New Jersey Bowel and Bladder Control, No. 2

by edited by Dave Roskos. Iniquity/Vendetta Books. PO Box 54, Manasquan, New Jersey, 08736.

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Most of these poets assembled here by God Roskos of the Bowel and Bladder hail from New Jersey. Each state should have its own bladder. I’ve been to New Jersey. There are a lot of poets to choose from. This is the Roskos stable: Lamont Steptoe, Matt Borkowski, Joe Weil, Beth Borrus and a sack of others I have just now begun to read. Now, I think that other poets can get in, because Harvey Perker from Cleveland is in here. Now Cleveland might be like New Jersey in a lot of ways, bars, potatoes, thoughts about Denmark… things like that. It is truly, a New Jersey of the mind that Roskos has crated here. He is a fine editor -and like us all - he does it out of pocket (Not trust fund). Maybe he fishes cans and bottles out of stinking rivers? I don’t know. Convince him that you belong in his New Jersey. Often times I have found myself on the floor of his New Jersey. Nevermind. Within here, this issue, is a long interview with Herschel Silverman. Herschel is a great, fine, spectacular poet. He once owned an ice-cream parlor. He is now all poet, all poet, all poet. You can define him as a good part BEAT. He is for sure BEAT and he has the BEAT in his poetry. If you get to hear him, you will know that the Beat Generation is still generating. AH, I hear the music. Friend of Corso, Ginsberg and Danny Shot and other NJ poets, Silverman is essence of Bayonne, NJ and the urban life in America, heart soul and music. In fact, you should even write Herschel Silverman himself and dig his poetry personally. He has got a lot of poetry in mags and he gots a few books. So after writing Roskos for B and B Control No. 2 - write Herschel a fan letter at: ______…. Well, now I’m thinking, I should NOT be giving out his address. Write to Roskos and send in letter to Roskos, $6.oo and 35 cents. And send him, Roskos, a letter for Herschel and Roskos will get that letter to Herschel - and send envelopes and stamps also. Get busy.

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