Slipstream. Number 20. 2000

by Editorships: Robert Borgatti, Livio Farallo and Dan Sicoli. Slipstream. P.O. Box 2071, Niagara Falls, NY. 14301. Sample issue $6.00.

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After twenty years in the poe-biz and after producing 20 issues (that means one a year and a lot of the time and money out of the pocket folks) Slipstream should now be canonized as a Saint of poetry magazines. Slipstream has been around longer than most marriages, your children, your car, the place you now live in, the wine you were saving, the life span of whales and gazelles, four presidents, 43 countries in the world, the OJ trial, John Denver, – but not as long as Ronald Raygun - or Nancy - but that is OK. If you don’t know about them as yet - Hello. Aloha. Knock-Knock. Slipstream has, does, is the foremost promoter of the poetry of the scandalous, dark, forgotten and/or secret lives of people. Slipstream features poetry by the skeleton in the soul’s closet. You will enjoy it. Each issue features not just a list of names you recognize but poems by poets you don’t, and they are good poems. The Slipstreamers take care to edit. They are editors. And this one, this issue is truly an anthology of our nation’s intrepid poets who are frank enough to engage fully and artfully in our forbidden lusts and the tempting facets and feces of each and every day of life. Send money - only six clams! - for a fine ish! Learn. Send poems. Who knows? Maybe you are Zeus or Venus?

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