Light Fields

by Michael Kriesel. Chance Magazine Press, 3929 South Fifth Street, Louisville, KY 40214.

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Words that if I write a review I will use: solitary, father’s belt, 10 years in the Navy. Sad. Love. Broken. Women would love to be loved by this guy. Haunted. Shadows. Moon. Field. Romantic. Someone who happened to be under the ass of life without an umbrella. Nature. Dragon fly. Firefly. Ripe. Rip. He writes, “drowning/ me/ in mercury.” More Moons. Agony. Black. Black tree from which hangs the suicide bodies of Cain and Christ. Sorrow. Romance of remembering. Wishing. AH sweet bitterness and fierce thirst for all things lost and love. Slipping into darkness. Melancholy. Could be short poems for tombstones. Captures a cup of sane sadness enough to quench the fiery Hellhole of life.

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