As Girlfriends Will, As Women Do

by Donna Michele Hill. The Plowman, PO Box 414, Whitby, Ontario, Canada, L1N 5S4.

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Well, the book of 24 well-crafted, pondered and pounded to fine lace and sensitive, soul defining poems is dedicated to Hazel, who died of cancer, so there are 8 cancer poems here in and I must write the last line of one, which is,“resolved to live out the wind.” What more can one do but to live out the wind and this is then an essence of this work that grabs a wind of life and rides with it as the words twist and whirl around the poem as a tree the poetry floats and whips. You can hear it as you read. And I dedicate in honor and memory of the endless, delightful wind of Michele’s friend: This review: For Hazel.

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