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As I’m reading through the internet’s various offerings, I collect the things I think are interesting on this links page. The format of this page, and some of the site in general, is a work in progress.

how digital memory shapes the future
the Internet is not a stable archive like a library.
Anne Carson talks about her new collection, Float, her love of volcanoes and the power of brevity
Float is a transparent slipcase containing 22 chapbooks to be read on “shuffle”. They were mostly originally performance pieces – composed and performed individually and often with other people – so the collection is just that, a collection, not an organic whole, not intended to be read in any particular order, not designed to flow from beginning to end visually and conceptually (as previous books were). I like some part of all of the pieces and all of some of them.
Bruno Dias on Hypertext
Fascinating interview with IF writer Bruno Dias on the craft of writing hypertext narrative.
Building a Literary Publication For Sneaker Net - Slashdot
I've shared a blog post about a new #hypertext project to slashdot. Would you consider giving it an up vote?
Karen, an App That Knows You All Too Well -
Karen is a fictional coach in a software-driven experiential art piece. Part story, part game, designed to be played over a period of days, it offers a deliberately unsettling experience that’s intended to make us question the way we bare ourselves to a digital device.
5 Interactive Fiction Authoring Tools
If you want to get into writing Interactive Fiction (IF) it can be hard to know where to get started. So here is a list of five IF authoring tools so you can pick the approach that’s best for you.
An Approach to Hypertext Fiction for Mobile Devices
Electronic literature has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years, due largely to the wide availability of smartphones, tablets, and dedicated e-reader devices. Somewhat surprisingly, mobile computing has been slow to embrace hypertext fiction. Yet the same qualities that make handheld devices popular for traditional linear narratives — small size, ease of use, and near ubiquity — also make them ideally suited for the distribution and consumption of hypertext narratives. In this paper, w...
Review: Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound
Lori Emerson's Reading Writing Interfaces "When computers move into people's homes, it would be most unfortunate if they were merely black boxes whose internal workings remained the exclusive province..."
Top 5 Storytelling Tools - Submarine Channel
5 Storytelling Tools for #hypertext from 2012
Untitled (
A collection of #hypertext fiction
Our 11 favorite multimedia storytelling platforms - Uncubed
11 multimedia storytelling platforms #hypertext
RISD Experimental Publishing Studio
Publishing has never been a fixed notion. “What is publishing today?” remains a relevant inquiry, but with an increasingly expanded field of response, as platforms, channels and modes of production mutate and multiply.
Superscript Reader
An editorial supplement to Superscript: Arts Journalism and Criticism in a Digital Age, an international conference held at the Walker Art Center May 28–30, 2015.
Superscript 2015
In this age of democratized media—when curation, self-promotion, and DIY criticism combine and collide online—what is the role of the professional art critic?
The Hypertext of Superscript
The hyperlink is not simply a software feature; it is telling of our shift in thinking beyond linearity and context to an arena of layered networks and interconnectedness: the medium is the message.
Library of Babel
A project towards a universal library. By this art you may contemplate the variation of the 23 letters.
Finnegans Wake – the book the web was invented for
James Joyce’s difficult masterpiece has baffled readers for over seven decades, but music, reading-aloud and digital technologies are opening up rich new interpretations
Works of Game. On the Aesthetics of Games and Art
"Works of Game is part of MIT Press' Playful Thinking, a series of compact, short, sharp volumes on game-related topics that should interest pretty much everyone, from academics to industry professionals to members of the general public."
Pollen: the book is a program
Pollen is a publishing system that helps authors create beautiful and functional web-based books. Pollen includes tools for writing, designing, programming, testing, and publishing.
Would You Read A 'Cell Phone Novel'?
The "less is more" philosophies of the East, such as the minimalist discipline of haiku, made the first cell phone novels a natural fit for Japanese readers. But even to a Western outsider like this columnist, this upstart medium seems well suited for English-language verse, inspirational affirmations like those found in many self-help works, or perhaps stream-of-consciousness prose in the spirit of Kerouac... to cite just a few possibilities.
Design for the Where and When of Reading
An interesting discussion of the "atomic unit" of news, an idea that transcends the print or digital aspects of a newspaper, but which informs the design, and use, of both.
Marking up scholarly references with HTML5
What follows is an investigation of the various options open to anyone interested in including a bibliography or reference list in their online work.
Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames
What is game narrative? It’s a question that developers, writers, reviewers, and publishers have been trying to answer for years with only limited success.
The Imaginary Voyage
The Imaginary Voyage is an investigation into a new type of opera that emerges from the digital world (Hugill & Scott 2013, 253). The research is described in Hugill, A. and Scott, L. (2013) 'The Imaginary Voyage', Digital Creativity 24/3, pp. 253-257. The user is cast in the role of voyager, travelling from island to island across the internet (or Squitty Sea). Each island has its own character and interactivity. The story is primarily modelled on the voyage of Doctor Faustroll in Alfred Jarry's posthumously published novel Exploits and Opinions of Doctor Faustroll, Pataphysician (1911), and similar descriptions by Iambulus, Rabelais, Cyrano de Bergerac, Bacon, Swift, Borges and Perec.
The Body
The Company Therapist
The Flight of Ducks
Is It A Book?
Some thoughts on Nonlinearity in Literature
multimedia journalism wins pulitzer! #hypertext
Writing in a Digital Age
works that deal with fragmentation, that eschew not only a traditional narrative structure but the very idea of a work comprising a single, linear whole — take on a special kind of relevance
@josemariapuerta a lively talk about the #hypertext question on slashdot today
@eastgate really, no comment on ? Inquiring minds wanna know :) #hypertext
Embracing the digital book — Craig Mod
An essay about digital readers, e-books, and one designer's roadmap for where they ought to go.
@TerryDassow Speaking of teaching #hypertext:
Escaping the Prison House of Language: New Media Essays in the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2 » Scott Rettberg
Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two
A Roundup of Constrained Writing on the Web
The interest in hypertextuality, combinative engines, and automatic production of texts by computers always appeared obvious for Oulipians - members of The Workshop for Potential Literature - all writers of literatures with constraints. If, at the beginning, they did not have the standard hardware to carry out their projects, they traced the way, proposing examples, assembling specifications, producing working schemes so that these projects could exist potentially.
Texts and Technology Work Area: Hayles Electronic Literature reread
Notes on Katherine Hayles Electronic Literature
HBO’s Imagine is Both a Game and an Experience « I Believe…
It features a cube with the same story being told on each side, but from a different camera angle. Therefore, you see things that you may have not seen in another screen shot. You can put the pieces together any way you deem logical. In addition they have an online platform where every click provides new information in the form of videos, voices, newspaper clippings, maps, pictures, newsreels, etc. Each time the viewer engages in the non-linear multi-narrative story, it challenges them to rethink the events and piece together a story. You can put the pieces together any way you deem logical. In addition they have an online platform where every click provides new information in the form of videos, voices, newspaper clippings, maps, pictures, newsreels, etc. Each time the viewer engages in the non-linear multi-narrative story, it challenges them to rethink the events and piece together a story.
AvantGame by Jane McGonigal
game design for the real world & game theory for real life
Novlet - Collaborative non linear story writing
Novlet is a web application designed to support collaborative writing of non-linear stories in any language. With Novlet you will be able to read stories written by other users, create your own ones, and choose the plot you like most from several alternatives.
Call For Papers for a special issue of JoDI on Hypertext Criticism | Kairosnews
JoDI is planning a new special issue on Hypertext Criticism: Writing about Hypertext which has an unusual format: the issue will be a collaborative hypertext. Perhaps you'd like to contribute a node? The issue will discuss how we write about hypertext fictions and electronic literature, especially on reviews and criticism.
The Sitcom Digresses
To the television watcher, constant asides are now recognized as a basic component of the contemporary sitcom vocabulary. Verbal digressions — “Remember the time when . . . ” or “What would it be like if . . .” — often lead to alternative scenarios, tangents and realities, each with new characters and sets that can consume long stretches of the show’s running time. Much has been made of how “30 Rock” is revitalizing the classic “Frasier”/“Friends”/“Seinfeld” sitcom, but Fey’s program is, like most of the deeply funny and cutting-edge comedies of the last few years, a bold experiment in narrative.
66 "Choose Your Own Adventure" Book Covers
Someone who goes by the handle of “bluechemist” posted this collection that takes me back to my youth: a composite scan of 66 covers from the old Choose Your Own Adventure series of books.
Creating Scholarly Tools and Resources for the Digital Ecosystem
So what should Web 2.0 mean for universities, libraries, and museums? The experience of the Zotero Project at the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University, an open source initiative to provide a high–quality bibliographic, research, and note–taking tool that now serves over a million people in 35 languages, might be helpful as a guide
Concerto for Narrative data
In the fictional voices of six artists and writers, Concerto for Narrative Data, a web work that could also be performed, describes a relationship between covert surveillance, technologies and interference in the lives of people.
The Iowa Review Web
Publishing electronic literature since 1999, The Iowa Review Web is committed to new writing, encouraging the investigation of text and hypertext in theory and practice at their deepest levels. It is searchable by title, author, and author information.
253 - interactive novel home
a massive early hypertext novel which takes place on a broken-down tube train. Each link details the thoughts of every person on every carriage of the train, with links where different characters are connected.
Telling stories using data: An interview with Jonathan Harris
Designer, programmer, and storyteller, Jonathan Harris is using interactive technology to pioneer new forms of narrative.
Azoth Liminal Spaces
A researcher interested in the edges of esoterica and the interface between liminal spaces and social engineering.
Sveriges första elektroniska roman
Sweden's first electronic hypertext novel
Interactive Fiction: Playing, Studying and Writing Text Adventure Games (Dennis G. Jerz, Seton Hill University)
Interactive fiction (IF) is computer-mediated narrative, resembling a very finely-grained "Choose Your Own Adventure" story.
Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary (ND Ward Phillips Lectures): N. Katherine Hayles: Books
the first systematic survey of electronic literature and an analysis of its importance, breadth, and wide-ranging implications for literary study.
My Mother Was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts: N. Katherine Hayles
how code differs from speech; how electronic text differs from print; the effects of digital media on the idea of the self; the effects of digitality on printed books; the possibility that human consciousness itself might be computational.
The Oblique Strategies Web Site
These little anecdotes are meant to assist you when you're having a tough time with the creative process. The original card set describes them as "Over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas".
Oblique Strategies
Oblique Strategies - the PDF version
Interactive Story by jiyeon song
This interactive story is based on the graphic novel La Nouvelle Aux Pis by Stéphane Blanquet. Interactivity, sound and game aspects are enriched user experience. Multiple navigation systems offer users the opportunity to create their own story sequence. - Gestalt v1.3 Allegory Inducing Machine
Function like art. Harmony will be realized
The Interstitial Library
The Interstitial Library's Circulating Collection is located at no fixed site. Its vast holdings are dispersed throughout private collections, used bookstores, other libraries, thrift stores, garbage dumps, attics, garages. We champion the incomplete.
Poetry should be made by all!
From hypertext utopias to cooperative net-projects
Demian's Gamebook Web Page
An international reference guide to interactive books, solitaire role-playing, game-inspired fiction and more!
Demian's Gamebook Web Page
An international reference guide to interactive books, solitaire role-playing, game-inspired fiction and more!
CyberText Yearbook
The Cybertext Yearbook Series, started in 2000, quickly earned its reputation as one of "the best cutting-edge reads for the literary digerati" (American Book Review). This year, editors converted the series to a freely-available online database.
Notes on Tragedy
Hypertext, Interactive Fiction and the Aesthetics of Tragedy
the Literary Saloon at the complete review - 21 - 23 September 2007 Archive
In The Japan Times Yoko Hani reports on the phenomenal success of Mobile-phone novels in Japan. It's unclear whether this can translate abroad, but still seems worth paying some attention to.
the apostrophe engine | beta
When a reader/writer clicks on a line, the Apostrophe Engine then spawns five virtual robots that work their way through the web, collecting phrases beginning with “you are” and ending in a period.
Online Cliffhangers: You Choose the Cliff
“Satacracy 88,” is an updated version of the kid-friendly Choose Your Own Adventure books of the 1980s and ’90s -- but this time its online TV
Why You Will Never Read Fiction Online
not that there’s anything wrong with reading off the screen - just that novels aren’t written or made to be read in a digital environment.
The New Disorder, by David Denby
Aristotle said that a drama should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Okay, said Jean-Luc Godard, but maybe not in that order...
Wiki novel meets the banana
a good discussion about how to react when a participatory media audience participates in an unanticipated, even problematic way.
Instead of relying solely on static hypertext links (for the system allows these as well), it uses an AI engine to recommend the best next pages based on what readers have already read. Literatronica radically revises the 1990s notions of literary hyperte
Chronicle of the newspaper death foretold. - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine
"The business models required customers to pay for detritus to get the good stuff,"
MoMB: most anticipated - Most Anticipated
The 50 most anticipated internet applications
Semantic Information Design Ethics
How Semantic Information Design Ethics (SIDE) and a few readily available techniques can help heal the Web.
Writing for the Web
You can double the usability of your web site by following these guidelines
Book Excerpt and Review - Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames
What is game narrative? It’s a question that developers, writers, reviewers, and publishers have been trying to answer for years...
if:book: physical books and networks
Fragmented as our reading habits (and lives) have become, there's a persistent impulse, especially in fiction, toward the linear. networked modes of reading and writing might serve to buttress rather than unravel the old ways. Playing with the stra
Fifteen years of the web
Fifteen Years ago, Tim BernersLee formally introduced his world wide web project to the world
the Iowa Review Web
July 2006 Issue is about the notions of place and space in new media wrting, guest-edited by Scott Rettberg, of Grand Text Auto
Personal Information Page
A Hyperlink Movie
The term describes movies in which the characters inhabit separate stories, but we gradually discover how those in one story are connected to those in another. "Syriana" was written and directed by Stephen Gaghan
Electronic Literature Collection — Call for Works (ELO)
The Electronic Literature Organization seeks submissions for the first Electronic Literature Collection. We invite the submission of literary works that take advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the computer. Works will be accepted until
Privileging Language: The Text in Electronic Writing
the issue of text and meaning and the reduced terms with which these are both often approached in electronic writing
native and non-native hypertext
a presentation on two varieties of hypertext
KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative
The KQED Digital Storytelling Initiative was created to help foster community created digital stories. The Web site needed to emotionally connect with a wide audience and encourage them to submit their videos and sign up for workshops.
Katamari Damacy: A Text Based Adventure
Live Journal's Katamari Damacy Fans has a terrific send up of Katamari in a text-based adventure. It begins:
Structured blogging is about making a movie review look different from a calendar entry.
On another level, it’s a bit more complicated - what we want to do is create structure (in the form of XML) around each of these types of entries, to organize the data inside and to let machine readers - other programs, sites, and aggregators - better u
How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought you Think
It's about how to make a complete map of every thought you think! But it has some other things in there; It talks about visual language, maps, computerized notebooks, theory of notebooks
You can map your blog into the form of a tree.
from conversational reading
Image and Narrative
a peer-reviewed e-journal on visual narratology in the broadest sense of the term
Digital Fiction : Dreaming Methods
The aim of Digital Fiction is to use Flash to create interesting ways of telling 'stories'; to offer a blend of challenging writing, user-entertainment and user-interaction.
Wired News: Information Wants to be Liquid
The internet has revolutionized the way we get information. Now one researcher wants to push the revolution even further. The "idea is simple -- he plans to move beyond the basic hypertext linking of the web, and change every word into a "hyperword." Inst
Glass House
This blog tells a story with a speculative air to it.