Baker Street Irregular No. 4 / Minotaur No. 35

by Baker Street Irregular. Baker Street Irregular, 4026 Midvale Avenue, Oakland, California, 94602.

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There are five poets from San Francisco in this issue. There are four poets from Oakland in this issue. In this issue there is one poet from Long Beech, California named Tricia Cherin. Her poem is on page 13. And at this point the reality leaves and the magic of poetry, that is finding it, locating its meaning beyond the self of stuff, finding the genius in each event/object takes off and this is and this point is Cherin’s gift - the flight of word in art and on the page next to her art is an equally good poem by Alan Catlin, who summons via title Harry Crosby from across oceans and time form even the Paris of the 1920s which he fled via a bullet. Ah- the gift of poetry. And Chased Out Beyond the Trees a selection of older poems by Mark Weber has to be a stop in the read through this issue. Mark is one of our best and these poems are from the period when his tank was full of the booze life: wearing a dead man’s shirt/staring up an old river/ sometimes, the trees/ grow over the view.

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