Blah Blah Blah: The Times of Angie and Rachel

by Cheryl Townsend. 2001. fingerprintpress. P.O. Box 5473 Deptford, NJ. 08096

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Now both Cheryl Townsend and cait collins are part of the Women’s Art Recognition Movement: WARM. What are’s a good thing, yes! And see, since I have been writing these things for more than a year now - collins has maintained her modesty and not blowed her own horn! So I gotta like get like Gabriel Parker and TOOT the trumpet TOOT. You, HEAR YE AND ME you are already here at this web site so look around and find THIS Townsend book and all else that is WARM. And this book of 17 poems by Cheryl T. of emotionally relationships at sea and some sinking pondering on the rocks about to go over and others to float, bob like corks. Another side twist of the constant exploration physically, emotionally and intellectually by Townsend who is always examining via poem the endless variation and nuances of male vs. female and the many selves and oddities that might occur when these two different magnetics engage. Superb to see CAT Townsend finding new cerebral territory in which she can peer her witch’s eye of the needle so succinctly open and sew shut the hidden and always fresh human interaction. The grey matter of the soft underbelly of the erotic poem is this poet mind thinking behind these carnal acts of love and lust.

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