Sack of Drone Gothic

by Al Ackerman. 2002. 16 pages. Luna Bisonte Prods, 137 Leland Ave., Columbus, Ohio, 43214.

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The ago (ago in this context means a deep reading with imagination into the game of poetry)? the ago of course of finding oems in other peoples poems and making them peoms and omaps is upon us a poetic throat and a form of writing that, as far as I know, no one has yet to write about but it is now a form, a form of found, like it or is - well yes - it is a collage among friends. This constructed combine good poem are by that poetic Coyote of the poem, the trickster of dictionaries and the Pan Loki of the throne of the theseurallasoarus - dada Da Da: Al Ackerman - who made this puzzle from the works of John M. Bennett, and JMB’s collaborations with Stacey Aliam, mIEKAL aND, Ivan Arguilles, K.S. Ernst, Scott Helms, Lady C, Jim Leftwich, Sheila E. Murphy , Lanny Quarles, Ficus stgrangulensis, Tito Smith and the Lonely One. Jesus! No, not Jesus too, I meant Jesus Wow! A collaboriantal rug upon collabortory - the one only and the only one: the great one: Al Ackerman. He takes the poetics to the tops of London and into the peach ice cream! Fun and House!

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