Remembering Gregory Corso

by Herschel Silverman . The Beehive Press, 47 East 33rd Street, Bayonne, NJ 07002.

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Oh Sad Mad Yak! Gregory Corso is gone - safe in heaven dead. But he is here remembered by Herschel Silverman most tenderly with poems and bits of the past, letters by Corso, bits of narrative by Silverman, recounting where the two poets, Corso and Silverman, touched the same bases over the bumpily strange course of a lifetime of poetry and pipe butter. Silverman’s poems are the most musical of the street coated with rain jazz beat bumpy bump dadadadadatata music of New York and environs life now being written and with the same inspiring jazz joy path one finds and dreams and hears in the best bars full of words of Keroauc and Ginsberg. Inspiriting these poems by Silverman and this tiny bit of winged soul book sends shivers and brings tears. I did knot know Corso. But I miss him and Silverman’s poems help in this respect. Oh and Saint Herschel will lead us with his bebop singing sings for Saintly Gregory - now for real a real ghost saint. This little book if a form of prayer and flowers sent to Gregory Corso by his friend and fellow poet Herschel Silverman. Thank you Hershel. Gregory, adios King.

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