Immersion Tones

by Sheila E. Murphy. Luna Bisonte Prods, 137 Leland Avenue. Columbus, Ohio 43124. $10.00. 36 pages.

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This book divided into 33 poems/ 3 sections, Christly, or a month a little longer than a calendars. Sheila E. Murphy a craft poet and prolific at that and if you are wondering how to be that first this book can instruct by opening THE Great Biblical proportion flood gate from Murphy’s immense imagination pouring Niagara Falls into/of/and all about poetry. Each line is alone which you don’t find in poetry these days. That is only the beginning of the craft. One rises and falls with her lines and breathe as the lines play back against themselves and within her rhythm you fall into the next line and on until what happens, I think, you become one imagination -no not-bothered by I disagree this or like that but swept along on perfume rich luscious word on top of or under upon word whip cream and strawberry. You can’t go wrong: from the 7th poem called The Seventh, “The gills are all I will for./ All the blades across small seas./ The hems of lineage entreat their way across unwanted sanctity./ No matter stalks the winsome creed/ without a lever to emboss the crissed long-suffering bold weeds/ that I could do without,/ that my crawled blade could swish apart form common greed.”

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