Slipstream 22

by Edited by the Robert Borgatti, Livio Farallo and Dan Sicoli. 2002. slipstream press. PO Box 2071, Niagara Falls, NY 14301.

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Christ - these three fuckin guys deserve a pot of gold or at lest a pot to piss in. Send them a few dollars anonymously - you will just piss it away on cards or turnips or socks. So? What are you dunna do?

So…I’ll tell you. First you begin by coming up upon this cover. The most moist erotic cover that I have allowed my eyes to have a good sleeping dream wish for the longest time. And this is with taste. Vanilla. Oh wait. If I write vanilla and then some reads one of the poem in this issue by Lyn Lifshin, It Was Vanilla She Said, and they - you readers - find out that the taste of vanilla is really the taste of… Read it folks. But back to the cover. It is by Vincent Tortora, photographer. Oh. I might never get inside this issue. But then the back cover is by Norman Olson and it is majestic, a drawing like one of his poems all multiple of this world and images of the inside the What the hell? head. Now, in these things you’re supposed to say about the works within and I am writing on here and have to get to it but as I wrote before these editors are editors and these issues are more like anthologies than just the poems of friends. It is with the most focused intensity and dedication that these three editors of Slipstream assemble these most fantastic issues and this is another grand one. Let me say that Gerald Locklin is here represented with three works and one poem is a lighthouse by David Hernandez. There is First Bra a tremendous poem via the memory eyes of Terry Godbey and also a great one by Nikki Roszko - I mean keep your eyes out and ears out and go out and look for these poets. And then I like always when the editors stick some of their work in here (Sicoli and Farallo do) and I should think that they wanna do that more and more often. I mean, if you got the car - it is Ok to beep the horn. I mean if you got the beer. I mean - you should drink it? I mean if it is your moldy orange, wipe the mold off and give to one of your co-workers. Am I right? AM I? Am I right? Or What? Each poem in Slipstream always makes it and all of these in this one do. This issue an exceptionally 2002 great. Three great editors. Issue 22.Hip Hip Hip Hurrah!

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