse Tyson Lists 8 (Free) Books Every Intelligent Person Should Read
My poor website sure has taken a beating over the years. The beating continues...
Alien Ship • Responsive WordPress theme based on Bootstrap
Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Theme |
Coming up on Sept. 29 Infinity's Kitchen will make an appearance at PRESS > PLAY: Post-Baltimore Book Festival Party
.Mail | Tobias van Schneider
Minimal Monkey - Stephen Burgess
Advanced tips for writers who use Git version control for their writing #versioncontrol
git - Word-by-word blame/annotate in version control? - Stack Overflow
LyX | LyX – The Document Processor
Notes on Converting a .doc to MultiMarkdown | DIGITAL PUBLISHING TOOLKIT for the Arts and Culture
Pandoc - About pandoc
Haroopad - The Next Document processor based on Markdown
@Bluxart Is there more to it than changing the class names as described here?
Taxonomy of the Logical Fallacies
What do rap lyrics and the Talmud have in common? #digitalhumanities
Windows listing of files from command line - Super User
@kbladow @kmontenegro @jposi one way to do "github for text" is gists at but a google doc might be easier for most.
My 2012 front-end web development workflow - James Lutley - Front-end web developer
Wordpress Theme | Sideblog
Computer monster!
"The Fine Art of Baloney Detection" by Carl Sagan. Read it, and be wiser
Color wheel | Color schemes - Adobe Kuler
RT @Kelsye: Droooool >> Charles Bukowski Manuscripts Online via @galleycat
25+ Useful Document and File Comparison Tools #versioncontrol
"Who r the top 5 poets in Bmore?" - a post asked in 2010. Anyone care to opine today? #Baltimore #spokenword #poetry
It's National Yard Sale Weekend! Anybody know of any good ones nearby? (I should have planned ahead and just had...
New Media isn't "new" anymore
@whatweekly You've got Seltzer's Thursday evening event listed for Wednesday at midnight.
Testing the "share" feature on my kindle with his quote from an essay about comics vs. poetry. "Not just for k...
My artist statement is published by The Extreme Writing Community
I'm excited about the coming of LitMore, a literary arts center that's coming to Baltimore. Congrats on the...
Gallery of free HTML snippets for Twitter Bootstrap. |
That Citizen Cope track and "Cajun Man" are the same thing! the song:
That Citizen Cope track and "Cajun Man" are the same thing! the song:
Look at all this cool stuff!!!
The Quintessential Gentleman celebrated their unveiling of a reproduction of a Walters' painting of Baltimore's...
Blog | Roots
Filmmaking by hacking a video game?
@RandApro It's not just taxonomies but also post formats that I would like to outlast a theme change in #wordpress
The Definitive Guide to WordPress Security - Moz
I just backed Publishing Genius 2.0 on @Kickstarter
Fun day at work today. This "happened" :)
Omnivoracious: Recently Discovered Novel by Nobel Prize-Winning Author Pearl S. Buck
Trunk Club - Men's Clothes Selected By Personal Stylists Shipped Free
MailChimp Email Marketing Blog
Blog | Design in the browser with web fonts and real content — Typecast
I'm looking for some help with #wordpress and taxonomies.
Sublime SVN – an SVN Package for Sublime Text 2 by wbond
A successful Git branching model »
What could I possibly want with this crazy pile of phones? Come to PROJECTION Speaker Series tonight and find out!...
Printing transparencies
Remember these things? Never seen one before in your life? Come see baltimore writers perform their work with the...
Have a great weekend everybody! Here's an anthem to kick it off for ya.
Let there be peace in Egypt!
"Nothing lasts forever. Not your joy and not your sorrow." Listen to Chris Toll at WYPR
8 things worth knowing about eating sushi.
Had a conversation with friends last night about #startups Here's are some interesting tools for that stuff:
Auto-Completion in Sublime Text :: Scott Granneman
I'm moving from Dreamweaver to Sublime Text. Has anybody else done this move?
Burger burger burger burger burger — at Kooper's Chowhound Burger Wagon
if you've ever wondered what you get when you mix The Smiths and Charlie Brown, this may help you out...
"Why open access isn't enough in itself" by @ellenscollins: #OA
Man with OCD Blows Internet Away with Hauntingly Stirring Love Poem
You should come to the PROJECTION SPEAKER SERIES:
You should come to the PROJECTION SPEAKER SERIES:
A Guide to the Web's Growing Set of Free Image Collections: Not mentioned but REALLY should be: @walters_museum
"Your protestations about “literally” are literally wrong"
Jekyll Themes
... and speaking of my childhood:
Francisco Esteban
How To Create Custom Post Meta Boxes In WordPress
Roots WordPress Starter Theme | Rapidly create sites with HTML5 Boilerplate & Bootstrap from Twitter
BootstrapWP Bootstrap starter theme for WordPress
How to Build a Responsive WordPress Theme with Bootstrap
Infinity's Kitchen will make an appearance at this star-studded literary event in September. You should too!...
Glenn Fleishman on the imminent reboot of the legendary science and science fiction magazine, Omni.
I got I Don't Know I Said (ePub) from @pubgen on @Gumroad:
@ensode Ever find an ideal solution for Document Version Control? ( from your 2009 post )
@ensode Ever find an ideal solution for Document Version Control? ( from your 2009 post )
How can I open ODF with Office for Mac? - Microsoft Community
github - Most Flexible Open Office Word Document Format (Not MS Word) For Git Versioning and Collaboration - Stack Overflow
Think of Microsoft Word as the internet — Practically Efficient
Versioning of OpenOffice/LibreOffice documents using git - Worth Mentioning
XML Matters: XML for word processors
OxGarage document conversion
Preservation of Word Processing Documents | Ian Barnes -
Amazon desperately needs a new user interface. It's new attempt to sell art (?!) really shows it.
Tonight's fierce storm whipped a lonely lightening bug into a neighborhood full of lights. Poor thing. — at Mt Vernon
They should have fed those Archie Comics characters to the zombies a long, long time ago, if you ask me.
Essential Sublime Text 2 Plugins and Extensions | Nettuts+
Screenplay typography project: 10 years on | (in)visible (de)signs
Facebook Puts the Brakes on ‘The Hacker Way’
@tychoish Did you ever post a followup to your "Git For Writers" post? I've been collecting similar ideas
Testing the stage... — feeling good at Charm City Art Space
Git Instructions for Word Files
a Scrivener starter project that is Git-friendly
The Simple Software That Could—but Probably Won't—Change the Face of Writing
@sabbatical @inkedmn @amahnke You CAN use Git for Scrivener. Details at and #versioncontrol
@sabbatical @inkedmn @amahnke You CAN use Git for Scrivener. Details at and #versioncontrol
The Generative Gatsby lays out the text of Fitzgerald’s novel like music scores, designed along the lines of...
PUBLISHED! I've had a visual poem and two experimental poems published, in the July edition of TRUCK, a literary...
My #vispo and two experimental poems published, in the July edition of TRUCK, a literary blog/journal.
For 30 days, read one of my Grandmother's stories on while I try its OCR and conversion
For 30 days, read one of my Grandmother's stories on while I try its OCR and conversion
RT @mor10 #Wordpress is 10 years old now. Will it live much longer? How?
Bootstrap Expo
Dunked Blog | News from Dunked HQ
BOWER: A package manager for the web
Git for the lazy - Spherical
Git foundations — pydagogue 0.2 documentation
Inside the Leviathan - James Fallows - The Atlantic
The Cyborg Institute — Cyborg Institute 1.0 documentation
Git Magic - Preface
Working with Git on Windows • Beanstalk Guides
Sublime Text 2 and Markdown: Tips, Tricks, and Links
Style, illustrated.
Shudder to think: MT @nybooks Hitchcock’s Vertigo was nearly lost. cc: @bookofsand
Inundata – How to ditch Word
When Books Meet Browsers
Version Control for Writers
William Blake and the Imagination
Please vote for my idea to develop better version control tools for writers, editors and archivists #owot #musetech
That’s to vote for the DH tool we’ll build this week #owot
Version Control for Microsoft Word Collaborative Writing | MacResearch
msofficehg - Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) add-ins that assist document version control with TortoiseHg - Google Project Hosting
Keeping Your Life in Subversion - O'Reilly Media
Simplifying Writing Workflow » Linux Magazine
AmigoFish: The Command Line Podcast (MP3 Feed): TCLP 2009-02-25 Flashbake (Comment Line 240-949-2638)
@WillNoel Check out this impressive list of software for collaborative #transcription. Know of any others?
Collaborative Manuscript Transcription: Crowdsourced Transcription Tool List
lime-ocr - A simple, free OCR software for Windows using tesseract-ocr engine - Google Project Hosting
Words and what not
Collaborative Manuscript Transcription: Wikisource for Manuscript Transcription
iPhylo: Setting up a local Wikisource
I think I found a candidate for a #versioncontrol system that ordinary writers can use without much trouble.
Does it make a difference whether your work is a "smart" or a "dumb" idea? #smartdumb
Are there any good social networks for writers?
Tanka Challenge: Tanka is a form of Japanese Poetry that is rapidly growing in popularity around the world along...
meet "Ralph".
do you want to eat a peach? idk Texts from J. Alfred Prufrock:
Choose a haiku to send to Mars later this year & add your name to the space mission:
This argument is one of the most interesting things happening on the Internet these days.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
new sandman. new sandman! NEW SANDMAN!!!!
I see that there are some limitations for writers using GitHub and the like for #versioncontrol
I've tried all these ways to do version control for writers. I don't think any of them are perfect. Should I blog it?
A Baltimore-themed Choose Your Own Adventure story.
The new toys from Google came out today. Does anybody have a Nexus 7? Is it worth it over an iPad mini?
The U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee cut NEA and NEH funding by 49%. The proposed legislation would put...
never too old!
Authors Helping Authors Resource Site | Aha! A site for Authors to have instant access to resources and tips!
The Doppler Effect
a short story by Dylan Kinnett
I just want to say thanks to The Annex Theater for the amazing work they did with the ten minute plays at...
Momentum continues in the fight for patent reform on the Hill. Two new bills take aim at patent trolls:
Cool art at work today. Here's a detail image.
Do We Still Need to Defend Outsider Art? -
Final Fantasy Sound Composer to Release New eBook
A letter of advice from Anton Chekhov to the brother he was losing to alcoholism:
The view from inside Soundnest
I've just taken the WordPress 2013 User and Developer Survey, have you? (pass it on!)
Experimental films!
Come see my play at Artscape! Here's details.
Come see my play at Artscape! Here's details.
Happy hour with old books!
Scapescape 2013 lineup includes Roomrunner, Rye Rye, DDm, Celebration and more.
Bukowski's reading requirements @openculture
@nealstimler another example: the code Google used to display the dead sea scrolls:
@nealstimler one example: the piers plowman electronic archive:
Can solar powered bullet trains travel through pneumatic tubes at insanely high speeds? Wow I hope so!
Lots of new ways to write stuff and publish it online. So many, so fast. Which are good? Which will last?
Zines--coming to a subway stop near you.
Electronic Performers Use Their Bodies as a Brush
The return of the Twinkie.
I share a birthday with E.B. White.
PUB: 2014 Kenneth Patchen Award! – Journal of Experimental Fiction
Software Takes Command: An Interview with Lev Manovich
Interview, Statement, Artwork by A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz
What if the word "the" could be written with one character?
Dinosaurs and (3Dprinter) robots? Yes!
Rhizome is Hiring
Let the birthday shenanigans begin! First up, a vampire taco named count tacula.
Re: Streaming Windows 8 Music Library to Xbox 360 - 09 - Using Apps on Xbox LIVE - Xbox Support
By adding shm- to words, you can be simultaneously grumpy and cute. But there are some words that cause confusion...
Only 4 more to go until the The Walters Art Museum has 10,000 likes! Who will be #10,000?!
They seem to have trouble actually making clothes that fit some of us, so until they do I'll resemble the...
I saw these baby warthogs yesterday. They're already skilled mud wrestlers.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Recover Data Like a Forensics Expert Using an Ubuntu Live CD
"»toward a theory of concrete poetry« by mary ellen solt buy it..." good read
"»toward a theory of concrete poetry« by mary ellen solt buy it..." good read
"Your City’s Visual Signature on Instagram" good read
"British Museum to stage El Dorado exhibition" :)
@issuu I'm looking for docs on the new embed code but the link to them is broken on the page at can u help?
"white sky ebooks is reading manuscripts again.please submit"
Let's go and throw all the songs we know.
These five pigments are no longer used by artists.
If I ever break my arm, I want to wear this awesome cast, instead of a gross bulk plaster one.
How line height relates to word count | Proper Manuscript Format | William Shunn
Marcus Aurelius got himself scanned via Google Glass at the @walters_museum (technology meets togas).
This cookbook requires you to cut the pages before you can read it.
The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski's ghost by John Martin's Black Sparrow Press
I posted a new photo to Facebook
RT @Slate: One of the great mysteries of 20th-century literary history may have just been solved: #RalphEllison
One month until Artscape, ya'll! Come see my play :)
RT @hyperallergic: Shoot for the Stars: First GIF Shared in Space -
Infinity's Kitchen contributor Ed Zahniser has published a humorous poem in The Camel Saloon.
Infinity's Kitchen contributor Ed Zahniser has published a humorous poem in The Camel Saloon....
a beautiful video about the cicadas
a beautiful video about the cicadas
You don't have the idea when you're staring at a blank line of text on the screen. You have the idea when you get...
35 Free / Commercial Clean & Minimalistic Typographic WordPress Themes - WPLift
RT @derekbeaulieu: The New York Times reviews kenny goldsmith's "Seven American Deaths and Disasters"
Will Ghost Pick Up Where WordPress Left Off?
Very exciting! @planit snagged an #Emmy award for @walters_museum commercial. details: video:
Very exciting! @planit snagged an #Emmy award for @walters_museum commercial. details: video:
somebody dumped wine on Poe's grave. Something tells me he doesn't mind too much, but it'll need to be repaired...
How Caffeine Short-Circuits Creativity
The Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Toby Negrin as our new Director of Analytics! @tnegrin
I signed up to win a bunch of cool electronic household gizmos. I hope I win!
I signed up to win a bunch of cool electronic household gizmos. I hope I win!
The new print edition of issue 6 is now available. Get your copy today.
He-e-e-e-lp this goat to support The Walters Art Museum.
An old selfie from March of 2010. Came out grainy but I guess I like it anyway.
I love my dad, Doug Kinnett!
Public libraries outnumber both McDonald’s & Starbucks in the United States:
Font Management Solution: Bitstream Font Navigator | Noscope
C'mon, help a llama out. :)
C'mon, help a llama out. :)
What's the weirdest book you've ever seen?
This blogger is writing in depth about how he is digitizing old letters. I think it's interesting, because I'm...
Statistical proof that it was a good idea for me to move to Baltimore after college.
"To write well about the elegant world you have to know it and experience it to the depths of your being... what...
William Burroughs explains Brion Gysin’s ‘Cut-Up Method’
William Burroughs explains Brion Gysin’s ‘Cut-Up Method’
whoah. look at that cylinder thing.
RT @eliterature: Check out #elit new in @Elmcip: Computer Aided Poetry
A book specifically designed for the experience of an airline flight? What other situations could use a book design?
I got my bus ticket and my crashpad all lined up. I'm goin' to Brooklyn in a few days!
Our new twitter handle: "it looks funny but you can read it". It's "Infinity's Kitchen" without any vowels.
Shakespeare’s fifty-fifth sonnet, built from a series of animated .gif images.
The ten commandments of e-mail. Read them. Do what they command.
Debates in the Digital Humanities
@kbladow Here's that GLAM portal I mentioned I'd share last night. It has case studies and tips
Use it or lose it.
How To Make Your Own iPad Newsstand Magazine App | iPhone and iOS App UI Design Templates
I am the proud owner of a shiny, awesome gadget! The Sony ICD-SX57 stereo MP3 voice recorder, and some...
We posted new albums to @ubuweb Wolf Fifth avant-garde sound series!
Summer has begun
Can't say this is surprising: The Feds have no idea how to legislate autonomous cars.
My #firstpost on Vine
I'll talk about Wikipedia and big data for museums at the June Tech & Social Change Meetup. This Thursday.
Tomorrow you can put The Man in Black on your envelope.
Kenneth Goldsmith Prints Out the Internet.
Boil it down to the nouns and you've described an experience. Here's an example from Infinity's Kitchen...
The Chris Toll Prize
There Are Fewer Than 10 Full-Time Art Critics in the U.S. [Updated] | GalleristNY
This looks important.
All 28 of the online features for Infinity's Kitchen #6 are now online. There's a lot of good stuff in there: a...
We've published our first online essay. What do you think of dance as an artform in today's society? Let's hear...
OOPS! Infinity's Kitchen magazine just started a Vimeo channel at
How to write a bio
20 creative minds. 1 small book. Everything you need to know about getting creative sh*t done: RT @99u
‘Poem #_’ is a low tech video representation of an installation in which a large silent projection meditatively...
Damn. I had to cancel most of my weekend fun because I'm too broke, trying to save money, etc. Woe is me. Hit me...
Did you know that Brian Eno wrote the Windows 95 startup sound?
Video: Here’s Brian Eno’s famous composition “Windows 95 Startup Sound” (yeah he wrote that), but it has...
If you want to come to some sort of literary event, and hear me read something that I wrote, well then, what are...
I would freak out so much if all the dudes from Rembrandt's Night Watch just busted out in a shopping mall!...
The new ISSUU is interesting (still flash-based though.) It makes Infinity's Kitchen look nice
Worth a watch if you're a big Bowie fan. It's about his golden years.
Website improvements continue tonight, with the addition of a newly-repaired RSS feed, for those of you who...
Archeologists have discovered nearly 5,000 ancient paintings that depict humans, animals, astronomical imagery,...
Kanye West lit up my neighborhood, the police shut it down, and I just had to be out of town. Did anybody get a...
new spoken word: "Absurdity Happens" by Kaitlynn Alexis Ann Lane
PDFs of every issue of "FUCK YOU/a magazine of the arts" (192-65):
Infinity’s Kitchen № 6 is off to the printer! via @Luludotcom
"we might, in the end, be on our way to developing a richer theory of randomness"
My new short story "The Doppler Effect" has just been accepted for publication in the next issue of Seltzer...
New blog just launched at #AAM2013
I’m interested in “scrum” metholodology from an #aam2013 talk today. Anybody used it for museum work before? Stories?
Issue 6 is on its way, but what about issue 5? Oh yeah, we've got that.
New Infinity's Kitchen feature: "Google It" by Alexander Scally.
New Infinity's Kitchen feature: "Gossamer Lid" poems by Andrew Brenza.
It's a dinobot kinda Friday.
Newspapers would be better if they were owned by the people, not by corporate interests. Help this to happen!
Oh my god it's the miracle I've been waiting for! Weekend MARC train service. My whole life just got better.
Zach Galifianakis looks JUST like this ancient bronze bust. See for yourself vs @galifianakisz
Zach Galifianakis looks JUST like this ancient bronze bust. See for yourself vs @galifianakisz
fake, but funny.
The automatic meal planner - Eat This Much
I'm excited to tell you all! The upcoming issue of Infinity's Kitchen magazine will celebrate a release party...
donuuut iiin spaaaaaace!
David Bowie’s ‘hidden’ face in scenes from ‘Labyrinth’
David Bowie’s ‘hidden’ face in scenes from ‘Labyrinth’
The critics said his writing was clumsy, ungrammatical, repetitive and repetitive.
I thought this was funny, and good advice, from Zipcar®.
Video: The Supa Stupa Project matches bodhisattvaeques with conceptual art lovers.  (by Gary Heidt)
This is a downright amazing drawing. You can use the "explore object" button in its page to zoom in on the details.
Cicada, cicada, cicada, cicada (cicada), cicada cicada cicada cicada, cicada cicada cicada cicada: cicada-cicada...
Some words seem to be a staple of the diet.
Can I convince a bunch of my friends to go to a crazy monster truck show? It's something I've secretly always...
Will Phillips, Adam Robinson or anybody who knows: when organizing an author's writings by date, should I choose...
I am in a state of hyperbolic shock because of this amazing bike!
I'm gonna go get one of these out in the park today.
Help Open Space recover from the fire!
Help Open Space recover from the fire!
The Price Geek
Internet Quitter Quits Quitting Internet
"One Year Later, the Results of Tor Books UK Going DRM-Free" via @readability
Tennyson's repetition, repeated, catalogued, counted.
Categorizing people without marginalizing them @JMarkOckerbloom offers a thoughtful tech fix for Wikipedia problem
Photo: proofreading what will soon become proofreading what will soon become proofreading what will soon...
The CIA's role in 20th Century art history was an interesting one
Somehow I don't think this is the best response.
David Bowie as conceptual artist whose medium is popular music. What do you think?
Game Theory: Jane Austen Had It First
Digital Preservation Education: I Create Files
@Sarah_Stierch I'm writing a blog post about the @walters_museum #GLAMwiki project for this interesting site:
Listen to Madonna reading a Pablo Neruda poem. Happy National Poetry Month!
67 Great John Waters Quotes For His 67th Birthday
Score of continuous creation.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Vito Acconci's 1971 instructions in case he should die in a plane crash - Boing Boing
We're having some Friday fun with a frog.
Ekphrasis Flash -
A compelling scientific research project, from a 16 year old!
multimedia journalism wins pulitzer! #hypertext
What does it mean for writers/artists to collaborate? How do you begin collaboration? How do collaborators handle...
We're free to do irrational things like carry guns, walk into churches, or both. What we're not free to do is to...
Photo: Wow! They want $200 for The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature. Is it worth it?
But do the self-edit?
I posted a new photo to Facebook
The first issue of Infinity's Kitchen is now available on Amazon, for the Kindle!
The only answer i have is to kiss your family and stay away from the New York Post comment section
Watch this space: new offshoot of lifehacker is a blog that grew out of its tips and open thread forums.
Can you use Github for version control and forking of documents as well as code? Yes, but it could be easier.
New recording out from Second Land, "Copycat Sessions" got its start in Baltimore's Copycat building.
When I need to explain #elit in casual conversation, my best tool is this folder in my iPhone.
Ben Taber: It is a strange kind of creativity that we are tasked with, to create an alternate history which,...
We've made some minor adjustments to the submissions forms and process. What do you think?
This just in: we'll be booth #1 at the citylit festival, this Saturday at the main branch of Baltimore's Pratt...
Video: (via The Personality of Parisian Neighborhoods Expressed Through Typography | Open Culture)
Infinity's Kitchen is now a proud member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses!
On copyright and "The Slow Death of the American Author" @nytimes
Infinity's Kitchen is now a proud member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses!
Some seismic activity over in TV land lately...
It's this Saturday! The CityLit Festival. Enjoy a day of authors and poets incl George Saunders and Jamal Joseph....
What do you get when you combine Al Gore with typography?
There are no categories!
With the group Second Land we've just released a recording of #experimental #ambient #electronic #music. Try it out!
Kenneth Goldsmith's talk at MoMA.
Join my thread about digitizing my grandmother's writings on @lifehacker
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
"Lagniappe" is a real word!
When you chart the use of emotional language over time, some interesting meta mood swings become apparent.
Damn toothache. I'm going to bed early.
The Most Commercially Successful Work of Experimental Fiction Ever Written - Of course, I’m describing The...
Photo: visual-poetry: by pete spence from the book »10 poems« (free download)
Video: All bass, kick and snare sounds heard in the video were made by alternating the leaf type, angle,...
1000 Hands.jpg THIS HANDOUT FILE HAS RESTRICTIONS!!! Hands, still from "SAMSARA" a documentary film directed by...
Amazon just acquired Goodreads. Will they run it down like they did to Stanza?
A List Apart: Style Guide
I enjoy peeking at publications' style guides, like this one from A List Apart
Experimental writers at the Baltimore Museum of Art.
Good things are brewing...
This thing is cool.
Let's consider the reason for the season.
What do you get when you combine Frank Zappa with William Burroughs?
Some good, old-fashioned swearing. Perfect for when you can't get your code to validate, or for Monday in general.
A view from the office window. Nice shot, Tony.
Dear everybody, dinosaurs! Sincerely, Dylan.
“Blaster” Al Ackerman died on Sunday. He was a general in Baltimore’s literary avant garde—though it occurs to me...
Campaign Monitor
An open letter to canonical writers: // @mcsweeneys
How I got started with iOS
sad but true
Cool treasure, up from the sea.
Sometimes happiness is a matter of subtraction, not addition.
Want to Be Happier? Stop Doing These 10 Things Right Now
Happiness—in your business life and your personal life—is often a matter of subtraction, not addition. Consider, for example, what happens when you stop doing the following things.
I wrote a new poem called "I'm Sorry It's Been a While but You Know How It Is..."
20 Awesome Examples Of Literary Graffiti
If you accidentally block yr uncle on twitter, use @twitblockapp to get him back! I did.
Today, Infinity's Kitchen has applied to the Library of Congress for an ISSN number. It's not an infinite number...
RIP Blaster Al Ackerman
The Essence of Line - Dates & Venues
We will have a Wikipedian in Residence at the History Museum of Catalonia @mhistoriacat
- Building an RSS feed made simple</a> </dt>
Pachyderm 2.0 via IP address
Standalone Embeded Audio Player
Lean Machine
Basecamp: Infinity's Kitchen
Contribution Payments – Donate Buttons - PayPal
the "rockest" word in the language is "yeah"
Selling Digital Goods Online
I recently wrote an eBook about UI design and needed to find a way to sell it, so I compared five such services: Quixly, FetchApp, Pulley, E-junkie, and Gumroad. I’ll tell you which one I picked at the end… but in the meantime, here are the results of my research.
Introduction to PHP | Codecademy
Oh my god, Google is going to kill the very best web application ever. ARGH!
Google Reader Is Getting Shut Down; Here Are the Best Alternatives
Google announced today that it'll be closing Google Reader's doors on July 1st of this year, meaning you'll need to find a new way to get your news fix.
Chapbook Genius
"Chapbooks are supposed to be fun."
Desktop Image
Running Mac OS X Maintenance Scripts
Second Land
Second Land is an audio/visual collective. We use vintage tape machines, acoustic instruments and electronic devices to create improvisational performances.
If you like experimental, electronic music, check these guys out.
Clean CSS
A few thoughts on building a better #civic #hackathon via @Sharon_Paley:
Introducing David Bowie's final alter-ego
REMINDER: Only two days left to hand in your proposals for the Open Humanities Awards! #digitalhumanities #opendata
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Copy A List Of Files (text) - PCWorld Forums
The subject is rabbit ears: Joel Allegretti talks to Joel Allegretti. Part of The Next Big Thing, a series in...
It's official!
Wanna read something I wrote and got published?
Flashing in the Sun with a Glitter of Knives
An overview of the Futurists by Dylan Kinnett with textart by Alex Masica
An interesting idea for an app.
I'm on the hunt for old magazines and catalogues from the 50s and 60s, especially anything with a mod, vegas or...
who paints what she sees
I dreamed of chopping a tree that would never be felled
Our Work Here is Done - The Web Standards Project
The Web Standards Project is a grassroots coalition fighting for standards which ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all.
Hold on everybody, we're in for a ride!
Dedicated to growing computer programming education
Students should learn to code in every school. #CODE
CityLit Festival
Infinity's Kitchen is setting up a booth at this year's CityLit Festival, April 13 at Baltimore's Enoch Pratt...
MOMA's poet laureate, kenny goldsmith (@kg_ubu)'s "The Uncontested Space of Poetry":
RT @thDigitalReader: Author Beware: New Lit Mags can be risky. Here is some good advice
What the Library of Congress Plans to Do With All Your Tweets: via @Time
Happy Birthday, Mr. Cash.
We're only as smart as we are together.
Introduction to media queries – Part 1: What are media queries? | Adobe Developer Connection
freenode Web IRC
Baltimore is a good city for zines.
On Henry Darger's 15,000-Page Novel
Another new feature at "Anno Domino" by Joel Allegretti is an apocalyptic press release.
New feature at "Nobody Has Liked This Comment Yet" by Peter Mattei shows us that, on...
These days I seem to think about How all the changes came about my ways
if the conductor was also the musical instrument, it might look something like...
A nice elderly woman decided now was the time to... | ATOMBLR
Talking about (not) having a trial is a far cry from bringing criminals to justice, but this is an amusing step in...
In honor of my Doug Kinnett's birthday, I'm posting one of his paintings from Happy...
In honor of my Doug Kinnett's birthday, I'm posting one of his paintings from Happy...
Believe it or not, Vincent Price has become a significant part of my work day.
there were more than 1,000 people at the museum's party last night. fun fun fun!
batch-downloading from Google Drive is also a way to convert from multiple formats into .doc or .rtf or .pdf
Review Of Cross-Browser Testing Tools | Smashing Magazine
To all my insignificant others! Come hang out at this event we're having at the museum. The fluxus dance...
I was expecting a Boehner joke but instead we got a boner joke.
convert csv to wiki table
Dude, You Can Cook!
How To Manage 17 Years Of Bookmarks
Bill Murray was my hero before, and now this?!
This little kid made a cool movie about a bear and a mouse, and how to chase monsters away with cookies. I'll...
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Great interview about the new book by Stephanie M Barber!
toons y'all!
Other Half of Courbet's Infamous "Origin of the World" Discovered in Paris -
Object Display Login
I just voted for @submittable to add 'batch download of accepted submissions' - what do you think?
MLA Writing Format - The MLA-Standard
The Basics: Standard Manuscript Format and Mailing | Brad R. Torgersen
CurrentREADME - persistenturls - README.txt file for the Current PURL server release - Persistent URLs - Google Project Hosting
I'm getting picky with the specific version of Courier that I use for manuscripts. This one strikes my fancy.
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Guidelines for fonts (Windows Store apps) (Windows)
Metro UI CSS
I'll be reading--I haven't decided what yet--at the open mic tonight. If you show up, I'll buy you a drink.
@e_j_hayes OK so it's the musical symbols I need, not so much the notation. This looks good but is it complete?
Does anybody know of a good guide for novices that explains musical notation? Things like "crescendo" and "D.C. al...
RDFa :: HTML5 microdata | Bibliographic Wilderness
The president of kids has an important message for everybody. It's about life, dreams, Michael Jordan, Robert...
I posted a new photo to Facebook
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Writing the Artist Statement
Technology fails me this week. Time to laugh at squirrels.
Boooo! I've just totally hosed the address book in my phone. Send me some sort of private message with your...
The news in full color.
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Implementing Off-Canvas Navigation For A Responsive Website | Smashing Coding
Dad's on the mend today. Thanks for the well-wishes everybody!
I posted a new photo to Facebook
An article about an important exhibition of Renaissance art asks "who's your daddy?"!? But anyway, it's a great...
New web app for creative/design type people to show off their work. Let's see if this is any good?
How to Add a Nook DRM-Removal Plugin to calibre - The Digital Reader
Woody Allen is talking again :(
Road trip planning to @ClevelandArt starts NOW: #museum #musetech #musesocial
Online comments hurt science understanding, study finds
I nominate @walters_museum for a Shorty Award in #art because putting art on Twitter every day makes Twitter better
@Sarah_Stierch works for me. can you browse straight to ?
visual-poetry: “screen” by noah wardrip-fruin (via »new poetry forms«)
I found myself seriously considering a trip to Mars, for a minute there.
HTML5 Microdata and
Nailed it. MT @digitaldigs (digital) humanities and darkness
Bob Dylan's Latest Album Is a Copyright Ploy -
On his 66th birthday, Bowie's first single in 10 years: 'Where Are We Now?' (via @GrantaMag)
This better be good...
@WillNoel @walters_museum @jwyg @WillNoel We should be able to remove the NC rule from the page at as well.
everything writes is in bad English.
"@BaltSunBrk: MARC inaugural trains to D.C. still have seats left" cc @dinahwinnick
New Delicious website looks just like old Facebook! #yawn
My Grandmother’s Writings Part One: “Look at all this paper!”
I've often thought that Wordpress could use a more simple/easy interface. Seems others do too &
I've often thought that Wordpress could use a more simple/easy interface. Seems others do too &
Ryan snuck a photo of me during the last Seltzer reading. Thanks again to Paul Mericle, Wesley Godbout and Kate...
Let's all go look at stuff and take pictures!
Use Drive Mirroring for Instant Backup in Windows 7 - How-To Geek
If ever there was a good reason to scan a picture of yr butt and e-mail it to somebody, it's this:
New website features medieval people goofing off, climbing trees, playing hockey and making out. Enjoy!
Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software
William Shunn : Manuscript Format : Short Story
William Shunn : Manuscript Format : Poem Format
How to Prepare Poetry Manuscript Submissions |
MARC Brunswick Line Schedule
MARC Penn Line Schedule
Proofreader's Marks
Handy one-liners for SED
Discover, Evaluate, and Shop with the Gadget Experts at Retrevo
The Wirecutter
Style Guide-Genre-Rock - The Unofficial Discogs Wiki
Genre list - Spotify
The Tippopotamus: Automatic mp3 genre tagging: is it possible?
The Geekery » Music Organization with QMP - The Geekery
GraphicRiver New Mega Collection 2012 Download All You Want - HeroTurko
Weigh-In: Are personal digital assistants ready for prime-time? #wiredextra
Defining Open Authority – Love this thinking by #GLAM Wikipedian Lori Phillips aka @HstryQT via #mcn2012
#mcn2012: Here's a first look at @mpedson's unforgettable #IgniteMCN talk! (note: just an iphone video :). #glamwiki
For spoken word events in D.C. be sure to visit
Magnus' toys'n'tools
Supercharge your current XBMC installation with XBMC Hub Wizard
getting XBMC set up correctly, and effectively, is a process that can take the better part of a year to learn, understand, and master. That is, until the release of the new XBMC HUB Wizard.
The Criterion Collec...
Geek To Live: Manage your life via SMS
Free Wireframing Kits, UI Design Kits, PDFs and Resources | Smashing Magazine
To mock-up the user interface of a website, software or any other product, you’ll need some basic UI elements. And this is where wireframing kits and UI design kits come in handy. When you want to create a low-fidelity prototype for your projects, you can use these kits to give your idea a certain shape, keeping it abstract and not losing yourself in details.
Template Language: Creating Editable Content Areas |
Writing in a Digital Age
works that deal with fragmentation, that eschew not only a traditional narrative structure but the very idea of a work comprising a single, linear whole — take on a special kind of relevance
Listify - Convert Text to li / option Elements Banana Blues Men's Patton Boot: Categories - Free Overnight Shipping & Return Shipping
AOL Mail
Fuck Yeah, Art History!
Old Spice | Devastating Explosions, at the Touch of a Button
Sending big files the easy way - WeTransfer
Walters Webmail
Is the old "Oregon Trail" video game a fitting source of inspiration for poetry?
Happy 193rd birthday, Walt Whitman!
The Phoenix was a place where avant-garde works of literature could be bought and sold long before they met with...
"museums should make collections freely available online."
In the retrofuture, there would still be newsstands, with magazines, whose covers would look like so:
Looking to conduct some literary experiments this weekend? Here's a great list of examples to get you started....
cows + beer = party!
international exchange for poetic invention - International Exchange for Poetic Invention is a multilanguage...
In poetry, open source is not a new thing at all. Neither is collaboration a new thing.
Flarf and the prospect of open source poetry - In poetry, open source is not a new thing at all. Neither is...
Empty plinth and blank piece of paper to feature in exhibition of invisible art
Invisible art, you say?
Dylan Kinnett's Photos
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Infinity’s Kitchen no. 5 – INFINITY'S KITCHEN
What's in the latest issue of Infinity's Kitchen? What kinds of people write this stuff, anyway? Well it's a good...
It is a sad day when a museum dies.
Free at last!
Only one month until the opening of the "open source" exhibition I've been working on! @walters_museum #musesocial
Pictures of original futurist manifestos, from the avant-garde museum website.
Software developer revives debate about whether journalists should learn to code | Poynter.
Video: A collaboration between choreographer Jonah Bokaer, and video artist Michael Cole that has been...
Graphic Text Readings
This reading list offeres a survey of various different kinds of “graphic texts”
Photo: from Veil (1976) by Charles Bernstein. Available as a .pdf—>
sheep != goat
A Miniature City Built with Metal Typography | Colossal
Photo: poetsorg:
Clockwork Orange is 50 now.
@walters_museum crowd-curated "Public Property" exhibition invites you make/change it #artstech #musesocial
Technical Manifesto of Futurist Literature - The Technical Manifesto of Futurist Literature is now one...
2,500 ppl asked Sotheby's to sign a fair contract w/ their art handlers!! Now lets get @metmuseum to sign!
an abandoned semaphore, signifying nothing, to nobody.
"It matters little if the deformed word becomes ambiguous. It will marry itself to the onomatopoetic..."
RT a fungus that eats plastic @mashable
The new issue is out now. Get your copy today.
There's a lot of gripe about how "you can't hear the quality" with MP3s, as opposed to other formats, vinyl. etc....
"Please don't go. We'll eat you up. We love you so."
The blog is moving over to Tumblr. Submissions are welcome!
The blog is moving over to Tumblr. Submissions are welcome!
Are you on Tumblr? Well, I am now.
Are you on Tumblr? Well, I am now.
Photo: visual-poetry:
Video: This video, by Tamara Connolly was done for a motion graphics class in the SVA MFA Design program....
Photo: Mic check. 1… 2…
Jack Kerouac’s List of 30 Beliefs and Techniques for Prose and Life
Annotation: Uncertified Copies: On Samizdat
While production remained plural and anonymous, the samizdat object was individualized: Each copy of a copy bears a record of its life among readers.
Support experimental music. Enjoy the festival!
Translated... sorta.
Here's a press release about the new issue. Do you know anybody who might be interested in blogging about it?
"All in Time" is a fascinating audio collage, about time.
Weighing in at more than 100 pages, this is the largest edition of Infinity's Kitchen ever.
The Walters Donates More Than 19,000 Freely-licensed Images to Wikimedia #musesocial #artstech
Abstraction and paranoia are just the surface of this grotesque piece. Squint your eyes, for the surprise!
Twitter is for talking Bieber fever, and for this poem.
Nothing says "infinity" quite like a large number of ampersands.
New online feature: a concrete palindrome.
The Italian Futurist Book
"I initiate a typographical revolution aimed at the bestial, nauseating idea of the book of passéist and D'Annunzian verse, on seventeenth Century handmade paper bordered with helmets, Minervas, Apollos, elaborate red initials, vegetables, mythological missal ribbons, epigraphs, and roman numerals. The book must be the Futurist expression of our Futurist thought. My revolution is aimed at the so-called typographical harmony of the page, which is contrary to the flux and reflux, the leaps and bursts of style that run through the page. On the same page, therefore, we will use three or four colors of ink, or even twenty different typefaces if necessary. For example: italics for a series of similar or swift sensations, boldface for violent onomatopoeias, and so on. With this typographical revolution and this multicolored variety in the letters I mean to redouble the expressive force of words."
Now here's a tasty recipe for you to enjoy.
Driverless cars aren't as cool as flying cars, but whatever.
They're building things in Detroit again.
This looks like a good and useful book.
Mutant tacos?! Oh you know I'm gonna go learn about this.
hey librarians, there's a library job open at Bowie State.
The latest issue of Infinity's Kitchen is available now. Please, buy a copy and support this exciting project of...
It's finally ready! Infinity's Kitchen no. 5 is available for sale online today.
It's The Bard's birthday.
@Walters_Museum online collection built with @fastspot has been honored by the #Webbys #artstech #musesocial
@TEDHelp are you able to get the audio+video tracks synced up for opening night? #TEDxSummit thanks!
dinosaur coin that glows in the dark? yes, please.
For more about college students and their ironic complaints about oppression, we turn to...
I found the easter egg on It's a small lap dog.
I found the easter egg on It's a small lap dog.
Where were you a year ago today? Join me in finding out →
Architectures of Possibility: An Interview with Lance Olsen | HTMLGIANT
One of our hackathon #mw2012 apps is live, feel free to play around :) ! /cc @MWhackathon @q42
Zine Arcade 4 (2012) is edited by Andrew Owen Johnston. It features the work of 18 self-publishers from around...
I found the best egg.
awww. a furry dinosaur.
An overview of my day, today.
I bow to the digital imaging kung-fu of this master. I bow again!
The mysterious voynich manuscript is mysterious.
Faux Real!
Something I intuited early in life, confirmed in quotes by an Astrophysicist.
If you get spam from do not sign up. I fell for it! :(
For an essay I'm writing about Futurism, I'm making a Pinterest board
Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt dedicates data collection to #publicdomain via #CC0!
No, sir. YOU'RE an idiot!
a recipe for moss graffiti
Some Friday inspiration
[untitled] has annoyingly complex social features. Where's the "friend" button? Why doesn't address import work?
A few words in response to the Trayvon Martin case.
New fiction by Patrick J. Tumblety
New poetry by Jacob Russell
eye yam iron mahn!
I'd never get a tattoo, but if I did...
I'd never get a tattoo, but if I did...
New dinosaurs!
Launched by Neville Brody and Jon Wozencroft in 1991, FUSE was the ground-breaking publication that took design...
Gerunds suck.
The English Language is completely insane. Let's face it.
"Creativity takes courage" -Henri Matisse
An Essay/Manifesto by Satnrose
When a carpenter's sawin' on a piece of wood, Don't you be braggin' that you also could! He might hand you his...
Happy birthday to the oldest .com site on the internet. It's 27 years old, today.
Who wants to go see PSYCHO with me?
If they had shown me THIS in school, I would understand pi!...
Thirty papers on Dada, Surrealism & Futurisms:
... in which I rant and rave about blogs and microblogs and tumblogs and on and on...
"Flockophobic Press productions challenge our customary notions of the book as a material entity: it published...
Here, they argue: "what is experimental fiction" which begs the question "what IS experimental fiction?" What do...
100+ recordings from a 1990s reading series in NYC at the Ear Inn
"A Humument: A treated Victorian novel" is an altered book by British artist Tom Phillips, first published in 1970.
Did you know the median length of a book is 64,000 words? Some useful stats:
"We’ll come to understand that no work, no idea, stands alone, but that all good, true and beautiful things are...
New writing by Mike Sauve
28 Handy CSS Cheat Sheets for Designers
The most amazing mustache!
Only one week left to enter our flash fiction contest judged by Roxane Gay (@rgay):
Should Baltimore combine its museums?
"The Apple TV part of today’s Apple event was a bit of a bummer." Where Is Steve Jobs’s Magical TV? #ipadhd
Let's go surfin' now everybody's learnin' how come on and safari with me
My dad has a new show of his paintings going up. You should go see it!
Baltime is where NY's art goes... to die? to keep living?
I promise this voting will be more fun and fair than in Russia.
And now, for more on the upcoming Mayan Apocalypse, we turn to...
Does anybody have a "whole thing" anyway?
to build a google search engine just for your site: #webwise
asemic script that crosses between calligraphic and typographic styles
Litmus Press | Aufgabe 10 Excerpt
"Headlines" is a series of video poems, 3 words or less by @LesserGonzalez
Library helps residents change city history on Wikipedia | #glamwiki
Library helps residents change city history on Wikipedia | #glamwiki
Wow: "Kickstarter Expects to Provide More Funding Than the National Endowment for the Arts This Year" #crowdfunding
I like how proud @ICAPhiladelphia is of their free admission.
@josemariapuerta a lively talk about the #hypertext question on slashdot today
This new website will play, or make cut-ups out of audio files stored in the extensive Pennsound archives.
Normally I hate this stuff but... that guy Gordon Ramsey is gonna go to Cafe' Hon to give the place a good, solid...
"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." #quoteoftheday
horse. horse. horse. horse. horse.
It's friday. Time for some devastating explosions!!!
@eastgate not the whole response, but perhaps a start?
Have you tried the new art voting game? It's lots of fun, and it helps decide what goes in that exhibition I'm...
Does hypertext literature age faster than its printed counterparts, or does it just need/predate web standards?
Japanese Fart Scrolls Are the Best Scrolls
A video tour of that warehouse crazy building where I used to live.
A video tour of that warehouse crazy building where I used to live.
Remember Zork? Well, if not, here's a great way to experience the joys of interactive fiction, and now it's easy!
Need an arts space in DC? Try the online art space finder. What a good idea!
Happy Presidents Day!
Is Celebrity News like Pizza Dipped In Honey?
Is Celebrity News like Pizza Dipped In Honey?
= Narrative Science: a bot that combs social networks and writes journalism with the results
Function vs format, by John Naughton /Memex 1.1
work up a police-style composite sketch from a literary description and what do you get?
Vote for the art that will be in exhibition at @walters_museum. It's easy and fun! #artstech
Hey friends! Try this fun picture voting game we made. You get to pick out the art for this summer's exhibition!...
A preview of new work, coming soon from Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez.
This guy tames tigers because he is grrrrr.
Meetings are where work goes to die.
The Getty Museum has a new director but an old problem
Well it's Sex Pistols for Valentines Day this year.
A new fiction feature is online at Infinity's Kitchen magazine
RT @glamwiki: Photos from our ongoing weekend at GLAMcamp DC #glamwiki
Awesome tale of historical fraud: portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln deemed a hoax.
Did you know that Zotero will generate Wikipedia citations for you? #glamwiki
Neato! This is the room I'm in right now at the National Archives in DC #glamwiki
checking in at WIKI GLAM camp :)
Today's theme song is...
Hey DC people! I'll be in DC this weekend and I need to know... is there a way to get to an Apple Store via the...
If you like shamanism, spirit animals, llamas, drums, flutes, complicated calendars or any of that awesome stuff,...
Kristin N. McWharter’s "Pennies" is a collection of brief and focused vignettes.
Happy birthday, Gertrude Stein. It is your birthday, Gertrude Stein.
It's Groundhog Day, again.
Julliard Pays Tribute To Composer John Cage
I just put some finishing touches on an interesting Google Earth project.
Every day should be Orwell Day. Here are some rules, but the entire essay is great. Never use a metaphor,...
uh... oh. plutonium.
The least populated country on Earth. Who's with me!
Looking At and Looking Through: Futurism, Dada, and Concrete Poetry
Rhizome is blogging artworks that are written, or "wordworks".
I got a little write-up in this piece by Urbanite Magazine. It's about the exhibition. Thanks, Baynard.
Man Ray’s Avant-Garde Portraits of Famous Friends
RiTa - software toolkit for generative literature
RiTa is an easy-to-use natural language library that provides simple tools for experimenting with generative literature. The philosophy behind the API is to be as simple and intuitive as possible, while still providing adequate flexibility for more advanced users.
End Piracy, Not Liberty – Google
At the end of 2011, many important statistics were published. This one, too.
Ask not "apocalypse now?" ask "apocalypse how?"
Time to start collaging, everybody. James Joyce's works have entered the public domain (mostly).
Looks like #Wikipedia will be unavailable on Wednesday in protest of the #SOPA bill proposed in Congress
"‎”We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” - Martin Luther King, Jr."
Maybe she's born with it. Uh... No.
Experimental sound poetry by J.D. Nelson. Download the album for free.
The covers of old atari games, slightly altered
The 11 Best Art and Design Books of 2011
Dave Eggers publishes A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Shower Curtain.
Napkin Ghost... Will GET You! ...
The first HTML5 scroll-activated digital comic book
Great list of new(ish) books on digital culture.
I want to thank all my friends who voted on the theme of this summer's upcoming exhibition, "Public Property." In...
"we do very good work, when we don't know what we're doing."
Guy Laramee is a visual wordsmith
A tiny little book.
YAAAAAAAAY! Pinball museum opens this month! YAAAAAY
Here's my newest short story via @jottify
peace out, 2011! and don't come back!
No really, people. Vote for this exhibition thing I'm doing. It's really, really important to me!
I heard that when they had this party last year, it was a total blow out!
Woody Guthrie's New Years resolutions 1942
The exhibition I'm working on has progressed to level two! For this part, people get to vote on what will be the...
Happy Christmas. War is over.
What is Generative Art? A 7-Minute PBS Micro-Documentary
the bleed 0.2: asemic writing
ho ho ho and ha ha ha.
Hey friends! For the exhibition I'm working on, we're inviting people to build their own online collections....
You become the curator. By creating your own collections, you are helping the The Walters Art Museum put together...
"cemented." clever.
Kindle formatting for web geeks | A ton of useful information about screenwriting from screenwriter John August
processed live video from the QVC shopping channel.
I ride and I ride.
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Nation's 10-Year-Old Boys: 'If You See Someone Raping Us, Please Call The Police'
For God's sake, PETA. You're making it very difficult for me to take you seriously anymore.
"consider the argument, not the arguer." Those who say otherwise are probably trying to manipulate you.
Tools for change.
Out Of The Blocks: 3300 Greenmount
My big reading is tomorrow night. You should see this!
American Internet Censorship is Real and Happening -- Stop it!
The end? Or the next phase? Police Begin Clearing Zuccotti Park of Protesters
Manage Redbubble Works
Hey you! I'll bet you wanna look at some cool art and have some fun this weekend. Well, then do THIS! Let me know...
Study debunks myths on organic farms
Dead muppets :(
My return to the stage has been rescheduled. Come see it!
xkcd: Correlation
Andy Rooney, on being a writer.
Recipe for the ultimate horoscope: take the text of all horoscopes and average them. What would it say?
In science, experiments are conducted, either for theoretical or applied science. In literature, is it all...
Is Experimenal Lit All Academic?
The eggheads kidnapped the most popular of artforms, locked in the proverbial ivory tower until it withered, and have virtually eliminated from mainstream readership.
Submissions are now closed for Infinity's Kitchen no. 5. Anything accepted next will be for no. 6. Thanks for all...
This thing reminds me of Tim Burton movies.
They typeset a "frankenfont" version of "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley—(RT @derekbeaulieu): 1) 2)
They typeset a "frankenfont" version of "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley—(RT @derekbeaulieu): 1) 2)
A useful guide to the jargon used in museums and galleries.
@walters_museum lets you download thousands of art images. Great for computer wallpapers. :) #artstech
grOnk magazine: third series, issue 1 1969 (part 4)
@eastgate really, no comment on ? Inquiring minds wanna know :) #hypertext
Lost & Found: The Secrets of Archimedes at the Walters opens October 16
"journalism" is irrelevant. RT @OccupyBaltimore:"young activist challenges the media" Umar Farooq's letter to The Sun.
RT @Kippelboy: Archives of American Art Contributes Photo Collection to Wikimedia Commons thx to @Sarah_Stierch #glamwiki
@walters_museum makes 10,000 images downloadable for free, w/o copyright restrictions.
Transport Workers Union stands up for Occupy Wall St: Refuses to bus the arrested
What is Corporate Personhood and why does #OccupyDC want to repeal it? #occupyBaltimore
Crowdsource Your Book with Pubslush: The People's Publisher check out social publishing platform @pubslush #publishing
in his lifetime he wrote (somewhere between) poetry, novels, short fiction, children’s books, musical scores, comic book art, collage/assemblage, and computer texts. Nichol was also an inveterate collaborator, working with the sound poetry ensemble The Four Horsemen (whose members were Nichol, Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Paul Dutton, and Steve McCaffery); Steve McCaffery as part of the Toronto Research Group (TRG); the visual artist Barbara Caruso; and countless other writers
How our online connectivity is making us better human beings
How to write flarf
What is flarf poetry? Where did it come from? How do you make it?
To translate a box of scrawl and doodles from French to English; from box to book a designer invented "typotranslation"
They made musical instruments out of old library cards
Um, @walters_museum's new collection site is GORGEOUS.
Mummy and Painted Cartonnage of an Unknown Woman: via @walters_museum
[untitled] it is kind of amazing that we don't teach kids how to code. If your world only comes ready-made you lack power.
.@leverus on the book as a non-linear reading experience: (cf. @errolmorris: )
.@leverus on the book as a non-linear reading experience: (cf. @errolmorris: )
= before laptops, this is what student notebooks looked like
Interview, John Houck for @Triple_Canopy about "Annotations", which shows all possible permutations of 2-color grid
We would like to cover the following topics: The ___(noun)____ of __(noun)_____ Four _____(noun pl.)___ ___(verb) ____ to the ___(pun)____ ____(verb) ___ and ___(verb)____. We welcome submissions of 500-1500 words related to the above and sometimes---but not necessarily---to art.
Atlas Press
"Atlas Press specialises in extremist and avant-garde prose writing from the 1890s to the present day. We are the largest publisher in English of books on Surrealism and have an extensive list relating to Dada, Expressionism, the Oulipo, the College of ’Pataphysics, among others."
Les Figues Press: Press/Media
Journalistic press, reviews and blogger commentary about various works of experimental literature
Les Figues Press: Belief
aesthetic essays from the authors published by Les Figues Press
Les Figues Press
"Les Figues Press creates aesthetic conversations between Writers/Artists and readers, especially those interested in innovative/experimental/avant-garde work. The Press intends in the most premeditated fashion to champion the trinity of Beauty, Belief, and Bawdry."
fugue state press
"We publish novels. To us, the long form of a novel, in which everything is said, can have an emotional impact only matched by the other large forms: film, opera, symphony, epic. So for fifteen years we've published ambitious innovative novels of a high literary quality. Our novels tend to be unusual--singular, eccentric, impractical, emotional, visionary. They are also "experimental" in the sense that any good art is experimental. It comes down to one person looking for truth."
Exact Change
"Exact Change publishes books of experimental literature with an emphasis on Surrealism, Dada, Pataphysics, and other nineteenth and twentieth century avant-garde art movements. Exact Change authors include Guillaume Apollinaire, Louis Aragon, Antonin Artaud, John Cage, Leonora Carrington, Giorgio de Chirico, Salvador Dalí, Morton Feldman, Alice James, Alfred Jarry, Franz Kafka, Lautréamont, Gérard de Nerval, Fernando Pessoa, Raymond Roussel, Philippe Soupault, Gertrude Stein, Stefan Themerson, Denton Welch, and Unica Zürn. Many Exact Change titles were originally published by larger houses, especially in the 1960s, but had more recently been left out of print; some were previously published in the U.K. but not in North America; others are new publications initiated by Exact Change. But in all cases these are books that we believe should be kept available always. We think of our list as a looking-glass version of the Penguin Classics or the Library of America"
experimental literature magazine, - new issue out now.
A year of Zipcar for $30, with some driving credit? Hell yes!
I'm looking for an intern, either this fall or this spring. Please help spread the word.
RT @khoi DC unveils 52 new logos. Comic books have never been a source of sterling typography, but this is just a wasteland.
RT @walters_museum An #earthquake is caused by a giant catfish who lives underground, according to Japanese legends.
RT @alienated = James Joyce's Useless, and other altered book covers
The New Manifesto of the NewLights Press is printed an unlimited edition, but that edition will be comprised of successive iterations, each of those iterations being different versions of a single book. The different iterations will not be simply re-designed or re-edited versions of the same text/book, but will be entire re-visionings, based on what has been done before, and always looking forward to what could be done in the future. The book will be a literalization and activation of the reality of the text-in-flux, always immanent, always imminent. So each iteration is the same book. So each iteration is a new book. So The New Manifesto of the NewLights Press will be continually new continually.
Columbia University Press » Blog Archive » Uncreative Writing in American Book Review
American Book Review devoted a recent issue to uncreative writing, which they are offering for free on Project Muse. In his article, Uncreative Writing: What Are You Calling Art, Doug Nufer introduces the issue and defines uncreative writing as a subset of conceptual writing.
Coming soon to print: Infinity's Kitchen no. 4. Come hell or high water!
Bid on Penny Auctions.
More newspaper FAIL.
DIY toaster?
DIY toaster?
My friend +William Martin has written an exciting superhero book. Give it a read!
RT @eastgate RT @scottros: This NYT op-ed on "What happened to Obama" is pretty powerful stuff. Worth the time. Wish it
Hey @walters_museum, there's a list on @klout and you're on it! Join me and check it out!
“Our notions of experiment are pretty much stuck on the surface of the page”:
the role of the author and its relationship to experimental literature.
Rhizome | Upcoming Deadlines
Rhizome | Announce: BOOKLET Library Open Call (artzines & booklets)
Rhizome | Announce: P O N D - shortform text publication
Rhizome | Announce: Call for Writers Submission - Water's Edge
Rhizome | Announce: a glimpse of / a periodical network
Social media/Web Guidelines and Strategy Worksheets |
The following strategy worksheets and guidelines were developed by Enterprise Technology and Local History Services at the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) as templates for use by other history organizations. The guidelines were created both from experiences here at MHS and by glomming good ideas from the guidelines of others around the web. Read more: Social media/Web Guidelines and Strategy Worksheets |
We, the Fluxus artists of the 21st century have taken these words to heart. We are Fluxus and we are making Fluxus work.
It’s not a genre, “experimental fiction.
It’s not a genre: ‘experimental fiction.’ The kind of experimental writer I care about is not the kind who sits down intending to write ‘experimentally’ so he can be part of some hipster crowd.
Here is some contrapuntal #poetry It can be read several ways.
"It’s modern art’s job to destroy everything that came before it." —John Waters on Cy Twombly:
Infinity's Kitchen by Dylan Kinnett — Kickstarter via @kickstarter
Today I went on & searched “ninjas”. The computer told me “Ninjas cannot be found”. Well played, ninjas, well played.
Oxford U drops Oxford comma. Writers feel confused, sad and liberated. How do you feel?
"Veil" by Charles Bernstein is freely downloadable (PDF):
Whoever talked back to the Special K lady poster: I salute you sir or madam. via @twitpic
My favorite writing surface is dead. Long live my favorite writing surface?
William S. Burroughs even wore that suit of his to the beach.
RT @davegray: Infoposters Are Not Infographics: A Comparison
Happy Bloomsday!
RT @eBookNewser: Holding a virtual book club? Skype to launch iPad app
This Book helps you to move into the Digital era of awesomeness. Download it for free:
They publish a letter sent from the Campbell Soup Company to Andy Warhol—(RT @alienated):
"I don’t look at the clouds of tomorrow through the sunshine of today." - Mick Jagger
Ai Weiwei, prominent Chinese artist, is finally released
= The history of the fallout shelter sign
✩ An interactive map! Rollovers! But when it came to content strategy, no one was in charge.
Codex: the journal of typography
type design, from top typography experts.
T.S. Eliot scored the top grossing book iPad app this week. Hope it's a trend:
Alternative Traditions in the Contemporary Arts
a complex body of contemporary artifacts and documentation spanning such phenomena as Fluxus, event arts and happenings, book works and visual poetry, artists' video, correspondence art, conceptual art, performance relics, and artists' papers, the collection is similar in kind to holdings housed at the Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities and the Museum of Modern Art, among others.
Help choose the first photo for the new Baltimore Sun dining blog #baltimorediner
An Insider’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette
'Dies: A Sentence' by Vanessa Place is an entire novel written with a single sentence.
Less Framework 4
Less Framework is a CSS grid system for designing adaptive web­sites. It contains 4 layouts and 3 sets of typography presets, all based on a single grid.
WordPress › Yoko « Free WordPress Themes
A responsive layout optimizes the theme for mobile devices like tablet pcs and smartphones (the layout switches to a two- or one-column layout depending on the screen size the theme is viewed on). To make your blog post more flexible you can use different kinds of post formats such as gallery, image, video, aside, link or quotes.
Embracing the digital book — Craig Mod
An essay about digital readers, e-books, and one designer's roadmap for where they ought to go.
HyperPo: Choice of Text
powerful tool for word frequency, etc.
Voyeur Tools: Reveal Your Texts
measures word frequency, builds word clouds
Transliteracies » Text Analysis Tools
a list of various tools for text analysis
Text analysis, wordcount, keyword density analyzer, prominence analysis
a tool to measure readability, word count, character count and phrase frequency within a text.
Parts-of-speech tags used by the Brown Corpus
this is a key to the parts-of-speech tags.
LingPipe Part-of-Speech
Use this tool to tag every word in a text, according to its part of speech (noun, verb, etc)
What's actually going on, on the internet lately?
Cinco Poemas Concretos
Audiovisual adaptations of the concrete poems “Cinco” by José Lino Grunewald (1964), “Velocidade” by Ronald Azeredo (1957), “Cidade” by Augusto de Campos (1963), “Pêndulo” by E.M. de Melo e Castro (1961/62), and “O Organismo” by Décio Pignatari (1960). Director: Christian Caselli.
RT @BaltimoreMD Lord Henry Baltimore, Vampire Killer? Sure.
Letters as Art
The essence of lettrisme is, well, the letter. Its founder, Isidore Isou, believed that poetry must be deconstructed, down to its most basic element, a single letter.
0 TO 9: The Complete Magazine
From 1967 to 1969, Vito Acconci & Bernadette Mayer collected the works of the some of the most exciting artists and writers for their mimeographed magazine, 0 TO 9. Robert Barry, Ted Berrigan, Clark Coolidge, John Giorno, Dan Graham, Michael Heizer, Kenneth Koch, Sol LeWitt, Jackson Mac Low, Harry Mathews, Adrian Piper, Bern Porter, Yvonne Rainer, Jerome Rothenberg, Aram Saroyan, Robert Smithson, Alan Sondheim, Hannah Weiner, and Emmett Williams, among others, were contributors.
Patrick LeMieux - The Logic of Sensuality
This work of electronic writing attempts a close reading technique which promotes ethical viewership in response to Anna Kell's paintings. Working through both Alain Badiou and Gilles Deleuze's ethics, I map a pattern from Marcel Duchamp to Kell and produce an artwork (this essay) emblematic of my subject position
Adding a Slideshow of your photos to a blog post in Wordpress. « Technogran's tittle tattle
Wordpress Slideshows and Galleries
the book “Indomitable” by my friend W.A. Martin
This looks like a great book -- "Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing (Avant-Garde & Moderism.)"
Check out Art & Artists, the new beta site for the Tate collection: #mw2011
#mw2011 here's info from a similar conference u might could use
Take a listen to the album, "Strange Punctuation" It is experimental music: ambient, electronic, spoken word
The Walters Art Museum admin
Fastspot: Projects
Virtual EMS: Event Management Software
Object Display Admin
Website overview for
Tip/Trick: Url Rewriting with ASP.NET - ScottGu's Blog
ASP.NET Essential Training - Online Training Library -
Creating a PayPal Payment Form - Nettuts+
HTML Variables for Website Payments Standard - PayPal
Painless Bug Tracking - Joel on Software
Visual Basic .NET syntax reference
Brooklyn Museum: Community: [email protected] » Brooklyn Museum API: the iPhone app
edit photo for web store item
Google Analytics
Japanese Cloisonné Enamels from the Stephen W. Fisher Collection. An Exhibition at the Walters Art Museum.
The Museum of Online Museums | MoOM
Tips For Coding HTML Email | Web Design Blog: Web Design & Innovation in web standards : Viget Labs
Walter Wick: Games, Gizmos and Toys in the Attic | An Exhibition at the Walters Art Museum
A List Apart: Articles: In Search of the Holy Grail
Humanities 2.0: Giving Literature Virtual Life
What is Experimental Literature? {Five Questions: Susan Steinberg} -
What is Experimental Literature?
Experimental writing, as a category or concept, seems fraught with widespread confusion and misunderstanding.  How exactly would you describe “experimental writing”?  Or, to borrow a question from Kate Sutherland, “What’s Experimental about Experimental Writing?”
Zexee: A Free Sexy WordPress Theme! | The Design Superhero
Life is short. You should squeeze in a Phil Collins reference whenever you can.
the origin of the term “dirty concrete poetry” (en route to digital D.I.Y.)
@TerryDassow Speaking of teaching #hypertext:
Kimono Cowboy.
Book Lovers Fear Dim Future for Notes in the Margins -
Axe Cop
A comic book written by a 5 year old and drawn by a pro. It is seriously awesome!
Escaping the Prison House of Language: New Media Essays in the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2 » Scott Rettberg
Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two
The Walters Museum seeks to hire a new director of marketing and communications.
Google Art Project offers gigapixel images of art classics, 'indoor' Street View of museums -- Engadget
Google's been hard at work over the past 18 months on something not many of us have been paying attention to lately: art. Specifically, the search giant has hooked up with 17 art museums around the world to offer tours of their internal galleries, using its familiar Street View tricycles, while also doing high-res images of 1,061 artworks that may be viewed on the newly launched Art Project web portal. Also there, you will find 17 special gigapixel images -- 7,000-megapixel versions of each participating venue's proudest possession.
RT @walters_museum View medieval reliquaries in 3D!
@austinkleon is my favorite blogger right now. Look at
WordPress SEO - Yoast
definitive guide to blog SEO
Starkers » Portfolio » Elliot Jay Stocks
free, bare-bones starting block of a WordPress theme
Big Cartel Tour
Big Cartel is where artists set up shop. We provide clothing designers, bands, jewelry makers, crafters, and other artists with their own customizable store to sell their stuff online.
minimal theme for a photoblog.
I love this! - Publishing The Future of Literature
BookThug's editorial vision is to enrich and advance the tradition of experimental literature. All manuscripts are evaluated for their artistic merit and their ability to continue the 'conversation' about experimental literature. In other words, every manuscript must display an awareness of the intellectual and artistic tradition which preceded it, while then stretching the concepts further, responding to today's philosophical, scientific, political, and aesthetic environment.
@TerryDassow Need hypertext examples? Have you seen this?
ePub Reader Software
comprehensive review of software that can read electronic books published in the epub format. sadly, other formates are ignored. typography and user interface are largely overlooked here, too. Still, a very useful review.
Digital eBook Readers - Read your EPUB books on the iPad, Sony Reader, Blackberry, iPhone and many others | - Unleash Your Books
Experimental Women in Flux
Fluxus exhibitions, critical writing, and experimental magazines.
#createbmore I love "literature after the book"
Wow. Check out! Conceived and born in the last few minutes at #CreateBmore
HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet - Nihilogic
cheat sheet for the new HTML5 CANVAS element.
Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers...
RT @walters_museum Has the internet changed the way we (don't really) talk about art (anymore)?
Photo: Miss America 1922
RT Andy Warhol Museum is hiring a new cataloger! Talk about an awesome, awesome job!
Experimental Review
This is a blog crafted in order to allow for writers of experimental, surreal, absurd, bizarre, and any other genre that does not have a lot of publicity, to post their writings and receive critiques in exchange for critiques.
Technically, It's Not My Fault: Concrete Poems
The illustrations and type fonts that Grandits use to enhance his poems are kid-friendly and dynamic. Reading the poems requires the reader to turn the book in all directions increasing the actual fun of reading. The family squabbles and the sibling rivalry ring true and young people will relate. In a poem titled “How We Ended Up with a Plain Pizza,” shows type running along the outside circle of the pizza with the line, “All right, all right! We’ll order pizza.
Moving Poems | The best video poetry on the web.
This is an on-going anthology of the best videopoems, filmpoems, animated poems, and other poetry videos from around the web, appearing at a rate of one every weekday most weeks.
#poetrythursday "For this beauty / beauty without strength / chokes out life." -- H.D.
I just found this new fundraising "micropayments" website. It's called Flattr. Have you ever used it?
(Visual) Poet | John Moore Williams
Experimental & Visual Poet. Typographer.
The Last Vispo » About the Anthology
The Last Vispo Anthology extends the dialectic between art and literature that began with the concrete poetry movement fifty years ago. Rather than settling into predictable unchallenged patterns, this vibrant poetry is seizing new tools to grow the body of work inhabiting the borderlands of visual art and poetry.
Performative Utterance
it is a sentence which is not true or false but instead 'happy' or 'unhappy', and which is uttered in the performance of an illocutionary act, rather than used to state something
Archimedes' Claw
Archimedes Home Page
This site is a collection of Archimedean miscellanea
Generative Content Creation
These exercises and reading list provide an introduction to existing genres, theoretical background of multimedia research, and state-of-the-art in generative processes as it is applied to the arts, literature and media
At Brooklyn's Underground Library, art converges with printed word
Last year, the mysterious 'underground librarians' (who wish to remain anonymous) started turning their creations into handmade books and distributing them in an original way. Anyone who signed up to be a member of what they called the Underground Library would receive a book from an unknown source, for reading and passing along
Call for Papers: Experimental Writing and Aesthetics
Panels are now forming on topics related to Experimental Writing and Aesthetic
Divergence Fine Art: Baltimore's contemporary and commercial art gallery
Divergence Fine Art is a unique business venture that connects clients with artists, artists with galleries, and galleries with clients. Our mission is to assist, guide, inform, educate, excite and inspire. Functioning as both a consulting business and pop-up gallery, DFA breaks the boundaries of the traditional art world.
A brief summary of videopoetry
Videopoetry is a genre of poetry displayed on a screen, distinguished by its time-based, poetic juxtaposition of text with images and sound. In the measured blending of these 3 elements, it produces in the viewer the realization of a poetic experience.
Poetry's Latest Battleground: Flarf
painting and even music have seen dramatic post-modern upheavals, much of poetry printed in popular magazines can be mainstream: non-alienating, often easy to parse and respectful of meter and even rhyme. A small group of poets hopes to change that.
Font Management Solution: Bitstream Font Navigator
AAAARG is a conversation platform - at different times it performs as a school, or a reading group, or a journal. AAAARG was created with the intention of developing critical discourse outside of an institutional framework. But rather than thinking of it like a new building, imagine scaffolding that attaches onto existing buildings and creates new architectures between them.
Writing Encounters | Curating the encounter between writing and performance | - A Perverse Library | 2010-09-05
the exhibition will be the first of its kind in the UK, and will show works by a generation of artists who have sought a radical reconsideration of the relationship between literature and the visual arts.
Ooh. Firefox for iphone!
49.1757: Figurine ("Okimono") of a Lion with a Ball by Anonymous (Japanese)
A Roundup of Constrained Writing on the Web
The interest in hypertextuality, combinative engines, and automatic production of texts by computers always appeared obvious for Oulipians - members of The Workshop for Potential Literature - all writers of literatures with constraints. If, at the beginning, they did not have the standard hardware to carry out their projects, they traced the way, proposing examples, assembling specifications, producing working schemes so that these projects could exist potentially.
The Tapeworm Foundry by Darren Wershler-Henry
The Tapeworm Foundry is a single unpunctuated sentence of proposals that lists a variety avant-garde projects linked only by the seemingly innocuous, but progressively more imperative-sounding, "andor."
Experimental Women in Flux
Experimental works by women that form part of the newly acquired Silverman Fluxus Collection Reference Library. With a focus on artists’ books, event scores, exhibition catalogues, periodicals, and examples of the alternative press, the exhibition includes publications by Alison Knowles, Takako Saito, Mieko Shiomi, Yoko Ono, Dorothy Iannone, and others.
Do You Know - This is a comic by Dina Kelberman. She has other comics featured in the fourth issue of InfinityR
on hulu: Night Gallery - s2 | e20 - You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore/Sins Of The Fathers
Visual Poetry by Maximus - Hidden within these texts are the instructions for making perfumes, and for advancing thr...
on hulu: Ground Control - Jack Harris was the best air traffic controller in the business, until one plane crash cos...
Links for 2010-08-01 [] - 50 Ways to Retell a Story: Cinderella The book is based on the work of OULIPO, ...
Not Content [] - Not Content is a series of text projects curated by Les Figues Press at Los Angeles Cont...
Not Content: Performance 2 [] - Performance 2 represented a sort of culmination of three text-based, visu...
worth reading: Radio Web MACBA
worth reading: Fwd: [Fluxus] Live Coding Performance in Brussels: call for ...
worth reading: McSweeney's mix CD for the Obama era - My uncle Steve hates Barack Obama. There, I’ve said it: I’ve r...
worth reading: experimental comics: about the concrete comics anthology
worth reading: Experimental revival ? -        If sex scares them off (see above), then perhaps it's time to turn ex...
AVANT Podcast of Avant-Garde Music from Spain [] - From the most academic electoacoustics to industrial m...
experimental comics: about the concrete comics anthology []
is experimental fiction making a comeback? [] - Perhaps it's time to turn experimental: in The Obser...
Not Content: Performance 2
Performance 2 represented a sort of culmination of three text-based, visual, conceptual writing projects that developed within the gallery space, all with the input of visitors.
Not Content
Not Content is a series of text projects curated by Les Figues Press at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE). Not Content investigates the ways in which language functions within public and private spheres and within the tenuous and transitory space between these real and imagined realms.
is experimental fiction making a comeback?
Perhaps it's time to turn experimental: in The Observer 'William Skidelsky looks at the 'resurgence of literary experimentation', in Experimental fiction: is it making a comeback ?
AVANT Podcast of Avant-Garde Music from Spain
From the most academic electoacoustics to industrial music, from radiophonic art to post-no-wave improvisation, AVANT retraces some of the key moments of the Spain's musical avant-garde, scarcely documented until now.
experimental comics: about the concrete comics anthology
An ongoing project to create an anthology of "concrete comics", which would be analogical to what can define concrete music or concrete poetry.
50 Ways to Retell a Story: Cinderella
The book is based on the work of OULIPO, a group of writers and mathematicians who believe that constraints lead to greater creativity. The authors took the traditional tale Cinderella, and re-wrote it, in half a hundred ways…as a lipogram –without the letter ‘O’; a haiku, a recipe, a blog, a limerick, a letter of complaint …. and 43 other versions. The book illustrates the different ways language and form can bring fresh new approaches to the same story ingredients.
My Damascus - A video poem by Norman Ball. "After all the reader can't 'pore over' a video as he would a written p
on hulu: Starship Troopers - STARSHIP TROOPERS charts the lives of elite members of the Mobile Infantry, a corps of ...
The Boss - "The Boss" by Jim Meirose is a short story, told in a manner that resembles thoughts under duress, o
Links for 2010-07-19 [] - Basquiat and the Six Uses of Space This essay is a rumination on the sources of...
Links for 2010-07-21 [] - Paper Monument Issue 2 | You’re Human Like the Rest of Them* ‘The stagger...
Infinity’s Kitchen no. 4 - The fourth issue of Infinity’s Kitchen is about silence: overlooked wishes and people, fo...
Paper Monument Issue 2 | You’re Human Like the Rest of Them* []
Paper Monument Issue 2 | You’re Human Like the Rest of Them*
‘The staggering number of creative-class 20-year-olds on the L train with full-sleeve tattoos should have indicated to us that we’d finally, inevitably, overextended ourselves.’ Jason Murison, ‘Black Bleeds Red: On the Art Market’s Nervous Breakdown’, Paper Monument, issue three, 2010
Basquiat and the Six Uses of Space [] - This essay is a rumination on the sources of creativity—where and...
Basquiat and the Six Uses of Space
This essay is a rumination on the sources of creativity—where and how do writers, artists, musicians, creators in all media find the spark of inspiration?
Spoken Word at Singers in Baltimore - The show was a hit. I have photos and a recording. They will be added here soo...
Altered Text - I'll call it altered text, although for the thing I have in mind there are actually many things, man
on hulu: Star Trek VII: Generations - Capt. Kirk and Capt. Picard team up to thwart mad Dr. Soran's quest for the Ne...
The Desktop Wallpaper Project [] - Lots of awesome images, from all sorts of designers and artists. Every...
The Desktop Wallpaper Project
Lots of awesome images, from all sorts of designers and artists. Every week or so, there's something new for you to make into your desktop wallpaper, for your computer, laptop or portable.
on hulu: NOVA - s30 | e6 - Lost Treasures of Tibet - Set foot inside an untouched society and get a remarkably rare ...
Dive Into HTML 5
Dive Into HTML 5 gives an overview of the new features of HTML 5, how to use them, and their support.
is happy to have #wordpress 3 installed at
@ncptt If you haven't already, check out the digital preservation work @walters_museum on these islamic manuscripts
new visual poetry by pete spence (beautiful, constructivist-inspired work) (via @derekbeaulieu)
Download a Free Magento Theme: HelloWired - Smashing Magazine
The theme features a clean white background with a simple navigation that will allow you to customize the colors very easily.
portrait057 [] - Typographic self-portrait made by mixing and matching old-school transfer letters.
Open-Source Flash MP3 Player [] - This handy little bit of script and files makes it easy to embed a fla...
Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers - MSFN Forums
Conceptual Writing (Online Course)
This four-week online course will focus on “Conceptualism” as a textual practice: writing that explores approaches inherited both from avant-garde literary tradition and from experimental techniques in the visual arts, music, and other disciplines.
Using TinyMCE Editor in ASP.Net
There is no inbuilt rich text editor control readily available in existing ASP.Net control set. Since, developing a rich text editor ourselves is time consuming and complicated task, we can try using some of the readily available rich text editor in the internet. TinyMCE editor is one such editor that can be integrated and used in ASP.Net projects for providing rich text editing options.
Typographic self-portrait made by mixing and matching old-school transfer letters.
Less Than Dot - Wiki - ASP.NET: String Concatenation - Wiki
An example of how strings can be concatenated with the StringBuilder class
Open-Source Flash MP3 Player
This handy little bit of script and files makes it easy to embed a flash player on a web page. It works in all the major browsers I tested, unlike similar players.
-- the Roman Coliseum drawn entirely with type
Art and Text
Art and Text is about conceptual art. It covers works that include some text, are made up of text, or are text. The subject of these works is often the intersection of art, philosophy, and linguistics. While a few older works are shown, the focus of the book is 1960–2008 with most of the work from the latter decades.
Zombies - Musician Cameron Scorza has shared with us is latest audio mashup.
Jazz Criticism Reconsidered - Flarf is a type of avant-garde writing that uses search engines and other online mate...
Links for 2010-04-28 [] - “Mathemaku No. 10” is not a visual poem A discussion of visual poe...
Voynich manuscript [] - behold the Voynich Manuscript, a puzzling artifact from the late fifteenth centu...
Asemic Calligraphy [] - This is a Flickr Group that collects images of Asemic Calligraphy. "Asemic&...
“Mathemaku No. 10” is not a visual poem [] - A discussion of visual poetry, concrete poetry, concrete po...
Voynich manuscript
behold the Voynich Manuscript, a puzzling artifact from the late fifteenth century written by an unknown author, in an unidentified script, in an unknown language. Since 1912, cryptographers, palaeographers, and others with time on their hands have failed to decipher this mysterious document; naturally one theory is that it's a monstrous hoax, though its text seems to bear the hallmarks of a genuine language
Asemic Calligraphy
This is a Flickr Group that collects images of Asemic Calligraphy. "Asemic" is a word that means, "means nothing" — strokes, letters, swashes, moods, gestures—it is just calligraphy that means nothing and could mean anything.
“Mathemaku No. 10” is not a visual poem
A discussion of visual poetry, concrete poetry, concrete poetry, mathematical poetry: and what's the difference exactly?
Creating a News Sitemap : News Sitemaps - Google News (publishers) Help
A News Sitemap uses the Sitemap protocol, with additional News-specific tags as defined below. Here is an example of a News Sitemap entry using News-specific tags:
Futurist Typography and the Liberated Text - Google Books has a preview copy of Futurist typography and the liberat...
Internet Online Website! [] - This fake website does a good job of explaining which people, or which ski...
Coming Soon: Infinity’s Kitchen no. 4 - We're putting the finishing touches on our next issue. Here is just a sampl...
5 Oulipo Constraints - Oulipo, or Workshop of Potential Literature, is a group of writers and thinkers interested i...
CityLit Festival all day at central library. Authors galore. See you here. Begins at 10am.
the hollywood scandal |
nikki wantz's blog
Twilight [] - During the 1860s, Daubigny began regularly painting moonlight scenes, evoking a mood of me...
During the 1860s, Daubigny began regularly painting moonlight scenes, evoking a mood of melancholy that his biographer Frédéric Henriet attributed to his advancing age. He cruised up and down the Seine River in his studio-boat in search of subjects such as this view near the village of Andrésy. The picture was probably completed in the studio over several sessions and exhibited at the 1867 Paris Salon.
Islamic Manuscripts at The Walters Art Museum [] - The Walters Art Museum uses a flash interface to disp...
Islamic Manuscripts at The Walters Art Museum
The Walters Art Museum uses a flash interface to display digitized copies of its collection of Islamic manuscripts. All images of Islamic manuscripts were created and are provided through a Preservation and Access grant awarded to The Walters Art Museum by the National Endowment for the Humanities, 2008-2010.
Special Price: $25 for One Individual Membership to The Walters Art Museum -
Archives & Museum Informatics: Museums and the Web 2010: Papers: Dicker, E., The Impact of Blogs and Other Social M...
Archives & Museum Informatics: Museums and the Web 2010: Papers: Dicker, E., The Impact of Blogs and Other Social Media on the Life of a Curator
Museums are quickly engaging with a new on-line audience. Social media projects are being developed and used by museum staff, and curators are starting to explore this new space. When the Powerhouse Museum's curatorial department created their first blog, they had no idea what they were in for, or what challenges they would face. They also had little idea of how curators as a whole are participating in social media activities. This paper will use the Powerhouse Museum's 'Object of the Week' blog and a major international survey of curators to investigate how social media activities are impacting on curatorial practice.
photo: Exit Door - dylan_k posted a photo:
photo: Hallway carpet - dylan_k posted a photo:
Exit Door [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo:
Elevator [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo:
Hallway carpet [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo:
Galaxie 500: Today/On Fire/This Is Our Music | CD review []
Galaxie 500: Today/On Fire/This Is Our Music | CD review
Galaxie 500 were once lumped in with many of the shoegazing outfits currently hopping on the revival bandwagon. But their reissued albums show they were heartbreakingly apart, writes Alexis Petridis
Creating an Online RSS News Aggregator with ASP.NET
Learn about displaying XML data in an ASP.NET Web page using the XML Web control to retrieve remote XML data, and about using the Repeater control to emit XML data from a database. With the ever-increasing demands of data sharing among disparate platforms, the use of XML has exploded over the past few years. Realizing this trend, Microsoft made sure to include robust XML support throughout the .NET Framework. For ASP.NET developers, this means that displaying and working with XML data in a Web page has never been simpler. Throughout this article we'll learn about XML and ASP.NET by building an RSS 2.0 syndication engine and an online news aggregator. This article assumes the reader is familiar with ASP.NET and XML. (20 printed pages)
Links for 2010-02-27 [] - Immanent Terrain: Fluxus Movement as Precursor to Relational Aesthetics This s...
Jacket 23 - Marjorie Perloff - The Oulipo Factor []
Jacket 23 - Marjorie Perloff - The Oulipo Factor
Poetry culture is increasingly indifferent to the role of sound in poetry. Indeed, the free verse, now dominant around the world, has become, with notable exceptions, little more than linear prose, arbitrarily divided into line-lengths. But there are two sites where sound comes once again to the foreground of poetry.
Experimental Fiction / Poetry: Lily Hoang's CHANGING []
“Defining” Concrete Poetry [] - A useful and interesting point about concrete poetry. The author describ...
Immanent Terrain: Fluxus Movement as Precursor to Relational Aesthetics []
Experimental Fiction / Poetry: Lily Hoang's CHANGING
"Changing", a 2009 Pen America Award Winner, is based on the ancient Chinese uber-text I-Ching or Book of Changes. The book is composed of 64 hexagrams, each one with six stacked horizontal lines. Some lines are composed of just one dash (­—) an­d some are two (--). The unbroken lines are associated with yang, the creative principle, and the broken with yin, the receptive principle.
“Defining” Concrete Poetry
A useful and interesting point about concrete poetry. The author describes "pure" concrete poetry where "the spatial element is essential to the communication, not merely something additional". The visual examples show poems where the spatial elements of the poems contribute to the meaning, and also where they seem to obscure it.
Immanent Terrain: Fluxus Movement as Precursor to Relational Aesthetics
This short article describes the main features of the Fluxus art movement.
Visual Poetry - A collection of visual poetry from the Ohio State University's library collection
53 Of The Best Tech Blogs Out There [] - here’s 53 fantastic tech blogs you really ought to read. Some a...
53 Of The Best Tech Blogs Out There
here’s 53 fantastic tech blogs you really ought to read. Some are super nerdy and for techies only, but many aren’t, and are an awesome way to access the tech world and the blogging world all at the same time.
BLAST: A Vorticist Journal no. 1 - Blast was a modernist publication in 1914 and 1915. Founded by Wyndham Lewis wit...
Dada Magazine 1 - Appearing in July 1917, the first issue of Dada, subtitled Miscellany of Art and Literature, feat...
DADA Magazine 2 - The second issue of DADA appeared in December 1917. It featured contributions from members of ava...
Links for 2010-02-22 [] - Typographica Exhibition W+K Exp brought the legendary Typographica -- the firs...
listening to: THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT – Rita -
listening to: THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT – Rita -
The avant garde is dead. [] - In fashion, innovative ideas start in the realm of high art, and reverbera...
Textu(r)al Literature: Timeline of Major Movements in 'Experimental' Literature []
Textu(r)al Literature: Timeline of Major Movements in 'Experimental' Literature
This is a rough-sketch chronology of major movements. This list is by no means conclusive. It includes firsts, bests, and influentials.
The avant garde is dead.
In fashion, innovative ideas start in the realm of high art, and reverberate into popular forms. In literature, there's nothing like that going on.
Typographica Exhibition [] - W+K Exp brought the legendary Typographica -- the first exhibition of the e...
Typographica Exhibition
W+K Exp brought the legendary Typographica -- the first exhibition of the eponymous graphic design journal -- to India. Simultaneously, it also celebrated 50 years of Seminar magazine, a monthly founded by Raj and Romesh Thapar in September 1959. The exhibition attracted hardcore type-lovers and graphic designers. It also served as a valuable introduction to high-quality graphic design for those who know little about the form.
BLAST: A Vorticist Journal no. 2 - Blast was a modernist publication in 1914 and 1915. Founded by Wyndham Lewis wit...
listening to: VHS or Beta – Alive -
listening to: VHS or Beta – Alive -
The Fluxus Performance Workbook - The first examples of what were to become Fluxus event scores date back to John C...
listening to: Old Canes – Little Bird Courage -
listening to: Old Canes – Little Bird Courage -
listening to: Summer Camp – ghost train -
listening to: Summer Camp – ghost train -
listening to: Paper Tiger – The Random -
listening to: Paper Tiger – Cannonade -
Codex Seraphinianus - Written in a thus-far undeciphered alphabetic writing, the Codex Seraphinianus, by the Italia...
Dada Magazine 1 - Appearing in July 1917, the first issue of Dada, subtitled Miscellany of Art and Literature, feat...
listening to: Paper Tiger – Cannonade -
listening to: Massive Attack – Psyche feat. Martina Topley-Bird
Links for 2010-02-08 [] - experiential-experimental-literature texts that change the parameters of what ...
Paper Monument Issue 2 | You’re Human Like the Rest of Them* []
The Fluxus Performance Workbook - The first examples of what were to become Fluxus event scores date back to John C...
Comment on: Visual Poetry - Hello,is it anything of Harry Polkinhorn or mine ( Costis ) in the collection ? My page...
Dada 3, December 1918 - With the third issue of Dada, Tzara caught the attention of the European avant-garde and si...
listening to: Jeff Buckley – Lilac Wine -
listening to: Jeff Buckley – Lilac Wine -
experiential-experimental-literature [] - texts that change the parameters of what writers are involved ...
Texts and Technology Work Area: Hayles Electronic Literature reread []
texts that change the parameters of what writers are involved with
Texts and Technology Work Area: Hayles Electronic Literature reread
Notes on Katherine Hayles Electronic Literature
on hulu: The Karate Kid III - Daniel is in danger of losing it all when he places pride before principle in this po...
listening to: Beach House – Norway -
listening to: Beach House – Norway -
Visual Poetry - A collection of visual poetry from the Ohio State University's library collection
RT @themoment: This is "a cross b/t the Jesus & Mary Chain and Beat Happening." Agree?
listening to: Spoon – Nobody Gets Me But You -
DADA Magazine 2 - The second issue of DADA appeared in December 1917. It featured contributions from members of ava...
BLAST: A Vorticist Journal no. 1 - Blast was a modernist publication in 1914 and 1915. Founded by Wyndham Lewis wit...
Dada Magazine 1 - Appearing in July 1917, the first issue of Dada, subtitled Miscellany of Art and Literature, feat...
listening to: Spoon – Got Nuffin -
listening to: Spoon – Nobody Gets Me But You -
T Magazine - [] - T Magazine is a fashion magazine made by the New York Times. They've ...
T Magazine - [] - T Magazine is a fashion magazine made by the New York Times. They've ...
BLAST: A Vorticist Journal no. 1 - Blast was a modernist publication in 1914 and 1915. Founded by Wyndham Lewis wit...
BLAST: A Vorticist Journal no. 1 - Blast was a modernist publication in 1914 and 1915. Founded by Wyndham Lewis wit...
Comment on: Codex Seraphinianus - I've been waiting a long time to view this book. Thought I might never get the ch...
T Magazine -
T Magazine is a fashion magazine made by the New York Times. They've just published an impressive archive of back issues to their website. It's a nice way to read a nice publication.
How to create interactive PDF forms
listening to: Neko Case – Don't Forget Me -
listening to: Neko Case – Don't Forget Me -
listening to: Death Cab for Cutie – Death of an Interior Decorator
listening to: Metric – IOU -
listening to: Metric – Soft Rock Star (jimmy vs joe remix) -
Art opening this evening at School 33. It looks interesting. See you there?
J.D. Salinger, author of 'Catcher in the Rye,' dies
on hulu: Moby Dick - Gregory Peck is magnificent as Captain Ahab, the surly sailor who loses his leg to a gigantic,...
listening to: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Modern Romance -
listening to: David Bowie – Rock and Roll Suicide -
listening to: David Bowie – Blue Jean -
listening to: The Faint – Total Job -
listening to: The Faint – Total Job -
VIsual Poetry - A collection of visual poetry from the Ohio State University's library colelction.
listening to: Gogol Bordello – Start Wearing Purple -
listening to: Gogol Bordello – Start Wearing Purple -
listening to: Lostep – Burma -
listening to: Feindflug – Geständnis -
listening to: Feindflug – Geständnis -
Dada Magazine 1 - Appearing in July 1917, the first issue of Dada, subtitled Miscellany of Art and Literature, feat...
on hulu: Saturday Night Live - s35 | e12 - Sigourney Weaver - Sigourney Weaver hosts Saturday Night Live with The T...
BLAST: A Vorticist Journal no. 1 - Blast was a modernist publication in 1914 and 1915. Founded by Wyndham Lewis wit...
listening to: Hot Chip – Over And Over -
listening to: Hot Chip – Over And Over -
listening to: The xx – Night Time -
listening to: Infected Mushroom – Blink -
listening to: Infected Mushroom – Blink -
Andrea Mignolo ∴ Front-end Designer and Developer []
Andrea Mignolo ∴ Front-end Designer and Developer
listening to: Battles – Tij -
listening to: Battles – Tij -
listening to: David Bowie – Days -
listening to: David Bowie – Blue Jean -
listening to: The xx – Shelter -
listening to: Moloko – Where Is the What If the What Is in Why?
listening to: Lostep – Burma -
listening to: Lostep – Burma -
Codex Seraphinianus - Written in a thus-far undeciphered alphabetic writing, the Codex Seraphinianus, by the Italia...
VIsual Poetry - A collection of visual poetry from the Ohio State University's library colelction.
listening to: Fischerspooner – Everything to Gain -
listening to: Fischerspooner – Everything to Gain -
listening to: Sasha – Magnetic North -
listening to: The xx – Night Time -
listening to: The xx – Shelter -
Sortfolio : Find a great web designer by style, budget, and location. []
Sortfolio : Find a great web designer by style, budget, and location.
Find the right web designer for your next project.
listening to: Metric – Succexy -
photo: Photos from my final days at the Copycat - dylan_k posted a photo: I lived in Baltimore's copycat building...
photo: Photos from my final days at the Copycat - dylan_k posted a photo: I lived in Baltimore's copycat building...
Save a tree. Blog your holiday letter. I did. Here ya go. Happy New Year!
on hulu: Outer Limits - s7 | e22 - Human Trials - A test to find the right soldier for a secret mission pushes the ...
on hulu: The Black Sleep - The masters of classic horror (Basil Rathbone, John Carradine, Bela Lugosi, and Lon Chan...
listening to: The Stranglers – Always The Sun -
listening to: The Stranglers – Always The Sun -
listening to: Beirut – Le Moribond / My Family’s Role In the World Revolution
listening to: The Carter Family – Dying Soldier -
listening to: The Carter Family – Dying Soldier -
listening to: Brandi Carlile – Dying Day -
listening to: Brandi Carlile – Dying Day -
listening to: Metric – Soft Rock Star (jimmy vs joe remix) -
listening to: Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Weird Science -,+Yeah?
listening to: Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Weird Science -,+Yeah?
listening to: Sasha – Cloud Cuckoo -
Dada Magazine 1 - Appearing in July 1917, the first issue of Dada, subtitled Miscellany of Art and Literature, feat...
listening to: Van She – Kelly -
listening to: Van She – Kelly -
listening to: Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Weird Science -,+Yeah?
Programmer 101: Teach Yourself How to Code - Teach Yourself - Lifehacker
Lifehacker's Best of 2009
My favorite blog published the round-up to beat all round ups. This list of lists features all sorts of interesting, kinda geeky stuff.
listening to: The Weakerthans – Left and Leaving -
listening to: The Weakerthans – Left and Leaving -
Admin Panel for
listening to: Thievery Corporation – Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes
listening to: Yonderboi – All We Go To Hell -
listening to: Yonderboi – Outro -
listening to: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll -
listening to: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Modern Romance -
photo: - dylan_k posted a photo: Statue at Naples Florida art museum
[Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo: Statue at Naples Florida art museum
The Fluxus Performance Workbook - The first examples of what were to become Fluxus event scores date back to John C...
Codex Seraphinianus - Written in a thus-far undeciphered alphabetic writing, the Codex Seraphinianus, by the Italia...
listening to: Fugees – Family Business -
listening to: Fugees – Family Business -
listening to: Ulrich Schnauss – In All The Wrong Places -
DADA Magazine 2 - The second issue of DADA appeared in December 1917. It featured contributions from members of ava...
listening to: Die Form – Cantique I -
listening to: Die Form – Cantique I -
Google Calendar
listening to: Noisettes – Mind The Gap -
listening to: Noisettes – Mind The Gap -
listening to: Adam and the Ants – Zerox -
listening to: Adam and the Ants – Zerox -
listening to: Rosewater – Antibody -
listening to: Rosewater – Antibody -
listening to: Late of the Pier – Broken -
listening to: Late of the Pier – Broken -
BLAST: A Vorticist Journal no. 2 - Blast was a modernist publication in 1914 and 1915. Founded by Wyndham Lewis wit...
listening to: Popol Vuh – Morning Sun -
listening to: Popol Vuh – Morning Sun -
Dada 3, December 1918 - With the third issue of Dada, Tzara caught the attention of the European avant-garde and si...
listening to: Amy Winehouse – You Know I'm No Good [Remix] -
listening to: Amy Winehouse – You Know I'm No Good [Remix] -
listening to: The Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane (full-length version)
listening to: A Guy Called Gerald – Could You Understand (feat. David Simpson)
listening to: Regina Spektor – On the Radio -
listening to: Regina Spektor – On the Radio -
Dada Magazine 1 - Appearing in July 1917, the first issue of Dada, subtitled Miscellany of Art and Literature, feat...
DADA Magazine 2 - The second issue of DADA appeared in December 1917. It featured contributions from members of ava...
Dai Nihon shiryaku zukai by Ginko (Japanese, active 1874-1897) []
Dai Nihon shiryaku zukai by Ginko (Japanese, active 1874-1897)
Watanabe no Tsuna was escorting a beautiful woman home when amidst bolts of lightning she suddenly changed into a hairy demon, gripped her escort by the hair, and flew off with him. Tsuna drew his sword and cut off her arm, falling to the ground by Kitano Shrine. The demon's fist was still grasping his hair. Posing as an old woman, the demon later recovered the arm.
How-to Convert VHS to digital - A step-by-step. []
How-to Convert VHS to digital - A step-by-step.
Most of us have videos of weddings, birthdays, and a plethora of other important personal events. But up until the last couple of years, we've had to capture them on analog tape (VHS, Beta, and so forth) that not only degrades with each playback, but with the passing of time, as well. Want to avoid the "every copy looks a little worse than the original" curse? There's only one solution: go digital.
Dada 3, December 1918 - With the third issue of Dada, Tzara caught the attention of the European avant-garde and si...
brandflakesforbreakfast: how to explain social media to your boss
Can You Explain Social Media? | The Relationship Economy......
DADA Magazine 2 - The second issue of DADA appeared in December 1917. It featured contributions from members of ava...
Links for 2009-11-15 [] - Codex Seraphinianus Written in a thus-far undeciphered alphabetic writing, the...
Essential Moments: Herstories and Loss - The following essay is an exploration in language and loss, which rely in...
Codex Seraphinianus [] - Written in a thus-far undeciphered alphabetic writing, the Codex Seraphinianus,...
Codex Seraphinianus
Written in a thus-far undeciphered alphabetic writing, the Codex Seraphinianus, by the Italian artist Luigi Serafini, appears to be a visual encyclopedia of an unknown world.
Dada 3, December 1918 - With the third issue of Dada, Tzara caught the attention of the European avant-garde and si...
Theme Gallery Page 5 | Elegant Themes
Here you can preview each of the themes included in the ElegantThemes membership. Each theme comes coded in valid XHTML 1.0 transitional and level 2.1 CSS. I make sure that all are compatible with the latest WordPress release, as well as with the most popular Internet browsers. Each theme comes with a unique set of features. Click "features" to view a list and "preview" to see a live demo of the theme. You get downloadable access to all of my themes, including those added after you signup! It's only $19.95 per year,
Infinity's Kitchen #1 - Infinity's Kitchen is a graphic literary journal featuring experimental writing and art.
BLAST: A Vorticist Journal no. 1 - Blast was a modernist publication in 1914 and 1915. Founded by Wyndham Lewis wit...
Links for 2009-11-09 [] - Digital Poetics by Loss Pequeño Glazier -- Introduction (Excerpt) Digit...
@walters_museum "Hey look you guys. I'm pretending to be Mary Poppins. I can fly!"
Links for 2009-11-09 [] - Digital Poetics by Loss Pequeño Glazier -- Introduction (Excerpt) Digit...
Digital Poetics by Loss Pequeño Glazier -- Introduction (Excerpt) []
One Hour of Television - The author has some interesting things to say about how the book was created, and what sor...
Digital Poetics by Loss Pequeño Glazier -- Introduction (Excerpt)
Digital Poetics is an introduction to the making of the new digital poetries. From code to code, whether a Web page in Moscow, a speaking clock in Kentish Town, a computer-generated Buffalo, or a bot hiding in an archive in Melbourne, the making of poetry has established itself on a matrix of new shores. From hypertext through visual/kinetic text to writing in networked and programmable media, there is a tangible feel of arrival in the spelled air. New possibilities stand out as intriguing while technologies that once seemed futuristic now have all the timeliness of World War II bunkers overlooking an unperturbed Pacific. But arrival where? It is argued here that this is not arrival at a place, but at an awareness of the conditions of texts.
Links for 2009-11-08 [] - designers books rare & out of print books reviewed by designers Art review...
Art reviews: A Model of Order: Concrete Poetry/David Austen - News []
Art reviews: A Model of Order: Concrete Poetry/David Austen - News []
designers books [] - rare & out of print books reviewed by designers
Art reviews: A Model of Order: Concrete Poetry/David Austen - News
In a letter written in 1976 he remarks: "I have been trying to achieve a three-dimensional, large-scale version of Wave-Rock for years… I am promised a cast concrete version for this spring."
designers books
rare & out of print books reviewed by designers
listening to: Siouxsie and the Banshees – Carousel -
listening to: Siouxsie and the Banshees – Carousel -
listening to: Painbastard – Kinky Species -
listening to: Painbastard – Kinky Species -
Links for 2009-11-05 [] - Shadow Bay: Shadow Bay a full length graphic-hybrid-crime novel told in text b...
Shadow Bay: Shadow Bay [] - a full length graphic-hybrid-crime novel told in text by Donald J. Rothschil...
listening to: KMFDM – Juke Joint Jezebel -
listening to: KMFDM – Juke Joint Jezebel -
Shadow Bay: Shadow Bay
a full length graphic-hybrid-crime novel told in text by Donald J. Rothschild and art by William T. Ayton. The novel, based on Rothschild's play of the same name, is being serialized on this blog.
photo: Wrestlemania Baltimore 2009 - dylan_k posted a photo: for Halloween, about 40 friends gathered together, d...
halloween-2009 161 [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a video:
listening to: Modest Mouse – Interstate 8 -
listening to: Modest Mouse – Interstate 8 -
listening to: Dioxyde – Angel (Espina Mortal) -
listening to: Dioxyde – Angel (Espina Mortal) -
listening to: Portishead – Biscuit -
listening to: Portishead – Biscuit -
HTMLizer 1.0 - Convert text with special characters into HTML readable text!
Paste text with special characters into this form, and you'll get the correct HTML!
listening to: Thievery Corporation – All That We Perceive -
listening to: Thievery Corporation – All That We Perceive -
listening to: Echo & The Bunnymen – My Kingdom -
listening to: Echo & The Bunnymen – My Kingdom -
listening to: M. Ward – Eyes on the Prize -
listening to: M. Ward – Eyes on the Prize -
listening to: Coldplay – In My Place -
listening to: Coldplay – In My Place -
listening to: David Byrne – Good and Evil (Rumba/Llesa) -
listening to: David Byrne – Good and Evil (Rumba/Llesa) -
photo: My Co-Workers - dylan_k posted a photo: This shark and these toys kept me company at my old job.
My Co-Workers [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo: This shark and these toys kept me company at my old job.
Setting up @ignitebaltimore pic of the calm before the storm (via @subelsky)
listening to: Sonic Youth – Mote -
listening to: Sonic Youth – Mote -
door [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo: This is the front door to the building that I live in now.
bedroom [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo: This is the bedroom in my new condo. The stuff in the room is just wha...
cubby [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo: There's an odd space in the bedroom. It used to be an old coal chute. I'...
listening to: Joy Division – Shadowplay -
photo: door - dylan_k posted a photo: This is the front door to the building that I live in now.
photo: cubby - dylan_k posted a photo: There's an odd space in the bedroom. It used to be an old coal chute. I'm
listening to: Wilco – Company in My Back -
listening to: Wilco – Company in My Back -
listening to: Joy Division – Isolation -
listening to: Joy Division – Shadowplay -
listening to: Zack Snyder – Watchmen (Director's Cut) -
listening to: Zack Snyder – Watchmen (Director's Cut) -
listening to: The Postal Service – Recycled Air -
listening to: The Postal Service – Recycled Air -
listening to: Joy Division – Digital -
listening to: The Roots – Clones -
listening to: The Roots – Clones -
Behance Network [] - Creative Portfolios, Projects, and Collaborations. A new platform for the creative ...
The 99 Percent [] - The 99% provides insights on productivity, organization, and leadership -- all desig...
How To Sound Like a Humanitarian Expert in Three Easy Steps []
How To Sound Like a Humanitarian Expert in Three Easy Steps
three simple rules for sounding like an expert on the poverty-stricken, war-torn region of your choice:
The 99 Percent
The 99% provides insights on productivity, organization, and leadership -- all designed to help creative people take action and push their ideas forward.
Behance Network
Creative Portfolios, Projects, and Collaborations. A new platform for the creative professional community.
Action Method Online :: Home
The action method is a workflow management system.
listening to: Liz Phair – Supernova -
listening to: Liz Phair – Supernova -
listening to: Zero 7 – Throw It All Away -
listening to: Zero 7 – Spinning -
TakeColor - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
TakeColor picks the color value of any screen pixel and displays it in one of five formats: HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, and HSL & HSL(Win). It features 3x and 9x zoom of any screen area, RGB color mixer, RGB and RYB color wheels display triads and complementary colors, picked color history, saving picked colors for future use, optional stay-on-top, variable hotkey to capture color info. No installation required.
listening to: Pulp – Bar Italia -
listening to: Pulp – Bar Italia -
listening to: My Bloody Valentine – Nothing Much to Lose -
listening to: My Bloody Valentine – Nothing Much to Lose -
HBO’s Imagine is Both a Game and an Experience « I Believe… []
HBO’s Imagine is Both a Game and an Experience « I Believe…
It features a cube with the same story being told on each side, but from a different camera angle. Therefore, you see things that you may have not seen in another screen shot. You can put the pieces together any way you deem logical. In addition they have an online platform where every click provides new information in the form of videos, voices, newspaper clippings, maps, pictures, newsreels, etc. Each time the viewer engages in the non-linear multi-narrative story, it challenges them to rethink the events and piece together a story. You can put the pieces together any way you deem logical. In addition they have an online platform where every click provides new information in the form of videos, voices, newspaper clippings, maps, pictures, newsreels, etc. Each time the viewer engages in the non-linear multi-narrative story, it challenges them to rethink the events and piece together a story.
Clive Thompson on the New Literacy [] - We think of writing as either good or bad. What today's you...
Clive Thompson on the New Literacy
We think of writing as either good or bad. What today's young people know is that knowing who you're writing for and why you're writing might be the most crucial factor of all.
listening to: Zero 7 – Spinning -
Second Land Releases Eponymous Album - Today, Second Land has released their first, eponymous album. In addition to...
listening to: Morcheeba – Living Hell -
listening to: Morcheeba – Living Hell -
Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece [] - Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece is an inter...
Des Imagistes - Des Imagistes was the first anthology of the Imagism movement. Imagism was conceived by Ezra Pound,...
View from the "Lucky Strike" beach house on Emerald Isle [Flickr]
iphone_pic [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo:
listening to: Diavolo Rosso – just me and myself -
listening to: Diavolo Rosso – just me and myself -
listening to: Karsh Kale – Distance -
listening to: Karsh Kale – Distance -
listening to: Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Tera Jana Kere Rang Lawe
listening to: Karsh Kale – Distance -
Links for 2009-08-30 [] - Fringe Magazine » The Noun That Verbs Your World We publish work that is...
Fringe Magazine » The Noun That Verbs Your World []
listening to: Trilok Gurtu – Once I Wished A Tree Upside Down
Fringe Magazine » The Noun That Verbs Your World
We publish work that is political or experimental in form or content and define both “political” and “experimental” broadly. “Political” can mean work that incorporates or comments on current events or it can mean literature and art that further personal dignity and advocate human rights. We regard “experimental” work as work that breaks with the canon, takes formal risks, or explores a strange or impossible point of view.
listening to: The Cure – Let's Go to Bed -
listening to: The Cure – Let's Go to Bed -
First night on the beach: turning cartwheels waterside, phosphorescent sand, grilled fish.
listening to: Rosanne Cash – Burn Down This Town -
listening to: Rosanne Cash – Burn Down This Town -
This is an image search engine with a really wonderful user interface. It is as fun to use as it is powerful. Search Google, Flickr and Picasa images, practically all at once!
is laughing his ass off at
listening to: The White Stripes – Black Math -
listening to: The White Stripes – Black Math -
listening to: Sasha – Drempels -
listening to: Sasha – Golden Arm -
listening to: The Black Heart Procession – The Letter -
listening to: The Black Heart Procession – The Letter -
List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Firefox [] - Here's a list of many of the most common keyboard shortc...
I found a waltz to dance to:
listening to: Dark Goggles – Mood Swing -
listening to: Dark Goggles – Mood Swing -
listening to: Underworld – Push Upstairs -
listening to: Underworld – Push Upstairs -
listening to: A Guy Called Gerald – Multiplies (feat. Wendy Page)
listening to: David Bowie – The Loneliest Guy -
listening to: The Velvet Underground – Here She Comes Now -
listening to: The Velvet Underground – Here She Comes Now -
listening to: A Tribe Called Quest – Motivators -
listening to: A Tribe Called Quest – Motivators -
listening to: John Giorno – Everyone Is A Complete Disappointment
My spoken word album is now online so you can download, listen and enjoy.
Mashable's Twitter Guide Book Now Available for Download
Everything Is Terrible! [] - Everything is Terrible. This is a blog full of amusingly terrible videos, i...
Everything Is Terrible!
Everything is Terrible. This is a blog full of amusingly terrible videos, infomercials and other wacky stuff.
The Dissected Manuscript [] - Fungus amungus on Instructables gives a great tutorial on how to cut up a ...
The Dissected Manuscript
Fungus amungus on Instructables gives a great tutorial on how to cut up a book so you can rearrange the pages and read it in a whole new way.
listening to: 2raumwohnung – Sasha (Sex Secret) -
listening to: 2raumwohnung – Sasha (Sex Secret) -
listening to: Spoon – I Turn My Camera On -
Smithsonian 2.0: Smithsonian Web and New Media Strategy v 1.0
The strategy talks about an updated digital experience, a new learning model that helps people with their "lifelong learning journeys," and the creation of a Smithsonian Commons—a new part of our digital presence dedicated to stimulating learning, creation, and innovation through open access to Smithsonian research, collections and communities.
listening to: New Order – Special -
listening to: New Order – Special -
listening to: Second Land – Untitled 07 -
listening to: Second Land – Untitled 07 -
listening to: Paula Claire – Astound -
listening to: Paula Claire – Astound -
Gmail Removes "On Behalf Of" For Real This Time - Annoyances - Lifehacker
listening to: Dylan Kinnett – You Can't Prop the Sun -
listening to: Dylan Kinnett – You Can't Prop the Sun -
I just upgraded to #HootSuite 2.0 - The professional Twitter client. Please RT!
listening to: Mandalay – What If I -
listening to: Four Tet – Smile Around the Face -
listening to: Four Tet – Smile Around the Face -
worth reading: Nicholson Baker: Can the Kindle really improve on the book?
worth reading: How Artists Must Dress - Artists must first of all distinguish themselves from members of the adjace...
worth reading: ON THE SIDE - As part of the publishing escalation leading up to and through the 10th year of the Ne...
worth reading: Patti Smith Poetry Reading, NYC 1971, St. Mark's Church, New York City
worth reading: Jacket 37 - Early 2009 - Louis Bury: The Exercise and the Oulipo: 99 Variations on a Thesis
The Walters Art Museum is hiring for a part-time Web Content Specialist. Prepare text & media for web, e-mail + networks.
[untitled] has a nice new website that looks way too much like the New York Times website. I give it a B+
listening to: Ulrich Schnauss – Clear Day -
listening to: Ulrich Schnauss – Molfsee -
Historic Newspapers Available Online [] - the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Librar...
Historic Newspapers Available Online
the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Library of Congress (LC) marked a major milestone in their partnership to digitize historic U.S. newspapers and make them widely available to the public on the Internet. During an event held at the Newseum, Deanna Marcum, Associate Librarian for Library Services at the Library of Congress, announced that the Chronicling America Web site—a free, national, searchable database of historic American newspaper pages published between 1880 and 1922—recently posted its 1 millionth page.
Cutting the Chai: How to Download Images from Issuu
Instructions on how to download PDF files and JPG images out of the publications featured on ISSUU
Reviving Anorexic Web Writing [] - Intelligent web content is the literature of our time. Amber Simmons ...
Reviving Anorexic Web Writing
Intelligent web content is the literature of our time. Amber Simmons argues that conventional approaches have starved the life out of web writing.
Spit Takes: [] - Slam poetry gets the Single Carrot treatment in this entertaining production | Baltimor...
Spit Takes:
Slam poetry gets the Single Carrot treatment in this entertaining production | Baltimore City Paper
Magnanimous Records [] - Magnanimous Records is an independent, artist-run record label based in Shepher...
Magnanimous Records
Magnanimous Records is an independent, artist-run record label based in Shepherdstown, WV.
listening to: Dystopia – Hands That Hold -
listening to: Dystopia – Hands That Hold -
Carsonified » How to Design a Portfolio Site
# The Three Key Concepts that make a portfolio site # Nine amazing portfolio sites to learn from # How to build great case studies to reinforce your expertise # The Ultimate Portfolio Checklist # How to add visual flair in Photoshop during the design phase # How to use Narrative Theory to strengthen your portfolio
listening to: Cirque du Soleil – Ombra -
listening to: Cirque du Soleil – Ombra -
The spoken word album is now complete. - The spoken word album is now complete. Now, I'm fussing with the cover art...
Experimental Literature Book Club [] - We're the Experimental Literature Book Club. We try to fill ...
New blog post: The spoken word album is now complete. N...
Experimental Literature Book Club
We're the Experimental Literature Book Club. We try to fill a niche often overlooked in library programming. We read avant-garde texts, cult classics and literary graphic novels. Our goal is to put a new wrinkle on your brain.
P2 WordPress Theme, like Twitter in a box [] - P2 is a theme for WordPress that transforms a mild-manner...
P2 WordPress Theme, like Twitter in a box
P2 is a theme for WordPress that transforms a mild-mannered blog into a super-blog with features like inline comments on the homepage, a posting form right on the homepage, inline editing of posts and comments, real-time updates so new posts and comments come in without reloading, and much more. Here’s a quick video tour of the best features:
- aperiodic comicOriginally uploaded by dinakelberman Take a look at Important Comics by my friend Din
listening to: M.I.A. – Jimmy -
listening to: M.I.A. – Jimmy -
Xbox ISO to DVD | Xbox 360 & Nintendo DS Blog
listening to: A Guy Called Gerald – Landed (feat. Wendy Page)
James Ensor Exhibition at MOMA [] - Ensor's modernity, his innovative and allegorical approach to l...
James Ensor Exhibition at MOMA
Ensor's modernity, his innovative and allegorical approach to light, his prominent use of satire, his deep interest in carnival and performance, and, finally, his own self-fashioning, masking, and role playing are examined. Approximately ninety paintings, prints, and drawings are featured, creating a complete picture of the artist's daring, experimental oeuvre.
If you haven't, please become a Facebook fan of the magazine that I edit, "Infinity's Kitchen". It's an unusual read.
listening to: Chromeo – Needy Girl (album version) -
listening to: Chromeo – Needy Girl (album version) -
worth reading: IKEA is as bad as Wal-Mart - Everyone loves a bargain, but a new book illuminates the dangers of che...
worth reading: Features : Impressions of Whartscape 2009: Day One by Kim Tabara
worth reading: Two turntables and a microphone and a mac and a website
listening to: The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion -
listening to: The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion -
What Do You Get When A Literary Theorist Reads The Constitution As Art? []
Justice Stevens Renders an Opinion on Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays []
What Do You Get When A Literary Theorist Reads The Constitution As Art?
Lots Of Bizarre Phallic Analogies, And An Occasional Flash Of Insight
Justice Stevens Renders an Opinion on Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays
The U.S. Supreme Court weighs in on the authorship of Shakespeare's plays.
listening to: Electrocute – Just Like I Am -
listening to: Electrocute – Just Like I Am -
listening to: Sasha – Golden Arm -
Dylan [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo:
IMG_0135 [Flickr] - dylan_k posted a photo:
listening to: Ulrich Schnauss – Molfsee -
The "Art of the Day" at work today is especially nice.
listening to: Yonderboi – Outro -
Flarf is Dionysus. Conceptual Writing is Apollo. by Kenneth Goldsmith : Poetry Magazine [article/magazine] [del.ici...
Flarf is Dionysus. Conceptual Writing is Apollo. by Kenneth Goldsmith : Poetry Magazine [article/magazine]
A Piano Made of Telephones: A Fluxus Machine - This is a Fluxus score. Fluxus is a type of performance art. A Fluxu...
New blog post: A Piano Made of Telephones: A Fluxus Machine
50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills
We collected over 50 useful and practical tools and resources that will help you to improve your writing skills. You will find copywriting blogs, dictionaries, references, teaching classes, articles, tools as well as related articles from other blogs. Something is missing? Please let us know in the comments to this post!
CD / DVD Case: 7 Free Great Looking Photoshop Templates
Here’s few gorgeous looking free templates for CD / DVD cases, to make your life easier. They come in .PSD Photoshop files, each component broken down in layers for full customization.
listening to: Aphex Twin – Domino -
listening to: Aphex Twin – Domino -
listening to: David Bowie – Wishful Beginnings -
The new Outlook might just break your e-mail designs.
listening to: Mandalay – All My Sins -
listening to: Mandalay – What If I -
Welcome :: Indexhibit [] - A web application used to build and maintain an archetypal, invisible website...
Welcome :: Indexhibit
A web application used to build and maintain an archetypal, invisible website format that combines text, image, movie and sound.
listening to: Hooverphonic – Inhaler -
listening to: Hooverphonic – Inhaler -
Sync iPhone with Google Calendar [] - Google#039;s instructions for syncing a calendar rely on Exchange ...
listening to: Sonic Youth – Trilogy
RT @eastgate Boxes & arrows considered harmful, or at least insufficient.
Sync iPhone with Google Calendar
Google's instructions for syncing a calendar rely on Exchange settings. If you have an exchange server at work, you'll have to sync your personal google calendar another way. Here's how.
listening to: The Velvet Underground – Ride Into the Sun
listening to: Sasha – Mr. Tiddles
listening to: The Faint – Amorous in Bauhaus Fashion
The Baltimore Aquarium [Flickr]
listening to: Tom Waits – Muriel
Consensus Trance
New blog post: Consensus Trance
listening to: Sonic Youth – Into the Groove(y)
listening to: Tracy Chapman – Dreaming on a World
Show or Tell: A Critic at Large: The New Yorker []
listening to: The Velvet Underground – What Goes On
Show or Tell: A Critic at Large: The New Yorker
McGurl’s book is not a history of creative-writing programs. It’s a history of twentieth-century fiction, in which the work of American writers from Thomas Wolfe to Bharati Mukherjee is read as reflections of, and reflections on, the educational system through which so many writers now pass.
listening to: Fiona Apple – Oh Well
listening to: New Order – Crystal
listening to: Thievery Corporation – The Hong Kong Triad
Tate Handheld Conference []
Bibliography of the "Museums and the Web" Conference []
Bibliography of the "Museums and the Web" Conference
Several years worth of papers presented on the subject of museums and the web
Tate Handheld Conference
case studies and best practice in mobile interpretation for museums
listening to: One Ad – Spectral
listening to: Yann Tiersen – La noyée
will be performing with the band Second Land at the sonic circuits show, in DC tonight at a place called Artomatic.
Codex Seraphinianus []
Codex Seraphinianus
Some people think it’s one of the weirdest books ever published. An art book unlike any other art book. A unique and disturbing surreal parody. Grotesque and beautiful. It’s very hard to describe.
listening to: Chris Isaak – Somebody's Crying
listening to: Sasha – Golden Arm
Create Free iPhone Ringtones Using iTunes in Windows
Create Free iPhone Ringtones Using iTunes in Windows
listening to: Swedish Egil – Azzido Da Bass / Dooms Night (Club Mix)
new photo: Swedish Egil – Push / Til We Meet Again (Original Mix)
listening to: Autechre – Leterel
Spoken Word, Video Art and Music Tonight
New blog post: Spoken Word, Video Art and Music Tonight
Sangria is goood
RDFa Primer
What if the browser received information on the meaning of a web page's visual elements?
I wanna go to wordpress camp!
worth reading: Queneau sonnets
worth reading: Create a Hotkey to Paste Plain Text in Microsoft Word [How-to]
worth reading: Brief notes on ‘Conceptual writing and its environs', Berlin ...
Lifehacker - MagCloud Makes it Easy to Run Your Own Magazine - Printing
Publishing a short run magazine used to be a rather pricey and labor-intensive process. MagCloud is an inexpensive way to bring your specialty magazine to press without hefty upfront fees.
The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web - a practical guide to web typography
We believe both web applications and learning about how to create web applications can always be better. Because we know how hard it is to find information on the web that’s both valuable and lucid, we’re going to do our part to create and showcase ideas and resources that exemplify both.
Slideshows 2.0 - ReadWriteWeb
Thanks to Web 2.0 tools and applications, you can bring pizzazz to your presentations like never before. Whether you're looking for an "un-slideshow" altogether or just looking to add a little kick to the boring charts and graphs in your PowerPoint, you can find something here that fits your needs as we introduce you to Slideshows 2.0. - Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information
I have been working with PowerPoint, the ubiquitous presentation software, as an art medium for a number of years. It started off as a joke (this software is a symbol of corporate salesmanship, or lack thereof) but then the work took on a life of its own as I realized I could create pieces that were moving, despite the limitations of the "medium."
User Experience Deliverables
there's more to design process than just the wireframe. see Peter Morville's "user experience deliverables
Can You Tell a Masterpiece from a Fake?
In the 1940's, a conspiracy over some hoax avant-garde poems raised some aesthetic questions that are still relevant today.
Still looking for a few good spoken word and performance artists!
This game is maddeningly addictive
Arthemia Premium - Colorlabs Project
Arthemia Premium is a magazine style theme that unleashes the power of Wordpress, transforming it into a simple-yet-powerful CMS with the automatic thumbnail generation feature. A nice and elegant blend of a blog and a magazine.
I need to learn Any tips?
Listen to a track from my new album, read about it, and please tell me what you think.
Take a look at Infinity’s Kitchen Issue 3
wants the crew of the Pequod to come to his bday party.
EUREKA! - Ancient Manuscripts Revealed on the Web
EUREKA! Ancient Manuscripts Revealed on the Web Making a Good Script Great: Linda Seger: Books
Seger's book is basic, yes -- _screenwriting_ is basic. Beginning, middle, end. Be original. Have a character or two arc. Have a relatable theme. Done. The fact that most writers get lost in less important details is maybe why some people expected this book to have more. It has everything you need.
FacebookPagesProductGuide.pdf (application/pdf Object)
details about the recent upgrade to facebook fan pages
NJViD - Home
Email authentication
Archives & Museum Informatics: Museums and the Web 2009 (MW2009)
Museums and the Web addresses the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line. Taking an international perspective, senior speakers with extensive experience in Web development review and analyze the issues and impacts of networked cultural, natural and scientific heritage. Together, we are transforming communities and organizations.
Omeka | Home
Create complex narratives and share rich collections adhering to Dublin core standards with Omeka, designed for scholars, museums, libraries, archives, and enthusiasts.
Creative Spaces | Home | British Museum
Creative Spaces connects you with nine UK national museums and galleries allowing you to explore their collections, find like-minded people and create your own content.
This mashup web application searches ebay for items that are similar to the objects in a museum's collection. Its fun!
"Formatting For the New Web" at webwise 09 | walking paper
Yesterday I was part of a preconference session at WebWise 09, put on by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. It was really fun! The session’s moderator, Nina Simon, gave my co-presenters and I the challenge of coming up with a social media plan for an ongoing library event. I gave the audience some strategies for using weblogs, twitter and collecting (and helping people make) user generated content.
Term Extraction Documentation for Yahoo! Search Web Services - YDN
The Term Extraction Web Service provides a list of significant words or phrases extracted from a larger content. It is one of the technologies used in Y!Q. - Webservice that tags your resources
This is a simple webservice that helps you in tagging textual content on and off the web. There are two ways of using it: 1. by simply pasting a URL or a text in the fields below or uploading a file 2. by using the REST API
Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Tools for Your Blog or Web Site
Having your own hosted web domain has never been cheaper, or easier, with the vast array of free resources out there. Here are our ten favorite tools to help anyone launch and maintain their internet presence.
AvantGame by Jane McGonigal
game design for the real world & game theory for real life
Gaming the Future of Museums - a lecture by Jane McGonigal
How can museums harness the rising power of games to make people happy and help them change the real world?
pockets_of_potential.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Just as Sesame Street helped transform television into a revolutionary tool for learning among young children four decades ago, advances in mobile technologies are showing enormous untapped educational potential for today’s generation. This report, undertaken by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, draws on interviews with a cross-section of research, policy, and industry experts to illustrate how mobile technologies such as cell phones, iPod devices, and portable gaming platforms might be more widely used for learning.
YouTube - The Ballad of Zack McCune- Part 1
YouTube - digitalnatives's Channel
Have a story you want to share about the role of technology in your life? Want to rant about a particularly unfair policy at your school surrounding internet use? Want to share your favorite new technological tool with us (whether it's Twitter, Wii, Kyte, or something we haven't even heard of yet)?
New York Public Library: Help us improve our web site!
We're looking for feedback on our web sites. Your answer to even a single question will be a great help. THis survey tool is about to become open source.
ThinkeringSpace, IIT Institute of Design
ThinkeringSpace is a system, made of both physical and virtual environments, that aims to promote creative and critical thinking skills for the 21st century. Celebrating the book, it presents opportunities for doing things together, sharing ideas and authoring in new ways. Focused on school-aged children in libraries, the project is part of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Initiative.
Utilization-Focused Evaluation: Michael Quinn Patton: Books
The Fourth Edition of the bestselling Utilization-Focused Evaluation provides expert, detailed advice on conducting program evaluations from one of leading experts. Chock full of useful pedagogy-including a unique utilization-focused evaluation checklist-this book presents Michael Quinn Patton’s distinctive opinions based on more than thirty years of experience.
American Association of Museums | Media and Technology Committee
Museum Computer Network - Home
MCN supports museum information professionals and the greater community by providing opportunities to explore and disseminate new technologies and best practices in the field. With an annual conference, special interest groups, listserv, and project registry, MCN is here to help you seek out and share knowledge about technology trends and issues you face every day. How to Use Qualitative Methods in Evaluation (CSE Program Evaluation Kit): Michael Quinn Patton: Books
Michael Quinn Patton's How to Use Qualitative Methods in Evaluation -- a new volume in the Program Evaluation Kit -- reflects the growing use of qualitative techniques in the evaluation process. The author differentiates the qualitative approach in method and philosophy from more traditional quantitative methods and specifies the kinds of evaluation question for which it is most appropriate. The design decisions and sampling strategies which underlie the implementation of the method are explained. Patton also includes step-by-step guides for planning and conducting fieldwork and observations, in-depth interviewing, and analysing, interpreting and reporting results. Numerous examples from a wide range of disciplines and professions illustrate the points made to a broad audience.
The Wolfsonian-FIU: Artful Citizenship
Kachingle automatically distributes your $5 fairly based on your activity. As you surf just click once on each blog you want to support. Your name or pseudonym appears in the blog's list of Kachinglers - or you can be completely anonymous
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Why Facebook Is for Old Fogies - TIME
Confessions of an Aca/Fan: macarthur Archives
Henry Jenkins of the Comparative Media Studies Program at MIT (ELI 2008 Conference Thoughts)
Did you know the MacArthur Foundation has published a 6 volume work on Digital Media and Learning? The series, "examines the effect of digital media tools on how people learn, network, communicate, and play, and how growing up with these tools may affect peoples sense of self, how they express themselves, and their ability to learn, exercise judgment, and think systematically."
Museum 2.0: Museum Skunkworks: Carving Out a Place for Risk-Taking
Museum 2.0: Book Club Part 3b: Talking Institutional Change with Elaine Gurian
Building A Better Skunk Works | Fast Company
In a bold effort to nurture new businesses, IBM is putting its best and brightest in charge of its risky startups.
Super-cool NYPL Flickr Commons/Google Maps mashup | NYPL Labs
NYPL Labs : The Process Behind the Product
NYPL Labs provides a window into the overall digital experience of The New York Public Library. Take a look as we generalize our best practices into processes and tools and start experimenting with new applications and interfaces.
The Only Sustainable Edge:
Why Business Strategy Depends on Productive Friction and Dynamic Specialization by John Hagel & John Seely Brown :: The Only Sustainable Edge: Why Business Strategy Depends on Productive Friction and Dynamic Specialization: John Hagel III, John Seely Brown: Books
Sign Up for Inconvenient Youth - Inconvenient Youth
a network of teens that care about the health of of our planet.
GhostsofaChance_Report2.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Ghosts of a Chance Alternate Reality Game (ARG) Smithsonian American Art Museum
DIGITAL YOUTH RESEARCH | Kids' Informal Learning with Digital Media
Kids' Informal Learning with Digital Media: An Ethnographic Investigation of Innovative Knowledge Cultures
Charrette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Future of Reading - In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update - Series -
Study Sees Rise in Narcissism Among Students : NPR
webwise - Twitter Search
Book Rights Registry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Project Gutenberg
A library of 25000 free ebooks whose copyright has expired in the USA Book listings, search engine, newsletter, articles and information
Google Book Search Settlement Agreement
Internet Archive: Million Book Project
Google Book Search
Internet Archive
Flickr: The Commons
Under "The Commons," cultural institutions that have reasonably concluded that a photograph is free of copyright restrictions are invited to share such photograph under their new usage guideline called "no known copyright restrictions."
Variable Media Network
The variable media paradigm pairs artists with museum and media consultants to provoke comparison of artworks created in ephemeral mediums.
Open Content Alliance (OCA)
The Open Content Alliance (OCA) is a collaborative effort of a group of cultural, technology, nonprofit, and governmental organizations from around the world that helps build a permanent archive of multilingual digitized text and multimedia material. -
Wikipedia:Wikipedia Loves Art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia Loves Art, the name being a play off Valentine's Day, is a scavenger hunt and free content photography contest among museums and cultural institutions worldwide
Protest Puts Smithsonian Images on Flickr Site : NPR has taken more than 6,200 low-resolution photographs posted on the Smithsonian site and posted them on, as an act of protest over public domain ownership
Brooklyn Museum Graffiti Mural - a set on Flickr
These photographs document the weekly progress of the Museum mural over the course of the exhibition.
Flickr: The Commons
hidden treasures in the world's public photography archives, and secondly to show how your input and knowledge can help make these collections even richer.
Everything is Miscellaneous The Innovator's Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book that Will Change the Way You Do Business (Collins Business Essentials): Clayton M. Christensen: Books
WebWise 2009: Washington D.C.
Each year, this symposium brings together some 300 museum and library professionals from across the country to address the development of technological and digital resources and their impact on museums, libraries, and other cultural organizations.
The Arts Network
Museum 2.0
Museum 2.0 explores ways that web 2.0 philosophies can be applied in museum design. For more information, click here. New to the blog? Check out the Museum 2.0 Living Archive to find posts that relate to your questions.
American Memory from the Library of Congress - Home Page
American Memory Historical Collections from the Library of Congress.
Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)
The Institute's mission is to create strong libraries and museums that connect people to information and ideas.
Indianapolis Museum of Art: Modern, African & Fine Art, Gardens
The IMA has again knocked it out of the park with a new Web site. They are launching a very “Arts Networky” video broadcast site (philosophy, channels and all). Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations: Clay Shirky: Books
Automating Diagrams with Visio - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
The process I propose assumes that you’ve spent grueling hours doing the work of preparing your content inventory or sketching your user flow diagrams and now want to render your boxes and arrows for presentation. The next step in the process is to take the data produced in that intellectual work and prepare it for use in a diagramming application.
Yahoo! Developer Network Home
How to fix Microsoft Word's spell-checker. - By Chris Wilson - Slate Magazine
Microsoft Word's dictionary is old and outdated. Here's how to fix it.
Eight-Stone Press, Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore
Zines about everything that defines what it means to live - or simply be - in Charm City. Work, home, neighborhoods, pastimes, nostalgia, Saturday night, Sunday morning, and everything in between, good, bad, and ugly.
Novlet - Collaborative non linear story writing
Novlet is a web application designed to support collaborative writing of non-linear stories in any language. With Novlet you will be able to read stories written by other users, create your own ones, and choose the plot you like most from several alternatives.
Artists' Books Online
Artists' books are, generally, books made by people in the world of visual arts who have taken the book/book-like object on as an art form. They gained enough traction so that "The Journal of Art Books," which undertook the "creative exploration of the intersections of book arts, artists' books, poetry, photography, experimental literature, and other book-related creative endeavors," was launched in 1994. The journal, published twice a year until 2003, and all its issues have found a home on the Artists' Books Online website. All these issues, along with a wide range of the works themselves, appear on the website.
Presidential Poetry
George Packer would like to keep poetry out of Obama’s Inauguration.
Stanford Continuing Studies :: The Online Writer's Studio
The Online Writer's Studio makes it easy to take online courses taught by instructors from Stanford's writing community. Thanks to the flexibility of the online format, these courses are designed to fit in to your schedule. You can log in to our classes from any computer with Internet access, anywhere and at any time.
Underground Theater at the Copycat Annex Theater, Baltimore
The Annex Theatre has been sporadically mounting productions for a while now, such as its recent festival of plays based on Hanna-Barbera cartoons and company member Evan Moritz' The Written World, which, if the portion of it posted on his MySpace page is any indication, involves a mega-church reverend, a new bible, a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey-wearing saint, mass suicide, unprotected sex, and the boredom of existence. Obviously, Ionesco fits right into this troupe's wheelhouse.
Baker Artist Awards » Nomination for Dylan Kinnett
Dylan Kinnett is an author, poet, editor, spoken word performer and an aspiring art critic. He has written a stage play about a street preacher, a novella in hypertext, several published short stories, a book of poems, and the occasional dirty limerick on a bathroom wall. Dylan is the editor of a literary journal called “Infinity’s Kitchen”. He currently resides in a warehouse loft in Baltimore.
Visual Poem by Doug Kearney
cool ways to make our poems VISUAL rather than just put onto a page in a format that everyone uses...
Unpublished Beat novel in 'quite good' shock
Such intimations of future glories - combined with the simple fact that it's a compelling read - make it feel like a worthwhile publication rather than an exploitation. It sticks in my craw, but I have to recommend it.
Call For Papers for a special issue of JoDI on Hypertext Criticism | Kairosnews
JoDI is planning a new special issue on Hypertext Criticism: Writing about Hypertext which has an unusual format: the issue will be a collaborative hypertext. Perhaps you'd like to contribute a node? The issue will discuss how we write about hypertext fictions and electronic literature, especially on reviews and criticism.
Using WordPress as a Portfolio: Examples & Themes
Below are 15 Portfolio WordPress Themes to choose one in case you want to launch Portfolio online.
Make a Turn of the Century Vaudeville Poster - PSDTUTS
In this tutorial, we'll learn how create a turn-of-the-century Vaudeville poster. This uniquely appealing style of advertisement was popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. You sir! You madam! Step right up and prepare to be amazed as we transport an image of two friends back in time to create a poster advertisement without compare!
Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
A blog about information design
Sunday Book Review Preview - Essay - Bail Out the Writers! -
This sunday's NYT book review will playfully suggest a bailout plan for writers, who suffer in an industry that is "over capacity". Don't tell that to writers for any other newspaper.
World Record for Typing Numbers in Words
After 16 years at the typewriter, Les Stewart from Mudjimba (Australia) is a millionaire. On 25 November 1998, he reached his goal of typing all numbers from one to one million - in words (not numbers) on his manual machine.
10 Dirty Little Web Development Tricks › Yongfook - Web Producer
little coding tricks and snippets of knowledge that we’ve picked up over years of experimentation and evolution of our processes, that are now part of our regular routine and save us time, gnashing of teeth and allow us to work quickly and efficiently.
Mark Lyon's GMail Loader (GML)
Import Your Mail into GMail
LifeStreaming White: A Free LifeStream Wordpress Theme |
This theme utilizes jQuery to display recent updates in a horizontal scrolling fashion, kind of like a timeline. You can watch your life go by, and scroll through your updates! Without further ado, here is LifeStreaming White.
well-modified K2 layout
The Sitcom Digresses
To the television watcher, constant asides are now recognized as a basic component of the contemporary sitcom vocabulary. Verbal digressions — “Remember the time when . . . ” or “What would it be like if . . .” — often lead to alternative scenarios, tangents and realities, each with new characters and sets that can consume long stretches of the show’s running time. Much has been made of how “30 Rock” is revitalizing the classic “Frasier”/“Friends”/“Seinfeld” sitcom, but Fey’s program is, like most of the deeply funny and cutting-edge comedies of the last few years, a bold experiment in narrative.
:: Fourteen Hills - The SFSU Review ::
'Beautifully designed, impeccably edited, Fourteen Hills is one of those handful of literary journals doing the important work of keeping American writing alive and new' --George Saunders
Aesthetics On-Line
the official web site of the American Society for Aesthetics
philosophy of art
A group weblog on philosophy of art and its various relationships to mind, ethics, and culture.
66 "Choose Your Own Adventure" Book Covers
Someone who goes by the handle of “bluechemist” posted this collection that takes me back to my youth: a composite scan of 66 covers from the old Choose Your Own Adventure series of books.
WooThemes | Premium WordPress Themes
Say Hello to Premium Wordpress Themes Welcome to our WordPress themes shop. At WooThemes you will find some of the most cutting edge WordPress templates, packed full of features, presented beautifully with clean layouts, slick colour palettes and neat typography. All our themes are available for purchase
Helvetireader is a userscript that pares down Google Reader to what I consider to be the essentials.
Premium Wordpress Themes at Zidalgo
All Zidalgo premium wordpress themes come with all the features
Processing 1.0
Processing is a programming language, development environment, and online community that since 2001 has promoted software literacy within the visual arts. Initially created to serve as a software sketchbook and to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context, Processing quickly developed into a tool for creating finished professional work as well.
50 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes - Six Revisions
In this collection, you’ll find 50 excellent, high-quality, free WordPress themes. These themes range from being elaborate and colorful to being clean and simple so that you may find one that suits your design tastes.
On using Subversion for web projects « Athletics
Subversion, the open-source version control software, has changed our web development process. At one point in time, I thought version control software was the stuff of super-nerds. I had imagined complex software running on complex servers doing something fancy to manage programming projects. I didn’t recognize it as something that applied to me. So, for the most part, I ignored it.
Grunge Icons
Grunge Style In Modern Web Design
Tired of that slick "web 2.0" look on all the web sites these days? Yeah, me too. This definitive guide to grunge design helps point in another direction.
Queneau's One Hundred Thousand Billion Sonnets
One Hundred Thousand Billion Sonnets in English and in French.
Who's Counting: Google Made Surreal
When they're good, Oulipo's artificially constrained stories can be stimulating. When they're not, the outlandish juxtapositions are simply tiresome.
Acapella Zoo
a print literary journal of experimental and magical realist works
21 Must-Read Tips To Write Better Web Content | Dumb Little Man
21 excellent articles which could greatly improve your writing skills
K=O=L=L=A=P=S is a semi-regular experimental podcast dedicated to all forms of sound poetry.
Direct Waves
Dedicated to experimental & avant-garde music that is rare, obscure, or O.O.P.: NWW List, Improv, Kraut, Prog, Psych, Fluxus, Dada, Musique Concret, Sound Poetry, Noise, Classical, Surrealism, Futurism, ...
Avant-garde poetry readings/ interviews Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:00 on WNYU 89.1FM in the NYC tri-state area &, or through iTunes
80 Large Background Websites
As the monitor resolution and internet speed is advancing, it seems like more and more designers use over-sized photo or illustrated image as the website’s background. Large background image can create the stunning visual effect
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Google's SEO Starter Guide
covers around a dozen common areas that webmasters might consider optimizing. We felt that these areas (like improving title and description meta tags, URL structure, site navigation, content creation, anchor text, and more) would apply to webmasters of all experience levels and sites of all sizes and types. Throughout the guide, we also worked in many illustrations, pitfalls to avoid, and links to other resources that help expand our explanation of the topics. We plan on updating the guide at regular intervals with new optimization suggestions and to keep the technical advice current.
Robokill - Rock Solid Arcade
An online video game. Make your robot run around and blow stuff up. It's fun!
Write or Die : Dr Wicked's Writing Lab
Write or Die is a web application that encourages writing by punishing the tendency to avoid writing. Start typing in the box. As long as you keep typing, you're fine, but once you stop typing, you have a grace period of a certain number of seconds and then there are consequences.
a website template
Web Templates, WordPress Themes - ThemeForest
ThemeForest is a marketplace for buying and selling website templates and CMS themes for all sorts of products, like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Find and Share Free Sound Effects and Loops
Soundsnap is the best platform to find and share free sound effects and loops- legally. It is a collection of original sounds made or recorded by its users, and not songs or sound FX found on commercial libraries or sample CD's.
[adult swim] : Carl Casting Call
Adult Swim is casting for the role of Carl in an upcoming Live-ACtion Aqua Teen Hunger Force special. Do your best impersonation of Carl, upload the video, and you'll be famous, yo!
Creating Scholarly Tools and Resources for the Digital Ecosystem
So what should Web 2.0 mean for universities, libraries, and museums? The experience of the Zotero Project at the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University, an open source initiative to provide a high–quality bibliographic, research, and note–taking tool that now serves over a million people in 35 languages, might be helpful as a guide
"Fuck The Rain" umbrella
I don't usually like to lug an umbrella around, if I can avoid it, but this one with a giant middle finger on it is awesome. People upstairs, and rain -- look out!
Quotation from Leonardo
Leonardo Da Vinci's journal contains a recipe for a stink bomb, proving that even the greatest of minds have a fun sense of humor.
Incremental leading example
Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.
watch tv and movies on the internet. not so many ads either.
Use and Mount Images (ISO files) Without Burning Them
Microsoft has an unsupported virtual CD-ROM program. Allows you to mount an ISO file as though it were a disk
ISO Recorder v 2
adds the ability to create and burn ISO files to windows
PDF Optimization Tool, options to optimize PDF file for web site
Advanced PDF Tools (GUI version) provides many settings for reducing the size of Adobe PDF files. Whether you use all of these settings or only a few depends on how you intend to use the files and on the essential properties a file must have. In most cases, the default settings are appropriate for maximum efficiency--saving space by removing some embedded fonts, compressing images, and removing items from the file that are no longer needed.
Behance Network :: What is Behance
Build a dynamic, multimedia portfolio of your latest projects, open to all or shared selectively.
Pirating Electronic Books
Publishers need to get a grip on the electronic book biz before the pirates do.
jet-powered wings
Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy demonstrates his jet-powered wing during a test flight in May 2008. Rossy -- who calls himself "Fusion Man" landed in Britain after crossing the English Channel from France using only his a jet-powered wing.
History of Experimental Music
What is, or seems to be, new in this music?... One finds a concern for a kind of objectivity, almost anonymity - sound come into its own. The 'music' is a resultant existing simply in the sounds we hear, given no impulse by expressions of self or personality. It is indifferent in motive, originating in no psychology nor in dramatic intentions, nor in literary or pictorial purposes.
Intense Debate Goes Automattic — Matt Mullenweg
Intense Debate supercharges the comment section of WordPress blogs and other sites with cool features like threading, reply by email, voting, reputation, and global profiles.
an un-conference for information architecture, user-centered design, librarianship & information management
Google Map Maker
Hide iTunes store 'arrow' links
a little hack to remove the newly obligatory apple store links witihin the iTunes library
ColdFusion MX 7 -- CFML Reference
CFML Reference is your primary ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) reference. Use this book to learn about CFML tags and functions, ColdFusion expressions, and using JavaScript objects for WDDX in Macromedia ColdFusion MX. It also provides detailed references for Java and C++ CFX interfaces.
The Red Room at Normals Books and Records
Laboratory for Paracultural Revolution of the Mid-Atlantic Region
Normals Books and Records, Baltimore
a collectively run shop in Baltimore: seventeen years strong, overflowing with good stuff, and voted "Best of Baltimore" time & again by the City Paper.
Getting To Done: Down With Piles!
Well Designed E-commerce Websites
14 e-commerce websites which I think have great aesthetics
Movie review: Night Watch'
a russian sci-fi horror movie. has interesting typography in the subtitles.
Resume Templates and Job Advice - Microsoft Office Online
Eclipse is a free on-line archive focusing on digital facsimiles of the most radical small-press writing from the last quarter century. Eclipse also publishes carefully selected new works of book-length conceptual unity. FEATURING: exemplars of the new trobar clus, adventures in diminished reference, lost classics of modernism, écriture actuelle, hard-core composition, ephemeral memos filed by the Research Division of the Bureau of Resistance, and a series of sacrifices in which the victims are word Oulipo Compendium (Atlas Archive): Harry Mathews, Alastair Brotchie: Books
Anthology of prose, poetry and literary critcism. "OULIPO COMPENDIUM is a late 20th-century kabala, a labyrinth of literary secrets that will lure the uninitiated into rethinking everything they know about books and writing.
Table of Forms—Book
the most comprehensive survey of noncanonical poetic techniques since the Oulipo Compendium
Tutorial: How to FTP in to your Xbox
An Easy Way To FTP To Your Xbox
Jing Project: Visual conversation starts here.
the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video…from your computer to anywhere
How to Use ColdFusion to Ping the Ask, Google, MSN, and Yahoo Sitemap Services
Twitter Tools 1.5b1
I’ve got a new version of Twitter Tools ready to test. This version has a number of changes, including one that has been very frequently requested: Weekly digests!
Nelnet Student Loans
admin panel for my student loan.
Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters
We’ve reached a point in our civilization where counterculture has mutated into a self-obsessed aesthetic vacuum. So while hipsterdom is the end product of all prior countercultures, it’s been stripped of its subversion and originality.
Poetry is blossoming again in Baltimore. Why?
Poetry is blossoming again in Baltimore. Why?
Jargon Main
To help you keep your writing and speaking free of jargon, we are pleased to present Jargon finder - an online collection of foundation and nonprofit jargon.
Webunit Sharepoint
Concerto for Narrative data
In the fictional voices of six artists and writers, Concerto for Narrative Data, a web work that could also be performed, describes a relationship between covert surveillance, technologies and interference in the lives of people.
The Iowa Review Web
Publishing electronic literature since 1999, The Iowa Review Web is committed to new writing, encouraging the investigation of text and hypertext in theory and practice at their deepest levels. It is searchable by title, author, and author information.
What is Conceptual Poetry?
a survey about poetry for the symposium on Conceptual Poetry
Conceptual Poetry and Its Others Symposium
What would a Conceptual Poetry Symposium be without a nod to Vispo – the visual poetry movement incorporating new, or if not new, at least more types of media, including digital, video, film, sculpture, typography, theater and book/e-zine arts?
Fine Books Blog: Has Flarf Gone Mainstream?
When a book from a founding member of an avant-garde poetry movement gets a starred review in Publisher's Weekly, is it still avant-garde?
43 Phenomenal and Advanced Groundbreaking Wordpress Themes
Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet
Al Gore—who has unsuccessfully attempted to warn humanity of the coming destruction of our planet, only to be mocked and derided—launched his infant son into space Monday in the faint hope that his only child would reach the safety of another world.
Flarf poetry - an avant garde poetry movement
Its first practitioners practiced an exploration of “the inappropriate” in all of its guises. Their method was to mine the Internet with odd search terms then distill the results into often hilarious and sometimes disturbing poems, plays, and other texts.
Dust-Me Selectors
Dust-Me Selectors is a Firefox extension (for v1.5 or later) that finds unused CSS selectors.
CSS Tools That Compress & Strip Unused Styles From Your CSS Files
minor changes quickly add up and may make your CSS faster. Fortunately, there are plenty of CSS tools available online that can do all this for you - they will analyze your CSS files, remove unwanted stuff and thus reduce the overall size.
Dusie is an online poetry journal featuring the work of emerging as well as established poets. Based in Switzerland, Dusie will continue to feature what can only be loosely defined as modern poetics on a somewhat quarterly basis
What is "Avant" and Who is The "Garde"?
exploration of the avant-garde. Includes reviews, critiques of critics, history, future, general and specific analysis.
the Conceptual Poetry and Its Others conference
Words like "sampling," "appropriation," "cut-and-paste," "mixing" and "remixing" were in constant use as were frequent references to technology, globalization and multi-lingualism. The discussions were very focused on the concept of poetry off the page
Chiasmus Press - podcast
This podcast regularly discusses: if literature could rise from its own pop-culture market-driven ashes and remake itself as a comment against the state, rather than serving it, what would it look like?
It's Okay To Stare by Debra Di Blasi
New mixed media fiction, "It's Okay To Stare," appears in the resurrected Exquisite Corpse.
BLEED explores the newest trends in literature and the arts through vodcasts (video podcasts). Multimedia writer and artist Debra Di Blasi talks with some of the most innovative writers and artists of the 21st Century to find out how and why they create.
BLEED - a video podcast about experimental literature
podcast covering innovative writers and artists, is now online.
Online Comics at
A Directory of Online Comics
The Writer's Edge
a three-day literary conference devoted to the practice of experimental writing. Held annually, this conference draws participants from all over the country.
Ward Six: What's experimental fiction? And do I like it?
J. Robert Lennon writes about what makes experimental fiction good, when it is good.
253 - interactive novel home
a massive early hypertext novel which takes place on a broken-down tube train. Each link details the thoughts of every person on every carriage of the train, with links where different characters are connected.
Exquisite Corpse - Journal of Letters and Life
A discriminating literary journal with a stubborn esthetic (we’ll let you define that!). posting new bursts of genius.
The Life and Works of William Butler Yeats
an Online Exhibition from The National Library of Ireland
Telling stories using data: An interview with Jonathan Harris
Designer, programmer, and storyteller, Jonathan Harris is using interactive technology to pioneer new forms of narrative.
Insurance Company Rules
Insurance Company Rules are when you can change the rules any time, any way. Watch this video to see just how much fun that must be!
Content Writing 101 For Websites
Writing content for a website does not mean you stop writing content for people as well. People are not machines they do not choose to read simply based on the amount of information or the number of times a keyword comes up. people need to be interested.
A Brief Message: No Resistance is Futile
A Brief Message features design opinions expressed in short form. This note is about using Oulipan contraints in order to arrive at the real heart of whatever you're writing.
stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site
huge gallery containing over 350.000 quality stock photos by more than 30.000 photographers!
Azoth Liminal Spaces
A researcher interested in the edges of esoterica and the interface between liminal spaces and social engineering.
Experimental Fiction & Poetry
This is a blog of reviews, interviews, & commentary on writing that takes risks. Unsolicited work welcome
Sveriges första elektroniska roman
Sweden's first electronic hypertext novel
Type is Art
An Interactive Exploration of the Typographic Form. Drag and resize letterforms around to create an image.
Other Cl/utter
Other Clutter is an online gallery space designed to explore “text as art”. Taking inspiration from visual poetry, the site has set out to examine text (words, letters, phrases, sentences, found text, pictures etc.) as an inherently visual space.
Concrete and Digital Poetics by Manuel Portela: Vol 14 No 5 - 6 September 2006 - Leonardo Electronic Almanac
This essay deals with the adoption of electronic media by concrete poets, with examples from the work of Brazilian poet Augusto de Campos (1931-), and Portuguese poets E.M. de Melo e Castro (1932-) and Tiago Gomez Rodrigues (1972-).
Gary Snyder's essay "The Dharma Eye of d.a.levy"
commentery on d.a.levy, a.k.a. d.a. levy, by Gary Snyder
List of concrete and visual poets
a partial list of Concrete poets and Visual poets from around the world.
Google Book Search subject:"Concrete poetry"
A collection of books on the subject of concrete poetry
Bibliography | Concrete & Visual Poetry, Calligrams
A bliography of concrete poetry and the like.
examples of concrete poetry
What Is Concrete Poetry? I don't know; but the purpose of this space is to attempt to describe it by example. I also find, from time to time, cogent and well formulated attempts at definition by explanation. Two are reproduced here.
Sound Poems from the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry
The work presented here comprises a portion of the Sackner's tremendous compendium of sonic works.
An Introduction to Concrete Poetry
This introduction defines concrete poetry as "the conviction that the old grammatical-syntactical structures are no longer adequate to advanced processes of thought and communication in our time." and, more simply "the poem as an object"
Concrete Poetry: Links, Books, Indexes, and Info. By Michael P. Garofalo
Title Index to Concrete and Visual Poetry Websites
80+ Graphic Design Links
A nice collection of graphic design links and web design links. A list every designer should check out. You are bound to find some cool new sites from this list.
Postmodernism in Literature and Politics: Experimental Fiction and Post-Left Anarchy - North America / Mexico Culture - Anarkismo
In the following article we will examine two cases of extremism for its own sake, consciously postmodern experimental literature, and also a school of thought called Post-Left Anarchy.
decapitalization of E. E. Cummings
on the capitalization of Cummings' name
High Fashion Home : Room Planner
build a blueprint of a room, with furniture, doors, etc.
Mark Bernstein: Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Is Google Making Us Stupid? Short answer: don't be silly. Thanks for playing.
WordPress Theme Hacks
In this article, I’m going to share some of my WordPress tricks with you on how to make a better WordPress theme.
Concrete: a movie about the Sackner Archives of Concrete Poetry
Ruth and Marvin Sackner share their love of words and images with an intimate tour of their Miami Beach home/museum
The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry
Collection of concrete and visual poetry: books, critical texts, periodicals, ephemera, prints, drawings, collages, paintings, sculptures, objects, manuscripts, and correspondence dealing. From movements like Futurism, Dada, Surrealism, Bauhaus, Lettrisme
Concrete Poetry generator
This web page is a concrete poetry generator.
periphery poem
The work of concrete poet Brenda Cowe
An Interview with UbuWeb's Kenneth Goldsmith
Kenneth Goldsmith created UbuWeb, an online encyclopedia of the avant-garde
Four Ways to Bypass Creative Inertia
four methods you can employ at various stages of the creative process to get unstuck and bypass the mire of indecision, stagnation, and inertia.
Interactive Fiction: Playing, Studying and Writing Text Adventure Games (Dennis G. Jerz, Seton Hill University)
Interactive fiction (IF) is computer-mediated narrative, resembling a very finely-grained "Choose Your Own Adventure" story.
Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds
a nifty word cloud generator that enables you to control variables such as layout, font and color
Ball Girl Makes Incredible Catch Video
A minor league ball girl makes an incredible catch on a foul ball in left field.
Creative Writing Exercises to Cure Writer's Block
82 Writing Experiments by Bernadette Mayer
Sandbox Wordpress Theme Designs Competition
Enriching and challenging the blog design community in high semantic style
WordPress Theme: Aperio littlemod | Futurosity
Futurosity Aperio is often described by its fans as “beautiful” and “creative,”
The Job Board for Media Professionals
CRS Espanol | Content Management Console
CRS Espanol | Content Management Console
Artists in the Workforce
Analyzes working artist trends, gathering new statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau to provide a comprehensive overview of this workforce segment and its maturation over the past 30 years, along with detailed information on specific artist occupations. » Blog Archive » Field Guide to Firefox 3
Overall the result is the fastest, safest, slimmest, and easiest to use version of Firefox yet. We hope you like it.
Fluency Admin at
Fluency is a design overlay for the wordpress admin panel. It makes the panel look pretty.
Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary (ND Ward Phillips Lectures): N. Katherine Hayles: Books
the first systematic survey of electronic literature and an analysis of its importance, breadth, and wide-ranging implications for literary study.
My Mother Was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts: N. Katherine Hayles
how code differs from speech; how electronic text differs from print; the effects of digital media on the idea of the self; the effects of digitality on printed books; the possibility that human consciousness itself might be computational.
The Unstandard WordPress theme
Farewell to the text heavy front pages, and hello to visuals & imagery to lure visitors deeper into your website / blog. A WordPress theme comprised of - aligned - images for forward facing pages, and clean textual presentation on the inner pages.
Writing Style for Print vs. Web (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
The differences between print and the Web may not seem as strong, but to achieve optimal results, each requires a distinct content style.
N, The Way of the Ninja
N is a highly addictive, sometimes very frustrating game. You play a stick-figure ninja, who must brave difficult obstacles.
John Arbuckle Finally Loses It
Garfield's owner finally snaps in this parody comic strip.
garfield minus garfield
Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life?
"Exhibition Literature by August Highland"
Without commercial software, Highland "writes" his compositions by giving instructions for all elements, such as typefaces, distribution of text, overall dimension of the work, etc. These instructions are then converted into a visual piece and printed.
Webmonkey: the Web Developers Resource
This website is a great place to go to learn how to write code for the internet.
Tellus audio cassette magazine
The entire run of the legendary New York-based Tellus audio cassette magazine. Originally a subscription-based bimonthly publication, the series took full advantage of the popular cassette medium to promote cutting edge music of the time.
The Oblique Strategies Web Site
These little anecdotes are meant to assist you when you're having a tough time with the creative process. The original card set describes them as "Over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas".
Oblique Strategies
Oblique Strategies - the PDF version
Interactive Story by jiyeon song
This interactive story is based on the graphic novel La Nouvelle Aux Pis by Stéphane Blanquet. Interactivity, sound and game aspects are enriched user experience. Multiple navigation systems offer users the opportunity to create their own story sequence.
Experiential Typography | One Day Poem Pavilion | Jiyeon Song
Using a complex array of perforations, light passing through the pavilion’s surface produces shifting patterns, which transform into the legible text of a poem.
IKEA | Download planner
Thanks to our easy-to-use software, you can choose furniture to fit the exact measurements of the rooms in your home.
B. | Baltimore, Maryland the daily conversation starts here
Daily paper and website about Baltimore.
Pacman 'Death' Sound - Mean Machines Media Vault
Now you can have the sound of Pacman's demise! Enjoy!
Windows Sysinternals: Documentation, downloads and additional resources
Whether you’re an IT Pro or a developer, you’ll find Sysinternals utilities to help you manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems and applications.
village voice > art > Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung: The Madcap Laughs by Robert Shuster
Web designer/artist mashes up art, activism, and the occasional well-placed turd - Gestalt v1.3 Allegory Inducing Machine
Function like art. Harmony will be realized
Publishing Genius: About
makes nice, forward-thinking chap-format books. They're simple but lovingly crafted, pored-over at every step in the process, and affordable.
How to turn your blog in to an OpenID
Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the same account to log in to multiple sites and applications, without having to trust them all with your password?
Former President Carter to Meet With Hamas Chief -
Former president Jimmy Carter plans to meet next week in Damascus with Khaled Meshal, the head of the Palestinian militant group Hamas, in a direct rebuke of the Bush administration's campaign to isolate it.
The Interstitial Library
The Interstitial Library's Circulating Collection is located at no fixed site. Its vast holdings are dispersed throughout private collections, used bookstores, other libraries, thrift stores, garbage dumps, attics, garages. We champion the incomplete.
Aetna Navigator
My insurance account at Aetna
convio spport
CRS Employee Timesheet
Missing Timesheet report
BEATRICE CORON: recent papercuttings.
BEATRICE CORON: recent papercuttings.
Composting with Worms
Vermicomposting is the use of worms to turn food scraps into a nutrient-rich form of compost.
Wordpress Themes
Mimbo Magazine
Fakeblog » Overstand Theme für Wordpress 2.3
Upstart Blogger Themes » Just another WordPress weblog
kapikua blog » Theme Leia
Revolution WordPress Theme
The Revolution themes are widget-ready, customizable themes that provide ideal solutions for online magazines, online newspapers, and other websites that wish to use WordPress as a content management system.
StationRipper - Download
Want to Record Internet Radio? Get thousands of sounds every few hours? Record your favorite Shoutcast Radio or TV show? Record, iTunes radio, and Podcasts? Then download the latest version of StationRipper now!
Fighting a Monster
this is a cool video of some guys trying to kill a monster.
A website to the detriment of good film, this one is all about bad movies. Enjoy!
iPod Diagnostic mode
How to get your ipod to test itself, repair, etc.
Cartoons, webcomics, sketches and rants
Blast was a modernist publication. Founded by Wyndham Lewis with Ezra Pound, it ran for 2 issues, published in 1914 and 1915. Its purpose was to promote a new movement in literature and visual art, christened Vorticism. Vorticism was like Futurism.
The Modernist Journals Project
Magazines of experimental literature from the early modernist writers.
42opus | an online magazine of the literary arts
42opus is an online magazine of the literary arts. Although archived in quarterly issues, new writing is posted online every few days.
WordPress In Kazakh
Use the WordPrez… itsa niiiice!
The Zine Podcast
Fall of Autumn Press publishes a podcast for zinesters. It includes readings and how-to discussions, useful for people who make zines.
MediaWiki - MediaWiki
MediaWiki is a free software wiki package originally written for Wikipedia. It is now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis, including this website, the home of MediaWiki.
Synchronize your Motorola RAZR V3 with Google Calendar on Squidoo
Trogdor the Dragon
One of the very best web cartoons out there, about a dragon.
WordPress › Support » Post gets published instead of pending
an annoying little bug in wordpress
The BOSS Group - Marketing and Creative Staffing, Jobs and Solutions / Jobs
freelance, temp jobs, and placement for writers, editors and proofreaders in Baltimore.
Idiom Shortage Leaves Nation All Sewed Up In Horse Pies | The Onion
A crippling idiom shortage that has left millions of Americans struggling to express themselves spread like tugboat hens throughout the U.S. mainland Tuesday in an unparalleled lingual crisis that now has the entire country six winks short of an icicle.
Atomic Books Consignment Info
How to get your zine sold on consignment at Atomic Books in Baltimore, Maryland.
Remembering Alain Robbe-Grillet, the French Writer and Intellectual
Mr. Robbe-Grillet believed that writing should reveal the archaeology of its own construction, should depict a mind unfolding its thoughts over time.
WNYC - Radiolab: Making Radio Lab (November 09, 2007)
A discussion of the nitty-gritty of digital sound editing, and the editorial questions raised in creating imaginative soundscapes.
Aspen: The multimedia magazine in a box
Each issue came in a customized box filled with booklets, phonograph recordings, posters, postcards — one issue even included a spool of Super-8 movie film. It's all here.
Chunk Addresses Congress
Chunk, from Goonies, has a few wise words for the ladies and gentlemen in the United States Congress. He makes an eloquent point.
MetaxuCafé Litblog Network
LimerickDB: Top 150
150 of the best limericks on the internet, from the Limerick Database.
BUST Magazine
BUST is absolutely not your mama's women's magazine
known for its hilarious columns and informative reviews, MAXIMUMROCKNROLL is the paragon of punk zines.
XBMC // Wiki // internet connection sharing with your Windows PC
New Orleans' Jazz and Heritage Station
U B U W E B :: Anthology of Conceptual Writing
But what would a non-expressive poetry look like? A poetry of intellect rather than emotion?
Utrecht Art Supplies Store Blog - Baltimore, MD
Neo-Sapien 0.5 | Wordpress Theme
Neo-Sapien theme created by Small Potato of for WP 2.0.3.
Luna Park
The carnival world of little and literary magazines
Art and Language | Artkrush
contemporary text art exposes and subverts everyday language
JPG Magazine: Brave New Photography
JPG Magazine is about imagemaking without attitude. Join us to share your best photos. Help make the magazine by voting. You might even make a few bucks!
Everywhere Magazine
Welcome to Everywhere! Our inaugural issue covers Tokyo Streetlife, First Class travel, Exotic Tucson, and Heading Home for the Holidays.
8020 Publishing
A revolutionary new hybrid media company, bringing the best of magazines and the web together.
Super Mario Brothers - Frustration
This guy gets really frustrated while playing mario brothers.
Maintenance Mode Plugin — Software Guide
This plugin adds a splash page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. Logged in administrators get full access to the blog including the front-end.
Lifewriting Classes
the complete text of the 9-week writing class taught for years at UCLA
Mad Magazine Recruits Some Ringers
The “usual gang of idiots,” as the editorial staff of Mad magazine lovingly describes itself, has recruited some very special help,10 Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonists.
Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition
PhonebookAlternativeArtSpaces - PHONEBOOK
This book includes the listings, locations, contact information and annual programming for over 150 artspaces in The United States.
Collaboradate is compatible with all major dating and social networking sites, and if we don't support one your on simply add it yourself.
10 Universities Offering Free Writing Courses Online
If you don't have the money or the time for a campus-based course, there are plenty of universities that offer free writing courses online.
Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2007 | Copyblogger
Michael Stelzner of Writing White Papers has announced the winners of his second-annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers.
A Companion to Digital Humanities
Humanities computing is precisely the automation of every possible analysis of human expression, from music to the theater, from design and painting to phonetics, but whose nucleus remains the discourse of written texts.
Local, Free Classifieds Ads - Kijiji Baltimore, US
CRS Editorial Calendar
The Editorial Calendar is designed to be a dynamic, functional tool for planning and tracking communications priorities and messaging across Fund Development and Marketing and U.S. Operations.
Home - FD&M Strategy External Research Committee
FD&M Strategy External Research Committee
175+ Data and Information Visualization Examples and Resources
With the growing implementation of electronic dashboards, we need to learn how to create effective visual representations of data
Potassium Chlorate and Gummy Bear
Watch what happens when you drop a red gummy bear into a tube of Potassium Chlorate. It's incredible!
Etsy :: HorrorDoll Productions...zines by jolie noggle.
zines @ etsy
MFA Blog: School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Master's Degree in Publications Design
The University of Baltimore offers a Master's Degree in Publications Design
Meetup: World's largest community of local Meetups, clubs and groups!
A convenient, non-threatening way to connect to other people who share similar interests and live nearby.
the history and culture of zines, independent media and the small press.
absolutely rare, arthouse, cult, classics stuff
Spork - Issue 4.3 -
a dynamic arena for artistic works that make significant contributions to inquiry or expression; to present these works in small editions of hand-bound books
Spencer Selby’s List of Experimental Poetry/Art Magazines
This is a huge list of publications around the world that are known for, or have published, "experimental" literature.
Bibliography: New Media Poetry, Hypertext, and Experimental Literature
This bibliography focuses on particular directions of experimental poetry in the twentieth century, with emphasis on innovative poetics developed with new media
Ecriture: A Journal of Challenging and Experimental Literature -- Issue 1
The rehabilitation of the word “experimental”. The word is too often used as a synonym for “unreadable” or as a genre term for difficult literature. Ecriture would like to apply a
Poetry should be made by all!
From hypertext utopias to cooperative net-projects Journals
Kennith Goldsmith is the founding editor of the online archive UbuWeb. He blogged for one week about conceptual poetry, what it means, and what it looks like.
a Web-based archive for noncommercial distribution of the largest collection of poetry sound files on the Internet. PennSound offers a large variety of digital recordings of poems -- currently 1,500 and fast growing -- mostly as song-length singles.
Jaded Ibis Productions, Inc.
This website is dedicated to writing that's not easily categorized, experimental writing, etc. Its author, Deborah Di Blasi, taught experimental writing at Kansas City Art Institute
Writing as Conceptual Art -- Notre Dame Review, Issue 19
This issue of the Notre Dame Review is devoted to Writing as Conceptual Art. With examples, it asks, what is experimental literature? What is the literary avant-garde? Is there a difference?
Fiction Collective 2 -- A Literary Alternative Since 1974
Fiction Collective 2 is among the few alternative presses in America devoted to publishing fiction considered by America's largest publishers too challenging, innovative, or heterodox for the commercial milieu.
The primary investigation of this magazine is how collage technique of 20th century art, typography, computer graphics, visual & concrete poetry movements & the art of the xerox have been combined.
HOW-TO: Download and compile your own SVN builds of XBMC
explains how to use SVN to keep up with the very latest versions of the software. Also useful as an intro to useing TortoiseSVN software.
&Now Festival
Literature conceived as a contemporary art form: sometimes called experimental, conceptual, avant-garde, hybrid, surfiction, fusion, radical, slip-stream, avant-pop, postmodern, self-conscious, innovative, alternative, anti- or new literature.
CRS Editorial Style Guide
hey, pull my finger!
Publishing the Unpublishable
The web is a perfect place to test the limits of unpublishability.We are free to explore that which would never have been feasible, economically and aesthetically. Contributors to this collection have been asked to publish the unpublishable.
HP LaserJet P1006 Printer overview - HP Small & Medium Business products
Urbancode Magazine #3
Interview and Profile of Washington's Dynamic Arts Scene
iTunes Dead Files Fix
When you go to play the song you get an annoying grey exclamation point and iTunes asks if you’d like to find the song. Eventually I stumbled accross this fix
Write Better: Online Readability Testing Tools Compared | Smiley Cat Web Design
Exploding Jack-O-Lantern: the hidden story
Bill Gates' Speech to Harvard Graduates
I left Harvard with no real awareness of the awful inequities in the world—the appalling disparities of health, and wealth, and opportunity that condemn millions of people to lives of despair.
Top 10 Blogs for Writers – 2007/2008
What follows are the top 10 blogs for writers. These blogs all provide rich content and extremely useful information for writers
An Interface of One's Own
Describes alternatives to the ubiquitous Microsoft Word -- for those who can't find its full-screen and outlining features?
Derek Powazek – DePo Clean WordPress Theme
It’s a super-clean, strong-grid design that evolved out of my likes and dislikes with Hemingway. I also want to give a shout out to Khoi Vinh...
Demian's Gamebook Web Page
An international reference guide to interactive books, solitaire role-playing, game-inspired fiction and more!
Demian's Gamebook Web Page
An international reference guide to interactive books, solitaire role-playing, game-inspired fiction and more!
Metromix Baltimore
Stuff to read, see and do in Baltimore
Diving for Perls - the poetry of programming
an essay about the intersections between the arts and sciences; literature and mathematics; code and poetry.
Podcasts - Technical Specification
This document focuses on technical aspects of preparing your podcast's RSS feed.
Floola is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod or your Motorola mobile phone (any model supporting iTunes). It's a standalone application that can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
A Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008
xTV skin (Apple TV / iTV replica) - XBMC Community Forum
Piggyback Art by Eddie Breen
Apple Developer Connection
a wide variety of development kits, tools, documentation, sample code, demos, and your ADC Monthly Mailing/Download
Networking your Xbox (the best guide so far...) - Scenyx Entertainment Community
How To: Turn Your XBox Into An AppleTVwith Xtv
The Complete Guide to Producing , Extracting, and Burning XBOX ISO Image Files
The Complete Guide to Producing , Extracting, and Burning XBOX ISO Image Files
The Unaffordable Nation by Jeffrey Jones - PopMatters Book Review
The Unaffordable Nation explains that our unshakable belief in the correlation between hard work and quality lives is being eroded by uncompromising distinctions between deserving and undeserving, failed politics and mounting personal debt.
100,000,000,000,000 Sonnets by Raymond Queneau
Using Queneau is simple: read the sonnet. When you've thoroughly analyzed it and all its different levels of meaning, move the mouse over one or more lines. Click on a line to toggle whether or not it spins.
The Oulipo: Constraints & Collaboration
Should humanity lie back and watch new thoughts write ancient verses? We don't believe that it should.
It's like Hot or Not for web design. Vote for designs you like or don't like.
Future Reading
Millenarian prophecies about the possibilities of digitized knowledge and the end of the book as we know it.
How To Write A Novel Using The Snowflake Method
Start simple, and add complexity in stages.
Networking your Xbox
How to network an xbox to a windows computer.
This Web-based Associated Press Stylebook provides searchable, instant access, with "real time" updates. Add custom style material for writers, students, etc. Individual 1-year Subscription ($25)
XHTML 1.1 Element ( Tag ) and Attribute Reference
Florida State University provides a handy XHTML refrence guide.
Vintage Sideshow Banners
Most of the banners were painted by Fred Johnson, a legend in the world of side show banners.
The Blog and Podcast of the Carnival, Sideshow and Burlesque
Jesus vs. Jeezus
there are two kinds of jesus. here's a comic breakdown of the two
Designing for Nonprofits - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
There are some differences in working with nonprofit organizations that can be monumental challenges.
Mumblecore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
an American independent film movement that arose in the mid-2000's. It is primarily characterized by ultra-low budget production (often digital), focus on personal relationships between twenty-somethings, improvised scripts, and non-professional actors.
Connections - Absinthe - Column - New York Times
this anise-flavored spirit has been seeping back into the mainstream
Dictionary & Thesaurus - YourDictionary
definitions, thesaurus entries, spelling, pronunciation, and etymology results for your word. Alternatively, you can browse the dictionary alphabetically or by related terms to find meanings and synonyms.
Norman Mailer, 1923-2007
Obituary for Norman Mailer, writer and journalist.
open stock photography : 100% free open source stock photography
All images listed at Open Stock Photography can be used by anyone, for any purpose.
The Interface of a Cheeseburger
Being a foreigner in Japan, I decide to go to McDonald’s because at McDonald’s I don’t need to deal with language.
LifeClever ;-) Tips for Design and Life
LifeClever helps you design, work, and live better. ;-)
Griffith University | Web style guide
Writing for the web, a styleguide.
2007 Creative Writing MFA Rankings: The Kealey Scale
The Kealey Scale is a comprehensive ranking of MFA programs.
The Compact
A growing number of people are publicly committing themselves to consumption-free lifestyles. Are these anti-consumers revolutionaries or social outcasts?
110+ Resources For Creative Minds
Tips, tutorials, exercises and inspiration from the fields of visual art, writing, photography, blogging, design and invention.
Jon Tan
Food Fast Forum Admin Login
CyberText Yearbook
The Cybertext Yearbook Series, started in 2000, quickly earned its reputation as one of "the best cutting-edge reads for the literary digerati" (American Book Review). This year, editors converted the series to a freely-available online database.
blueprintcss - Google Code
Blueprint is a CSS framework, which aims to cut down on your CSS development time. It gives you a solid CSS foundation to build your project on top of, with an easy-to-use grid, sensible typography, and even a stylesheet for printing.
WordPress › Support » SWINDLE Magazine
The developer of SWINDLE Magazine's website and I are having a conversation about how to create the issues of a publication using wordpress.
Coudal Partners
they make CDs and they have a blog about whatever, but the design is great, and the approach is somewhat magazine-like. Organized more like a blog than with "issues", though there are cover stories.
Main Page - Das Magazin
I can't read this online magazine, but it has my favorite design of the bunch. Organized by issues. Powered by a wiki!?
Boldtype | Monthly Reviews of Books Worth Reading
good content. clunky design. nice email version, though.
SWINDLE Magazine
This online magazine is powered by wordpress. its one of the best-organized of the bunch.
Digitizing records and tapes with Audacity
You've been ripping CDs for years, but what about those dusty cassette tapes and all that bargain-basement vinyl? With Audacity, you can capture those vintage tunes, clean up their sound, and carry them around on your MP3 player.
Notes on Tragedy
Hypertext, Interactive Fiction and the Aesthetics of Tragedy
Getting Started With AS3 and Flash CS3 Flash, Flex and ActionScript Resources Indiana Jones Clothing and Equipment
Learn how to gear-up for adventure, just like Indiana Jones! This site describes how to get the hat, the whip, even the artifacts. Pretty soon it'll be "No time for love, Dr. Jones", for you, too.
the Literary Saloon at the complete review - 21 - 23 September 2007 Archive
In The Japan Times Yoko Hani reports on the phenomenal success of Mobile-phone novels in Japan. It's unclear whether this can translate abroad, but still seems worth paying some attention to.
Zelda's Inferno - for those who write because they have to
Baltimore Poetry Workshop. We write. We talk. Sundays at 7:00pm, now at 2640 St. Paul Street (as of June 17). Free (though a small donation to keep the space running is appreciated).
Glazed Apple Cream Pie - Allrecipes
A unique pie with a great taste
21202: Takeout and delivery menus
How to Go from Xbox to Xbox Media Center in 30 minutes
Transform Your Classic Xbox into a Killer Media Center
Make Your Own South Park Character
4 Things You May Not Know About the MFA in Writing
My Account @ AT&T
Online / Offline Personal Information Management
Podbop - Baltimore, MD
Poetry In Baltimore
Jeff's List of Shows
Torrent Search -
A clean and intuitive torrent search engine site that combines all the major torrent search sites into a single page of search results.
Neoya X2VGA 2
Connect a VGA computer any gaming console, Xbox or video device that has a standard component video output
The Daily Download: One-hit wonders: Simple downloads we love
One-hit wonders: Simple downloads we love. Tips, news, and opinions from editors
A free and open source disk image burning program. For use with .iso files and similar archives.
Book of Sketches
Kerouac admirers know of the legendary writer's habit of carrying a small notebook in his shirt pocket to jot down his impressions. This collection of in-the-moment jottings, the literary equivalent of rapidly executed drawings....
Blueprint Grid CSS Generator
This is a quick PHP script to help generate more flexible versions of Blueprint's grid.css and compressed.css.
ubuntu mount NTFS partition
RSS Reader, News and Information
SunTrust Education Loans | Borrower Information
student loan
savings account
The Creative Writing MFA Handbook
A Guide for Prospective Graduate Students
MFA Toolkit
A Guide for Researching Graduate Creative Writing Programs
the apostrophe engine | beta
When a reader/writer clicks on a line, the Apostrophe Engine then spawns five virtual robots that work their way through the web, collecting phrases beginning with “you are” and ending in a period.
CRS Employee Center
SCENE 360 -- [ Art. Film. Literature. Music.]
Photoshop Tip: Easy stencils from a color photo
The Station North Arts and Entertainment District, Baltimore, Maryland
collecting snippets of good design
Microsoft Word Smart Quotes and Article Marketers Don't Mix
When curly quotes and special characters are converted to HTML, the quotes are converted to non-standard characters which end up littering your document with question mark symbols and/or other garbage code.
formatpixel - online publishing
a Flash-based app that mimics the functionality of a desktop publishing app for the purpose of creating a visually stunning brochure web site without the need to break the bank.
WordPress Jobs
A Job Board for jobs requiring wordpress blogging skills
::swink magazine::
magazine dedicated to identifying and promoting literary talent in both established and emerging writers. We're interested in writing that pushes the boundaries of the traditional
A revolutionary online music service where you can discover new music, create playlists, and organize your favorite artists and albums using descriptive
Ninth Letter Arts & Literary Journal
Ninth Letter literary/arts journal leads a dual life as both a print publication and a web site.. Explore art, literature, culture, and technology. Published by the Creative Writing Program at the University of Illinois
free standards-compliant XHTML WYSIWYG editor
The Open Source Web Design Toolbox
100 Web Design Template Sources, Tools and Resources
Google Custom Search Engines
CRS Staging Server
Open Library (Open Library)
Imagine a library that collected all the world's information about all the world's books and made it available for everyone to view and update. We're building that library.
MIT OpenCourseWare | Writing and Humanistic Studies
Using online syllabi and assignments, you can go through the motions of an MIT writing class. Of particular interest here are the courses in nonlinear narrative.
Google Docs
a simple web-based service that allows you to make pages with to-do lists, notes, files, and images.
Get things done in Outlook with Jello
Ta-da List
When ‘On the Road’ Was ‘On the Subway’
Jack Kerouac's odyssey across America was just beginning 60 years ago this week when he boarded an uptown train on the West Side IRT.
Get to Know Your Money
Free Blogs, Blog Hosting & Photo Sharing at
Collaborative writing software online with Writeboard. Write, share, revise, compare.
Visual Thesaurus
The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus with an innovative display that encourages exploration and learning. You'll understand language in an exciting new way.
The Social Music Revolution
Photo Sharing
Online Portfolio Services
Best Buy
Watch, Share, Create Video
Dylan's Radio Station
Pandora Radio
Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music
Urbis is a creative community with three types of users: creative people, those who love and support creative people, and those who have opportunities for creative people.
classifieds, like craigslist
My Ta-da Lists
LinkedIn: Home
Hello, Dylan!
XHTML™ 2.0 Specification
Working Draft July 2006
XHTML Reference
Is Green Consumerism Diabolically Stupid?
Perhaps, like us, you feel a creeping anxiety about the wholesale "greening" of the American consumer market? Greenwashing aside, perhaps you question the efficacy of "light green" strategies that advocate buying organic Levis, living in an Eco MacMansion
Paper Cuts - Books - New York Times Blog
Paper Cuts is a blog about books and other forms of printed matter, written by Dwight Garner, senior editor of The Book Review. Look here for book news and opinion, interviews with writers, regular raids on the Book Review's archives, and other special fe
The Credit Card Of The Future
This prototype device can link up with your accounts, with fingerprint security. It keeps track of your receipts, your balances, and the types of purchases you make.
Sao Paulo Bans Outdoor Advertising
São Paulo's mayor, Gilberto Kassab, passed legislature last year effectively banning all outdoor advertising in Brazil's largest metro. Six months later, the removal of all the advertising is nearly complete
Online Cliffhangers: You Choose the Cliff
“Satacracy 88,” is an updated version of the kid-friendly Choose Your Own Adventure books of the 1980s and ’90s -- but this time its online TV
Absinthe Arrives in New York
Well well... it looks like you can get real absinthe in New York City.
Identity Page for
Adobe Labs - Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
Adobe® AIR™, formerly code-named Apollo, is a cross-operating system runtime that allows developers to use their existing web development skills to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.
E-mail is not a platform for design
The Ultimate RSS Toolbox - 120+ RSS Resources
Yahoo! Search Blog: Introducing Robots-Nocontent for Page Sections
This tag is really about our crawler focusing on the main content of your page and targeting the right pages on your site for specific search queries
Screenplay Schema
This is an xml schema designed to provide markup for scripts and screenplays
Serving Images From Databases
Serving Images From Databases
Writing for Performance - Introduction to Writing Shorts
Drafting the Short Screenplay: Writing the Short Film
This website is designed for young filmmakers interested in writing a short narrative film. Primarily a site for writers, its aim is to help you to hone your story: its themes, structure, and cinematic style.
Google Transit 2.0
Google Transit was already the best thing that ever happened to online public transit trip planning, and now it's grown to a whole new level
Screenwriters' Initial Draft Pad
A complete set of basic formatting rules are located on the inside and back covers of the pad. Perfect as a quick reference for the experienced professional and an essential guide for the novice.
Five Simple Steps to designing grid systems : Articles : Mark Boulton
Core77 - Experience is the Product: Why designers will never succeed in product design by simply doing product design
beyond information or presentation design -- toward an "experience strategy"
Project Tracking System
Mozilla Does Microformats: Firefox 3 as Information Broker
contact information you see on a site will be associated with your contacts application, events will be associated with your calendar application, locations will be associated with your mapping application, phone numbers with your VOIP application, etc.
Integrating Dreamweaver 8 with Contribute 4
MTV Labs: MTV's New HTML Site: v0.9 "downgrades" from a flash-based layout to an html and css version
SQL Select Command
SELECT [ALL | DISTINCT] columnname1 [,columnname2] FROM tablename1 [,tablename2] [WHERE condition] [ and|or condition...] [GROUP BY column-list] [HAVING "conditions] [ORDER BY "column-list" [ASC | DESC] ]
URL Rewrite engine for IIS, ISAPI Filter for URL Rewriting, mod_rewrite for IIS
The Whole 9
an online Portfolio showcases your creative work to prospective new clients: art directors, ad agencies, modeling agencies, galleries, producers.
torrents for use with ipod and itunes
A Meta Search Engine for torrents
WordPress Grid Focus Download
Fidg't: Your Social Networking Address Book
Welcome to Fidg't: Your Social Networking Address Book
Juicy Studio: Readability Test
Imagination Prompt Generator
52 Projects: Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Jumpstart Your Writing Efforts
Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Jumpstart Your Writing Efforts
StorySquared: Home
Want to be creative but don't have the time? Start a story on StorySquared and see where it goes. Friends and family contribute to a story thread that you create. The results can be funny, imaginative, or just plain strange. Try it out now and see!
Related Entries Wordpress Plugin by WASABI & co.
This popular Wordpress Plugin allows you to create a list of related entries.
Philip K. Dick - New York Times
our of his novels from the 1960s — “The Man in the High Castle,” “The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch,” “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and “Ubik” — are being reissued by the Library of America
Takashi Murakami - Tranquillity of the Heart, Torment of the Flesh - Gagosian Gallery - Art - New York Times
Takashi Murakami’s inaugural exhibition at Gagosian is the first public showing of his new series of monumental paintings of Daruma, the founder of Zen Buddhism.
Crisis: The Board Game
This is the best board game ever!
Conference Program | ASIS&T Information Architecture Summit 2007
This paper examines the use of non subject related tags in three social bookmarking tools dashboard
UtomBox » Downloads
check out the 5u theme for wordpress!
The new stylish MILK table is on the market. In2media has developed a flash site, presenting the many details and combinations of the table, in a visual and elegant manner.
Welcome to Canvas
interface extension for Wordpress
Why You Will Never Read Fiction Online
not that there’s anything wrong with reading off the screen - just that novels aren’t written or made to be read in a digital environment.
Poetry with meaning
Poetry with meaning is here to help you share your poetry with the rest of the world. You'll find tools to help you write, and articles on how to become a better poet — but most importantly, you'll find a sense of community.
Myspace Blog
Hundreds of science-fiction fanzines, scanned and presented online, with a variety related material. great browse. zines
Windows Game Advisor
Tests your computer for compatibility with games ... If you don’t have the hardware you need, the Windows Game Advisor provides links to hardware ...
Dylan Kinnetts' OpenID
Google Desktop Indexing Tips and Tweaks
Change the location of Google Desktop's index files.
Think you know how to read, do you?
A new throng of authors wants to save literature from our nefarious English departments and teach us how to read their way. Now, class, pay attention
Musicovery : interactive webRadio
The new interactive web2.0 radio allows you to choose the right music depending not only on the genre you like but also your current mood (dark. energetic, calm, positive).
Learn Ubuntu Linux with freely available e-book - Lifehacker
As you might expect from the title, the 931-page book covers everything you need to know about installing, configuring and using Ubuntu.
use this to access newtork resources, like the "W" drive, from a remote computer, at hme, etc.
Reason Magazine - We the Living Dead
The zombiephiles—that odd cohort of nerds, video game addicts, and mullet-headed grindhouse nostalgists who have made the flesh-eating zombie a central figure of modern culture
The New Disorder, by David Denby
Aristotle said that a drama should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Okay, said Jean-Luc Godard, but maybe not in that order...
Wabi-sabi slideshow on Flickr
Beauty in decay, deterioration, decomposition, disrepair, disintegation. Photos by Joseph Robertson.
What Is Wabi-Sabi?
Pared down to its barest essence, wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, of accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death. It's simple, slow, uncluttered-and it reveres authenticity above all
One Dimensional Man, by Herbert Marcuse
Herbert Marcuse. One-Dimensional Man
HIlda Doolittle, H.D. @ the Poetry Foundation Archive
Imagists : H.D. and Aldington
An Imagism home page
A Brief Guide to Imagism
nglish and American poets in the early twentieth century who wrote free verse and were devoted to "clarity of expression through the use of precise visual images." A strand of modernism, Imagism launched in 1912 by Ezra Pound witha poem by Hilda Doolittle
Imagism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Frugal Lunch
Save $998/year by bringing your lunch
What to Do About Poetry
According to The New Yorker (or to the critics it quotes), the Poetry Foundation's mission to broaden the audience for poetry is a lamentable one, for with popularity comes mediocrity.
Wiki novel meets the banana
a good discussion about how to react when a participatory media audience participates in an unanticipated, even problematic way.
Music and Writing: What Works For You?
Yahoo! Personals
Don't say "click here"; not everyone will be clicking - Quality Web Tips
Performance Management
CRS Webmail
A new model for writing
Refuse the bullshit. Just make the thing.
introductory orientation module
Opcion Font Viewer
Opcion Font Viewer is a free font viewer written in Java that allows you to view both installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts on Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac. The main focus of Opcion is to allow you to view your uninstalled fonts so that you install only
E41st - Better browsing @ your Public Library
E41ST is a mashup between and the Public Library system. Its objective is to provide an integrated interface in which book lovers can get an enriched browsing experience based on's content, but at the same time, have the ability to s
The "One Bag" Travel Packing List
This is what I had when I had to live out of a suitcase. Those were some days...
Quick Guide To Creating RSS Feeds
all about creating your own RSS feeds by using RSS creation applications.
Want to find a widget? Try Widgipedia, a repository for widgety goodness of all shapes and sizes.
Unhappy Meals
Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2006
What's new and useful on the internet? Here's one opinion.
WebSideStory Search
Say for instance, you're a music major, and [...] you've taken notes on Bach... then, you're taking notes on Beethoven, and ...Beethoven was influenced by Bach. As soon as you type "Bach" into your notes, it's linked!
lives for sale
A one-hour investigative documentary exposes the painful,rarely seen human side of illegal immigration - including the growing black market trade in human beings
TAGStention: wordpress extension for dreamweaver
Do you love Wordpress? Do you use Dreamweaver to write the code for Wordpress? Try the wordpress extension for Dreamweaver!
Not a Pretty Picture
Baltimore City Paper: Will the Station North Arts District Paint a Brighter Future for Midtown?
Will the Station North Arts District Paint a Brighter Future for Midtown?
taskbar shuffle
rearrange the programs on your Windows taskbar by simply... well, dragging and dropping them! Neat concept, huh?
How-to Download Videos from Websites Like Google Video, YouTube, MySpace, and Others
This simple tutorial will show you how to download videos from the internet (MySpace, YouTube, Google Video, etc) and save them to your computer.
Mr. Noodle
The news last Friday of the death of the ramen noodle guy surprised those of us who had never suspected that there was such an individual.
CSS Cheat Sheet
MetaxuCafé Site Redesign
The new design puts a renewed emphasis on facilitating conversations in the blogoshpere with special sections for reading groups and the MetaxuCafé hosted ”Roundtable” discussions
Usability Week 2007 Conference: Nielsen Norman Group
Create PDF
Convert to PDF for Free >> You can convert most common formats to PDF for Free
Remember The Milk
Validate Semantics
Virgin Komodo dragon is expecting
Flora, a pregnant Komodo dragon living in a British zoo, is expecting eight babies in what scientists said on Wednesday could be a Christmas virgin birth.
Pandora suggests new music for you. This is based on what your favorites actually sound like; suggestions are not determined by popularity or "genre"
How to digitize cassette tapes
YUI: CSS Grid Builder
A generator for yahoo ui grids
Instead of relying solely on static hypertext links (for the system allows these as well), it uses an AI engine to recommend the best next pages based on what readers have already read. Literatronica radically revises the 1990s notions of literary hyperte
<a href='javascript:void(document.location=''+document.location)'>Validate CSS</a>
<a href='javascript:void(document.location=''+document.location)'>Validate XHTML</a>
Google Notebook
David Seah : The Printable CEO
weekly progress chart that has nifty fill-in bubbles for use with a No.2 pencil. Whenever you do something on the list, you get to fill in the appropriate bubble(s) for the day.
Baltimore Theatre Alliance - What's Playing?
Baltimore City Paper: EAT. Search our giant database of Baltimore-area restaurants, read reviews, and more.
Baltimore's best coverage of the music world, with highlights of shows and concerts, reviews, and more.
Find Baltimore-area events in our giant calendar, updated daily.
A Compendium of Literary Magazines
Writers: Subscribing to and reading literary magazines is NOT OPTIONAL
This is flat-out, 100%, without a doubt, no if ands or buts the biggest, most vexing, incomprehensible, indefensible, messed up issue with some writers: namely, the phenomenon of Writers Who Don’t Read.”
Poems, Organized by Theme
You can discover work that is new to you by letting the site to take you to poems that deal with a theme that appeals to you. Click on a theme to see what poets have written about it.
On Being a Technology Writer
How one notable writer avoids the problem of jargon.
10 Mistakes Writers Always make
These mistakes are obvious to literary agents and editors, who may start wording their decline letter by page 5.
Chronicle of the newspaper death foretold. - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine
"The business models required customers to pay for detritus to get the good stuff,"
Asyndeton is a stylistic scheme in which conjunctions are deliberately omitted
Articles: Which versus that
Manuel Garcia, Jr: The Physics of 9/11
The aim of this article is to supply some understanding of physics as it relates to several of the features of the 9/11 events, so that readers can expand their range of rationality and hence their political maturity.
A Phone Call Leads the F.B.I. to a Stolen Goya
"The thieves probably had no idea what kind of art-historical loot they had stumbled upon when they broke into the truck overnight in a parking lot at a Howard Johnson Inn"
Fast Food Nation
Did you know that fast food is bad for you? Did you know that the corporations are bad for you? Did you have any idea that the cheap consumer goods are still produced via slave labor? You didn't?! Then perhaps this movie won't bore you.
A designologue is a conversation between two designers in the medium they understand best - design. Comparisons can be made to Coudal's Photoshop Tennis where two designers alternately modify the others image using Photoshop. But instead of one designer
Google Maps
Paying Markets' Writer's Guidelines ::
Paying Markets' Writer's Guidelines
Verse by Voice
On a whim, we asked people to read their favorite short poems into our answering machine for a project we called Verse By Voice. And they did, creating maybe the first-ever poetry meme.
Sync your Google Calendar with your cell phone
GooSync synchronizes your Google Calendar with your cell phone or PDA. It's a free service, and it works with all phones that support SyncML (which most do).
AIM Mail
Segue at the Bowery Poetry Club
Segue at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC
Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Nuyorican Poets Cafe is THE home for innovative spoken word performance in New York City
The New York Times > Dial-A-Poem Enters the Internet Age
In short, if you believe Mr. Giorno, Dial-A-Poem helped spark the world of the Internet. Now the Internet has given Dial-A-Poem back to us. But it's changed, changed utterly.
The Dial-A-Poem Poets "William S. Burroughs/John Giorno" (1975)
It's 1969; the phone is the medium and the poem is the message. Dial-A-Poem is brand-new. You pick up your phone, dial (212) 628-0400 and hear one of a dozen recorded poems by William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Joe Brainard, Anne Waldman, John Cage or
Spoken Alexandria Project - Creative Commons Audio Books
The Spoken Alexandria Project is creating a free library of spoken word recordings, consisting of classics in the public domain and modern works (with permission). AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3 audiobooks available for free download and redistribution.
The Lipstick of Noise
Steve Evans summarizes and recommends poetry audio files
Jello Biafra: Spoken Word Guy
Jello Biafra is an outspoken supporter of free speech. He has released four albums of material recorded during the spoken word tours that carry him across the country.
Poetry Slam Inc
The official website of Poetry Slam Incorporated
U B U W E B :: S O U N D
Hundreds of recordings! Originally focusing on Sound Poetry proper, UbuWeb's Sound section has grown to encompass all types of sound art, historical and contemporary.
Lem Korova's Spoken Word Digest
This blog consists purely of links to anarchist, radical or otherwise interesting spoken word downloads.
Spoken Word, Recorded Poetry, and Hip-Hop
It seems, in general, that recorded poetry can take one of three forms: cultural, sub-cultural, or pop-cultural.
Hip-Hop’s Oral Traditions § No Categories
Hip-Hop, and its various lyrical subjects.
spoken word @ Amazon
Recordings of, and books about spoken word performance
Poetry Archive
Poetry Archive an internet collection of "the voices of contemporary English-language poets and of poets from the past.” Browse poems by poetic form, by theme, by title or by author.
Sensei's Library
Sensei's Library is a collaborative web site about and around the game of Go
MoMB: most anticipated - Most Anticipated
The 50 most anticipated internet applications
Semantic Information Design Ethics
How Semantic Information Design Ethics (SIDE) and a few readily available techniques can help heal the Web.
Org-Fu Überpost - Productivity Whitepaper
methods, practices, software and hardware (both HiFi and LoFi) I use to Get Things Done
Backpack and Getting Things Done
here is what I am trying out to make my Backpack system a little more productive
CRS Analytics
Who's browsing?
img library
A Solid Opinion of National Novel Writing Month
If you want to write a novel, write a novel (and hey, November's as good a time as any), but don't imagine that it's easy, or that you'll take to it like a duck to heart surgery. To quote NaNoWriMo one last time: "Make no mistake: You will be writing a l
World Literature Today
The November/December issue of World Literature Today is now available online.
Free online file conversion
The Missing Men
The New York TImes Reports: "Men Not Working, and Not Wanting Just Any Job", describing a growing class of "The Missing Men" who prefer the alternative -- poverty -- to undervauled work for underpaid wages. Is this baby-boomer narcissim or the effect of a
Telegraph | Entertainment | Mind your language ⊘ it matters!
In the first exclusive extract from his new book on language, John Humphrys argues that we must safeguard grammar and clarity in an age of texting, slang and hype
Unpublished Sylvia Plath Poem To Appear in Online Journal
An unpublished sonnet that Sylvia Plath wrote in college while pondering themes in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby" will appear Wednesday in a Virginia online literary journal.
Riffs: Your Social Recommender - Ratings, Rants, Raves, and Reviews
Riffs: Your Social Resource for Recommendations, Rants, Raves, Ratings and Reviews
Google Calendar
No Categories
City Guide: Baltimore
Complete guide to Baltimore including weather, restaurants, hotels, events, performances, maps, tickets, entertainment, real estate, autos, apartments, shopping and more.
DC-Area Literary Journals and Other Publications
automatically selects and plays songs from your library based on your personal tastes and the music you're listening to.
Archive of the Now
The Archive of the Now is an online and print repository of recordings, printed texts and manuscripts, focussing on innovative contemporary poetry being written or performed in Britain.
Putting the White Back in Strunk and White
is anyone reading Strunk and White, or are they simply taking away quotes they like, and leaving the rest of the movie on the cutting room floor?
Whose Freedom?: The Battle over America's Most Important Idea by George Lakoff, reviewed by The New Republic Online
If Lakoff is right, his theory can do everything from overturning millennia of misguided thinking in the Western intellectual tradition to putting a Democrat in the White House
village voice > books > Up Is Up But So Is Down; From Counterculture to Cyberculture by Ed Halter
we study long-gone countercultures for glimmers of insight into What Is, What Should Be, and most poignantly, What Might Have Been.
CBGB Brings Down the Curtain With Nostalgia and One Last Night of Rock - New York Times
the last concert at CBGB
Buy Nothing Day
This November 23, for 24 hours, we remember that no one was born to shop, we make a small choice to participate by not participating.
A List Apart: Articles: Printing a Book with CSS: Boom!
Can CSS be used for serious print jobs? To find out, we decided to take the ultimate challenge: to produce the next edition of our book directly from HTML and CSS files.
Back to School with the Class of Web 2.0: Part 1
With the increase of teachers using blogs and wikis, and students networking and utilizing online tools, the demand for easier and more efficient ways of learning is on the rise.
UC Berkeley on iTunes U
The University of California, Berkeley and iTunes have just teamed up to offer free audio from classes through the iTunes Music Store through a new feature they are calling Berkeley on iTunes U
Writing for the Internet
Articles about writing for the web, published by A List Apart
Literary Guide to the World -
From Booker Prize winner John Banville on Ireland to acclaimed travel writer Tom Bissell on Vietnam, writers talk about the literature -- from fiction to history to memoirs -- that brings their beloved places alive
Writing for the Web
You can double the usability of your web site by following these guidelines
Find banned books with Google Book Search
Celebrate baned book week! Each featured title has a direct link to Google Book search results, with linked libraries and/or retail stores where you can find the banned book; since some of these books might be out of print, this is a very useful resource.
Shakespeare Searched.
Shakespeare Searched is a search engine designed to provide quick access to passages from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. We cluster search results by topic, work, and character to make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. From something as s
WordPress Plain Text Paste Plugin
The Underground World of Spoken Word in Baltimore
Spoken word artists are not just heard in coffee houses any more. With the growth of this art form in Baltimore, you can year a spoken word artist perform his or her poetry in universities across the states, bars around the cities, and special ceremonies
What You Can't Say
An essay: What can't we say? One way to find these ideas is simply to look at things people do say, and get in trouble for.
Publishing Jobs
Book Excerpt and Review - Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames
What is game narrative? It’s a question that developers, writers, reviewers, and publishers have been trying to answer for years...
Writing Hacks, Part 1: Starting -
In the grand tradition of lists and books of hacks, writing hacks are clever little actions that give you leverage and put the dynamics in your favor. Here in part 1 it’s all about how to start.
Oulipo Ends Where the Work Begins
the very effort, in fact, to express oneself in words—limits, in often arbitrary ways, what a writer might express and how she might express it.
The Use of Knowledge in Society
argues that a person’s knowledge is by definition partial, and that truth is established only when people pool their wisdom.
Council of Literary Magazines and Presses [CLMP]
The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses: The national organization for independent literary publishers of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction including literary magazines and literary presses.
Square America Snapshots & Vernacular Photography
A gallery of vintage snapshots & vernacular photography
When You Can’t Get Started Writing « Writing English
If writing doesn’t come easily to you, then thinking about the whole thing is too daunting. One little step is “doable.”
creative writing prompts: ideas for writers
Creative Writing Prompts collection of writing prompts and story starters for writers. Come up with creative content for blogs and blog stories with the help of these creative writing ideas. » Last Amazon Review (WordPress Plugin)
This plugin ’scrapes’ the Amazon web-site and retrieves your latest Amazon review thus allowing you to preview it on your blog. You can see a preview in the image to the left, or live in action in the bottom right corner of this page.
Professional Manuscript Format
With this article, you'll use Microsoft Word to create a professional document, following established guidelines for manuscripts.
Walt Whitman Manuscripts
transcriptions and page images of the Walt Whitman's poetry manuscripts
Education Undermines Creativity
Sir Ken Robinson is author of Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative, and a leading expert on innovation and human resources. In this talk, he makes an entertaining (and profoundly moving) case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity,
Julio Galán, 46, Mexican Painter of a Personal, Dreamlike World, Dies
Throughout an astoundingly varied, often uneven range of images, he laced references to his childhood and his sexual identity with allusions to Catholicism, the Mexican Baroque, pre-Columbian cultures, retablos and folk art. The result was a kind of postm
Gentle Reader, Stay Awhile; I Will Be Faithful
Bloggers and copywriters take heed: it takes more than daily publication to build relationships. Amber Simmons provides advice on engaging readers and keeping them coming back.
Yahoo! Design Pattern Library
We're thrilled to be sharing patterns and code with the design and development community, hope it's useful,
Yahoo! UI Library
The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications
Digital Publishing Is Scrambling the Industry's Rules - New York Times
"an experiment of how books might be in the future." That is one of the hottest debates in the book world right now, as publishers, editors and writers grapple with the Web's ability to connect readers and writers more quickly and intimately, new technolo
if:book: physical books and networks
Fragmented as our reading habits (and lives) have become, there's a persistent impulse, especially in fiction, toward the linear. networked modes of reading and writing might serve to buttress rather than unravel the old ways. Playing with the stra
Some Imagist Poets 1915
complete text of the 1915 book of Imagist poetry
VoS - Voice of the Shuttle
resource for research in the humanities
" A Retrospect" by Ezra Pound
An Imagist Manifesto
Give new life to old books with BookMooch
bookcrossing n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.
Download of the Day: Hamachi - Lifehacker
Free software Hamachi lets you create a quick, simple, and secure virtual network between any two or more computers with a connection to the Internet.
Creating A Virtual Office For Cheap or Even Free
On a low budget, you can project a professional image by using these cheap and even free services to create what I call a Virtual Office:
Windows XP 15 Minute Tune-Up
Fix XP quickly
Fifteen years of the web
Fifteen Years ago, Tim BernersLee formally introduced his world wide web project to the world
The Diggers were a radical community-action group of Improv actors operating from 1966-68, based in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. Their politics was such that it has sometimes been categorized as "left-wing," but more accurately they w
InDesign Business Card Templates and Tutorial
Design press-ready business cards in InDesign. Tutorial includes screenshots and templates.
Boldtype is a monthly book review focusing on smart, readable works of fiction and nonfiction, from current titles to past gems.
Why Everything You Think You Know About Blog Architecture is Wrong
Thanks to the widespread growth of RSS as a means of content propagation, blog developers need to start thinking outside the traditional architectural box, which usually consists of uploading a CMS and not giving it much more thought.
But, it doesn’t act like a blog!
Why are blogs ALWAYS structured in reverse-chronological order? Is there a better way to do it?
Eldritch Press
Here are free, accessible books. Read them and go in peace. Everything at this site has now been placed in the public domain with a Creative Commons deed
Chamber Plots - an Essay
What prompts people to place books in the loo? Are the books we keep there a reflection of our deepest selves?
Play Tagger
Play Tagger allows you to easily play mp3 files directly on your website or blog. Simply include a tiny javascript, and your mp3 links will automatically become playable right on the page. In addition, your visitors will have the opportunity to easily tag
the Iowa Review Web
July 2006 Issue is about the notions of place and space in new media wrting, guest-edited by Scott Rettberg, of Grand Text Auto
Audio Theatre/Radio Drama/Sonic Storytelling
Resources for the production of spoken word recordings: radio drama, podcasting, etc.
Copy of the First Folio of Shakespeare's plays auctioned at Sotheby's in London
Procrastination hack: “(10+2)*5”
A "squirelly new system to pound through a procrastinated to-do list". Work hard for ten minutes, rest for two minutes, and repeat five times. Then, you've worked a full hour.
Thanks. No.
Ever needed a nice way to tell your well-meaning but clueless-about-email correspondent that you don't want more dumb forwards or unnecessary cc's? Send 'em over to a simple one-page web site
Like Having a Secretary in Your PC
If you're among the thousands who have abandoned dictation software in the past, it's now ready for prime time.
Technology Rewrites the Book
The print-on-demand business is gradually moving toward the center of the marketplace. What began as a way for publishers to reduce their inventory and stop wasting paper is becoming a tool for anyone who needs a bound document. Short-run presses can turn
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Voter?
One of the cheesier propositions on the November ballot asks Arizona voters to approve a new lottery designed to attract more voters to polling places by turning the rite of democracy into a raffle with a $1 million grand prize.
'On Late Style,' by Edward W. Said
Edward W. Said looks at artists' later years in this investigation of the evolution of creative life.
Spry framework makes Ajax approachable for web designers
You've read the blogs, and you've heard the news. More and more developers are using Ajax to build rich user interfaces. But what about web designers and HTML producers, the people who design websites and code HTML day in and day out? While the web develo
How need to vanquished have to, must, and should. By Ben Yagoda
In the battle for pre-eminence among verbs of compulsion or requirement,
SEO Tools
Various useful tools for determining the search engine optimization of a webpage
Quaker 2.0
This re-launched website has an interesting premise. Its more than a blog -- a group discussion about where the Quaker church is heading in the twenty-first century and how we can be a part of shaping that direction.
SomaFM Commercial-free Internet Radio
I really love the "Secret Agent" station. Its like having my own record colelction on the air! I didn't know I was a secret agent -- thats how secret it is.
Did Thomas Pynchon post on his Amazon page? By Troy Patterson
Last week, put up a page that listed Untitled Thomas Pynchon at a svelte 992 pages and bore a description purportedly written by the master himself. ... Then the description just vanished from the page.
Write Every Day
Let's look at the problems or the excuses or the reasons why people claim they aren't able to achieve their goal of writing every day. Time ranks first and foremost on most people's list of reasons why they can't write every day. They seem to never find t
From to WordPress: How to automatically post daily links
this takes a one time effort to setup, but benefits you on the long run by giving you an additional post everyday
Ultimate Web Developer Lists : eConsultant
Top links, resources, services and tools for web developers and web designers.
Flickr Toys
Adobe Labs - Spry framework for Ajax
The Spry framework for Ajax is a JavaScript library for web designers that provides functionality that allows designers to build pages that provide a richer experience for their users. It is designed to bring Ajax to the web design community who can benef
Search Friendly Wordpress
When your site is visited via a search engine, you can show users related entires, and popular entires.
The 101 Best Web sites for Writers
Personal Information Page
Featherproof Books
The Beat Hotel
TopFoto Gallery of Photographs taken in The Beat Hotel
BannerQueen Custom Sideshow Banners
A painter in the "the sideshow banner genre"
Monster Midway (a book about circus life and side-shows)
When thou wilt tell a fortune, put all thy heart into finding out what kind of a man or woman thou hast to deal with. Look keenly, fix thy glance sharply, especially if it be a girl. When she is half-frightened, she will tell you much without knowing it.
8 Invaluable Wordpress Plugins!
Iron Artist
contestants in an art-world take on the popular Iron Chef cooking show. The first "Iron Artist" contest was a showdown between sculptors
WritersWeekly University - if you're tired of struggling with cash-flow momentum and publishing rejection, this class will enable you to build profits and clips A new lecture and assignment is sent to all students every Monday during the run of the cl
CSS Galleries
aggregating web design inspiration Where photo reference lives.
free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use.
The Electric Lady
sideshow posters for "electric lady" acts
Circus Photographs, Illustrations
Photographs and illustrations from early Bandwagon issues.
19th Century Circus & Magic Posters - a photoset on Flickr
Collectible Sideshow Banners - Home
strange illustrations from books
Carnival Poster
NeoSapien WordPress Theme
ScreenSpire is a no-embellishment, no-comments, no-technology-favored source for recent website-designs collected from various portals and handcrafted by thomas marban
css Zen Garden Design List
mezzoblue: the semi-daily weblog of dave shea, a web designer in vancouver, b.c., canada.
CSS Mania
CSSmania, the most updated css showcase all over the globe
Design Shack - Inspirational CSS and Blog Design
Offering inspiring CSS and Blog designs, to help spark some creativity
CSS Import | The CSS Gallery
Charm CIty Bicycle Messengers Association
Baltimore Bike Messenger Association
Foliage Mod Wordpress Theme
Typography: Poetry and Lyrics 1
How to markup poetry with html.
Organizing your great American novel - Lifehacker
Mangled Puppies
a good example of an online-archived print zine
Circus Photographs, Illustrations
Circus Historical Society website provides information on an organization dedicated to recording the history of the American circus.
Bally, Sounds of the Sideshow
Color Schemer - Online Color Scheme Generator
Generate matching color schemes like never before!
Soul Purpose E-Zine
Windows XP Memory Tweak Guide - TechSpot
List-O-Matic - Generate CSS-styled navigation menus based on list items (using
a default stylesheet
one of the w3c's default stylesheets.
That Wicked Worn Look
CSS Tools
CSS related links
kPlaylist - get your music online today!
kPlaylist is a PHP designed system for streaming your audio files as mp3, wma, ogg and others directly from web. The system supports LAME, has advanced search capabilities, playlist functionality (storage, editing), is userbased (includes a full usered...
An Effective Homemade Seed Starter
Try this inexpensive germination booster
How to Make a Self-Watering Seed Starter in Ten Minutes
Getting plants started healthy including tools and materials list instructions pictures
Bush Pilot - Screenhead
Some Fearless Leader high jinks from Germany, understandably eager for the Amazingly Shitty Head Of State choice award to shift regions for a while. A clip from some television show with a title which we can’t pronounce.
05 Reviews/ Interviews
Save $200 in 2 minutes and have the worlds best writing pen
SonSpring | Judas Iscariot
Solucija » CSS Templates
intensivstation :: CSS Templates :: Templates
Well Designed CSS Sites
The Zokutou Word Meter
a useful measure of a writer's progress
Preservationists Visit Hemingway's Cuba
Ernest Hemingway's 40-foot black-hulled fishing boat, the Pilar, will be getting the once-over from Dana Hewson, the vice president for watercraft preservation at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. Hemingway sailed the Pilar when he lived in Cuba from 1939 to
What Is Electronic Writing?
Brian Kim Stefans - whose short post “What is Electronic Writing?” is well worth checking out
Duh Gallery: The Simple WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin
Enquire Within upon everything
This is an online version of the famed Victorian self-help guide (1884 edition). "Whether you wish to model a flower in wax; to study the rules of etiquette; to serve relish for breakfast or supper; to plan a dinner for a large party or a small one; to
Leicester Review of Books » Best Websites for Writers
According to The Writers' Digest, in 2005, the following are the best websites for writers:
The Observer | UK News | Young, successful, well paid: are they killing feminism?
Young, successful, well paid: are they killing feminism? A controversial article by an academic argues that a new breed of 'elite women' is creating rifts in female ranks and fundamentally changing society. Anushka Asthana and Denis Campbell report
Web Redesign 2.0 | Workflow that Works
Web Redesign | Workflow That Works follows a road tested experiential methodology to expose the critical steps to planning, budgeting, organizing, and managing a web design or redesign project from conceptualization through launch.
iJihad heads for Orkut: USA Today
Too Hot to Handle, Too Hot to Not Handle
The polemics and outrage in the theatrical community last week after the New York Theater Workshop postponed its production of "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" might have been as intense as the uproar the company feared had it actually presented the play.
'Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984,' by Simon Reynolds - The New York Times Book Review - New York Times
The story of punk's aftermath is more fragmented, with no clear beginning, a mixed-up middle and a whimper of an ending. Pop-culture historians have found it easy to avoid. With "Rip It Up and Start Again," the brainy music critic Simon Reynolds steps for
a freelance writing resource
i've got stars in my eyes
i've got stars in my eyes
GOutlook - GMail for your Outlook
loosely based on GMAIL and aims to provide similar (and more) functionality to an outlook user for local emails.
Year Without a Summer
1816 was the year known as "Eighteen Hundred and froze to death"
Spirits, Gothic Fantasies and Sex, Please, We're British
New York Times discusses Henry Fuseli's painting "The Nightmare.", and other works in teh gothic genre.
How to Be Creative
"So you want to be more creative, in art, in business, whatever. Here are some tips that have worked for me over the years."
Web Developer's Handbook
developing web-sites, exploring own imagination | CSS, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc.
ionfish · Humean Ideas
Why David Hume is the greatest philosopher of all time, and the problem that a priori knowledge poses for his theory of ideas and impressions.
Browser Safe Fonts
Keyword Density Checker
The Morning News - Andrew Delbanco, by Robert Birnbaum
author and Columbia professor Andrew Delbanco, named by Time as “America’s Best Social Critic,” who’s written a new Melville biography—one that’s actually enjoyable to read.
Free Bob Marley!
He's been hijacked by stoned suburban teenagers.
act3 | the story IS the story
in the fall of 2005, act3 made a bold move by launching the first ever podcasting network. not a portal, like so many others, but a production studio that develops and produces original audio and video content for download and distribution. this new entit
Easy on the Adverbs, Exclamation Points and Especially Hooptedoodle
Levenger Pocket Briefcase
Download fonts |
Download of the Day: WinDirStat - Lifehacker
Closing Of The Western Mind- The Times of India
Writing and the Digital Life: Does 'bad writing' on the web really drive out good?
Nicholas Carr weighs in with another provocative posting suggesting that by encouraging ordinary people to write and create online (using Web2.0 tools) we are 'building a machine that will, to great and general applause, destroy culture' . This seems to m
TV-B-Gone universal television remote - Lifehacker
a keychain television remote that can shut off hundreds of different types of TV’s, like the loud jabbering ones in restaurants and bars.
artist as blogger
as a condition of his artist-in-residency we asked Alex to keep a blog in which we hoped he would write about his work as he did it. we were amazed after a few days to realize that alex was beginning to use the blog not as a way to talk about his work, bu
Taking Aim at Target(.com)
Target is being sued for the quality of its website, really!
Rats at a Rave
Cranking up the music can exacerbate the club drug ecstasy's deleterious effects on the brain, according to a new study. When scientists simulated a dance party for rats in the lab, the rodents suffered from reduced brain activity 5 times longer than thei
Boing Boing: Why Publishing Should Send Fruit-Baskets to Google
Google's new Book Search promises to save writers' and publishers' asses by putting their books into the index of works that are visible to searchers who get all their information from the Internet. In response, publishers and writers are suing Google, cl
The Hollow Men, by T.S. Eliot
a poem by T.S. Eliot
Art Experts Protest Sale of Rare Set of Blakes - New York Times
Designs for Blair's Grave." Opening it, they found 19 Romantic yet macabre watercolors — depicting angels, sarcophagi, moonlit graveyards, arm-linked spirits — rendered in a subtle range of grays, black and pastels. — illustrations created in 1805 b
Web Firms Are Grilled on Dealings in China - New York Times
Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Cisco Systems came under fire at a House human rights hearing on Wednesday for what a subcommittee chairman called a "sickening collaboration" with the Chinese government that was "decapitating the voice of the dissidents" the
Andrew Berg's Flash Photo Browser
a nice way to make a good slideshow
Side Job Track
Web-based job tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management software for the part-time independent contractor.
Pharaonic tomb find stuns Egypt
A new tomb is found in Egypt's famous Valley of the Kings
A Favored Gonzo Memory
The widow of Hunter S. Thompson, the writer and journalist, has a thank-you for his fans. Anita Thompson said she had decided she would let them download a rarely seen photo, her favorite, in observance of the anniversary of his death.
Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder
Though Audacity doesn't offer complex effects or advanced features out of the box, its usability and price set this freeware wonder above the crowd.
Bennett Robot Works: Robot Index 1
Erratic Wisdom: Design Fatigue
The truth is that I’m getting aggravated at knowing what I want from my designs but not being able to create it. I feel like I’m trying to force design when there is nothing in me.
The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
Picture imaging photo gallery Fratelli Alinari
the oldest firm in the world working in the field of photography
Hume: Philosophy of Language
The point that I found most interesting in the essay was Hume’s expansion of the hierarchy of mental processes
Photoblog & Gallery Software
Do we need a term to replace 'cyberspace' ?
From "Writing and the Digital Life": Alex Pang is leading the debate about The End of Cyberspace.
A Hyperlink Movie
The term describes movies in which the characters inhabit separate stories, but we gradually discover how those in one story are connected to those in another. "Syriana" was written and directed by Stephen Gaghan
Is morse code digital technology?
yes! i mean, it shouldn't be excluded from those relevant/related discourses. and it's certainly a binary technology... there's little difference btwn zero/one, on/off, dark/light, long/short... so sad about the telegraph...
Doggerel By A Senior Citizen
a poem by WH Auden
computer tower
Typo Theme Contest
somebody should convert these for wordpress!
Personalized Start Pages: Microsoft, Google, Netvibes
| Web 2.0 Explorer |
Personalized Start Pages to Help You Start Your Day
Complete List of Web 2.0 Applications
If you're wondering "what's web 2.0", check this out.
The Victorian Internet
This book Ipoints out eatures common to the telegraph networks of the 19th century and the internet of today: hype, scepticism, hackers, on-line romances and weddings, chat-rooms, flame wars, information overload, predictions of imminent world peace, and
A Really, Really, Really Good Introduction to XML [XML, XSLT & Web Services]
What is XML? Why is it useful? How is it used?
Microsoft Office Open XML Formats
Frequently Asked Questions
XML for the rest of us
Write real XML from Microsoft Word????
Official Declaration by the Punxsutawney Groundhog
Phil The Groundhog Says Six More Weeks of Winter!
Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him - New York Times
The top climate scientist at NASA says the Bush administration has tried to stop him from speaking out since he gave a lecture last month calling for prompt reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases linked to global warming.
Altsoft FTMaster
This program allows you to view and change font information presented in four basic categories: encodings, glyphs, names and metrics. Fonts can be converted between formats. FTM provides glyph editing tools for adding and deleting outlines, transforming c
Electronic Literature Collection — Call for Works (ELO)
The Electronic Literature Organization seeks submissions for the first Electronic Literature Collection. We invite the submission of literary works that take advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the computer. Works will be accepted until
Writing and the Digital Life
about the impact of digital technologies upon writing and lived experience. We talk about writing and reading in the context of 'new and old' media, transliteracy, craft, art, process and practice, social networks, cooperation and collaboration, narrativ
PocketMod: The Free Disposable Personal Organizer
Lets face it, PDAs are too expensive and cumbersome, and organizers are bulky and hard to carry around. Nothing beats a folded up piece of paper.
David Seah : Separating Work from Passion
The difference between just “liking something” and “living for it” is action. Are you sure that your “passion” really is one, if you’ve been putting it off all the time?
Songbird Media Player
On Brain Training
a fairly significant revolution in the videogame industry is taking place in Japan, and it isnt even a game!
Mozart, Vicious and McCarthy
In today's Times Literary Supplement Stephen Brown makes an interesting comparison between Mozart and punk rock's relative relationships to romanticism, while at openDemocracy Vinay Lal examines the disturbing and rising phenomenon of neo-McCarthyite atta
Duck Hunt/1945 mashup game
Duck Hunt 1945 is a Flash game that combines the classic video games Duck Hunt and 1945 -- you are armed with a machinegun and charged with shooting ducks and emeny soldiers. - Self Publishing - Free
Well, now, here's an idea...
Broken Kode | Season One - The pitch
Khaled intends to chronicle his blogging in a book.
why its impossible to build a new blog in 2006
...I no longer believe you can have a successful blog without a ready made audience. ...
Allen Ginsberg reading "Autumn Leaves"
AllenGinsberg-AutumnLeaves.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)
Jack Kerouac on Charlie Parker
a recording of Jack Kerouac's "Charlie Parker"
Recordings of William S. Burroughs
Spoken Word by William S. Burroughs
Red Wheelbarrow
An imagist poem by William Carlos Williams
Voluntary Simplicity
Babylon Revisited
A short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Disaffected! - a videogame parody of the Kinko’s copy store, (for windows and Mac)
Fifty Writing Tools
Fifty tips for better writing
episode iii, the backstroke of the west
Starwars iii, with hilariously mistaken subtitles.
My lunch with an antifeminist pundit
Kate O'Beirne, author of the new book "Women Who Make the World Worse," says most women don't want the things feminists are fighting for.
The Elegant Variation: IN PRAISE OF THE NOVEL
\With Nevermore, Less Is More
Nevermore, a 90 minute musical without intermission, chronicles the life and loves of Edgar Allen Poe, and relies largely on Poe's own words for its lyrics.
a very inventive plugin. It allows you to show users comments you have made on other blogs, on your own blog, so that they can track down where you have been, and things that interested you.
'The Trouble With Poetry,' by Billy Collins - The New York Times Book Review - New York Times
the new book by Billy Collins called "The Trouble with Poetry."
Poets, Inc. - The Boston Globe
Can a big pot of money - and a savvy marketing plan - make poetry matter again?
Journalism's paper tigers? --
FOUND Magazine | Find of the Day
We collect FOUND stuff: love letters, birthday cards, kids' homework, to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, telephone bills, doodles - anything that gives a glimpse into someone else's life. Anything goes...
Dos and Don'ts for Beating the iPod (and iTunes)
Anil Dash provides a constructive criticism of the iPod, with suggestions for the next best thing.
Lussumo Community - Soul-Scape Theme
a theme for vanilla forum software
Cass McNutt has a weblog on Thought On Thinking; today, he's thinking about Douglas Johnston's DIY Planner, mind mapping, and visualization.
Sixth Annual Weblog Awards
It's now the sixth year of the world's most established weblog awards, the Bloggies™
Would you use this keyboard?
Each one of the keys is actually a miniature LCD display and the buttons could dynamically change according to which programs/games you were in.
How to destroy the Earth
Destroying the Earth is harder than you may have been led to believe.
Manifesto of Surrealism
Mono no aware
"Sensitivity to things"
Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that stresses natural beauty.
The Cappuccino Writer and the idiocy of contemporary writing
Like most people, Billy Childish and Charles Thomson, (the co-founders of Stuckisim) are sick and tired of arts unhealthy obsession with meaninglessness and manic materialism.
Ontology is Overrated -- Categories, Links, and Tags
many of the ways we're attempting to apply categorization to the electronic world are actually a bad fit
Privileging Language: The Text in Electronic Writing
the issue of text and meaning and the reduced terms with which these are both often approached in electronic writing
A Few Don'ts by an Imagiste
Ezra Pound's definition of an image as that which presents an intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time. His list of don'ts comprised the Imagist programme for a return to what they saw as the best poetic practice of the past.
Greenberg: Avant-Gardde and Kitsch
This is Greenberg's breakthrough essay from 1939
Manifesto: A Century of Isms
The nineteenth-century drive to collect and name new species is, apparently, alive and well in Mary Ann Caws, idiosyncratic, infuriating, mesmerizing taxonomy of modernist aesthetic manifestos.
Physicalism @ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford's definition of the term
Physicalism is the name of we have given the group of ideas we have in response to the current state of contemporary art. In short, Physicalism is pro-beauty and anti-bullshit.
Physicalism @ Wikipedia
there are no kinds of things other than physical things; the mind is a kind of physical thing.
Brief History of Industrial Music
SLAMicide - Baltimore CIty Poetry Slam!
XandO - Charles Village, Basement level, 3003 North Charles St, Baltimore, MD - Monday Nights Signups @ 7pm, show starts 8:00pm!!! - $5 cover w/ $2 purchase minimum
Caryn James reviews MTV's "Spoken Word"
A New York Times review of MTV's "Poetry Unplugged" television show
Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Spoken Word Movement of the 1990's
spoken word is the visceral, in-your-face style of contemporary poetry of the nineties.
History is a Waepon
This is an online Left reader focusing largely on American resistance history. The readings are organized in sections. If you are struggling with a particular question, you can go that section. For example, if you want to know "Why are there so many pe
Qaeda-Iraq Link U.S. Cited Is Tied to Coercion Claim
- New York Times
Playwright Takes a Prize and a Jab at U.S. - New York Times
The playwright Harold Pinter turned his Nobel Prize acceptance speech on Wednesday into a furious howl of outrage against American foreign policy, saying that the United States had not only lied to justify waging war against Iraq but had also "supported a
How to Start Your Own Podcast
Creating, promoting and distributing your podcast to reach an online audience of millions is relatively easy. You can get your podcast online in about 5 - 10 minutes. It can help to increase the audience for your business. Podcasting is fun and anyone can
DELTA OF VENUS, by Anaïs Nin
Adapted from “The Diary of Anais Nin, Volume III
AnyDVD is a driver, which unprotects DVD-Movies automatically in the background.
Vatican Official Refutes Intelligent Design
Ex-intel Official: Bush Admin Will Restrict Liberties After Next Terror Attack
native and non-native hypertext
a presentation on two varieties of hypertext
"Why I Write" by George Orwell
Record an MP3 From a Cassette
making an MP3 file from a cassette recording can be a simple and painless process, if you follow these clear directions.
KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative
The KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative was created to help foster community created digital stories. The Web site needed to emotionally connect with a wide audience and encourage them to submit their videos and sign up for workshops.
Language Is A Virus
Writing toys, games & gizmoz to inspire your creativity! Includes: cut up machine, madlib poems, text generators, translators, exquisite corpse, interactive writing, writing experiments, name database, writer's resources, more..
The ZoomQuilt
a collaborative art project
The Web Standards Project
The Secret Agent; a Simple Tale
Project Gutenberg's Etext of The Secret Agent, by Joseph Conrad
An Interview with Derrick de Kerckhove
what's it called when the weather reflects someone's mood?
Who Is Buried in Edgar Poe's Grave?
Public Domain Books Online
from Google's blog
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music
A Definitive Guide to a variety of genres
Buying the American Dream
How much do you need to earn per year to keep a family of four living the upper-middle-class American dream? Forbes breaks it down by region.
narrow house recordings
narrow house recordings is a record label dedicated to contemporary poetry
Sestina: Eazy-E in Hell.
On the Implausibility of the Death Star's Trash Compactor
Favorites Manager
Busy Day for Digital Books: News from Amazon and Google
Google Opens Library Doors to the World
Theories of the Erotic
- Male traditionalists wring their hands at the "grim" lives of young women. By Meghan O'Rourke
Japanese hotel chain offers Hello Kitty weddings
MadInkBeard - Pictureless Comics
various posts and links related to the idea of "pictureless" comics
The strange saga of Cheney and the "nuclear threat"
Why did the VP suddenly lose interest in the evidence?
What, Exactly, Is A Library?
It stands to reason that more than a few authors and publishers support Google’s book scanning initiative.
Benjamin, Warhol, and the Aura
An essay on the commodification of personality
discarded prologue to Stanley Kubrick's 2001
Never-seen-before footage released to the 'IoS' reveals the extraordinary discarded prologue to Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey'
Microsoft Reader Catalog of eBooks
entirely free e-books! about 1500 titles
Dick Cheney's Song of America (
A Harpers essay exploring the real origins of the Iraq War, written before the war started.
Katamari Damacy: A Text Based Adventure
Live Journal's Katamari Damacy Fans has a terrific send up of Katamari in a text-based adventure. It begins:
Wordpress Gallery2
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
CSS Color Chart
Ligne Claire
Dirk Hesse: Arbeitsproben
the business value of web standards
America's Pirate Wars - New York Times
The Layout-o-matic
CSS Creator
ZaZen Theme for WordPress 1.5.x
L'Espace Motorcoach, Inc.
Ambient sounds, music loops, sounds effects
hundreds of free downloads!
Common Look and Feel | Web Standards and Guidelines | Web Development | University of Waterloo
style guide for a website
Universal Ad Packages
Zine Theme
a zine-like theme for wordpress
Complete Digital Photography » Creating an Image Gallery
iView MediaPro 2 | HTML Gallery Export Help
Getting started with Thunderbird
from the MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Search results for refactoring - Reviews and free downloads at
Search results for refactoring - Reviews and free downloads at
zen as mondrian 2
zen as mondrian
Joshuaink - Photo Gallery Template
SWiSHmax Template #012
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
Stylegala ★ design | css | standards
Legz Club Gentlemen's Clubs
Open Source Web Design Group
Open Source Web Designs
css thesis: sites, that's all.
Images into Fast Fiction
Email me a photo, illustration or painting and I'll turn it into a Fast Fiction
Beeblebrox Based on Sinorcaish
A wordpress theme
treating an abstract concept as if it were a real, concrete thing.
Pathetic fallacy
treating nonhuman or inanimate objects or conceptual entities such as countries as if they have thoughts or feelings.
Anthropic bias
bias arising when "evidence is biased by observation..."
The thrill of traveling solo
how to celebrate and savor the freedom of your unwed days.
Five simple steps to better typography
Notable Words
Notable Words was created for one very simple reason. The web was in sore need of a champion for good writing. / helping you develop the web. better.
helping you develop the web. better.
CitiKitty - Toilet Train Your Cat
Toilet Train Your Cat
the typewriter-keyboard conversion
a typewriter was converted into a computer keyboard
TopStyle 3 Clip Library and Snippets at Dreamweaver
Fun with forms -? customized input elements
"Trade" Your Books Online
The idea here is that Bookins is an internet portal for trading your used books online.
Writers at Work
In Queens, recently, an artists’ collective called Flux Factory commissioned architects to design three writers’ “habitats”—human terrariums, essentially, into which writers would move for a month’s time, as part of a “living installation”
The Reading Experience: Most People
It is also a fact that literature has never been something of interest to "most people." But why should it be?
Bookmark Now Section #3: The Now:
An anthology of original essays from our most intriguing young writers, Bookmark Now boldly addresses the significance of the production of literature in the twenty-first century.
Bookmark Now Section #2: The Writing Life
An anthology of original essays from our most intriguing young writers, Bookmark Now boldly addresses the significance of the production of literature in the twenty-first century.
Bookmark Now Section #1: Beginnings
An anthology of original essays from our most intriguing young writers, Bookmark Now boldly addresses the significance of the production of literature in the twenty-first century.
Lies I Have Told Verizon DSL Support Today
dylan kinnett's livejournal
Infra Red Webcam
an easy-to-follow guide for hacking up your webcam to take pictures in infrared.
The secret Downing Street memo - Sunday Times - Times Online
eBooks for iPods
Download iPodLibrary 1.2b - The only free eBook manager for the iPod to support Microsoft LIT, Adobe PDF, HTML and Text eBooks - Softpedia
Appalachians Are Finding Pride in Mountain Twang
structured blogging wordpress plugin
The plugin is designed to be easy to use and get you started with structured blogging quickly and easily
PubSub is a matching service that instantly notifies you when new content is created that matches your subscription.
Structured blogging is about making a movie review look different from a calendar entry.
On another level, it’s a bit more complicated - what we want to do is create structure (in the form of XML) around each of these types of entries, to organize the data inside and to let machine readers - other programs, sites, and aggregators - better u
Mark Bernstein: Who Are You?
3quarksdaily: The artists' Wittgenstein
Terry Eagleton reviews The Literary Wittgenstein edited by John Gibson and Wolfgang Huemer, in the Times Literary Supplement:
The First Fiction Tour hits the clubs
first-time authors touring the club circuit
A whole new internet? (
Design Observer
Punctuation Made Simple
Fight the Bull - Download Bullfighter
software that works with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to help you find and eliminate jargon in your documents.
Wordpress Plugin : Auto Moderate Comments « planetOzh
moderate, not close, commenting on old posts
The Enhanced Views Plugin for Wordpress
This plugin replaces the original Posts and Pages functionality in the WordPress administration interface with new versions that include increased functionality
make a city!
Build your own computer
an Ars System Guide
Shakespearean Insulter
insult people in shakespearean language!
How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought you Think
It's about how to make a complete map of every thought you think! But it has some other things in there; It talks about visual language, maps, computerized notebooks, theory of notebooks
Weblog Tools Collection » WP Theme: Boredom
You can map your blog into the form of a tree.
from conversational reading
The Outlaw Bible of American Literature
discussion of the book
Booksquare » Coming To A Bar Near You
first-time authors touring the club circuit
Broken Kode » Adobe’s Macromedia
Adobe has bought Macromedia
CG-PowerPack 1.5a8
must-have WordPress/PHP Scripts and Plugins
WordPress: Touched
inline editing fo wordpress posts
Writing and Journalism Jobs for Job-Seekers
a list of lsits of jobs for writers
Questia Online Library
Questia is the first online library that provides 24/7 access to the world's largest online collection of books and journal articles in the humanities and social sciences, plus magazine and newspaper articles.
Online Freedom of Speech Act Introduced in House "Los Angeles," Kamau Daáood
Daáood straddles the jazz and poet worlds quite readily
the 404 error page webring
Custom 404 pages
The Reading Experience: Fickle Muses
on blogging burnout
New Yorker to continue publishing fiction
Bulletproof Girl author Quinn Dalton ponders the likely future of the short story market in the wake of The Atlantic's recent decision to replace the short stories in each issue with an annual fiction supplement.
What is Poetry?
Animal Gas Chambers Draw Fire in U.S.
Grand Text Auto » The Space of Interactive Narrative
The Narrative Act: Wittgenstein and Narratology
300 Free Essential Fonts
free to download in .ttf format
Lorem Ipsum
Lipsum generator
Gawker: The New National Enquirer :
Gawker mentions The National Enquirer's new image
Slashdot | Computer Program Makes Essay Grading Easier
c|Net is running a short article on Prof. Bent at the Columbia, Mo., University. The Prof. has developed a computer program which he now uses to grade his sociology students' essays. He claims the program can discern content, and argument flow
Project Gutenberg
Fifty strategies for making yourself write
10 Ways To Get the Creative Juices Flowing
Texts Unbound
Vintage Paperbacks .com
Clarifying the real goals of hypertext
Writing Prompts
Idea joggers and brain starters to over writer's block and get your writing going
Booksquare » Tools and Craft
News and Views for Authors
Congress: one media format to rule them all
whether or not the government should require the development of a uniform Digital Rights Management format that wouldn't be controlled by any one corporate body.
iPod Giveaway #1: Make a Meatspace Shuffle
Win an ipod by making a model of one out of food!
Yahoo and Google, all at once!
Digital Media Minute»Gmail, Picasa and Flickr
Choosing Paint Colors - Paint Color - Paint Color Chart
David Appleyard >> About Me
The Blog of Henry David Thoreau
Each blog post is an excerpt from that day's entry in the Journal of Henry David Thoreau, and although not necessarily the complete entry, it is an integral and intact section thereof.
group hug // anonymous online confessions
My Tag Cloud
Secret Weapon Labs » Taft 1.0 For Wordpress 1.5
a book theme for wordpress
Design Eye for the Usability Guy
Daily Japanese Lessons
lean to speak japanese online
RSS feeds for
This tool will make an RSS feed for a blog on Just enter the address of the blog
The Difference Between Men and Women
Of Recent Note: For Spring 2005
a good "now playing" list
A website providing customizable Themes for WordPress users
The non-typographer’s guide to practical typeface selection ~ Authentic Boredom
Art's brand new bag
Freitag's recycled, Dadaist bags are a word-of-mouth phenomenon
WordPress 1.5 Themes
The first post-literate novelist?
writing for a world that has lost faith in the primacy of the written word
WP Plugin: metaTagGenerator
Mark Lyon's GMail Loader (GML) - Import Your Mail into GMail
How to make a duct-tape wallet
AK Press
Verse Press:
Publisher of Poetry and Fiction
Akashic Books
publishing urban literary fiction and political nonfiction by authors ignored by the mainstream
Fiction Bitch
online social networks
Thinking With Type
the Exploration of Computation
On the virtues of idleness
Google Scholar Monitor
The Art of the Novella
Design Eye for the Idea Guy
Still Not Perfect » Flickr Gallery 0.7
Image and Narrative
a peer-reviewed e-journal on visual narratology in the broadest sense of the term
David Byrne’s New Medium
Talking Head David Byrne is going around the country giving lectures on his artistic practice using Microsoft Powerpoint
Klaus Nomi
Klaus Nomi was an operatic new wave singer, just beginning to make his mark in the New York City avant-garde scene when he became an early AIDS casualty in 1983.
Macromedia - Developer Center : Tutorials and Samples for Designers and Developers
Macromedia - Support & Training
Macromedia - Macromedia Exchange
Advanced Search
Doing as a full-time job (
Hunter S. Thompson, Suicide
BBC | Hunter S Thompson
an obituary of Hunter S. Thompson
NYT remembers Hunter S. Thompson.
Hunter S Thompson: in his own words - Hunter S. Thompson dead at 67 - Feb 21, 2005
Digital Fiction : Dreaming Methods
The aim of Digital Fiction is to use Flash to create interesting ways of telling 'stories'; to offer a blend of challenging writing, user-entertainment and user-interaction.
Broken Saints
Entries in a contest to redesign the Project Gutenberg Web site (
Wired News: Information Wants to be Liquid
The internet has revolutionized the way we get information. Now one researcher wants to push the revolution even further. The "idea is simple -- he plans to move beyond the basic hypertext linking of the web, and change every word into a "hyperword." Inst
bowieart's links page
A Few Burroughs Links
A collection of cut-up related information, includes recordings, interactivity, etc.
recent-post Plugin « WordPress Support
Glass House
This blog tells a story with a speculative air to it.
Urban Dictionary
Type "slang
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