by Jim Cohn. MusEx Records, 3000 Colorado Avenue, E-219, Boulder, Colorado 80303.

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“Buffalo running at the speed of darkness,” softly Beat speaks poetic poetry Jim Cohn this line among the among of highways of soft B-Bopping -not clobbering you but the erotic messaging of Jim Cohn’s spoken voice- Jazz riff lines on this CD called: Antenna. The more meditative nicotine smoke filled quiet backroom, hash smoke filled voice of Jim Cohn melodically seduces with his liquidity spoken poems filling all spaces between the spaces of the empty and lonely American heart-soul and mind of a person (you and me listening this) in the room, a room of another world where time is left outside with your worn shoes or split soled sneakers. As if in the room, this poet sitting across from you in truth emptying his soul, slowly, seeping, rain, soaking, penetrating the dry desert forest of everyday and washing it away. Check website for price and other stuff.

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