Free Thought Volume II, Issue 1, 2000

by Gary Aposhian. Free Thought Publications, P.O. Box 238671, Encinitas, CA 92023.

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This particular issue is titled: Resurrection issue including a retrospective of Charles Bukowski, interviews, short stories, photography and artwork all a tribute to Hank’s eightieth birthday. And a great tribute it is. Happy Birthday Charles B. This issue for sure is a must for all of us who honor the name Bukowski. I can only imagine that someplace an amusing, confident, contented smile would be cracked by King Charles the Buk. I hope he tips a beer. Most interesting to me, I learned from the material within. And spread out about the issue are poems by Bukowski that saw first appearance in Marvin Malone’s monument of a literary magazine, the fantastic Wormwood Review. Malone was a life-long publisher of Bukowski’s work, among many, many others. Within this Free Thought issue are interviews with John Martin, Gerald Locklin, Michael Montfort and articles and short stories by friends, like John Thomas, and a very interesting piece by William Parkard, editor of The New York Quarterly. The issue also features a very long interview with Linda Bukowski and a piece called The First Time I Read Bukowski by Free Thought editor Gary Aposhian. And there are Bukowski drawings and a re-publication of 20 tanks from Kasseldown and lots of photographs not before published. A dream, a dream for sure for Charles Bukowski fans, readers, scholars, and fans and friends. For Sure.

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