32 Image Poems

by Norman J. Olson. Beaver Lake Press, 946 N. McKnight Rd.Maplewood, MN. 55119-3635.

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Olson’s most spectacular imagination just bubbles out of his mind and all about the floor. The scenario of these poems in this collection occur within mind of Olson as he sits often sipping soda in food courts or out in the hall at work all across the world of industrial America Disneyland. Amazing his sarcasm and deadly accurate twisted/quasi surreal disruptions of the goings on of the feeble and stupid human race. Dear reader, whereever you go - try, TRY to act real because sitting only a few feet away is Norman J. Olson. Pen in hand. Ah, now, yes, I think of it. He is to poetry what R. Crumb is to drawing.

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