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A writing teacher once told me that writing is like breathing. It has two parts. The writing part is like an exhale. The other half is reading, like an inhale, a taking in. The two require each other.

Here’s some recent material from my reading list. As you can see, I’m interested in culture and technology. There’s more on my pinboard.

An alternative interpretation of the hyperlink
The below speculative classification types illustrate how the existing hyperlink might be emancipated from the linear threads of A > B functionality, and extended towards the nonlinear weaving of A > B,C,D,E.. functionalities.
Quantum Break
Microsoft was impressed by the idea of having a live action show within a video game, wanted to publish a game featuring interactive narrative. They hoped to partner with Remedy for a new intellectual property, in which Remedy could expand the live action part of the game; Remedy agreed.[26] The team believed that one of the best themes that can accommodate a story with choices was time travel, as the general idea of this kind of story is to change past events.
Taxonomy of Narrative Choices
One of the reasons why making choices can be compelling is that players can see the consequences of their decisions – that is the foundation of agency, one of the pleasures of digital media as defined by Janet Murray. We like feeling that our choices matter.
Stretchtext: a hidden gem in real hypertext
Most theorists agree that stretchtext is an important hypertext feature with many valuable applications, but somehow it has never enjoyed much support.
In these games starring AI bots, chatting is the new shooting
Games are often about inhabiting a specific role, whether it’s a hardened detective or a violent criminal. But one of the things that can break that immersion is how you interact with other characters; for the most part, games talk at you, instead of the other way around. Titles like KOMRAD and Event[0] are a step closer to breaking down that barrier.
Collecting Interactive Fiction - UK Web Archive blog
using the two tools in tandem is probably the best way to ensure these digital works of fiction are not lost. However, creators are advised to archive their own work too, either by nominating web pages to the UKWA, capturing content with Webrecorder, or saving pages with the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.
Here’s Why You Care About Interactive Fiction’s Comeback | Toronto Digital Design & Animation Production Company
hey are a low-cost, highly creative way to build a game … for developers AND for people who can’t code but have stories to tell! It seems that narrative-centric content (case-in-point Netflix) is resonating with audiences once again.
Brilliant hypertext fiction designer Porpentine is selling a story collection - The Verge
Porpentine is possibly one of the best, most innovative writers of this decade. She uses the guided paths and controlled pacing of interactive fiction in ways that are by turn funny, brutal, surreal, and creepily erotic. It's easy to see the influences of well-trodden genres like body horror and cyberpunk, but they're just raw material.
Books and Other Resources | Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
More than Zork: Four of the best modern text adventures
Text games have thrived, even as the century has turned and game-making tools have become more sophisticated. In this format, only the creator's imagination limits what kinds of stories can be told, but the methods of player input are much more limited. Here are four text games to introduce you to these myriad possibilities. All can be played for free, right now, in your internet browser.
How I’m exporting my highlights from the grasps of iBooks and Kindle.
a seemingly simple problem (that two companies with a combined market cap of close to a trillion fucking dollars can’t be bothered to solve) #amreading
The Business Model of Literary Journals (or Lack Thereof)
efficiency and frictionless submissions process has come with a cost: submissions can be made with very little effort by the writer—which increases the volume of submissions that journals receive—and publications have to pay
Microsoft TextWorld is an open-source, extensible engine that both generates and simulates text games. You can use it to train reinforcement learning (RL) agents to learn skills such as language understanding and grounding, combined with sequential decision making.
I Used to be a Human Being
An endless bombardment of news and gossip and images has rendered us manic information addicts. It broke me. It might break you, too.
Bernstein: Patterns of Hypertext
Patterns of Hypertext does something similar, but instead uses the literary hypertexts of the 1990s as its sources.
Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games
Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games analyzes Choose Your Own Adventure books and their descendants and identifies some common ways they branched.
Idea to Implementation | Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
One of the most tricky aspects of amateur game development is just working out what workflow you’re going to use to get from point A, your germ of a premise, to point B, the finished game you can release. (
Interactive Fiction Interfaces
Screenshots of contemporary designs for interactive fiction: typography, graphic design, and user interface.
Writing IF | Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling
One of the first decisions you’ll need to make before you do serious work on your own piece of interactive fiction is what tools you will use to create it.
Resources for Writing Interactive Fiction
These are some of the tools I use to help with my general writing process, or just fun writing things I’ve stumbled upon on the internet.
Hypertext and Interactive Fiction: Hypertext and Interactive Fiction
What possibilities exist for storytelling in a world of expanded and hybrid technologies? In this course, students will have the opportunity to become creative writers in new media, as well as in more traditional formats. Experimenting with a range of platforms, digital and otherwise (including websites, blogs and social media), students will generate work in exciting new forms, while also developing traditional techniques essential to any writer.
Writing web-based interactive fiction with ink
a straightforward tutorial that demonstrates the basics of writing a story in ink, exporting it for web, and making it available for others to play.

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