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by Dylan Kinnett a writer and web developer who makes spoken word recordings, a literary journal, weird sounds, books, code projects, and photos.


American Theatre in the Twenty-First Century: Absurd, Symbolic & Poetic Short Plays

Two short plays published in American Theatre in the Twenty-First Century: "Party Planet", a farcical, dark comedy about astronauts , and "The Piece of Real Estate at the Top of the Tallest Building on Earth", a mouthful of a title set in a too-fast near-future.

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an assortment of miscellaneous literary experiments

Litanies and Reiterations

The playfully arranged lines of text in this collection express a penchant for lists of things like lies, for example, or 19th-Century patent medicines, or conspiracies.

Portraits and Landscapes

The works about people are written with shorter lines, stacked together. The works about places have long lines that stretch across the square pages of this chapbook.

How to Rant

Writing workshop, focused on extemporaneous composition, using the familiar idea of a rant as a start.

Exhibition of Lists

Natural Order was the inaugural exhibition with accompanying interactive installation and publication at the Cardinal space.

States and Drives

Inspired by the composer John Cage.

LED Baltimore

Haiku poem on a jumbotron billboard.


I blog in general about the intersection of culture and technology. Here are some of the main ideas.

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