Dadadodomax: for Word Collages

Code contribution to an open-source app that generates random sentences from any text. 2012.

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Dadadodomax: for Word Collages

DadaDodo is a program that analyses texts for word probabilities, and then generates random sentences based on that. Sometimes these sentences are nonsense; but sometimes they cut right through to the heart of the matter, and reveal hidden meanings.

Dadadodomax 1.1 is a Mac OS application for making word collages, or cut-ups, out of the text you feed it.

These collages are a little more than random, because the apps tries to build something like sentences out of the text it is chopping up for you. It is built around the dadadodo command line tool by Jamie Zawinski (quoted above).


Add files to your project by dragging them into the list view. You can also use the ‘Add Files’ button or menu item (under the File menu.) Acceptable file types are text or HTML files.

Generate text from your source files by clicking your mouse on the ‘Generate’ button in the project window, or use the ‘Generate’ item in the File menu. With the ‘Output HTML’ checkbox checked, text will be output and saved in HTML format; with it unchecked output will be in plain-text format.

This application was originally created by Enigmarelle Development, but since its author provided the source and it also seems to have become abandonware, I’m hosting an updated version here. I do not claim authorship, etc. to this. I’m using a similar license for this as used by the original application . If anyone knows how to contact the original author, please let me know.

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