Copycat Sessions

A unique & enjoyable lo-fi ambient experience.

Experimental ambient and electronic music recorded with the Second Land collective. Earstroke Records.

I am a member of Second Land, an audio/visual collective. We use various acoustic and electronic devices to create improvisational performances.

In 2008/2009, Second Land performed improvisational and experimental live shows across the U.S.’s east coast which exhibited a perpetually changing mix of instrumentation and technique. Copycat Sessions is a collection of those shows, rehearsals and audio collages that come together as an unique & enjoyable lo-fi ambient jam experience. The album is named for Baltimore’s Copycat Building, where the recordings first took shape. The album’s tracks feature theremin, flute, slinky, short wave radio, cellphones, spoken word, answering machines, found recordings and guitars; all riddled together in a sea of filters & slow delay.

The recording is available on casette or digital format, from Earstroke Records.