Love Sex Death Dreams

by Kevin M. Hibshman. 36 pages. Green Bean Press, PO Box 237, New York, New York, 10013.

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Hibshman edits a poetry magazine called Fearless. He’s been around and you can read him in a liquor store full of poetry magazines: Midnite Toast, Sink Full of Dishes, Coke Fishing in Alpha Beat Soup, Not Dead But Dreaming and quarts more. So, I said, alright, let’s go. What does this fearless lad have to offer. And I must admit, I was surprised because Hibshman can spin the line:

Jesus was strung up at thirty-three / I am just strung out- - -innocence being fucked in the men’s room of life’s last bus top- - -I feel like the first cunt ever fucked as liquid hands grip my prick in a glorious spasm draining infinity from the center of existence silver disc skim a river of sand whirling with the soft hum of the ages as I come a lifetime…

And there is this riff from his poem Sylvia Plath:

splattered in
the chrome grill

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