by Editor Joyce Metzger. July 2000. JVC Books, Editor Joyce Metzger, 509 N. 12th Avenue, Arcadia, Florida 34266.

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Are we serious about this? Four bucks is Christmas tree needles under the carpet, dead ants, a pound mushy molding smushrooms, a gallon a gopher gas in Afghanistan….! Joyce and Wendell Metzger are out there doing it and you can do it also with a fist of four dollars and a few bird feathers in your gapping poetic maw. So get together the four bucks. I know you got more than four between the couch cushions or under the front seat in the car. Take some soda cans back or all those beer cans on back porch. What’s wrong with you reader? Take ZZZ ZYNE No. XXVIII (this means 28 in Roman). In the middle is a best poem by Antler called: Job Replacement for Loggers of Old Growth. This poem itself is worth a few crappy dollars. Look the government is making all the money look like play money - you can buy more over-priced CDs which you never listen too, or dig up your front lawn and plant more marigolds. Therefore the logic is poetry - but only if you want it like the poems in this ZZZ ZYNE: d.a. levy and Lyn Lifshin, John Bennet and Catfish, Kit, Kevin, Kell. A conglomerate of assorted passion semi-truck on the thruway explosive poems by the escaping prisoners of the ordinary birdbaths of your Uncle Dork’s dilapidated, decapitated condo.

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