Thunder Sandwich - No. 11

by Jim Chandler.

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Thunder Sandwich No. 11 is a gigantic site packed with probably three or four thick magazines (the antique ancient paper kind) of stuff like well: poems from Ron Androla, Cheryl Townsend and our Hold It Hostess: cait collins. And others: Bart Solarczyk and Mark Hartenbach. There’s a Charles Plymell column also and lots of photographs of poets readings and sitting around poeting. And reviews of important small press books. Links, reviews articles, emails, and etc. the future of outsider poetry. A good picnic with uncles and aunts who let you drink and sneak off to the bushes. High-octane alcohol. The most revolutionary, of course, cause represents a social state of poetry void from the tedious wealthy rich-kid South of France words.Not that suburban cell phone in the SUV on the way to the craft store. No idle time. Nor no idle threat.

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