Ed Schrader Show

Staged reading of a script for one actor and an array of telephones.

Featured on Ed Schrader’s late night talk show at Metro Gallery.

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Baltimore’s own, homegrown talk show: The Ed Schrader Show is live before a captive audience. The show resembles the late-night talk-and-variety shows on TV, but this one is on YouTube. Unlike the watered down crap on the networks, Ed Schrader’s shenanigans include random profanity and startling interview questions like “Would you rather see me destroy the human race, or ruin myself?” Anything goes, at the Ed Schrader show. Beer too, and good times.

I was a featured guest on the Ed Schrader Show, Episode 5. I read my telephone piece for the first time. It was then titled “Yes, No, I Don’t Understand”. Afterwards, I got to talk with Ed, with his “crazy questions”.

Flyer for the Ed Schrader Show
Flyer for the Ed Schrader Show