Serving Suggestion

by Serving Suggestion. Issue 1, Summer 2000. Serving Suggestion, 19 Valley Green Circle, Penfield, NY 14526

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Serving Suggestion is a brand new poetry zine now open for business. At a dollar a sample issue it is ON SALE and good for you to get a heaping helping of poetry from the visual poem to the regular pump poetry gas. Yes, a three square meal deal with Serving - something you should do. Probably also send some poems along with the $1.00. But do tip the cook and waitress and bus boy and dishwasher. See work by Eric Rosolowski (and check out more at:, read poems by Karen Kuehmeier - no doubt one of the wonderful and I mean Wonder filled and exciting wild poem poets now about and active writing, and then there is a spectacular drawing by an internationally recognized master of the great complexities of James Joyce (just back from a lecture tour which found him in London, Paris and Jerusalem) - yes - non other than that Joyce master: Sam Slote. Well - I mean you see Serving Sugg. is hardly a zine hidden in the woods - but it will be there too. So do it! - I know - let me repeat - send a buck. Send some poems.

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