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I guess these cost some money - but no price is listed. My envelope had on it a 34 center. Send The Fort a 34 center and who knows? Well, the first one I pour out of the envelope was one without a word title so this organic stuff in black and white must be the title. The art work and text is copyrighted by D.E.C. Robbins - so DEC must be the author. Good work DEC.Sample: Let me rest in your pain-littered dreams/ that feed evolution/ on the edge of mankind. This is an eight page one poem book and a good one it is. Well, the second one out of the envelope is a smaller publication but longer. This second smaller publication seems to be called:Excerpts from ON FORMS by this person named Logosphagus. The art work: spiked organic beasty! The poetry sample:Standard deviations:/ [in taxonomy/large moose heads/medium moose heads/small moose heads]/ A fine slash of poems - too bad the entire project not in print. I love it. A good bit of pondering about the ridiculous lives we lead in the age of - what ever age this is. Well, nothing else came in the pack. But if I get to San Diego…I am gunna stay in The Fort.

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