My name is Dylan Kinnett. I’m a Writer, a Web Professional, and a Museum Worker

My professional work blends communications with the digital humanities. Creatively, I practice the language arts, using new media, hypertext, and performance art. This website, No Categories is my playground. Welcome!

New Projects

Party Planet
A short play with farcical, dark comedy about astronauts. Published in a new anothology.
The Piece of Real Estate at the Top of the Tallest Building on Earth
A short play with a mouthful of a title. The setting is a too-fast near-future.
Video poem with ambient music, in response to the pandemic. Published with an essay.

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Portraits and Landscapes
Writings about people in short lines, and about places in long lines.
Litanies and Reiterations
Short, experimental writings with themes of (re)iteration, futility, and frustration.
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Manuscript submission tracking database for writers.
Basinski's Book Reviews
Archived reviews of small press literary publications.


Wikimedia Commons
Case Study: Upload of over 18,000 collections images and associated descriptions to Wikimedia Commons.
Atticus Review
“Art is so rarely self-explanatory.”
Interview with Dylan Kinnett.
Téssera Guild
Creative Interivew with Dylan Kinnett.