Dylan Kinnett

Writer and web developer. Makes books, spoken word recordings, zines, weird sounds, code projects, and photos.


Works written, performed, and developed by Dylan Kinnett.


Rants, raves, and writings for your reading pleasure.

Litanies and Reiterations

Short, experimental writings with themes of (re)iteration, futility, and frustration.

Portraits and Landscapes

Chapbook of writings about people in short lines, and places in long lines.

Infinity's Kitchen

Literary journal and performance series devoted to innovative forms of literature.

Strange Punctuation

Spoken word with atmospheric and experimental sound.

Open source


Manuscript submission tracking database for writers.

Tufte Bootstrap

Web theme styled to resemble design by Edward Tufte.

Basinski's Book Reviews

Archived reviews of small press literary publications. 2000-2005.


Tool to help you follow lots of literary blogs.


Atticus Review

Learning how to reading: “Art is so rarely self-explanatory.”


Interview with Dylan Kinnett.

Téssera Guild

Creative interivew with Dylan Kinnett.

Wikimedia Commons

Case Study: Upload of over 18,000 collections images and associated descriptions to Wikimedia Commons.