The Book of Chaps

by Lytton Bell. 32 pages $2.00. 24th Street Irregular Press, 1008 24th St., Sacramento, CA. 95816.

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I was reading this book in the bathtub and saying to myself that with titles like Confessions of a Cum Spittoon, Lack of a Lesbian Experience, and How to Seduce Me - that Lytton Bell has got to get immediately in touch with Cait Collins, Cheryl Townsend and lots of other small press women cause she is out there explaining the reality of woman’s reality, like giving head fast in the morning because she has gotta get out the door to go to work. Frank, candid, the poems numbered by which lover inspired it, each work proposes a memory, a tiny scar of love, which is its lust. Oh delight, she moves about in the poem in lingerie of dusk and shadow with the knife of hearts ready to pluck your fig leaf off Adam and leave your penis a solitary cricket singing in the night.

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