Party Planet

A farcical, dark comedy about astronauts.

Ten-minute play performed by the Annex Theater at Artscape. 2013.

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Update: Party Planet is published in an anthology, American Theatre in the Twenty-First Century . This performance certainly helped the play getTthere.

My 10 minute play entitled “Party Planet” was performed by the Annex Theater as part of Artscape, on July 19-21, 2013. The play is a satire about astronauts.

This international iteration of the Annex Theater’s 10 Minute Plays celebrates the short attention span with short plays presented by international and local writers and a host of local talent activating the street space all weekend. The Annex Theater constructed a three tiered stage on the concourse outside of Baltimore’s Pennsylvania Station, at the feet of the giant sculpture of the man/woman there. It was a great place to watch plays: on a stage and on the street at the same time.