Stoker. Issue 73

by Edited by Irving Stetner.. Stoker. 4-2-6 Chiyoda, Hanjo City, Saitama 367-0054, Japan.

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Ah - good to have in hands again an issue of Stroker. Irving Stetner is still at it and his passion for spreading the wonder of Henry Miller hasn’t slowed although, as you can see, he is up to 73 issues! This issue has several most interesting articles on Miller written by Japanese authors and works by, for example, Jesse Glass who has a great poem page in this issue. And then there are these most wonderful and marvelous prose passages - autobiographical like - like Miller like passages by Stettner about his life gone by way back when in New York City he a young tiger and horse. These passages so alive then one is locked on each word and drawn down the page - it is horses seeking water, it is moths the moon, it is lions wishing, lusting, and seeking meat in the African night - so one falls into and speeds along in Stettner’s prose. Japan suits him well. Write to him there. He is a champion of small press and champion him on.

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