Video with spoken word and ambient music, in response to the pandemic.

Words by Dylan Kinnett. Sound design by Curt Seiss. The Art of Everyone. 2020.

Dylan Kinnett. Augury. 2020. Spoken word, video, and sound design by Curt Seiss. The Art of Everyone.

I wrote an essay to accompany Augury a videopoem. The editor’s note describes the essay well.

In a brief introduction to his video published in Everyone Quarterly, Dylan Kinnett offered, “Augury began as a short story, written during stolen moments while waiting for the commuter light rail underneath Penn Station, Baltimore. I would like to thank Curt Seiss for the sound design.” It’s such an evocative video that we thought it would be interesting to hear a bit more about it, so Dylan provided this glimpse into his artistic process. View the post here, or just watch the film: